Chapter 400 - Reunited with Hua Yan

    Chapter 400 - Reunited with Hua Yan

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Nova1237

    Zhang De Yi was on pins and needles until he saw a lively and vigorous Dean Liu Feng.

    He retreated from the operating room and headed to admissions to arrange for Liu Feng to be admitted for observation for at least three days.

    "President Zhang... How is Dean Liu Feng? Is he dead? I saw that brat Qin Feng run away with Chang Xin. Is it possible that he and Chang Xin ran away because he failed to save Dean Liu Feng and accidentally killed him?

    "Do you need me to call the police and arrest them?"

    Xiao Shan cornered Zhang De Yi and bombarded him with questions the instant he came out of the operating room. He was even more excited than Liu Feng's family judging from his keyed up look.

    "Hey! Do you know what are you saying, you geezer? How can you curse my dad? Do you believe me when I say that I'll now send you off to heaven?!"

    "What kind of person are you? How can you curse your patient while you yourself are supposed to be a doctor? Where is your code of conduct? Can you still call yourself a doctor with your attitude?"

    Liu Feng's family had gathered around Zhang De Yi to ask about Liu Feng's condition so they clearly heard all of Xiao Shan's words. As such, they cornered him and their relentless comments showered down on him.

    "Calm down. Everybody, please calm down!"

    Zhang De Yi didn't want anything bad to happen at the hospital so he quickly yelled, "Dean Liu Feng has awakened and he is now safe. I'm preparing to admit him. You can all visit him after I've arranged a room for him!"

    Liu Feng's restless kinsfolk finally calmed down after receiving the news that Liu Feng was fine.

    Meanwhile, Xiao Shan was dazed.

    A soulless puppet. This was how people would describe him now if they saw his current expression. Xiao Shan was in disbelief that Qin Feng had truly succeeded in rescuing Liu Feng with just acupuncture!

    Qin Feng and Chang Xin arrived at Chang Xin's villa.

    Chang Xin went upstairs and changed out of her black fitted uniform and into a flimsy gown.

    "Qin Feng, why didn't you tell me that you knew acupuncture?" Chang Xin sat beside Qin Feng, ignoring his perverted gazes.

    "I know many things. I can't tell you everything. I'm particularly at my best in bed. Do you want to try it out?" Qin Feng laughed, flashing a wickedly seductive grin.

    Chang Xin slapped Qin Feng's thigh, rolled her eyes and said, "Please be more serious with our conversation or get out of my house!

    "Oh yeah, before I forget, you used inner qi to save Dean Liu Feng just now, right? Are you a martial artist?" Chang Xin added.

    "You know about martial artists?" Qin Feng instantly tensed. He stared warily at Chang Xin.

    "I've heard of the Needle Manipulation Technique before and I'm told that only a martial artist who possesses inner qi can master it. However, I'm unfamiliar with the world of martial arts. In fact, I've never seen a martial artist before!" Chang Xin replied nonchalantly.

    "Sorry, but I'm not a martial artist." Qin Feng lied as he did not want to disclose too much of his identity.

    Chang Xin was not an extremely observant person and couldn't tell that Qin Feng was hiding something from her. She looked delighted and grabbed Qin Feng's sleeve tightly. "That means that an ordinary person can master the Needle Manipulation Technique too? Can you teach me?"

    It was rare for Chang Xin to be so excited. Qin Feng opened his arms and engulfed a chirping Chang Xin in his embrace. He hugged her lightly and asked, "Do you have any basic knowledge about acupuncture? Do you know the exact locations of 36 major acupoints in a human's body?"

    Saddened, Chang Xin shook her head. She majored in western medicine during her days at the university and she had no knowledge about holistic Chinese medicine such as acupuncture.

    "Hmm, in that case, I think it's better if I teach you how to see through things." As he was talking, he placed both of his hands on Chang Xin's face.

    Chang Xin instinctively pulled away, but Qin Feng pulled her back into position.

    "There is no point in me teaching you if you do not believe in me!" Once again, Qin Feng placed both his hands on Chang Xin's flawless face. With his ten fingers, he lightly patted Chang Xin's face.

    Her face was soft and supple. A pink blush washed over Chang Xin's face after a few pats, making her even more alluring and eccentric than before.

    Qin Feng moved his hands down her snow-white neck and stopped at her mellow jade shoulders. Her loose and flimsy gown allowed her red lingerie straps to make a bid for freedom, stirring Qin Feng as he felt the urge to strip her down.

    Chang Xin opened her eyes and immediately looked outward.

    Qin Feng massaged her face and improved the blood circulation around her eyes. Chang Xin's view was extremely clear now. She could see as far as a thousand miles.

    "Qin Feng, it's so amazing... I used to be slightly short-sighted, but now my eyesight is as good as a newborn babe!" Chang Xin exclaimed excitedly.

    Qin Feng withdrew his hands after Chang Xin's eyes reached his desired level of clarity.

    "Xin Xin, this is the first step of mastering the see-through ability: clearing your eyesight. I'll clear your eyesight two more times and then I'll start training you how to see through things," Qin Feng said seriously.

    Chang Xin was happy and her attitude towards Qin Feng softened.

    Qin Feng's Decree of Five Element Acupuncture had broadened Chang Xin's horizon and she now fully believed in Qin Feng. She nodded vigorously and said, "Thank you!

    "Oh yeah Qin Feng, won't you feel bored staying in my house and remaining idle everyday? Do you want me to find you a job?"

    "What kind of job?" Qin Feng casually asked as he peered at Chang Xin's neckline.

    "You are well-versed in Chinese medicine; you can be a part-time doctor in the affiliated hospital or be a lecturer at the Provincial Capital's medical college," suggested Chang Xin.

    She was a doctor and worked part-time as a lecturer in the Provincial Capital's medical college. Qin Feng's art of healing was miles above her skill so she was certain that he would fit in just fine either as a lecturer or doctor.

    "Does your hospital have many nurses?" Qin Feng suddenly asked.

    Puzzled by his question, Chang Xin shook her head and answered, "Not that many."

    "Are they all beautiful? Or are they more beautiful than you?"

    Chang Xin finally grasped his real question. She rolled her eyes and said, "None of them are more beautiful than I am as I'm the belle of the hospital!"

    A bit of disappointment glistened in his eyes. Qin Feng said dejectedly, "Then I'm not going to the hospital..." He soon became excited again and asked, "How about the Provincial Capital University's medical college? Are there many female students in the university? Are they prettier than you?"

    Chang Xin pushed down the urge to kick Qin Feng. She pulled her face and said, "Yes, there are many beautiful female students in the Provincial Capital University's medical college! There are three university belles and I've met all three of them before. Yes, they are far prettier than me!"

    "Ahem! Ahem! Well then, I'll go teach at the medical college."

    "Tsk! Pervert!" Chang Xin scoffed.

    "Please don't get me wrong, Chang Xin. I'm offering myself for the good of our country. I'm going to wholly pledge and contribute my time and lifetime knowledge to nurture the next generation. I should be praised for having such a brave and utterly fearless spirit!"

    "The best contribution you can give is if you stay in the house and do not tarnish the purity of our younger generations!" Chang Xin was not swayed by Qin Feng's nonsense and heavily criticized him.

    As the duo was chattering, Chang Xin's cell phone rang. It was Dean Liu Feng.

    Liu Feng was held in high esteem by all the students, including the alumni in the Provincial Capital University's medical college. Chang Xin was delighted to accept his phone call.

    Chang Xin went upstairs to answer the call. She came downstairs again ten minutes later.

    She returned to Qin Feng's side and rolled her eyes at Qin Feng. "Brat, I've settled everything for you. You're now the lecturer in the Provincial Capital University's medical college who will be responsible for teaching Chinese medicine!"


    Taking his stroll in the Provincial Capital University's compound, Qin Feng felt that his life as a student was a thing of the past.

    This kind of tranquil, auspicious and peaceful university life was heaven to Qin Feng. He could no longer go back to the lifestyle he previously had.

    With his age, he should have been leading his life as a university student, flirting or rolling around in bed with girls. However, in reality, he had gotten caught up in the whirlpool of massive carnage, one blood-filled battle after another.

    This was his first day teaching at the university. He even borrowed some money from Chang Xin to buy himself a new suit. He was now striding over to the medical college.

    Qin Feng arrived at the lecture hall after five minutes. There were very few students present and all of them clustered in groups of three to five. Some of the students were playing with their cell phones while others cuddled with their counterparts, indulging themselves in some intimate activities.

    Seeing the idling university students, the corner of Qin Feng's mouth slowly curled into a grin.

    It's good to be young!


    Qin Feng was deeply moved by the ambiance of the classroom when a clumsy female student rammed into his arms.

    Her soft and delicate body was one of the most perfect forms Qin Feng had encountered. A sudden urge to reach out and run his hands over the student's towering breasts overwhelmed Qin Feng.

    He gave in to his desire and pinched the twin peaks.

    "W-What are you doing?" The female student yelled angrily.

    Raising her pure and delicate face, the female student peered straight into Qin Feng's eyes. Her eyes were filled with astonishment once she saw who he was.

    Likewise, Qin Feng was dumbstruck. He knew this beautiful female student!

    "Is it you, bastard?!"

    "Yan Yan?!"

    Qin Feng and Hua Yan called one another simultaneously. The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quirked vigorously when he heard the word "bastard".

    The beautiful female student in a white shirt and dark vest with tight-fitting black leather pants was the hostess Qin Feng met at Fun City in Jincheng City!

    At the time, Qin Feng flirted with her and gave her tons of tips. After that, Little Pig figured out that it was Hua Yan who planted the Gu love poison in Qin Feng. He never dreamed that he would reunite with her in the Provincial Capital University!

    "Yan Yan, this brother still remembers your name and I gave you tons of tips. How can you call me 'bastard' during our destined reunion? You hurt this brother so much!"

    Covering his chest with his hands, Qin Feng adopted an inconsolable look, sickening Hua Yan.

    "F*ck off! You disgust me, freak!" Hua Yan pushed Qin Feng away. She had a very bad impression of him.

    Hua Yan still remembered that Qin Feng had touched and groped her breasts and behind during their first meeting at Feng Yun Fun City. She was certain that this young man must be a pervert with an unsavory reputation.

    Yan Yan, you see, even God feels sorry for us for missing each other last time and has given us another chance to confess our love to one another today. How can you leave just like that?" Qin Feng spoke with a glimmer of smile in his eyes. However, his body constantly released an icy cold aura, sending chills up Hua Yan's spine.

    He was not going to flirt with Hua Yan. This woman had a heart as malicious as a snake and scorpion. If Little Pig's notification to Qin Feng that he had been poisoned by the Gu love poison hadn't come in the nick of time, then he might've been long dead.

    Why would Qin Feng possibly let this kind of woman slip away so easily?

    Qin Feng pulled Hua Yan's wrist and led her to a corner outside the door.

    "Release me now. What...what are you going to do? Don't you dare to do anything to me. We're at the university compound now. I swear I won't be easy on you if you lay even a single one of your filthy paws on my body!"

    "Touch you? Oh silly little girl, you're wrong, so, so wrong. This young master has no interest in your body after all; I had a good taste of it last time... Now, should we start to talk about the fact that you planted a Gu love poison in my body?"

    Qin Feng's face completely darkened, sending a chill through the air, caressing Hua Yan's body and chilled her to the bone.

    She had almost forgotten about the Gu love poison. Hua Yin was quite surprised to see that Qin Feng actually survived the curse of the Gu love poison as no other man had survived, especially not those with gross sexual appetites like Qin Feng. This pervert hasn't touched a woman in the past 4 months?

    How is that even possible?!
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