Chapter 417 - Fighting the Unicorn Rhinoceros 2

    Chapter 417 - Fighting the Unicorn Rhinoceros 2

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Ow! Ow! Ow!

    The two unicorn rhinoceroses were confused. They went berserk in the Dark Forest and rammed down a few trees during their rampage.

    Qin Feng used two hundred Hedonist Points to purchase twenty Fire Bullets, and he released all of them leaving a trail of flames whenever he went.

    "Little fellows, enough playing. It's time to get serious!"As he waved his hands, the Spear of Rathalos suddenly disappeared.

    Then, a long, treasured sword glowing with an orange-colored light appeared in his hand, and he put his Winter Iron Glove on his right hand.

    Qin Feng hopped lightly on his feet, turning himself to a gale of wind. He charged at the unicorn rhinoceroses and swung his sword at it.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The orange-colored sword qi morphed into a large net and wrapped around one of the unicorn rhinoceros. The net of sword qi landed on its target; however, the unicorn rhinoceros were not sliced into pieces. It was completely unaffected and continued to run wildly across the ground stunning Qin Feng. The hide of unicorn rhinoceros was extremely sturdy, and the description of it being as hard as an iron bastion was accurate. When Qin Feng's sword landed on it, an ear-piercing metal jarring sound rang through the air.

    "You guys look better than I imagined," Qin Feng squinted. He hastily jumped back to evade the ambush of unicorn rhinoceroses and retreat to a large tree nearby.

    Sitting on top of the tree, Qin Feng withdrew his Truesteel Sword and looked at the berserk unicorn rhinoceroses.

    Qin Feng had lost his Flying Dragon Armour, so he was utterly defenseless now. The two unicorn rhinoceroses were huge and weighed almost 2,000 kg each. Qin Feng surmised that he would be trampled into a meaty pulp if he got hit by them.

    Qin Feng still had another defense skill apart from his Flying Dragon Armour: the Sovereign-grade skill 'Vajra Esotery,' but to his dismay, he had triggered the Vajra Esotery during his fight against Yin-Yang Elders at the Su Family Mansion in Sky City.

    According to Little Pig, activation of Vajra Esotery consumed a large amount of Qin Feng's inner qi, and he needed at least three months before the Vajra Esotery could be triggered again. Three months had passed, so the Vajra Esotery could be triggered again if Qin Feng was in a moment of life or death.

    During his last fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace, his inner qi had not been restored to the point that he could use the Vajra Esotery, so the Vajra Esotery could not be activated even though Qin Feng was almost killed.

    Qin Feng hopped around the trees back and forth like a primate. The two unicorn rhinoceroses kept trailing him closely until fatigue began to overtake them causing them to slow down. Qin Feng studied the surrounding forest and realized that he could not see Liu Jie. He then began to call for his helper in his heart.

    "Ximen Chui Xue! Engage in battle!"


    A white light descended from the sky. Ximen Chui Xue heard Qin Feng's call and appeared! He was clad in a snow-white robe. His expression was still filled with the same coldness. With his hands folded behind his back, he pointed his seemingly insignificant Wuxiao Sword at the sky.

    "Ximen Chui Xue of Thousand Plums Mansion, hello master," Ximen Chui Xue greeted Qin Feng honorably.

    "Brother Chui Xue, please help me to kill those two large rhinoceroses," Qin Feng treated Ximen Chui Xue cordially as he was his lifesaver.

    Accepting his order, Ximen Chui Xue suddenly vanished before Qin Feng's eyes and reappeared in between of the two unicorn rhinoceroses. Seeing that someone had fallen into their trajectory of attack, the two unicorn rhinoceroses quickly surrounded Ximen Chui Xue.

    Ow! Ow!

    The two unicorn rhinoceroses tossed their heads back with a ferocious howl. A flash of waving red shadow illuminated their sight, and their expressions were filled with a lust for vengeance as if they wanted to shred Ximen Chui Xue into a thousand pieces. After clawing the ground to build up their momentum, both of the unicorn rhinoceroses charged at Ximen Chui Xue at full speed.

    "Filthy beasts, watch my sword!"

    Ximen Chui Xue did not waver at all. What's more, he refused to move an inch and stuck his feet firmly on the ground. He then raised his right hand into the air extremely slowly.

    At least in Qin Feng's perspective, Ximen Chui Xue's movement was extremely slow as if he was performing Tai Chi.

    However, much to his surprise, a crisp sound like cutting a watermelon filled the air. The two unicorn rhinoceroses charging toward Ximen Chui Xue were cut in half, and their heads were detached from their bodies. Inertia kept their front parts dashing forward while their hind parts had already fallen to the ground and created two large craters.


    Dust swirled in the air, and blood flowed like a river.

    A sickening metallic scent slowly filled the air. Ximen Chui Xue waved his hands and folded them behind his back again. The Wuxiao Sword in his hand was bereft of any blood.

    "Master, do you need any more assistance from Chui Xue?" Ximen Chui Xue vanished and reappeared before Qin Feng. His speed was so fast that nobody could track his movement not even Qin Feng. He was frightening.

    "Little Pig, what is Ximen Chui Xue current strength?"

    "Master, Ximen Chui Xue is now at Stage 9 and halfway into the realm of comprehension."

    Qin Feng was amazed, So this is the strength of fully mastering Stage 9 inner qi! A Stage 9 inner qi master could kill two unicorn rhinoceroses effortlessly like chopping vegetables!

    Qin Feng felt he was nothing standing in front of Ximen Chui Xue. He believed that if Ximen Chui Xue was his enemy, he would be able to kill Qin Feng with one strike.

    "Wouldn't the magnetic field around Ximen Chui Xue's be disrupted by the magnetic field of the earth? How on Earth could maintain his Stage 9 inner qi power after I have summoned him for such a long time?"

    Qin Feng recalled the fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. He summoned Ximen Chui Xue, and Ximen Chui Xue's strength dropped from Stage 9 until Stage 6 within a few minutes.

    "Master, there are many ancient trees and spiritual plants in Dark Forest, so its spiritual essence is much denser than in the city. As such, the magnetic field in the Dark Forest is kind of different from outside the world. Frankly speaking, the magnetic field in the Dark Forest is similar to that of the world where Ximen Chui Xue resides. Ximen Chui Xue's strength is still dropping, it's just that the effect is not that significant."

    Qin Feng finally understood after Little Pig explained it to him.

    Da! Da! Da!

    Suddenly, the sound of a horse's hooves echoed from a distance not far from him. Qin Feng knew that Liu Jie was approaching them. Immediately, he returned Ximen Chui Xue back into the system.

    It was easy for Qin Feng to explain his spiritual equipment and Flaming Dragon Horse to Liu Jie. However, Qin Feng felt that he could not explain the presence of Ximen Chui Xue easily.


    The Flaming Dragon Horse stopped in front of Qin Feng. Liu Jie hastily alighted from the horse and went to check on Qin Feng.

    "Big Brother, are you okay? Those two unicorn rhinoceroses were extremely hard to lose. Luckily, the Ferghana horse is fast enough, so I was able to get rid of them."

    Liu Jie studied Qin Feng's condition with his hands and heaved a long sigh of relief after confirming Qin Feng was not injured. Then, he turned around and saw four huge objects. He was stunned.

    "F*ck! What the hell are those? They freak me out... Big brother, where is are two unicorn rhinoceroses? You avoided them as well?"

    Qin Feng was nauseated by Liu Jie's action.

    The hell he groped my body!

    He kicked Liu Jie's bubbly bottom.

    "Are you blind? Those are the unicorn rhinoceroses!"

    Qin Feng's word startled Liu Jie again. His heart almost jumped out of his throat. After he noticed Qin Feng was serious, and that he wasn't telling any lies, he slowly walked to the two unicorn rhinoceroses that had been cut in half.

    "Holy Sh*t! They really are those two unicorn rhinoceroses! Big Brother, you're too powerful! What kind of weapon did you use to slice them in half? These unicorn rhinoceroses are well-known for their extremely sturdy hide that not even normal ammunition can penetrate!"

    Liu Jie was flabbergasted. He had been worried about Qin Feng. Since Qin Feng had given him the Flaming Dragon Horse, Liu Jie figured that he probably could not fend off or outrun two unicorn rhinoceroses by himself for long, so he frantically got rid of the two unicorn rhinoceroses and rushed back to Qin Feng's side.

    He never expected that his big brother would have killed both unicorn rhinoceroses in such a short time. It was such a remarkable feat that not even a Stage 5 inner qi master could have accomplished it.

    "Stop blabbering. Hurry up and collect the tusk, hide, and tendon from the unicorn rhinoceroses. We still have to go back to finish our mission!" Qin Feng ordered. Taking his order, Liu Jie went to do his bidding.

    Confronting unicorn rhinoceros was hard for Liu Jie, but dissecting a rhinoceros was child's play for Liu Jie. He completely dissected the two unicorn rhinoceroses within half an hour.

    After finishing his job, without paying mind to the sickening stench of blood, Liu Jie carried the two unicorn rhinoceroses' hides and walked toward to Qin Feng. He gave a pure smile to Qin Feng and asked, "Big Brother, our mission only required us to hunt down one unicorn rhinoceros and collect the tusk, hide, and tendon. What are we going to do with the extras?"

    "You can leave it here if you are too tired to carry it," Qin Feng felt he had no use for the items.

    Little Pig's disdainful voice resounded in his mind as soon as he finished speaking, "Master, the materials are very useful, you know?"

    "What is their uses?" Qin Feng asked.

    "After Master has activated the forging interface in the system, Master can forge his own kind of equipment. Be it spiritual equipment or instrument, as well as sacred equipment, Master can forge all kind of equipment for his, but these are the materials that are required."

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quirked. He kicked Liu Jie's butt for throwing away the unicorn rhinoceros' hide.

    "Pick it up. Who said you could dump it? You're such an ignorant and ill-informed fool for not knowing how precious the hide is!"

    Liu Jie almost cried, Wasn't it you who told me I could dump it?!

    Qin Feng changed his emotion faster than flipping a book. Due to his simple-mindedness, Liu Jie bent down and picked up the hide that he'd thrown away.

    Liu Jie was bathed in sweat carrying two rhinoceros hides. Qin Feng could not stand it anymore and asked Little Pig,"Little Pig, can we store the items inside the system?"

    "Master, the tusks, hides, and tendons of the unicorn rhinoceroses contain a negligible amount of spiritual essence, so they can be stored in the system."

    "Wow! Big Brother, am I getting stronger? I felt my body become lighter, and I don't feel tired anymore carrying two layers of rhinoceroses' hide!" Liu Jie suddenly exclaimed.

    Qin Feng rolled his eyes tired of explaining everything to this nosy kid.

    It took almost two hours to get out of the Dark Forest because Liu Jie was so slow. Qin Feng surmised that Liu Jie must've gotten thinner by 2 to 3 kg after the long journey from the forest to his car.

    "Huh? Where did the other rhinoceros hide go? Do you see it, Big Brother?" Liu Jie finally realized that he lost a rhinoceros hide as they arrived at the Buick sedan.

    Qin Feng had the urge to kick him in the butt again. Instead, he smacked his head, rolled his eyes, and said, "I dumped it!"

    "You dump it?! Big Brother, didn't you say that you wanted to keep both? Why did you dump it? When did you dump it?" Liu Jie threw a barrage of questions to Qin Feng with a pout.

    "When did I say I needed two rhinoceroses' hide? You must've misunderstood me. When did I dump it? I dumped it when we're walking out from the Dark Forest!"

    Liu Jie cried no tears when he heard Qin Feng had thrown away one of the rhinoceroses' hide. What a sadistic guy. You should've dumped it before we walked out of the forest. I'm tired as hell from carrying two hides!

    The rhinoceros hide was huge, so it wouldn't fit in the trunk. As a result, they had to drive the car back to the provincial capital with the trunk opened.

    When they arrived at the Martial Artist Alliance headquarters, Qin Feng and Liu Jie carried the unicorn rhinoceros hide to the entrance.

    They encountered the same four security guards as before who marveled at how efficient Green Wolf was to return with a unicorn rhinoceros hide given that he had only just joined the alliance that night!
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