Chapter 387 - Martial Artists Assembled

    Chapter 387 - Martial Artists Assembled

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    Editor: Nova1237

    Mountain Resort.

    It was autumn, the off-peak season for the resort. The business was not particularly busy now as the wind on the seashores was too cold for people to bear, causing a drop in the number of tourists willing to come for surfing or sunbathing.

    The night was chilly. However, the Mountain Resort was extraordinarily lively.

    From time to time, a few shadows would leap in the Mountain Resort from different directions. Some of them came in groups while others came alone.

    They did not rush toward the hotel for a stay nor stop by to admire the scenic view. Each and every one of them purchased boats after they arrived at the beach and went toward Devil Beast Mountain at full speed.

    These people appeared as normal people, hiding in every corner of society and working as normal workers. Their daily routine was no different from an ordinary person: work was from nine to five and each had a family.

    However, each and every one of them had a common identity unknown to anybody else... they were the martial artists of the Martial World.

    Every time they noticed a new mission or new information in the Martial World, these people started to make their move and gathered in a sparsely populated area for a life-or-death battle.

    This time, everybody had come for Qin Feng. To be more specific, they all came to snatch away Qin Feng's Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment.

    "Prince Wen, they are all here." A few hulks in black suits stood on the beach. They did not rush over to Devil Beast Mountain as they had just returned from there.

    In the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Qin Ye placed his cell phone on a desk and switched on the loudspeaker.

    With a triumphant grin on their faces, Li Shao Jie and Sima Tu stood on either end of the table, listening to Qin Ye's instructions. "Stay alert and keep an eye on the situation happening there. Report to me at once if Qin Feng is found dead!"

    These martial artists could locate Qin Feng in such a short time only because Qin Ye informed them of Qin Feng's whereabouts.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Explosions echoed through the forest surrounding Devil Beast Mountain.

    Qin Feng was now standing on the back of the gallant horse and he waved the Spear of Rathalos frantically in the air, shooting blazing fireballs one after another at the trio. The trio couldn't do anything except flee in disarray.


    The fireballs exploded like crimson flowers blooming in the sky.

    The naturally gloomy and silent forest had apparently come back to life. Half of the sky was dyed red from the explosion of fireballs while fierce roars and growls of beasts could be heard from the depths of the forest. The beasts were getting restless and it felt like the whole mountain was shaking.

    "Madness! This guy is crazy!"

    "We can't let him continue his tantrum like this. He will awaken the beasts in Devil Beast Mountain and we'll be torn to pieces by them if they ever find us!"

    "We should not care about those beasts. We should concentrate on the beast before us! This Qin Feng is f*cking crazy!"

    Li Kuai Shou and his companions were fleeing for their lives while cursing Qin Feng.

    Each of them had an Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment; However, under Qin Feng's relentless shower of fireballs, they did not even have a slight chance of retaliating.

    Qin Feng tapped the tip of his toes in the air. He was extremely fast, zooming freely like a phantom in the pitch black sky.

    Then, Qin Feng waved the Spear of Rathalos, which was around two meters long, and hurled it toward Huang Bie Zi who was sprinting in front of him.


    The spear passed straight through Huang Bie Zi's heart, entering his back and exiting through his front.

    Blood splattered all over the ground. Huang Bie Zi's face froze in fear even after he was dead. He never expected that the Spear of Rathalos could be used as a spear in addition to breathing fire!

    "This is the cost for stealing this young master's Spirit Snake Whip!"

    Qin Feng pulled out the Spear of Rathalos after he finished speaking. A jet stream of blood shot into the sky and Huang Bie Zi fell to the ground like a rag doll. Following Huang Bie Zi's demise, Qin Feng hastily snatched away the Spirit Snake Whip from Huang Bie Zi's hand.


    Thunder rolled and lightning flashed as the Spirit Snake Whip waltzed gracefully in the air.

    At the same time, Qin Feng discharged all of the five remaining Fire Bullets with the Spear of Rathalos.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Qin Feng had brought great commotion to Devil Beast Mountain, breaking the tranquility of the forest. Five fireballs and dozens of whip shadows blotted out the sky, covered the land, and traveled at lightning speed toward Li Kuai Shou and Zhang Jin.


    Zhang Jin was hit by the fireball as soon as he leapt in mid-air.

    The blazing fireball exploded on his body, completely incinerating him.

    "Demon! You're a demon!"

    Qin Feng effortlessly smoked both Huang Bie Zi and Zhang Jin which was totally unexpected for Li Kuai Shou; he never thought Qin Feng would be so powerful. Terrorized by Qin Feng's great strength, Li Kuai Shou's face blanched in fear and he desperately ran for his life with all his might towards the exit of Devil Beast Mountain.

    If he had a chance to start over, he swore he wouldn't steal Qin Feng's spiritual equipment so daringly again!

    "Somebody is getting close. Everybody, stay alert!"

    "Look, he has an Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment. He might be Qin Feng, let's kill him first!"

    A group of men in black suddenly appeared out of thin air; all of them were after Qin Feng's spiritual equipment. Hence, when they saw Li Kuai Shou, they immediately surrounded him without pretense.

    Then, all of them showered countless sword qi, silver needles, darts, and iron fans at Li Kuai Shou.

    Li Kuai Shou did not even have time to react and he soon lay lifelessly in a pool of blood.

    "It's an Orange Grade treasured sword. I practice sword skill so this is mine!"

    "Tsk, why should we give it to you... I can use a sword as well even though I use a battleaxe!"

    "Hmph! Our Emei Sect is best known for her prowess in sword-wielding. This sword should belong to this nun!"


    Dozens of martial artists rushed toward the Truesteel Sword since a treasured Orange Grade sword was a treasure that was hard to come by.

    "Want to take away this young master's treasured sword?! Go to hell!"


    A few blazing fireballs suddenly appeared in the air and descended from the sky.

    The fireballs moved with great speed. With a single glance, one could see that each fireball carried an otherworldly destructive force and it could vaporize them if they ever touched one. As such, all of them ran in different directions out of fear. There was one elderly artist who was startled by the fireballs and yelled out in despair.

    "True essence cultivator? There is a true essence cultivator here?!"

    The martial artists cultivated inner qi and one was considered to be halfway into the realm of comprehension when he reached Stage 9 inner qi. The martial artists could begin to cultivate true essence after he had broken through Stage 9 inner qi and these martial artists were known as true essence cultivators.

    The true essence was purer and more flexible than the inner qi. The true essence cultivator was able to draw energy from the environment and shape elements into other forms to conjure fireballs or create icicles...

    So, when these martial artists saw the sheer amount of fireballs that obscured the sky, they all assumed it was the fireball spell casted by a true essence cultivator. All of them were so frightened that they almost fled Devil Beast Mountain.

    After all, there were only a few true essence cultivators in China. None of them had ever met a true essence cultivator before.

    "Don't be afraid, everybody. We still don't know where these fireballs came from or who cast them. Perhaps the caster is not even a true essence cultivator... Besides, not only can a true essence cultivator conjure fireballs, a devil cultivator could release fireballs during inner qi stage as well. It's just that the effect and damage is not as great as the true essence cultivator's fireball spell so let us get the situation straightened out first before making our move!"

    Ten or so martial artists concealed themselves around the forest and vigilantly surveyed their surroundings.

    "Holy f*ck! What is that?!"

    Suddenly, a person screamed.

    Everyone turned around and were shocked. A tall, majestic gallant horse suddenly appeared in their field of vision. That gallant horse was coated in a fiery red fur and gave off the vibe of a dazzling flame when it ran wildly in the wind.

    "There is someone on the horse!"

    "It's Qin Feng! He is the one we've been looking for!"

    The situation reached a standstill as everyone discussed Qin Feng and the flaming dragon horse.

    All of them coveted Qin Feng's Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment. However, they were all stunned by the fireballs that covered the sky and the flaming dragon horse before them and did not dare to engage him.

    "F*ck! What are you guys waiting for? There is nothing to worry about! Since we've come, we should not go back empty-handed... The spear in this guy's hand is mine since I practice the art of cavalry and it is hard to find an Orange Grade spear in China!"

    A dark figure suddenly leapt out of the forest. He was a gray-headed elder and he had a silver spear in his hand. His was merely a White Grade Spiritual Equipment so it was natural for him to be so wired when he saw an Orange Grade spear.

    A change in grade could mean a large difference in the overall strength of the wielder.

    "I have taken a liking to this horse. I heard that some of the master martial artists will capture spirit beasts to tame them as their battle mounts or battle pets. I want to rear a spirit horse too!"


    Not long after, a few people stepped forward under the temptation of obtaining spiritual equipment and spirit pets. Soon, more and more people started stepping forward.

    Ten or so dark figures floated in mid-air and all of them wielded different weapons. They all unleashed their strongest moves and attempted to bring down Qin Feng in one strike!

    Qin Feng was wary. He noticed that these martial artists had different levels of strength.

    Some of them were only Stage 3 external strength experts or Stage 2 inner qi experts while others were Stage 6 inner qi experts or Stage 7 external strength experts. What amazed him the most was that there were even a few Stage 8 inner qi experts amongst the group.

    It was natural for Qin Feng to no be able to withstand the joint strikes of so many master martial artists at once.

    A widespread number of hidden weapons suddenly appeared in the air and all of them furiously showered down on Qin Feng like a weapon storm!

    Qin Feng held the Spear of Rathalos in one hand while he brandished the Spirit Snake Whip with his other hand.


    The Spirit Snake Whip swayed in the air and fell on the backside of the flaming dragon horse. The flaming dragon horse raised its two front legs and neighed.


    After a deep growl, the flaming dragon horse turned and took off running. With its four muscular legs, the flaming dragon horse broke into a furious gallop, vanished before the group of martial artists leaving only a crimson trail.

    "See, this fellow is just pulling our leg. He is scared by us!"

    "Quick, go after him!"


    As their confidence returned, the group of martial artists morphed into dozens of dark figures and leapt around the forest to pursue Qin Feng.

    Since their strengths were all different, their speeds varied as well.

    Some of them were already closing in on Qin Feng, but most of them were far behind and trying with all their might to keep up.

    The flaming dragon horse was incredibly fast; the wind whistled loudly in Qin Feng's ears as it blew them.

    Qin Feng felt that this flaming dragon horse was even faster than Qin Feng when he rode his 28" bicycle at full speed. The fluttering wind ruffled Qin Feng's hair and even his eyes teared up because of the wind.

    Da! Da! Da!

    The flaming dragon horse had very high endurance. It did not show any sign of fatigue nor slow down even though it had been running for more than ten minutes and continue to run forward at top speed.

    As they went deeper into the forest, the area became gloomier and gloomier while the trees were getting taller and more crooked. The huge leafy trees even covered the dreary moon and allowed only a few scattered beams of light to penetrate through the trees and shine on the ground.


    Aside from the sound of the wind, the growls of the beasts were getting clearer.

    Qin Feng could felt the atmosphere become much denser and suffocating. Pairs of greenish eyes lurked in the deepest part of the forest, waiting for the perfect moment to attack Qin Feng.


    Suddenly, a strong gale wafted past him.

    Before Qin Feng could react, a dark figure suddenly threw itself on him. The size of that figure was twice the size of the flaming dragon horse and there were three light green dots on its face.

    Two of the spots were its eyes and so was the third!

    "F*ck! It's the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar!"

    Qin Feng immediately recognized this creature as soon as he saw the three eyes on its face.

    This creature was the ferocious wild boar he met the last time he was at Devil Beast Mountain. When it went into a frenzy, it was as if it had eaten Stride chewing gum; it just couldn't stop!
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