Chapter 415 - Accepting Level 4 Mission

    Chapter 415 - Accepting Level 4 Mission

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    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for clearing the chain mission 'Martial World Disturbance.' The system will reward Host Qin Feng 10,000 Hedonist Points!

    "Host Qin Feng now has a total of 17,100 Hedonist Points!"


    A series of notifications beeped in Qin Feng's mind bewildering him, especially the chain mission 'Martial Artist Alliance.'

    ' The reward of the mission was 1,000,000 Hedonist Points which was even higher than the 'Beast Clan Disturbance' that only gave 500,000 Hedonist Points as a reward.

    This was the first time Qin Feng had ever received an SSS grade mission. He felt that this mission would be tougher than climbing to heaven.

    "Little Pig, how has the main mission of the chain mission 'Martial World Disturbance' been cleared? I have not done anything yet," Qin Feng felt puzzled. He communicated with Little Pig using telepathy.

    The chain mission 'Martial World Disturbance' consisted of the main mission and three side missions. Qin Feng had cleared three side missions a long time ago but not the main mission.

    The description of the main mission was for Qin Feng to protect the spiritual equipment and skill books he obtained from the system and fend off all the martial artists who came to snatch them from him.

    During that time on Devil Beast Mountain, Qin Feng engaged all the incoming martial artists with his Flaming Dragon Horse and Spear of Rathalos. He successfully fended them off with the help of the Flaming Golden Falcon and the Glacial Snow Mastiff. By right, the main mission of 'Martial World Disturbance' should have been cleared, but somehow, the system did not notify him about the clearance of mission.

    And now, the mission was cleared.

    "For your information, Master, the grading parameter in the system for the mission 'Martial World Disturbance' is somehow incorrect even though Master had successfully driven off all the incoming martial artists in Devil Beast Mountain. The news of Master still being alive is spreading across China. As such, people from the martial world are still looking for Master's whereabouts. If you show yourself, they will come to kill you."

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quirked after listening to Little Pig's explanation, Then, according to the grading parameter of the system, unless I'm dead I'll never be able to clear the main mission of 'Martial World Disturbance'!

    Qin Feng's mouth quirked up even more when he thought about this. This system really did not fail its name as the most trolling master in the world!

    "Hence, to solve the bug, the system issued the mission 'Martial Artists Alliance.' As long as Master accepts the mission, then the mission 'Martial World Disturbance' will be considered clear by default!"

    Qin Feng felt better.

    Looking at his 17,100 Hedonist Points in the system, Qin Feng thought he should purchase new armor since his original Flying Dragon Armour had been destroyed by Uncle Yan during their fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace.

    Qin Feng withdrew from his thoughts and gazed at the scrolling mission board. One of the side missions for the chain mission 'Martial Artist Alliance' was accepting a level 5 mission.

    There were many missions on the large mission board:

    "Martial Artist Alliance's Mission Level: 1

    Mission Description: Collect 10 snow lotuses from Duan Shan Cliff.

    Mission Reward: 10 mission points."

    "Martial Artist Alliance's Mission Level: 2

    Mission Description: Collect 10 bottles of snow water from Orc Valley.

    Mission Reward: 20 mission points."

    "Martial Artist Alliance's Mission Level: 3

    Mission Description: Protect the diplomat of Z for three days.

    Mission Reward: 50 mission points and one bottle of body-refining potion."


    "Martial Artist Alliance's Mission Level: 5

    Mission Description: Hunt down a Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar on Devil Beast Mountain and collect and bring back its fang, skin, and tendon.

    Mission Reward: 200 mission points and a soul-cleansing pill."

    Qin Feng was dazzled by the sheer number of missions on the mission board. There were quite a few level 5 missions. However, Qin Feng could not take them as he was still in the stage of concealing his presence from his enemies. Thus, he could not travel too far from the provincial capital. Qin Feng felt the mission on Devil Beast Mountain suited him the best.

    Qin Feng had engaged a Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar before, and he was certain that with his current strength he could defeat it again if he went it all out. Anyway, he still had his Flaming Golden Falcon and Glacial Snow Mastiff at his disposal on Devil Beast Mountain. With the help of the two battle pets, Qin Feng felt he could kill the Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar with ease.

    "Professor Qin Feng, do you think I should accept a level 4 mission as training since I've just broken through to Stage 4 inner qi," Liu Jie asked Qin Feng. He was searching for a mission as well.

    "Which one do you want to do?" asked Qin Feng.

    "That one. The mission to hunt a unicorn rhinoceros in the Dark Forest," Liu Jie answered excitedly.

    Qin Feng skimmed through the screen and found the mission.

    "Martial Artist Alliance's Mission Level: 4

    Mission Description: Hunt down a unicorn rhinoceros in the Dark Forest and collect the horn, hide, and tendons.

    Mission Reward: 150 mission points, 100,000 yuan, and a healing pill."

    "Where is the Dark Forest?" asked Qin Feng after he finished reading the mission's description.

    "The Dark Forest is situated on the outskirts of the provincial capital. I'm interested in the mission because my dad will not allow me to go far from the provincial capital ," answered Liu Jie awkwardly while scratching his head.

    "Oh yeah, Professor Qin Feng, do you have any missions you want to do?" Liu Jie was curious about what mission Qin Feng would choose.

    After all, Qin Feng had displayed great strength during the test, and Liu Jie surmised that Qin Feng had to be at least a Stage 5 inner qi master. Right until this moment, Liu Jie still could not settle his storming mind. He was so fired up that he wanted to yell when he thought a Stage 5 inner qi expert was sitting beside him.

    "I want to do a level 5 mission. It's about hunting a Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar."

    Even though he had only just been acquainted with Liu Jie, Liu Jie's humbleness and politeness were quite appealing to him, and he felt that he did not have to keep it a secret from Liu Jie.

    "A level 5 mission?! How hard is that gonna be?" Liu Jie exclaimed, "I've heard of the Three-Eyed-Elephant Boar. Its hide is extremely tough, and it's impenetrable by normal ammunition. It's as large as an elephant, and when it's in rage, it smashes and tramples the things around it into nothingness like a tank. Not even three unicorn rhinoceroses match up to it."

    Liu Jie was scared of the strength of a Three-Eyed-Elephant-Boar.

    Suddenly, Liu Jie stopped. Something crossed his mind, and he turned to Qin Feng. "Oh yeah! I almost forget about this. Professor Qin Feng, you can't accept that level 5 mission yet!"

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quirked. His face darkened.

    It was tough for him to choose a mission that he liked among the sea of missions, and now, Liu Jie told him he could not perform the mission?

    "Why can't I?" Qin Feng asked.

    "Professor Qin Feng, every member of the Martial Artist Alliance is ranked into different levels. You're a new member so you're level 1 and you can only accept level 1 missions. You can accept a level 5 mission after you raise your level to level 5!" Liu Jie explained to Qin Feng.

    "What the hell?! So how do I raise my level?" Qin Feng never imagined that accepting a mission required so much.

    "You'll get mission points after clearing a mission. You will become a level 2 member after you've accumulated 30 mission points. Then, you'll need another 20 mission points, that's 50 mission points to reach level 3..."

    "Then how much do I need to collect to become a level 5 member?" Qin Feng asked without waiting for Liu Jie to finish his explanation.

    Liu Jie fell silent and did the math. Then, he exclaimed, "F*ck, you'll need 500 mission points!"

    Liu Jie had become a level 4 member a few days ago, and he had 210 mission points. He did not think about the requirements to become a level 5 member at all, and now after he did the math, he was stunned.

    Qin Feng looked over at the mission board again. An ordinary level 1 mission gave 10 mission points and if he wanted to become a level 5 member, that's means he'd have to complete 50 level 1 missions.

    "Is there no other way to do a mission higher than my current level?" Qin Feng asked.

    "Hmm, there's a way, but you'll have to see if there is anyone willing bring you along," Liu Jie ran Qin Feng through the mechanism thoroughly, "Some of the missions in Martial Artist Alliance are solo missions, while some are team missions. The level restriction rule is voided if you choose a team mission. However, normally, a team mission is very tough and other members will vote to decide whether they want to accept you into their team. They might reject your request if they see that your level is too low."

    Qin Feng summarized Liu Jie's long explanation into one word, Isn't that normal for a 'team' in an MMORPG game?

    Qin Feng felt the Martial Artist Alliance worked the same fashion as an MMORPG game. You only needed a high-level member as a friend and have him to bring you along whenever he went on a mission. As such, you could increase your level quickly. It was much better than doing missions on your own!

    After getting a good grasp of the Martial Artist Alliance's rules, Qin Feng suddenly looked at Liu Jie and asked, "Liu Jie, wasn't the level 4 mission you wanted to do is a team mission?"

    "Yes, it is! The mission requires two members!"

    "Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and accept it!" Qin Feng yelled excitedly.

    Liu Jie did not understand Qin Feng's intention. He hesitated and said, "But Professor Qin Feng, I've just broken through to Stage 4 inner qi, and this is the first time I have done a team mission. I'm worried I'll be done for if my teammate keeps pulling my leg!"

    Qin Feng smacked Liu Jie in the head. He glowered, "You-- this moron! Do I look like someone who will pull your leg?!"

    Qin Feng pointed his finger at himself. Liu Jie stared blankly at Qin Feng for a while before exclaimed, "Professor Qin Feng, does that mean that you'll team up with me to do the mission?"

    "Of course! Hurry up. We'll depart to the Dark Forest to hunt a unicorn rhinoceros now. I still have to go home and sleep!"

    Qin Feng said casually as if he was going to slaughter a chicken and not a unicorn rhinoceros from the Dark Forest.

    Liu Jie was stunned. He only regained his senses after a good while. He was so excited that his bubbly body trembled. He hastily pulled out his communication device and accepted the level 4 mission.


    Soon enough, Liu Jie's communication device beeped, showing that he had successfully accepted the mission. It also asked him to wait for his team partner.

    Likewise, Qin Feng took out his communication device. He familiarized himself with the communication device under Liu Jie's guidance and accepted the same level 4 mission as well.

    After Qin Feng joined, Liu Jie's communication device beeped again asking him to approve Green Wolf for his team.

    "Liu Jie, mission points is all I want. You can have the rest of the rewards," Qin Feng said to Liu Jie.

    Liu Jie was a straightforward guy. He agreed and said, "Okay! I'll just take it as an experience and follow Professor Qin Feng to see how is difficult and dangerous a level 4 mission is!"
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