Chapter 386 - Flaming Dragon Horse and Spear of Rathalos

    Chapter 386 - Flaming Dragon Horse and Spear of Rathalos

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Nova1237

    "This glove suits me the best! I'm a Stage 7 external strength expert, practice Yellow Grade Divine Dragon Fist, and now I own an Orange Grade glove. I'll be the strongest boxer in the Martial World!" Zhang Jin had returned as well with the Winter Iron Glove in his hand.

    "Shadow Kick!"

    Huang Bie Zi's body vanished and reappeared in mid-air. He swished the Spirit Snake Whip in his hand, raising radiant orange colored whip shadows that gleamed over the sky and divided a small nearby tree in half.

    "Haha! Nobody can escape my attack anymore!"

    The trio was so exhilarated by the Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment that they ignored Qin Feng who was quickly restoring himself on the ground.

    After having enough fun with his newly obtained toy, Li Kuai Shou then looked coldly at Qin Feng and asked, "We have gotten our spiritual equipment. What should we do with this brat now?"

    Zhang Jin and Huang Bie Zi stopped and held back their excitement. The three then surrounded Qin Feng.

    "He still has a Yellow Grade Boxing Technique. Give it to me now," exclaimed Zhang Jin as he glared at Qin Feng.

    "I can't do it now. You have to release me and after I have reached a safe place, I'll give it to you." As Qin Feng spoke, he continued to merge the spiritual qi of the sun, the moon, the heaven, and the earth with his own inner qi.

    The three of them busted out laughing.

    "Haha! So naive, so naive. You're so gullible, do you really think that we will release you, little boy? Stop dreaming and give it to me now otherwise you'll suffer a death that is beyond your imagination." Li Kuai Shou placed the Truesteel Sword on Qin Feng's neck.

    Qin Feng had anticipated these three would burn their bridge with him. He then said nervously, "W-What are you guys going to do? Didn't you guys promise to release me once I gave you the spiritual equipment? How can you guys still stay in the Martial World if you can't keep your promises?

    "Hmph! I have to eliminate you to protect my reputation. As you know, only the dead can't testify... Stop bullsh*ting around and give us the skill book," yelled Li Kuai Shou as he added pressure to his swordhand. The sharp blade cut into Qin Feng's skin and a rivulet of blood started to stream down.

    "I refuse. I'll be a dead man if I give it to you!" Qin Feng continued stalling for time.

    "Haha! Very well, it won't matter to me anyway; I don't practice the art of boxing whatsoever. You've fulfilled your duty, young man. It's time for you to die!"

    Since Li Kuai Shou practiced sword skill and Huang Bie Zi practiced leg technique, they were not really interested in Qin Feng's Thunder Tiger Fist Technique. On the other hand, Zhan Jin's Yellow Grade Divine Dragon Fist was almost on par with Qin Feng's Thunder Tiger Fist. He did not think long and nodded to Zhang Jin.

    Seeing the longsword in Li Kuai Shou's hand was ready to descend onto his neck, Qin Feng yelled, "Even if I must die, at least let me die knowing the entire story!

    "I hid my spiritual equipment and skill book very well. Where did you guys get the intel from?"

    "Haha! Since I obtained a treasured Orange Grade sword from you, then I shall let you die contentedly by telling you the truth. The news was spread by that brat from the Li family in Yunhai City. Now the whole Martial World is hunting you down, waiting hungrily to snatch away your spiritual equipment. Even if you did not die in our hands, you certainly would die in the hands of some other martial artist!

    "Now you that you know the truth, you can close your eyes and die happy!"


    Suddenly, Li Kuai Shou's complexion turned vile; his body exuded a suffocating aura. He brandished the Truesteel Sword swiftly and slammed a few blade flurries down on Qin Feng.


    The Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fist released an indomitable aura. Qin Feng created dozens of fists within a blink of an eye, detonating the air and forming a strong fist energy that shot out in multiple directions.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The fist energy clashed with the blade flurries, releasing a loud ear-piercing, jarring sound.

    Seizing his golden opportunity, Qin Feng bounced and arrived on top of a large tree nearly ten meters behind him.

    Li Kuai Shou and his two companions were stunned; their faces blanched in fear. Immediately, they recoiled one after another while cursing Qin Feng.

    The trio was high strung as they thought Qin Feng was bound for death. They thought he was an ant they could easily crush at any moment. They never expected him to make a comeback at this crucial moment and they instantly lost sight of him.

    "F*ck! That's brat deceived us. He did not get injured!"

    "My Divine Dragon Fist was extremely powerful and each punch carries the power of thousands. He must have been injured. He forcibly endured five punches from me and is still standing. Could it be he has been concealing his true strength all along?"

    "Where did he go? We must kill him today!"

    Qin Feng concealed himself within the lush greens of the tree top. He could clearly see the situation below him.

    Suddenly, the system notification sounded in his mind.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for clearing the 3rd side mission of 'Martial World Disturbance' and successfully figuring out that the prime mover behind the 'Martial World Crisis' is Li Shao Jie. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 1,000 Hedonist Points, a flaming horse, and a Spear of Rathalos."


    "Ding... New chain mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: Beasts Clan Disturbance!

    "Main Mission: find the king of the beasts and rule over the reign of the beasts. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 50,000 Hedonist Points if the mission is cleared. If the mission is failed, 100,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted and the human race and beasts clans will fall into chaos!

    "Time limit: none."

    "1st side mission of 'Beasts Clan Disturbance:' host has to order the beasts clan that resides in Devil Beast Mountain to fend off the enemies. 500 Hedonist Points will be rewarded if the mission is cleared. If the mission is failed, Host Qin Feng will be trapped in Devil Beast Mountain for three months!"


    The notification that echoed in Qin Feng's brain made his jaw drop as he stared with incredulity.

    He suspected that the Hedonist Sovereign System had gone haywire. How else could the system release a mission with 50,000 Hedonist Points as a reward?

    What is the king of the beasts? Why do I have to rule over the reign of the beasts? Is the system making fun of me?

    Qin Feng shook his head emphatically to cast away his shapeless ideas. He was still pursued by three master martial artists so he decided to look into the "Beasts Clan Disturbance" afterward. After all, the mission did not have any time limitation and he could take as much time as he needed to examine it.

    "There! I saw that little brat! He is hiding behind that tree," Li Kuai Shou suddenly yelled.

    He tapped lightly on the tip of his feet and lunged toward Qin Feng with the Truesteel Sword.

    Clank! Clank! Clank!

    Qin Feng hastily jumped to another tree after the tree he was previously standing on was chopped down by Li Kuai Shou.

    "Hmph! This brat is lacking weapons now; I want to see how long can he run away from us!"

    "Haha! Now is the perfect time for me to test the power of this Orange Grade spiritual whip!"

    Soon enough, Zhang Jin and Huang Bie Zi joined in on the skirmish. Each of them waved the Spiritual Equipment in their hands, dying the sky a brilliant orange radiance, and all of the attacks were rammed at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng immediately unloaded the Flying Dragon Armour, causing his speed to increase tremendously. He jostled amongst the trees leaving only a trail of afterimages. After a few dozen leaps, Qin Feng had once again vanished before the trio's eyes.

    "F*ck! I knew it; I knew this fellow has been concealing his strength all along... If not, how come he became so fast all of a sudden!

    "Only a Stage 6 inner qi expert could reach this kind of sonic speed!"

    Li Kuai Shou and his two companions' eyes were filled with astonishment as they never imagined that Qin Feng could vanish before them again and again. This enraged them greatly and they considered it an insult to their strength.

    Da! Da! Da!

    A rhythmic tapping sounded from the forest behind them.

    The trio hastily spun around and braced themselves. A strong gale blew through them from the ghastly forest and a dazzling red object was closing in on them fast!

    The blinding light rendered the trio, who had been in the dark, sightless. Their hearts began to race as an ominous feeling arose within them.

    "What the f*ck is this," roared Li Kuai Shou.

    "Could it be the beasts in Devil Beast Mountain? I heard the beasts here are extremely vicious and they would kill any trespasser without hesitation!" As Huang Bie Zi was talking, his leg started to tremble in fear.

    "F*ck! Why don't we leave now since we got our spiritual equipment!"

    Facing a fiery red, unidentified creature that moved at the speed of lightning, the trio couldn't help but feel afraid.

    The creature was moving faster and faster, getting nearer and nearer to them.

    Finally, the three of them were able to get a clear picture of this creature. It was a tall, large, fiery red gallant horse. On the back of the horse sat a handsome young man and he held a long crimson spear in his hand.

    A spear and a horse; he was so cool!

    "Holy crap! Is that Qin Feng on the back of that horse," Li Kuai Shou blurted out in astonishment. He was so frightened that he almost fell to the ground.

    "Yes it is! I can assure you he is Qin Feng!"

    Like Li Kuai Shou, Huang Bie Zi's and Zhang Jin's mouths fell open open in disbelief. They all were dumbly standing on the ground and had even forgotten to run or attack.

    They couldn't understand how Qin Feng could find a fiery red gallant horse and spear in such a short time. His possession of the three Orange Grade Spiritual Equipments and a Yellow Grade Skill Book was enough to stun people and make them go crazy. Could it be he still has another trick up his sleeve?

    "Haha! This young master loves this horse! Next time I can play with and love with my women on here!" Qin Feng couldn't stop grinning.

    This huge fiery red gallant horse and the crimson spear in his hand was the reward from the system for clearing the 3rd side mission of the main mission "Martial World Disturbance."

    According to the description, this flaming dragon horse was an optimized spirit pet upgraded from the Ferghana horse which originated from the country Turkmenistan. The Ferghana horse had a noble lineage, extremely high endurance, and could travel up to a thousand miles in one night. The optimized version was even more powerful than its predecessor. It could breathe fire and be a battle mount at the same time. Its battle ability was unmatched by Qin Feng's other battle pets.

    The Spear of Rathalos was yet another fearsome weapon.

    It was an Orange Grade Spiritual Weapon. It could be used as a cold weapon like a spear or lance or be used as a thermal weapon like a long-barrelled gun after purchasing the "fire bullet" from the system.

    "Little Pig, how much is the Fire Bullet in the system," asked Qin Feng as he was tempted to used it.

    "It costs ten Hedonist Points for one bullet."

    "Haha! Purchase fifteen Fire Bullets for me; I want to see how strong it is!"

    One hundred fifty Hedonist Points vanished following Qin Feng's order. Fifteen red spots appeared on the Spear of Rathalos and these were the fifteen Fire Bullets that Qin Feng had purchased.

    He held his Spear of Rathalos in his hand and rode on a flaming dragon horse.

    With his health fully restored, Qin Feng happily darted towards Li Kuai Shou.

    "Hello, grandsons! Your Young Master Qin is back... It has always been this young master who stole things from others. How dare you three steal my things!

    "Taste the power of my Fire Bullet!"

    Li Kuai Shou and his two companions marveled at the sight before them.

    The tall fiery red gallant horse was coming at them with lightning speed. When it was around ten meters away from them, Qin Feng, who was riding on top of the horse, raised the Spear of Rathalos in his hand.

    Then, dozens of fireballs hurled toward the trio, lighting up the dark night in the process.

    "Holy sh*t! What the f*ck are these?!"

    "Who the hell is this guy? It seems that we have meddled with the wrong person's affairs this time!"

    "Tsk, we shouldn't care anymore. One shall rise, one shall fall... Let's leave everything to God and give our best!"
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