Chapter 418 - Sacred Azure Battle Armor

    Chapter 418 - Sacred Azure Battle Armor

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng left the unicorn rhinoceros hide at the entrance and went home first in Liu Jie's Buick while leaving the remaining works for Liu Jie.

    The faraway sky was turning bright by the time he left Martial Artist Alliance.

    Slowly, the provincial capital that sunk into slumber for the night recovered. The avenue flooded with vehicles and pedestrians as everyone in the city began to rush towards their individual destinations.

    Qin Feng did not return to Chang Xin's villa. Instead, he went to Provincial Capital University.

    After enduring through a death-or-life battle with the unicorn rhinoceros, Qin Feng felt it was essential for him to purchase battle armor, or else, he would feel insecure during a fight.

    When he arrived at the Provincial Capital University, Qin Feng initiated the Hedonist Sovereign System as soon as he entered his office.

    He had 16,900 Hedonist Points now, so he could purchase a battle armor better than the Flying Dragon Armour.

    The Flying Dragon Armour was a prize from a lottery. Then, Qin Feng claimed the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and the Spirit Snake Whip after he killed Number 5 and Number 8 from the Bronze Group of Golden Assassin Group.

    Following this, Qin Feng fused the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and the Flying Dragon Armour to form the Orange-Grade Flying Dragon Armour. That had immensely increased the Flying Dragon Armour's defense. However, despite the enhancement, the Flying Dragon Armour could not withstand Uncle Yan who was a Stage 8 inner qi master. Uncle Yan had utterly destroyed the Flying Dragon Armour with just a few hits.

    The fight had opened Qin Feng's eyes to the reality, and he realized that his strength was like a stone that was thrown into a vast ocean: it could do nothing but raise an insignificant ripple.

    This time Qin Feng vowed that he would purchase a Blue-Grade battle armor to vastly increase his own defense so that he would never be in a dire situation which might cause his death when he next met a strong person.

    After making up his mind, Qin Feng chose the Blue-Grade battle armor option in the system. After the system finished filtering out the Blue Grade battle armor for him, Qin Feng was dumbfounded looking at the price for a piece of Blue-Grade battle armor.

    There was only a grade difference between Blue-Grade and Orange-Grade armor, but the price was worlds apart!

    Last time he checked, the normal price of White-Grade spiritual equipment was around 500 Hedonist Points and capped at 3,000 Hedonist Points while Orange-Grade spiritual equipment ranging from 3,000 Hedonist Points to 30,000 Hedonist Points. It was totally out of his expectation that a single piece of Blue-Grade spiritual equipment would cost him from 30,000 Hedonist Points to 300,000 Hedonist Points!

    Meanwhile, the base price for Purple-Grade spiritual equipment was 30,000 Hedonist Points and topped at 1,000,000 Hedonist Points. Gold-Grade spiritual equipment, however, was different from other grades of spiritual equipment. Getting a Gold-Grade piece of equipment was completely by sheer luck. It could not be purchased from the system. Instead, it had to be earned through clearing an SSS grade mission or by fusing different spiritual equipments together.

    Qin Feng was naive. He thought that with 16,900 Hedonist Points at his disposal, he could choose battle armor to his liking, but the reality was cruel. He could not even afford the most basic Blue-Grade battle armor!

    "Master, as a Rank Five Hedonist Mortal, you're entitled to borrow Hedonist Points from the system. The limit is 20,000 Hedonist Points," Little Pig's voice suddenly resounded in Qin Feng's brain.

    The usually lazy and arrogant Little Pig now spoke lively and energetically while giving Qin Feng a coquettish look.

    "The system even provides a loan service? Wow, how user-friendly!" Qin Feng exclaimed. He began to see hope.

    If he could borrow 20,000 Hedonist Points, then he would have 36,900 Hedonist Points, and he could purchase the most basic of Blue-Grade battle armor.

    "Of course, you can. The system is specially built to help its user to tackle every possible problem. Master, hurry up. Borrow some Hedonist Points and purchase new battle armor!" Little Pig said restlessly.

    "Little Pig, why do I smell a rat in your actions today?" Qin Feng asked as he raised his brows.

    Throwing a tantrum, Little Pig rolled forth and back on the ground and peered at Qin Feng with his purest eyes, "How can Master doubt my loyalty? I just want Master to buy better battle armor to protect Master's life.

    "Otherwise, if Master dies in an unfortunate collision, I will be left without anyone to rely on in the world. How am I, a little pig, to survive in this cruel world filled with sadistic people?"

    Little Pig's utterance gave Qin Feng goosebumps.

    "Little Pig, help me to borrow 20,00 Hedonist Points from the system!" Qin Feng decided to borrow it at last.

    I'd be dumb not to borrow free money!

    "Ding...Thank you Host Qin Feng for taking up a loan with the Hedonist Sovereign System. The total distribution is 20,000 Hedonist Points. The current interest rate is one thousandth.

    "Time period: one month!

    "If Host Qin Feng fails to repay the principal and interest in the given time, the system will randomly choose either one piece of spiritual equipment that is currently in Host Qin Feng's possession in lieu of debt repayment. Half of the original price of each piece of spiritual equipment will be considered debt repayment until Host Qin Feng clears the debt."


    Qin Feng had just borrowed 20,000 Hedonist Points, and after he listened to the series of notifications, Qin Feng's expression darkened.

    "What the f*ck is this, Little Pig?! Why didn't you tell me earlier that there was interest on the loan?" Qin Feng roared at Little Pig.

    He finally saw the light of why the pig desperately fawned over him, So he's digging a hole for me to jump in!

    Shedding off his disguise, Little Pig returned to his usually lazy demeanor. He lay emotionlessly in the system as if it all had nothing to do with him.

    "Master, is there anything in the real world that does not have interest? Does the bank not have to fix a repayment schedule and charge interest when you borrow from them?"

    Little Pig spoke slothfully. There was a flick of disdain in his voice, and Qin Feng could not argue with him.

    Qin Feng was not delighted but stressed as he was burdened by his debt when he looked at the 36,900 Hedonist Points.

    "Little Pig, can you elaborate more on the interest rate as well as what it meant by repaying my loan with the spiritual equipment that I own at half of their original price if I do not repay the loan in time," Qin Feng was left no other choice. He had borrowed the points, so he had to be clear on the terms and conditions.

    "Master, the interest rate is accrued daily. 20,000 Hedonist Points multiplied by one thousandth gives you a daily interest cost of twenty Hedonist Points. Then, twenty Hedonist Points multiplied by thirty days is 600 Hedonist Points. With the principal of 20,000 Hedonist Points, Master has to pay the system 20,600 Hedonist Points by next month.

    "In the case where Master failed in performing your duty as a loaner, the system will randomly choose one of the pieces of spiritual equipment that Master currently owns and cut its original selling price in half as the penalty for unsuccessful loan repayment." Little Pig said, plastering a gleeful sly smile on his face.

    Qin Deng's expression darkened. Loaning money from a bank would starve a person for life!

    Qin Feng worked very hard to calm down his raging mind. He cast away all other thoughts and focused on the Blue-Grade battle armor since he could not overturn the fact that he'd loaned from the system.

    There was a wide variety of Blue-Grade battle armor. All of them had different designs and abilities.

    Some Blue-Grade battle armor cost 300,000 Hedonist Points. All of them were fancy, flashy, and bathed in majestic essence like legendary equipment in games.

    Qin Feng could only covet the High Blue-Grade battle armor. He withdrew his gaze and scrolled to the Low Blue-Grade battle armor.

    Sacred Azure Battle Armor...

    Spiritual Equipment Category: Low Blue Grade Battle Armor.

    The armor weighs 250kg and can act as a medium for training and refining host's body. The Sacred Azure Battle Armor was forged using a hundred years old iceberg. It is as tough as adamantine and extremely resilient. It can also cleanse the owner's soul. The Sacred Azure Battle Armor is a unique battle armor that can change to match the surrounding and act as camouflage.

    Sacred Azure Battle Armor Secret Skill: Hyper Intuition. The owner of the armor will be graced with intuition ten times better than the ordinary person. The hyper intuition last for thirty minutes.

    Selling price: 30,000 Hedonist Points

    After weighing the abilities of the armor, Qin Feng finally settled on the Sacred Azure Battle Armor because it outweighed the rest battle armors of the same price range.

    "Ding... Congratulations Host Qin Feng for using 30,000 Hedonist Points to purchase the Sacred Azure Battle Armor," the system notification beeped.

    It glowed with an azure radiance and an icy cold armor appeared in Qin Feng's hands.

    An enticing, dark blue radiance ran through the battle armor. It felt cold to touch as if it was forged using a glacier and resembled a flying suit worn by imperial guards of the Ming Dynasty. The battle armor was ordinary in design yet elegant.

    However, on the back of the battle armor were six ice barbs spreading across both sides of the battle armor.

    "Haha! This young master loves this battle armor very much. Equip it for me now!"

    Qin Feng commanded the Sacred Azure Battle Armor attach to his body.

    Hey, it fits me well.

    Qin Feng felt as if he was encased in ice once he donned the battle armor. A gale of cold wind surged into his body and was very refreshing.

    Qin Feng tried his Intermediate-Grade Thunder Tiger Fist in the new 250kg battle armor.

    Damn it, it feels so nice!

    "Master, the true strength of this Sacred Azure Battle Armor lies in its ability to match its surroundings and grant invisibility," Little Pig said.

    Qin Feng stopped and asked, "What did you say?"

    "To put it bluntly, the Sacred Azure Battle Armor can take on a different form according to Master's wish. As such, it can become one with the surroundings and grant Master invisibility."

    Qin Feng finally understood: it was a kind of visual illusion.

    The Sacred Azure Battle Armor worked the same way as China's Special Forces' combat armor. The Special Forces wore combat armor and wore makeup to fully merge themselves with the surroundings. The art of invisibility was also used in the art of ninjutsu in Japan. By altering the color and aura of bodies, ninjas could merge themselves with the surroundings such that they were completely concealed.

    After finding out the true ability of Sacred Azure Battle Armor, Qin Feng hastily mind mapped the outline of the table in front of him. In the next second, the battle armor changed itself to become the same as the table so that it imitated even the lining, concaves and convexes of the table.

    The camouflage was so perfect that nobody would notice his presence if they did not take a close look at it.

    Qin Feng then hopped to the windowsill.

    Once again, he imagined himself to be the same as the window, and in the next second, the Sacred Azure Battle Armor morphed into the same translucent substances that formed the window, successfully blending him into the window.

    "Haha! With this Sacred Azure Battle Armor, I can go into whatever rooms I want, be it Chang Xin's room or Hua Yan's room. Neither of them can stop me from entering their room now!" Qin Feng yelled.

    Ding! Ding!

    Suddenly, Qin Feng's cell phone rang. The ringtone was unfamiliar to him, so he had to think very hard before he realized that was the notification was from the communication device given to him by the Martial Artist Alliance.

    Qin Feng then quickly removed his Sacred Azure Battle Armor, sat down on the chair, and opened the communication device. The notification showed to him that the 'Dark Forest Level 4 Mission' had been cleared.

    Qin Feng knew that meant that Liu Jie had passed the mission. Then, he logged on with his member ID.

    Welcome to the Martial Artist Alliance Information Center!

    Member Alias: Green Wolf.

    Mission Points: 150.

    Accumulated Mission Points: 150

    Member Level: 3

    Qin Feng's lips curved. He was exhilarated that he had catapulted from level 1 to level 3 and successfully accumulated 150 mission points.

    Soon, I'll be able to accept a Level 5 mission!

    He could clear the first side mission of the chain mission 'Martial Artist Alliance' after he cleared a level 5 mission from the Martial Artist Alliance After that, he could get 10,000 Hedonist Points and activate a random secret interface in the system. Qin Feng was looking forward to it.
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