Chapter 399 - Saving Live with Acupuncture

    Chapter 399 - Saving Live with Acupuncture

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Nova1237


    One discussion after another rose and fell in the operating room like slow heaving waves of the sea that would not break.

    With various expressions on their faces, all the doctors and nurses set their contemptuous and doubtful gazes on Qin Feng.

    Heart attacks already had a high mortality rate even after surgery, and there were no exact cure. Nobody believed Qin Feng when he claimed that he could completely heal Liu Feng with just an acupuncture treatment.

    Even the divine Chinese physician Li Xing Tian did not possess the guts nor ability to make such a wild and bold statement.

    "Stop clowning around! Do you think this is a playground?!" Zhang De Yi did not believe Qin Feng either. He turned and glowered at Chang Xin.

    Chang Xin almost fainted beside Qin Feng. She wished to bite him. This brat is such a troublemaker!

    Pulling Qin Feng to a corner, Chang Xin whispered to him in a cold tone, "What are you trying to do? I asked you to come here because of your see-through ability. Stop talking nonsense!"

    "I'm not talking nonsense. I scanned the elder as soons as I entered the operating room. His condition is far worse than you had anticipated. None of you can save him now; only I can!"

    If it was yesterday, Qin Feng would never have made such outlandish statement because he was not equipped with any knowledge or art of healing.

    But after he successfully cleared the mission of helping Chang Xin save Wang Cheng Fa, the system had bestowed upon him the imperial decree of chinese medicine: The Decree of Five Element Acupuncture. After he scanned and reviewed Liu Feng's condition, dozens of types of acupuncture treatments emerged in the sea of his mind.

    Now Qin Feng really had the ability to completely heal Liu Feng and most importantly, he could've done it without breaking a sweat.

    "Y-You really are... Haiz! I'll deal with you when we get home!" Chang Xin stamped her feet in rage. She still refused to believe Qin Feng.

    Even if he really was equipped with the ability to heal the injured and cure the dying, there was no way to make Chang Xin believed that a heart attack could be treated with just acupuncture.

    "Have you all decided what to do yet? Be quick if you want me to save him. I'm in a rush. I still have to go home and play with Xin Xin... Anyway, that elder can only last for another 30 minutes. You better be fast and make a decision otherwise not even I will be able to save him if we miss this window of opportunity."

    Qin Feng did not blink at the offensive looks of the crowd. He shrugged his shoulders and said nonchalantly to Zhang De Yi.

    Zhang De Yi's face was filled with erratic emotions. He knew they were running out of time. When he saw Qin Feng's sloppy and laid-back behavior, he could not steel himself and leave the life of Liu Feng in his hands.

    "Fine. Seems like you all did not believe me after all... Very well then, Xin Xin, let's go home." Qin Feng stepped forward and extended his arm, waiting for Chang Xin's hand. Chang Xin avoided his hand and stomped hard on his feet.

    Seeing Qin Feng was really about to take his leave his leave, Zhang De Yi suddenly spoke up and, "Do you really have 90% confidence in being able to heal Dean Liu Feng?"

    "I make it 90% because you guys wouldn't believe me if I said 100%!" said Qin Feng, pouting.

    "Very well then, I'll leave the life of Dean Liu in your hand." Zhang De Yi chose to believe Qin Feng since he had no other choice left.

    "President Zhang..."

    Xiao Shan stepped forward and tried to persuade Zhang De Yi. As soon as he opened his mouth, Zhang De Yi cut him short and said, "Your objection will not be considered, Vice-president Xiao. This is my personal decision, and I'll bear all the responsibility should any mishap occur!"

    Zhang De Yi had made his stand, comforting the restless doctors and nurses. Even though they still were worried, they remained quiet. Once again, they set their gazes on Qin Feng.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng turned to Zhang De Yi and said, "Oh yeah! I have a small request before I begin the therapy: I don't want any dogs in this room while I'm in the process of healing the patient. I'll only start my therapy after the dog has left the room!"

    "Dog? What dog?" asked Zhang De Yi with a puzzled look.

    "There he is, the dog that is standing behind you. Can't you all see him?" said Qin Feng as he pointed his finger at Xiao Shan.

    Xiao Shan's face turned red in anger. Meanwhile, Chang Xin and the others could not suppress themselves and giggled.

    Xiao Shan was a bully in the hospital and utilized his powerful connections to intimidate the lower-ranked staffers in the hospital. Kicking people around in the hospital was his daily activity and he was the hospital's top executives' lap dog, agreeing with whatever their decision. Most of the staff members held grudge against him, so everybody was tickled pink by Qin Feng's description of Xiao Shan as a dog since it was scrupulous, vivid, lifelike, and was a perfect description of his character.

    "I'm not joking!" Qin Feng added after he saw Zhang De Yi did not move an inch.

    "Please go out first, Xiao Shan," Zhang De Yi sighed.

    "President Zhang..." Xiao Shan was exasperated.

    "Get out!" President Zhang's voice became cold, exuding an imposing aura from his body to the surrounding.

    "Hmph!" Xiao Shan turned and exited the operating room after he sent a vicious glare to Qin Feng.

    "The rest of you, please remain quiet throughout the therapy. If you can't promise that, you may as well leave now!"

    Qin Feng turned into another person after Xiao Shan left and an intimidating aura erupted, frightening everybody.

    He held Liu Feng's wrist and placed his right hand on his. Qin Feng's index finger and middle finger felt Liu Feng's pulse diagnostically like an experienced chinese physician. On the surface, he looked quite promising.

    After he finished feeling Liu Feng's pulse, Qin Feng moved to check Liu Feng's eyes and examined his complexion. Then, he used ten Hedonist Points and purchased a box of silver needles from the system. The silver needles appeared in his hands out of thin air, causing everyone to gasp in astonishment.

    "There are no pockets on either his clothes or his pants so where did this box of silver needles come from?"

    Qin Feng calmed himself down without paying attention to the things happening around him. He wore a serious expression and focused his mind. Then, he laid out the silver needles with a variety of lengths in front of him. He inhaled deeply and finally made his first move.


    Qin Feng was fast. He followed with a second move like a bolt of lightning after he finished the first one.

    In the blink of an eye, five silver needles were firmly stuck on Liu Feng's body.

    Some of the doctors presents knew acupuncture and were quite familiar with the acupoints of a human. As such, they were greatly taken aback after they realized the major acupoints Qin Feng stuck into were lethal points!

    Is he saving or killing people?!

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    Closing his eyes, he simultaneously flourished both his hands wildly in the air, sticking one needle after another needle in Liu Feng's body.

    Indescribably strong aura erupted like waves from his body, granting him a dignified noble-like aspect and making the people around him perspire in fear.

    Qin Feng had stuck twenty-eight silver needles of varying sizes and lengths in Liu Feng's body within ten minutes. All these silver needles stood firmly on Liu Feng's body forming a rune with an ancient and obscure aura.


    The last silver needle fell after he gave a loud roar.

    This was the finishing touch, it completed and perfected Qin Feng's therapy. As the last silver needle fell, something very peculiar happened. The last needle vibrated and the other twenty-eight did likewise.

    Everybody's breath was taken away by the intriguing sight and their jaws dropped to the floor.

    The twenty-nine silver needles were still vibrating, releasing a fine buzzing. Chang Xin was awestruck by the sight before her. She had heard from Hua Yan about this kind of acupuncture technique. It was the "Needle Manipulation" technique that had been lost to the ages.

    According to Hua Yan, only a person who knew how to manipulate inner qi could perform this technique. The practitioner would stick silver needles on a person's body, sending inner qi into the silver needles in the process and causing the silver needles to vibrate on their own. It could bring an unexpected, miraculous effect on the ill.

    "How, how was it?" Zhang De Yi went forward and asked after Qin Feng stopped.

    Qin Feng had successfully transformed the doctors and the nurses' perception of him. Their gazes no longer held contempt and mockery. Instead, the depths of their eyes were imbued with a surge of astonishment and admiration.

    "Please wait patiently for another ten minutes."

    This was the first time Qin Feng had executed an acupuncture treatment. It was merely a ten minute therapy, but it was an extremely hard, taxing process and it exhausted Qin Feng a lot. He felt tired and beads of sweat began to ooze from his forehead.

    "Are you okay, Qin Feng?"

    Chang Xin was worried about Liu Feng. However, she could not resist and asked about Qin Feng's condition instead when she saw him pale.

    Qin Feng forced a smile on his face and replied, "I'm not dead yet!"

    "Let's go have a seat over there." Chang Xin helped Qin Feng take a break at an unoccupied bed next to them.

    Ten minutes flew past like a breeze. Liu Feng's eyelids moved slightly before he opened his eyes.

    His complexion was great: roxy and full of energy. He sat straight up after he awakened and glanced around bewildered.

    "What's wrong with me? How come I'm in the hospital?"

    "You've woken up, Dean Liu!" Zhang De Yi and the other doctors crowded Liu Feng. The joy and excitement flashed across everyone's face.

    "You're here too, Little Zhang? Am I doing it again?" Liu Feng gave a hard laugh and mocked himself, "I'm too old. Those illnesses always relapse even though I cured them."

    "Don't worry, Dean Liu, you're fine. See, aren't you awake already? Don't worry about it," Zhang De Yi comforted Li Feng.

    However, Liu Feng did not believe Zhang De Yi as he knew his body well. Everytime his illness relapsed, he would wriggle and writhe in agony. He felt extremely tired every time he woke up from his unconscious state. However, that was not the case this time. He did not feel the excruciating pain inflicted upon him by his illness; instead, he felt his body was even healthier than before. This is not supposed to be. Something is really weird.

    "Little Zhang, why do I feel so wrong?"

    "What's wrong, Dean Liu? Are you not feeling well?" Zhang De Yi and the other doctors were taken aback by his words. They were afraid that Qin Feng had accidentally caused more harm.

    "No, no, I'm fine," Liu Feng chirped with a cheerful grin on his face. "It is just that I feel strange. I feel an overflowing energy is surging through my body and I can breath smoother than ever!"

    Everyone's expression changed drastically as they looked at Qin Feng in awe.

    Qin Feng proved himself and show his worthiness in the past 20 minutes. He had pulled Liu Feng from death's door with just a few silver needles!

    What shocked them the most was that he fully healed Liu Feng without any assistance from the medical devices. There was no need for injections nor a prescription. Liu Feng was even healthier than before and had a better, rosy complexion after he woke up. Qin Feng's remarkable feat could be considered an act of God!

    "Please don't move. Let me remove the silver needles first." Qin Feng suddenly appeared at Liu Feng's side.

    Liu Feng suddenly realized his body was full of silver needles. Looking at those vibrating needles, Liu Feng eyes widened so much that they almost popped out.

    He then yelled excitedly, "Is this your doing, young man?"

    With both hands working at the same time, Qin Feng seamlessly removed all the silver needles. Then, the silver needles vanished after Qin Feng waved his hand, shocking the doctors and nurses. They were wondered, Is this young man a magician?"

    "It's you... You know the Needle Manipulation Technique!" Liu Feng tightly grasped Qin Feng's wrist.

    Qin Feng only retained the memories of The Descree of Five Element Acupuncture. He had no idea what the Needle Manipulation Technique was.

    "I don't know what are you talking about. Since you've woken up, I think I should excuse myself."

    Qin Feng shook off Liu Feng's grip, and exited the operating room with Chang Xin.

    Xiao Shan had been waiting outside the operating room. He was filled with rage and wanted to fight Qin Feng when he saw him. However, he had to forgo his desire and only hideously glared at him after seeing how large Qin Feng's muscles were. He was certain that he wouldn't stand a chance against him in a fight.

    "He learned how to use the Needle Manipulation Technique at such a young age!"

    Liu Feng still remained astonished and murmured to himself in high spirits.

    Needle manipulation was a collective term for manipulating needles with inner qi. To put it more bluntly, in order to use the Needle Manipulation Technique, one must be a martial artist otherwise, without inner qi, how could the silver needles vibrate on their own?

    People who practiced the art of healing did not practice the martial arts. As a result, there were only a few people in the world of chinese medicine who knew how to use the Needle Manipulation Technique. That was the reason why Liu Feng was so excited when he saw Qin Feng today
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