Chapter 389 - Qin Feng Versus Uncle Ghost

    Chapter 389 - Qin Feng Versus Uncle Ghost

    ***Trigger Warning***

    This chapter contains non-consensual sex scene. If you have any issue with such content, please skip this chapter and continue reading with chapter 390. Under no circumstances does this mean that the translator, editor, or Gravity Tales condones or encourages any kind of rape.

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Nova1237

    It was a dark and stormy night beneath the raven moon, the perfect timing for a mass massacre.

    It was 2 AM; nevertheless, there was a villa in Acropolis City with its light on.

    A charming and gorgeous lady clad in a silk gown held a glass of red wine and stood before the French window on the 3rd floor, admiring the scenic night view of Acropolis City.

    The beautiful lady's expression was lonely, as if she had merged with the quiet and solitary night.

    She slowly placed her alluring cherry lips on the wine glass and took a sip of red wine from it. However, she could not taste anything.


    Suddenly, her room door was shoved opened followed by a tall, muscular man entering her room. The man was angry, his expression was fierce and malicious.

    "Qin Feng?!" The beautiful lady was shocked.

    "You never thought I would still be alive, right? Ying Ying, you disheartened me!" Qin Feng arrived at the lady's side in one large stride.

    The young lady was the first beauty of Jincheng City, Han Ying Ying.


    Qin Feng took away the red wine glass in Han Ying Ying's hand and splashed the wine on her face.

    "I struggled in a life-or-death battle and you're enjoying your life here. Han Ying Ying, death would be a much too kind punishment for you. No, I want you to suffer, to live a life that is worse than death. Tonight I want you to remember that you should not betray me!"

    Qin Feng threw away the wine glass and clawed Han Ying Ying's silk nightgown. With little effort, he tore apart her nightgown.


    Her nightgown could not hold her voluptuous body anymore and revealed it before Qin Feng.

    Han Ying Ying hastily covered her breasts with her hand and shouted loudly. "Qin Feng, I can explain!"

    "Explain?! What is there to explain?! That you wished I was dead right now?"

    Qin Feng ignored Han Ying Ying's plea. He pulled her to a large bed and began to grope her body.

    "Qin Feng, please stop. I was just carried away by desire. Please give me a chance to explain myself!"

    Han Ying Ying struggled for all her worth in Qin Feng's arms. However, Qin Feng did not allow her to escape his clutch. His two large hands clung tightly to her and his eyes went bloodshot, just like an enraged beast.

    He enjoyed Han Ying Ying's body wholeheartedly. This woman was too arrogant and only through this kind of punishment could he humiliate her. He wanted Han Ying Ying to regret betraying him and become his toy!

    Qin Feng's tireless and vigorous movements muted Han Ying Ying. Besides, this was the first time she had engaged in this kind of affair; she moaned incessantly as she lifelessly lay on the bed.

    Half an hour later.

    Qin Feng dressed himself and looked at Han Ying Ying. He felt he still had not had enough of her.

    This lady was too great. If it wasn't for Qin Feng still needing to get his revenge from Qin Ye and his two companions, Qin Feng swore he would have ravaged and played with her body the entire night.

    "Qin Feng..."

    Han Ying Ying's voice wafted into his ears as he reached the doorway.

    Her voice was devoid of any emotion. Her hair was disheveled and her naturally snowy skin turned red and purple from Qin Feng's beating. She no longer had the air of a prideful queen and she lay lifelessly on the bed.

    "It is true that I betrayed you, but I regretted it soon after... I've retrieved all of the Royal Group's shares. If you want it, I can give it all back to you.

    "Qin Ye is at the Amethyst Dragon Palace now. They have deployed many master martial artists to protect them. Please be careful."

    A mix of emotions flooded Qin Feng's heart. At last, he did not say anything and left Han Ying Ying's villa.

    The night was getting gloomy and the piercing cold wind was getting stronger.

    Qin Feng cantered down the street on the flaming dragon horse and very soon, he arrived at the Amethyst Dragon Palace.


    A loud explosion echoed throughout the whole Amethyst Dragon Palace, causing the palace to shake endlessly.

    "What's going on?" Qin Ye and his two companions were shocked by the explosion. Li Shao Jie then rose to his feet and looked outside.

    The three of them were drinking wine and celebrating their success while waiting for the news of Qin Feng's death. It was just that they had waited a long time, yet still had not received any news.

    "What the hell is that thing?" Li Shao Jie was so frightened that he fell down when he saw the thing outside.

    Qin Ye and Sima Tu were instantly on alert. However, they were stupefied by the sight before them.

    Qin Feng rode on a fiery red gallant horse and he held a long crimson spear in his hand, galloping his way toward them.

    The gallant horse spurted fireballs while running. The fireballs immediately exploded once they touched the pillars. The great impact had caused the pillars to tremble, raised a storm of dust, and littered the palace with debris.

    "Qin Feng is still alive," yelled Sima Tu and Qin Ye.

    Qin Feng leapt from the back of the flaming dragon horse and zoomed toward Li Shao Jie with his Spear of Rathalos.


    The Spear of Rathalos was incredibly sharp; it passed straight through Li Shao Jie's heart, entering his back and exiting through his front.

    Li Shao Jie's face froze in fear; he did not even have a chance to yell for help before he was killed by Qin Feng.

    "Qin Ye, you traitor of the family. Go to hell!" Qin Feng maintained his momentum, raising his spear and bolted towards Qin Ye.

    "Help! Somebody, please come!" Qin Ye was ashen-faced. He recoiled in horror and yelled for help.

    He was the first genius of Jincheng City and bore the name of Prince Wen.

    He always devised strategies that would assure him of victory and finally kill off his opponent in his wondrous and surefire plan. It was wholly unexpected that he could not trap Qin Feng in his heinous plan.

    And now he came back for them!

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    Ten or so dark figures appeared out of nowhere and surrounded Qin Feng in a circle.

    These people were looking sharp and they all possessed extraordinary aura. Qin Feng scanned them and he found out that weakest among them were Stage 4 inner qi experts and there was two Stage 6 inner qi masters.

    Qin Feng always had a hard time facing a Stage 6 inner qi master alone. Now that he was surrounded by so many powerful master martial artists, his expression became graver.

    He still had yet to finish absorbing and merging the spiritual qi with his inner qi so he could not break through Stage 4 now. Without having a Stage 4 inner qi, Qin Feng felt that he did not have the slightest chance of winning against so many martial artists. The situation had come to a standstill as nobody dared to make the first move.


    While Qin Feng was formulating his plan, a grey-headed elder in black clothes charged at him with a sword in his hand.

    Although it was a wooden sword, one couldn't belittle it. The wooden sword moved freely in the grey-headed elder's hand and instantly shrouded them in a dome of dense sword qi.

    "Basic Sword Technique!"

    Qin Feng hastily withdrew his Truesteel Sword and brandished it in the air.

    Orange colored sword qi pervaded the air and clashed with the elder's powerful sword qi released by his wooden sword. The collision between their sword qi's detonated in the air, causing a series of explosion and impeding Qin Feng's escape.

    "Die now!" The elder let out a loud battle cry as he moved his hand like an illusion and the wooden sword in his hand morphed into sword flash.

    Qin Feng suddenly felt a chill from his back. Immediately, he spun his body around. He realized that the wooden sword in the elder hand was traveling at him like a bolt of lightning.


    The longsword rammed into Qin Feng's chest and sent him flying.

    After this attack, Qin Feng realized that this elder was clearly a Stage 6 inner qi master.

    His sword skill was enigmatic and the course of his attack was impossible to predict. It was far stronger than Qin Feng's Basic Sword Technique.


    Qin Feng covered his chest with his hand and vomited a mouthful of blood.

    Sima Tu and Qin Ye hastily went forward. Meanwhile, the elder landed in front of Qin Feng with a leap.

    "How is that even possible?" The elder's face was washed with astonishment as he looked at Qin Feng.

    Qin Ye did not practice martial arts so he did not know what was going on. On the other hand, Sima Tu was a Stage 4 inner qi expert; he too had a puzzled expression as he looked at Qin Feng. "You blocked that strike with your mortal body? How is that possible?"

    With a beaming grin on his face, Qin Feng goggled at Sima Tu and Qin Ye."Why not? What can you do to me? So what if I blocked that strike with my mortal body?"

    The attack cast by the elder amassed insurmountable inner qi from a Stage 6 inner qi expert. By right, the wooden sword should've pierced Qin Feng's heart and killed him in one strike!

    Little did they know that Qin Feng had donned the Flying Dragon Armour. How could an ordinary wooden sword penetrate it?

    "Uncle Ghost, hurry up and kill Qin Feng," Qin Ye yelled loudly to Uncle Ghost.

    He never expected that Qin Feng would make a comeback and come after him nor that Qin Feng had already figured out his true identity. Qin Ye was apprehensive just by standing in the same room as Qin Feng. He must see his demise with his own eyes!

    "Brat, can you take another one of my strikes?!" Uncle Ghost suddenly leapt into the air.

    He hovered in mid-air while the wooden sword wheeled around him; it was spinning fast.

    The wooden sword spun faster and faster, leaving only trails of afterimages around Uncle Ghost. Within a few seconds, the solid wooden sword had split into dozens of sword flashes.

    "Dozen Sword Strike!"

    Following Uncle Ghost's order, the dozen of sword flashes turned their blade points and rammed into Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng had purchased a bottle of Elementary Grade Golden Sore Medicine and applied it to his wound. On top of that, he still had the dense spiritual qi inside his body so he had already restored his health.


    The Spirit Snake Whip descended from the sky and formed layers of innumerable whip shadow, acting as a barrier for Qin Feng. The sword flashes fell on the whip shadow and immediately vanished. Concurrently, the whip shadow conjured by Qin Feng became dimmer as well.

    "Phantom Whip Technique!"

    The Spirit Snake Whip danced madly in the air again, reinforcing the already dimmed whip shadow and slammed toward Uncle Ghost.

    Uncle Ghost was shocked. He marveled at how Qin Feng forcibly endured his attack and still remained alive. What amazed him the most was that Qin Feng seemed totally unaffected and did not receive any damage from his attack!

    "I've underestimated you, brat!"

    Uncle Ghost was greatly enraged by Qin Feng. His long grey hair fluttered wildly in the air. Every hair stood straight up on his head just like a grey-haired devil.

    His aura became denser and more barbarous. Those sword flashes that orbited around him merged together and became the original wooden sword again.

    "Go to hell now!"

    The wooden sword turned into a streak of light, traveling at lightning the speed and arrived in front of Qin Feng within a blink of an eye.

    Qin Feng did not have enough time to parry this attack. Suddenly, his eyes gleamed as he recognized this elder was the master that took Ma De Hu away on that dreadful night.


    This time, the sword still struck Qin Feng's chest. It did not pass through it. However, the collision was so great that it pushed Qin Feng back, destroying a few pillars and a glass door along the way and slammed him into a wall.


    Qin Feng vomited another few mouthfuls of blood.

    If he wasn't protected by the Flying Dragon Armour, Qin Feng was certain that this attack would have killed him. Even if he had managed to parry the attack, he still would have sustained severe damage.

    Sima Tu and Uncle Ghost were yet again dumbfounded by Qin Feng's great power.

    This man was like an indestructible cockroach; he just couldn't remain dead. He's just a Stage 3 inner qi expert. How could he endure this attack?

    This was an attack released by a powerful Stage 6 inner qi master. Even a Stage 7 inner qi master would be panic-stricken and desperately dodge the attack.

    "So it was you!" Qin Feng sat with his legs crossed on the floor.

    He purchased another Elementary Golden Sore Medicine and applied it to his wound and simultaneously circulated the spiritual qi in his body to replenish his inner qi.

    He put on a smug grin and looked at Uncle Ghost. "Three months ago, you rescued Ma De Hu from my clutch in that abandoned factory. During that time, I was not strong enough to prevent you from rescuing him and did not have a chance of winning against you.

    "After three months, our paths have crossed once again and now... it seems that you are not that powerful after all!"
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