Chapter 408 - Get Into The Habit of Stealing Spiritual Plants!

    Chapter 408 - Get Into The Habit of Stealing Spiritual Plants!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    After they returned to the villa, Chang Xin went into the kitchen to cook dinner while Qin Feng and Hua Yan sat on the couch and watched TV.

    "How many times do I have to tell you to move over a bit, Qin Feng?! Are you dumb?" Hua Yan yelled and stomped hard on his feet.

    She was watching TV on the couch, but Qin Feng kept pestering her. He, from time to time, nudged his butt over her and caressed her thigh at the same time, infuriating her so much that she wished to kill him.

    "Yan Yan, don't be so standoffish since we have known each other for so long!" Qin Feng said nonchalantly, offering a sly grin to Hua Yan.

    Angered, Hua Yan pinched Qin Feng's waist hard, "Why the f*ck would I be polite to you! What does this have to do with being polite?!"

    Hua Yan suddenly donned a serious expression. Eyeing Qin Feng from his head to the tips of his toes as if she was measuring a villain, she said,"As I remember, you aren't from the provincial capital, right? What on Earth made you come here? What possessed you to keep bothering Big Sister Xin Xin? What is your intention?"

    "What's my intention? I'm afraid it isn't me who harbors an intention; it's your dear Big Sister Yan Yan. You didn't know, but Yan Yan used to invite me to her room for long talks at night before you returned. Her body was veiled only in a thin nightgown. I could even see her body through it in the light."

    "Qin Feng," Hua Yan's eyes were ablaze, "Do you think I won't tell Big Sister Yan Yan everything you have said?"

    "Ahem! Ahem! Ehh, don't, don't... I'm afraid Xin Xin will get shy!" Qin Feng replied humorlessly.

    Hua Yan rolled her eyes. She was utterly defeated by Qin Feng cheekiness. After she calmed down, she once again looked seriously at Qin Feng, "You behaved generously and lavishly when you were at the Feng Yun Fun City in Jincheng City. You even tipped me half a million. Why are you now acting like a poor boy? Speak now! What is your intention?"

    The reason Hua Yan kept Qin Feng in her house was that she had grown interested in him.

    She was not an ordinary person, so she could sense the aura around Qin Feng's body. She knew he was a martial artist. A youngster who had not only been born with a silver spoon but was also equipped with powerful martial arts had set his eyes on her Big Sister Chang Xin. It was natural for Hua Yan to get things straight before she could allow him to keep interacting with her Big Sister Chang Xin.

    "At that time, you were a hostess at Feng Yun Fun City. How about you name a price?" Qin Feng's gaze swept across Hua Yan's boobs as he smiled wickedly, "I'll attend to you in bed tonight."

    Hua Yan suddenly erupted with a cold aura,"Qin Feng! Do you have a death wish?!"

    Likewise, Qin Feng expression sank as a storm was brewing in his soul. He yawned, "You pretended to be a hostess, and I impersonated a rich young master. All the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. They have their entrances and exits and one man in his time plays many parts.  [TN: Italicised part quoted from William Shakespeare's work: As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII]

    "As such, a piece of advice from me to you: don't ever try to figure out who I am or harbor any interest in me. Trust me, lady, mind your own business, or else, I won't mind settling our old scores right here and now!"

    Hua Yan was stunned. Qin Feng's aura had turned so intense and powerful that it dwarfed her own. Only then did she realize that she had never understood Qin Feng.

    He gave you the false feeling of being close to you and that you might be able to fix the relationship between him and you. However, in the next second, he might shed all pretenses of cordiality and become your most fatal enemy.

    "Hmph! Who would seek you? I won't even talk to you as long as you don't harm Big Sister Xin Xin." Hua Yan was angry. She felt Qin Feng was still the same as when she first met him: clueless at how to treasure a fairer sex.

    "Don't you worry. I won't hurt you two," Qin Feng withdrew his aura.

    "I heard you two quarreling while I was cooking. I don't understand how come you two always end up fighting every time you meet with each other... Come; dinner is ready. Let's eat."

    Chang Xin carried dinner to the dining room. Hua Yan rolled her eyes at Qin Feng and went to help Chang Xin to prepare for dinner.

    Qin Feng watched TV while the two women prepared the dinner. Suddenly, Hua Yan rolled her dewy eyes as a mischievous idea flashed across her mind. She snuck a peek at Qin Feng and realized that the TV had Qin Feng's all attention. Hastily, she pulled a bag of medicine powder from her pocket and poured it into Qin Feng's glass.

    "What are you doing, Yan Yan?" asked Chang Xin as she carried a bowl of soup over.

    Hua Yan immediately pulled her hands away, "Hehe! Nothing... Big Sister Xin Xin, quickly, take your seat."

    Hua Yan made a face at Chang Xin. Then, she stood with arms akimbo, frowned, and yelled at Qin Feng who was still sitting on the couch, "The person who watched TV without offering any help in preparing dinner, do you not wish to eat?"

    "Aiya! I'm so sorry. I thought I should give you two a hand. God knows you two are so hardworking. You've finished preparing the dinner without me realizing it. I'm so ashamed of myself."

    Qin Feng plastered a grin on his face, walked into the dining room and took his assigned seat.

    Hua Yan and Chang Xin stared at Qin Feng. Neither of them saw any sign of shame present on Qin Feng's face.

    "Xin Xin, I'll go to your room tonight. Have some more fish; it'll help to enhance your vision," Qin Feng threw a fish head into Chang Xin's bowl.

    Chang Xin understood the meaning of Qin Feng's words and was excited.

    Does that mean that Qin Feng is going to teach me how to see through things tonight?

    "Okay! I'll wait for you in my room after we eat. You can drop by whenever." Chang Xin extended a charming smile to Qin Feng while fantasizing about how great she would be when she mastered the ability to see through things and was able to save more people.

    Chang Xin kept Hua Yan in the dark about Qin Feng could see through things as this ability was too peculiar and she was certain Hua Yan would not believe her. Unable to comprehend the current situation, Hua Yan stared at Qin Feng and Chang Xin in awe. She even forgot to chew the meat in her mouth.

    "Yan Yan, stop zoning out and eat your dinner. You can't always diet. You must eat more meat!" Chang Xin knocked on Hua Yan's head with her chopsticks, successfully pulling her back from her thoughts and into reality.

    "Big Sister Xin Xin, my ears did not fail me, right? You... asked Qin Feng to come to your room tonight? What are you guys going to do?" Hua Yan looked at Chang Xin as disbelief coursed through every last nerve in her body.

    She suddenly remembered the thing Qin Feng told her, Could it be true? Before I returned, did Big Sister Chang Xin really invite him to her room every single night to have all night chats?

    A man and a woman-- what kind of conversation could they have?

    "Stop asking and finish your dinner."

    Chang Xin knew Hua Yan had misunderstood, but she was reluctant to explain it to her so she ended the discussion by force.

    Chang Xin's action had thrown her off. Why did Big Sister Chang Xin fall for a man like him? Hua Yan would not want that kind of man even if he was given to her by free.

    The atmosphere of the dinner was down. Hua Yan was in a bad mood, so she kept digging rice from her bowl without eating any side dishes. After realizing Qin Feng had almost finished his meal, Hua Yan then slowly picked up her own glass.

    "Ahem... I've returned to the villa, and you two have not toasted to celebrate my return. Why don't we replace alcohol with the soft drinks and cheer?"

    Stunned, both Chang Xin and Qin Feng looked at Hua Yan in awe. Their gazes were so intense that it embarrassed Hua Yan.

    "Come! Let's toast for Yan Yan's return!" Chang Xin took the initiative and raised her glass to relieve Hua Yan of her awkwardness.

    Qin Feng was thirsty, so he lifted his glass. When his lips almost touched the glass, he screamed.

    "Holy sh*t! Where did that large mouse come from? It is as large as a cat! This is madness!"

    "Ah! Where? Where? Where is the mouse?!"

    "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I'm scared. I'm so scared!"

    Chang Xin and Hua Yan immediately jumped onto their chairs when Qin Feng said he saw a large mouse. The two of them surveyed the surroundings nervously with their pretty eyes as bright pink flushed their delicate faces like two little kids.

    "Aiyo! I'm so sorry! I was mistaken. I mistook Yan Yan's breasts for a large mouse. It was a false alarm."

    Qin Feng offered a sly grin to the two women and showed no sign of regret for fooling them.

    Hua Yan exploded as she stared menacingly at Qin Feng, "You beast! Where were your eyes looking?!"

    "Pervert! Stop leering at Yan Yan; otherwise, I'll kick you out of the house!" Chang Xin stared angrily at Qin Feng as well.

    It was a false alarm, the two women had to drank the juice from their glasses to calm themselves. Seeing Hua Yan finish her glass of drink, a faint sly grin crossed Qin Feng's mouth.

    "Qin Feng, why don't you drink your juice? Didn't we agree to bottoms up?" Hua Yan peered nervously at Qin Feng.

    "Sure, I'll finish my drink!" Without a second thought, Qin Feng picked up his glass and bottom-up his drink.

    "Are you satisfied now?"

    "Hmph!" Hua Yan sneered. Then, she cheerfully bounded up the stairs.

    What she gave to Qin Feng was a potent laxative. When she thought Qin Feng would get the runs and spend his night in the toilet, Hua Yan was as happy as lark in her heart.

    Qin Feng remained in the parlor while Hua Yan and Chang Xin went upstairs. His heart raced, and Qin Feng felt the urge to get a few more flowers from Hua Yan's garden.

    His body had completely absorbed the two spiritual flowers he stole the night before, and he felt the inner qi in his dantian getting denser and expanding. This was the sign of breaking through.

    Qin Feng believed that if he could get his hands on some more spiritual essence, he would be able to break through to Stage 4 inner qi. At that time, he would not need to hide anymore and could exact his revenge.

    He looked over at the staircase again. After confirming that the two women were not coming down at any time soon, Qin Feng tiptoed quietly until he arrived in the garden outside the villa.

    The moon was hazy, and the garden was gloomy, so Qin Feng could not clearly see the flowers and plants. Judging by the amount of spiritual essence, Qin Feng uprooted two flowers with the densest spiritual essence.

    Then he ran back to his own room like a gale of wind.

    The two flowers were of same species. They had the same appearance, and they looked like clovers. However, each of the leaves was as large as half of an adult's palm. The leaves became translucent under the light, and Qin Feng noticed the spiritual essence flowing through their stems. It was the essence of heaven and earth.

    "I wish I could break through to Stage 4 inner qi after consuming these two spiritual flowers. Otherwise, I might be in huge trouble. I shudder to think of the consequences if Yan Yan ever finds out that it was me all along who stole her flowers."

    Qin Feng opened his mouth and devoured the two spiritual flowers. Hua Yan would have been angered to death if she saw him.

    The two spiritual plants were Hundred Flavor Grass. They contained an unimaginable amount of spiritual essence collected from heaven and earth and could massively increase the speed of cultivation of a cultivator if it was refined into the "Condense Qi Pill." The way Qin Feng consumed it would, however, greatly reduced the efficacy.


    Qin Feng gasped after the two spiritual plants went into his stomach. He felt a sudden surge of dense spiritual essence roaming his body. Immediately, he sat with his leg crossed to convert and refine the spiritual essence into his own inner qi in his dan tian.

    Time floated by like a breeze and nobody knew how long had it been. Suddenly, Chang Xin's cries for help echoed in the upstairs.

    Woken up by her scream, Qin Feng hastily went upstairs to check on them.

    "Qin Feng! Qin Feng! Hurry up!"

    "Xin Xin, what happened?" Qin Feng arrived on the third floor in a large stride.

    Chang Xin was in Hua Yan's room. The door was wide opened, so Qin Feng just walked into the room.

    Hua Yan lay on her bed clutching her stomach with her hand and rolling around on her bed in agony. Her face was pale, and her expression was vile as beads of sweat oozed from her forehead.
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