Chapter 390 - Youre the Only One Behind Me

    Chapter 390 - You're the Only One Behind Me

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Nova1237

    Qin Feng survived Uncle Ghost's two strikes. He sat with his legs crossed.

    He wore a wicked grin on his face, sending chills down Uncle Ghost's back.

    They all believed that Qin Feng was a mysterious and terrifying demon who crawled out of hell.

    "How did you do that?" With a simple leap, Uncle Ghost stood before Qin Feng.

    A psychotic look crossed Qin Feng's face and distorted his mouth. He looked at Uncle Ghost and sneered. "It's simple. Because you're too weak!"

    When he was hit just now and sent flying into the air, the Hedonist Sovereign System had beeped in his mind.

    Qin Feng had just dominated Han Ying Ying's body in her villa and accomplished the mission regarding Han Ying Ying within a mere thirty minutes; he never expected to finish it so quickly.

    After completing the mission "Dominating Han Ying Ying," Qin Feng had 10,100 Hedonist Points and he had used 10,000 Hedonist Points to purchase the Sovereign Sword Technique: Sword of Dugu.

    And now, vast and ancient memories surged in Qin Feng's mind as the perplexing and profound secret of the Sword of Dugu had firmly been imprinted on his mind.

    "Uncle Ghost, stop talking nonsense with this fellow... Hurry up and kill him," Qin Ye suddenly yelled. He wouldn't feel content as long as Qin Feng stayed alive.

    "Little brat, your arrogance will be your downfall," Uncle Ghost yelled loudly.

    He was filled with hate and loathed Qin Feng's arrogance. As such, he levitated the long wooden sword in his hand again and this time he sent it directly towards Qin Feng's head.

    "I don't believe that your head will be as tough as your chest!"


    The longsword zoomed like a lightning bolt and arrived right between Qin Feng's eyebrows in a blink of an eye.

    A heavy thud resounded. Qin Feng remained seated with his legs crossed, not even in the slightest trying to evade the attack. The wooden sword stopped an inch away from the space between his eyebrows, buzzing and hovering in mid-air. It could not pierce Qin Feng's head.

    "How can that be? It's impossible!"

    Large droplets of sweat beaded off Uncle Ghost's forehead. His expression was grotesque as his eyes widened.

    Fear overtook Sima Tu; he involuntarily stepped back a few paces. He had a bad hunch in his heart and it was getting stronger by the second. He was now planning to escape.

    "Young Master, Prince Sima, please go now! Leave him to me; I'll certainly take his head off and report to you!"

    Uncle Ghost was Qin Ye's ace and Qin Ye was stunned when he asked them to leave. Originally, he wanted to see the death of Qin Feng with his own eyes, but now, given the bad situation, he had to flee for his life first.

    "Want to leave? No way," Qin Feng suddenly exclaimed.

    The techniques from the Sword of Dugu had thoroughly permeated his mind and now his body was overflowing with a dominating aura. He yelled, sending that dominating aura at Uncle Ghost and causing him to flinch.

    With an Orange Grade Truesteel Sword in his hand, Qin Feng felt like he could split the heavens and shatter the earth.

    He casually waved his hand. Then, the Truesteel Sword left his grip and flew into the air. The orange colored sword formed numerous sword flurries and even slashed open the void space, leaving tons of afterimages wherever it went.

    The air above the parlor was now filled with innumerable sword afterimages and rained down on the people below. It was as if each and every one of those afterimages had been granted life and all of them homed in on their targets, slashing and piercing across each target's body with perfect accuracy.

    Uncle Ghost was frozen by the scene before him as he stared at the barrage of sword qi with his glassy sunken eyes. He could no longer keep his composure and yelled, "Young Master, be careful!"

    He cultivated the sword technique as well, a kind of secret martial art in the Carefree Sect: the Sword Styles of Xiao Yao.

    This sword technique was a high Yellow Grade sword technique. It was all thanks to this sword technique that Uncle Ghost could stand his ground against a Stage 7 inner qi master.

    His Sword Style of Xiao Yao was obscure and considered the quintessential sword skill. It was extremely powerful. However, after seeing Qin Feng's weird and monstrously strong sword style, only then did Uncle Ghost realize this was the true way of the sword and his own sword style was out of its league.

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    Countless illusory sword flurries waltzed in the air and raised a gale that sliced through the air.

    Dozens of men in black hastily surrounded Qin Ye in a circle to protect him from the sword flurries. To their dismay, the sword flurries were too powerful and too great in number. It covered the entire air above them and very soon, all of them were overwhelmed. One after another dropped to the floor lifeless. The whole parlor was dyed red by their blood.

    "Go to hell!"

    Qin Feng vanished and reappeared beside his Truesteel Sword. He commanded the Truesteel sword back to his hand and with the Truesteel Sword in his right hand, he conjured a heavy, dense orange sword qi and mercilessly waved it down.


    A crisp resounded.

    Uncle Ghost glared at Qin Feng with a wretched look as his head started to fall apart. Soon enough, he was split in half.

    "Uncle Ghost..."

    Qin Ye moaned as he fell to the floor, unable to receive the truth that Uncle Ghost was dead.

    Qin Ye moaned not because he cherished Uncle Ghost and he would mourn his death, but it was only because this geezer was his best and strongest fighting force. And now even his most elite force lost to Qin Feng and died at his hand; Qin Ye was beyond hope.

    "It's your turn now!"

    Qin Feng turned and stormed toward Qin Ye. The remaining six men in black hastily went forward to halt Qin Feng's attack.

    Once again, Qin Feng waved the Truesteel Sword in his hand and sent dozens of violent sword qi across the parlor, filling the parlor with a metal jarring sound.



    From time to time, the sound of the longsword chopping down bodies echoed throughout the whole parlor. The martial artists did not even have a change to scream and each of them lay lifelessly in a pool of blood.

    After learning the Sword of Dugu, Qin Feng became invincible and he could sweep away anything before him. Not even a Stage 6 inner qi master could stand a chance against him now.

    Within the time span of a few breaths, Qin Feng arrived at Qin Ye's side.

    Meanwhile, those ten or so martial artists who were supposed to protect Qin Ye were now all dead in pools of blood. Nobody would come to his aide now.

    Qin Ye never anticipated this would be his end. He now looked earnestly at Qin Feng and pleaded, "Qin Feng, p-please spare my life!

    "I'm your cousin and my dad is your 3rd uncle... we shared the same bloodline and we are siblings by blood. We're a family!

    "You wouldn't kill your own family, would you? I beg you to spare my life and let me go!"

    Qin Ye began to entice Qin Feng with their family relationship in his life and death crisis.

    Qin Feng went blank for a second before he regained his thoughts. Then, he firmly gripped the longsword in his hand and looked at Qin Ye with a wretched look.

    "Now you know we are family? Hah! You're too late!"

    Qin Feng raised the Truesteel Sword and drew a perfect arc of orange radiance in the air. Meanwhile, Sima Tu flinched and remained still in his position, his mouth gaping wide.

    "Qin Feng..."

    While he was about to slice Qin Ye in half, a familiar voice drifted into his ears, causing his expression to turned vile.

    The Truesteel Sword finally stopped above Qin Ye's head. The domineering aura released by Truesteel Sword disheveled Qin Ye's long hair, causing it to fly madly in the air.

    "Wu Wu! Qin Feng, hurry up and leave. Leave now," sobbed the lady. She was so grieved that she wish she was dead.

    Qin Feng waved his hand and withdrew the Truesteel Sword. He deliberately forfeited his chance to kill Qin Ye after the lady appeared.

    He slowly turned and saw a tearful Xu Ruo Rou. She was marched forward by two men in black. Her tears had killed her speech, she could only desperately shake her head at Qin Feng.

    "Release her!" Qin Feng yelled coldly to Qin Ye who was behind him. "You can do whatever to me as long as you release her!"

    Seizing his golden opportunity, Qin Ye hastily crawled toward Sima Tu. Both of them shared the same puzzled expression as they looked at each other.

    They did not know why Xu Ruo Rou would be here. Qin Ye thought Qin Feng would certainly die this time so he did not prepare a backup plan.

    They never captured Xu Ruo Rou so who did?

    "I asked you to release her now!" Seeing Qin Ye did not reply to him, Qin Feng ran out of patience and roared at him.

    He placed the Truesteel Sword on Qin Ye's neck and stared at him with reddened eyes. Then, he said angrily, one word at a time to Qin Ye, "If you dare to lay a single finger on Ruo Rou today, I swear I will demolish the Qin family in Jincheng City!"

    Qin Ye was stunned by Qin Feng's hideous expression. He hastily turned over and signaled with his eyes to Sima Tu as if he was saying, "Release her now if this is your doing."

    On the other hand, Sima Tu was perplexed by Qin Ye's reaction. It wasn't his doing; he thought it was Qin Ye who caught Xu Ruo Rou.

    "Qin Feng!"

    Xu Ruo Rou suddenly called to him from the back. Qin Feng spun his body around and noticed Xu Ruo Rou had freed herself and she was running towards him.

    Immediately, Qin Feng recoiled, pulled Xu Ruo Rou to a safe corner, pushed her behind him, and guarded her. After securing her safety, Qin Feng once again lifted his Truesteel Sword and glared coldly at both Sima Tu and Qin Ye.

    "Qin Ye, I make allowance that you're one of the Qin family so I want to end your life without having you to suffer much. But I never imagined that you dare to capture this young master woman! I've decided, today, I must make your death beyond your imagination!"

    Qin Feng became even angrier after he had rescued Xu Ruo Rou.

    He threw the Truesteel Sword into the air and dozens of afterimages started to manifest in the air, scaring Qin Ye and Sima Tu so much that they turned their head and fled for their lives.


    The sound of a dagger stabbed into body resounded.

    The Truesteel Sword that hovered in the air suddenly stopped moving and caused the soon-to-be materialized afterimages to fade away. The Truesteel Sword fell to the floor like a soulless toy, stunning the duo.

    Sima Tu and Qin Ye stopped and stared dumbly at Qin Feng's wretched, pained expression. The scene before them was completely incomprehensible; they did not know what Qin Feng was doing.


    The dagger was pulled out by someone and left a large perforation at Qin Feng's waist.

    A jet of fresh blood gushed out from the perforation and the pain was too hard to bear.

    However, Qin Feng ignored everything that was happening around him and ignored the sensation of pain.

    He could not summon the nerve to cover the perforation at his waist nor turn around to look at the one who ambushed him. He did not even dare to look at the person...

    There was only one person behind his back.

    And that person was none other than Xu Ruo Rou!

    "Why? Ruo Rou, why?"

    Still, Qin Feng did not turn his body around as he did not want to see the ugly side of her.

    This battle had always been in Qin Feng's favor. He had solved all of the plans formulated by Qin Ye and caught him unprepared.

    He braced himself and faced off every dangerous situation adamantly again and again. He never failed.

    However, he failed twice tonight.

    First, he was betrayed by Han Ying Ying and now he was stabbed by Xu Ruo Rou from behind.


    The dagger in her hand fell to the floor. She had dissolved into tear so she couldn't speak.

    "Qin Feng..."

    "Don't call my name! Just tell me, why?!"

    "I'm sorry, Qin Feng. Please forgive me... Please, I beg you, kill me. Please, kill me!"

    Xu Ruo Rou fell to the floor like a soulless doll, her eyes were filled with incessant regret and pain as her frail body trembled nonstop in despair.

    The moment she stabbed the dagger into Qin Feng's waist, she felt her heart shatter into pieces. She did not want to do it, but she had no other option left!

    The atmosphere dropped below zero. Sima Tu and Qin Ye finally came to their senses.

    Suddenly, Qin Ye's expression changed dramatically and he yelled harshly, "It is you! Xu Ruo Rou worked for you!"
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