Chapter 388 - Rain of Fire

    Chapter 388 - Rain of Fire

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    Qin Feng tapped on the back of the flaming dragon horse and evaded the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar's ambush in the nick of time.

    The Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar's attack had enraged flaming dragon horse. It stopped abruptly and kicked it two legs in the air. After a deep growl, it rushed towards the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar.

    "Come back, flaming dragon horse!"

    Qin Feng marveled at the flaming dragon horse. He knew the actual battle strength of this Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar very well-it was like a small tank. Its skin was impenetrable and as tough as a bastion; what chance did the flaming dragon horse stand at defeating it?


    Qin Feng was too slow; the flaming dragon horse had already thrown itself at the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar. Its long fiery red fur fluttered in the wind while it leapt into the air with a simple bounce. Then, it blasted three huge fireballs at the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar below.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Three fireballs exploded on the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar's head, greatly angering it.

    Its three greenish and obnoxious eyes instantly went bloodshot.


    More beasts came from different directions. Qin Feng still couldn't see their features, but only heard their roars and felt the stampede that shook the ground.

    Qin Feng hastily jumped to a large tree. As soon as he reached the treetop, he saw three smaller-sized jackals come out from the bushes.

    All three jackals' eyes were gleaming with green light. As they surveyed the ground, they slightly opened their bloody mouths and revealed their sharp fangs.

    Even though they were smaller in size, the rows of sharp fangs and ferocious looks sent a chill down Qin Feng's spine.

    Chi! Chi!

    Not long after, another two Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boars emerged and confronted the three jackals.


    A strong gale wafted past from deep within the forest. After a long howl, a snow white jaguar ran at lightning speed towards them, trailed closely by a puffy lion.

    With these two large beasts joining in on the skirmish, the formation of the team changed once again. The situation reached a standstill. Now, nearly ten beasts in different species glared at each other warily while growling deeply, as if a life-or-death battle would spark at any moment.

    Oing!" Somebody exclaimed.

    "Hold on a sec, something is not right. What are those dark figures trailing behind him? Are those beasts?!"

    "F*ck! This brat is crazy! Hurry up and run for your lives! This brat has lured all of the beasts in this mountain out from their lair towards us!"

    One second, they were happy the moment they saw Qin Feng. The next second, they were frightened out of their wits after they saw the horde of beasts behind him.

    Some of the lower-tier martial artists were scared stiff when they saw the ferocious rampaging beasts charging at them. As such, they were trampled to ground and their heads were chopped off by the beasts with a single paw stroke.

    "We can't keep running! Let's assemble our strength and kill the beasts!"

    Somebody stopped as the beasts surrounded them and they ran out of ground to continue running.

    Around forty to fifty of the martial artists gathered together, standing back to back. They formed a small circle and looked warily at the beasts that roared at them.

    "Watch my spear!"

    "Rain of sword!"

    "Chaotic Winter Iron Blade Dance!"

    They did not have much time to think. Immediately, the martial artists launched a full-scale attack on the beasts that surrounding them. Some of them even brought out their guns.

    Guns rang out in the forest causing some of the beasts to scatter in fear.

    Normally, these martial artists would fight with cold weapons; they seldom used thermal ones. Since they brought guns with them, this could be a sign that they were willing to steal Qin Feng's spiritual equipment by any means necessary.

    Clank! Clank! Clank!

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    All sorts of hidden weapons, blade flurries, and sword shadows fell on the bodies of the beasts. Some of the beasts were immediately chopped in half while some of them just let out a few roars and continued their relentless attack as if they were not injured at all.


    Suddenly, a weird sound resounded from the deepest part of the forest.

    The trees swayed in the wind. A dazzling golden radiance flashed out from the darkness like a rising sun, showering its sacred radiance on the people.

    "What is that?"

    "It is flying... Could it be Phoenix?"


    Even Qin Feng was dumbfounded by the incredible scene before him. Suddenly, he felt a familiar sensation from that huge golden beast; that beast seemed to be something very close to him.


    The weird sound echoed once again. It was the sound produced by the huge golden beast when it flapped its wings.

    The golden beast beat its wings slowly. Every time it flapped its wings, it raised a huge tempest. Plus, it was flying fast like a high-speed jet.

    Ow! Ow! Ow!

    The golden beast was getting closer and the blinding golden radiance intensified. The golden radiance came from the reflection of its glittering golden feathers. Meanwhile, another beast covered in green fur came into view. It looked like a hybrid between a snow leopard and a mastiff. While running, it opened its bloody mouth filled with rows of sharp fangs and howled into the sky. Its presence was too intense and it released a menacing aura that could make a person's blood run cold.

    Everybody held their breath as their minds went blank.

    They had forgotten to attack or flee for their lives. They merely planted their feet on the ground and stared in awe at the two beasts that were moving fast and headed toward them.

    Unlike the martial artists, Qin Feng's eyes brimmed with tears.

    Finally, he knew who those two beasts were. They were the Flaming Golden Falcon and the Glacial Snow Mastiff that he had fused together two months ago at Devil Beast Mountain!

    Two months ago, these two fellows were only as large as a basketball and had surrounded him, pleading for foods. Now, within a blink of an eye, one of them was as large as a small helicopter while the other had grown to the size of an adult snow leopard. It wasn't hard to tell that both of them were obviously the kings amongst the beasts!


    The Flaming Golden Falcon arrived first.

    As soon as it arrived, it immediately shot about ten fireballs from its mouth.

    The fireballs rained down like heavenly maiden scattering blossoms, causing the martial artists on the ground to cover their head and run around haphazardly.


    Following the Flaming Golden Falcon, the Glacial Snow Mastiff arrived and immediately threw itself at Qin Feng. Qin Feng then sent the flaming dragon horse and Spear of Rathalos into the system and jumped on the back of the Glacial Snow Mastiff.

    Howl! Howl!

    The Glacial Snow Mastiff was so happy to see its master. It went crazy and ran in a circle around the forest, showing off its great strength and growth to Qin Feng.


    The Glacial Snow Mastiff suddenly stopped in mid-air and shot out dozens of icicles from its mouth.

    The icicles stabbed the bodies of multiple beasts and martial artists and quickly spread over their bodies, completely encasing them in ice within a few seconds.

    The Flaming Golden Falcon arrived at Qin Feng's side. With a simple leap, the Glacial Snow Mastiff brought Qin Feng onto the back of the Flaming Golden Falcon.


    The Flaming Golden Falcon flapped its wings with all its might, raising a wind storm as it flew up a few hundred meters.

    Qin Feng felt like he was on top of the world when he looked down at Devil Beast Mountain from the back of the Flaming Golden Falcon.

    "Little Pig, I think the Flaming Golden Falcon and Glacial Snow Mastiff have the power to conquer the whole mountain!"

    "Master, you've underestimated the beasts in Devil Beast Mountain," replied Little Pig disdainfully.

    "These beasts Master is seeing now are just the beasts that inhabit the outskirts of Devil Beast Mountain. They are the lowest level and weakest beasts in the mountain. In the deepest part of Devil Beast Mountain resides many more transcendental beasts that are not known to any martial artists in the Martial World. These transcendental beasts have existed for more than a hundred years; some of them have even lived for thousand of years. They absorb spiritual essence from the sun, the moon, the earth, and the heaven. They have developed their own consciousness so they could cultivate and evolve on their own... To be honest, with the Golden Falcon and Snow Mastiff's current strength, they can only move freely around the center region of Devil Beast Mountain. They will be dead as soon as they venture deeper into the forest.

    Little Pig's answer stunned Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng thought the Flaming Golden Falcon and Glacial Snow Mastiff would be invincible if they teamed up. He never expected that his two battle pets' actual strength were only considered lower middle tier across the entire Devil Beast Mountain.

    Qin Feng stood on Snow Mastiff's back and reevaluated Devil Beast Mountain from an altitude of several hundred meters.

    He realized that the sky of the deeper part of the mountain was shrouded by a dark heavy mist and he could not see through it.

    "The mission 'Beasts Clan Disturbance' will be a tough one!" Qin Feng started to worry.

    He asked about the strength of Flaming Golden Falcon and Glacial Snow Mastiff because he wanted to gauge the difficulty of the mission. According to the mission, he had to search for the king of the beasts and rule over the beast clan.

    Qin Feng felt that the system was playing a cruel joke on him.

    "Golden Falcon, eliminate those martial artists." Qin Feng communicated with the falcon through telepathy as he shrugged off his indistinct ideas.

    He felt that he should focus on clearing the mission 'Martial World Disturbance,' whereas the 'Beasts Clan Disturbance' had no time limitation so Qin Feng looked at it again after he had improved his overall strength.

    After letting out a loud cry, the Golden Falcon tucked its feets and dove straight down. Meanwhile, Qin Feng, who was on its back, felt like he was on a roller coaster ride.


    Rumbles! Rumbles!

    The Golden Flaming Falcon was enraged that the people had bullied its master. It wanted to pay them back and make them regret ever being born into this world!

    Countless fireballs mercilessly fell from the sky like a meteor shower. When the fireballs landed, they left large craters on the land, scorching everything in their path. The martial artists couldn't do anything except run around helplessly to avoid being hit by the fireballs. Meanwhile, the ferocious beasts retreated into the forest.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for clearing the first side mission of 'Beasts Clan Disturbance' by successfully fending off the enemies with the beasts. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 500 Hedonist Points."


    The system notification beeped. Qin Feng took a look at the Hedonist Points and he realized he now had 8,300 Hedonist Points.

    He still had not finished absorbing the spiritual qi from the Red Elixir Flower. Qin Feng believed that he must be able to break into Stage 4 inner qi after he finished absorbing the spiritual qi.

    The Flaming Golden Falcon circled around in the sky and intermittently shot a few fireballs or flapped its wings to create a destructive storm wave.

    Riding on the back of Glacial Snow Mastiff, Qin Feng admired the breathtaking scenery from the top of a large tree.

    The martial artists were no longer a threat for Qin Feng. He calmed his mind and started to comb through the series of incidents.

    The financial crisis had exposed Han Ying Ying's true intention and the martial artists were summoned by Li Shao Jie. This time, Qin Ye and his two companions gone all out and executed a huge plan in an attempt to bring down Qin Feng.

    They all thought Qin Feng must be dead this time, but in reality, Qin Feng's courage mounted after every battle.

    Qin Feng gazed at Acropolis City from the ten meter high tree top. With a grim expression, he said, "It is time for me to go back and put an end to this long-cherished plot!"
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