Chapter 419 - What the Hell Is This?!

    Chapter 419 - What the Hell Is This?!

    Translator: BinBin

    Emergency Editor: VampireCat

    By the time Qin Feng finished discovering the Sacred Azure Battle Armor and the information center of Martial Artist Alliance, night had completely ebbed and day arrived.

    It was almost time for his class, so Qin Feng moved to the Medical College Lecture Hall.

    When he arrived at the lecture hall, he once again marveled at the sight before him.

    Today was only his third day teaching in the Provincial Capital University, but the sheer number of students attending his class still amazed him. The number of students had doubled and now the whole lecture hall was packed like sardines to the point that many students shared seats.

    "I'm going to get mad if I find out that some students attend my class just to touch and get fresh with my female students!"

    Qin Feng picked a spot where the sunlight fell, standing straight as pine while cracking a joke to lighten the atmosphere.

    Undoubtedly, Qin Feng's knowledge in Chinese Medicine was unparalleled and his ability to invigorate the atmosphere of a class dwarfed that of all the other lecturers in the Provincial Capital University.

    Quite a number of students had recorded a video of Qin Feng's class and uploaded it to the university's forum. The videos went viral overnight and Qin Feng became the topic of every resident in the Provincial Capital University.

    Of course, Qin Feng did not know about these nor he did care about them.

    Qin Feng then began his lesson after he lightened the atmosphere.

    "During the previous class, your most handsome, humorous, and modest Professor Qin Feng taught you all about the 36 major acupoints and the flow of the 108 meridians in the human body. Also, I asked everybody to keep reviewing them while stamping them firmly in your mind. Did everybody do what I asked?"

    "Yes, we did!"

    There were total of 350 students in the lecture hall with 100 students standing in the aisles and 150 students seated. All of them boomed out in one sonorous voice like dull thunder, extending their reassurance of accomplishing Qin Feng's assignment.

    "Very well!" Satisfied with his students' performance, Qin Feng nodded his head and continued, "Then today I'll show you what the true essence of Chinese medicine is. I'll open your eyes to the majestic world of the art acupuncture and lead you all to the truth of..."





    While Qin Feng was blowing his own trumpet and the students were getting high from his speech, four students suddenly appeared at the door and interrupted them. They were Fang Ming and his three minions.

    Standing in the doorway, all four of them cried out at the top of their lungs in unison as if they were antagonizing Qin Feng.

    The four interrupted the good vibe Qin Feng had going, so he was quite displeased. He turned and glared coldly at the four.

    "Why are you four late for my class?" he asked.

    Unaffected, Fang Ming confronted Qin Feng's question with a sly grin. He then answered slovenly, "No other reason. We just love to be late for class."

    Fang Ming and his three minions bore a grudge against Qin Feng after he had brutally beaten them last time.

    Following this, Fang Ming had the fatty fake his illness to intentionally obstruct Qin Feng. However, to their dismay, their effort had gone down the drain as Qin Feng seen through their trick and returned the favor by pulling out his treasure sword. Thus, in order to vent their anguish, Fang Ming had summoned the hoodlums to get rid of Qin Feng. Little did he expect that Gao Tian Yao would go for Qin Feng at the same time as the hoodlums he summoned, and what was more, they even engaged Gao Tian Yao's group in a fight for no reason. In the end, Qin Feng had slipped away.

    Fang Ming had been holding this aversion in his mind, always trying to figure out a way to exact his retribution for the insult. Finally, he had an idea and he was here today to get payback.

    "Tsk-tsk, Mister Fang Ming, you really are a willful person. What a coincidence that I, too am a self-willed person... Hence, starting today, the four of you do not need to attend my class anymore. You four can get lost now!"

    In the face of Qin Feng's threat, Fang Ming and his three minions held steadfast, offering him wickedly sly grins instead.

    Then, Fang Ming said, "Professor Qin Feng, if my memory serves me well, last time you did not banish Miss Qiao Shi Shi when she was late for class. In fact, you even gave her a second chance."

    "What a good memory you have there, Mister Fang Ming. Yes, you're absolutely right. However, that special rule applies only to female students; I will give every female student a second chance if they are late to my class. Meanwhile, for male students, I will banish you all from my class if you're late to my class even once!"

    Qin Feng changed his expression faster than flipping a book. And he revised his rule even faster than he changed his expression.

    The faces of Fang Ming and his three minions darkened. They would never catch up to Qin Feng's shamelessness.

    "Professor Qin Feng, are you sure you want to banish us out from your class?" Fang Ming held a smile on his face and asked.

    "I, Qin Feng, is a man of my word. I'll never take back what I've spoken!" Qin Feng answered with majestic grandeur.

    He spoke as boldly as Bao Qing Tian, mighty and fierce, causing the students to look at him in adoration. [TN: Bāo () Qīng () Tiān () or commonly known as Bao Gong () was a government officer during the reign of the Emperor Renzong () of China's Song Dinasty. He was extreme honesty and uprightness, with actions such as sentencing his own uncle, impeaching an uncle of Emperor Renzong's favourite concubine and punishing powerful families and is honored as the cultural symbol of justice in China.]

    Suddenly, something crossed Liu Jie's mind who sat at the third last row and he shouted, "Sh*t, Big Bro... Eh, no, Professor Qin Feng, Fang Ming's second uncle is one of the higher-ups in the university. He surely will report you to his second uncle if you cast him out from the class!"

    "Holy sh*t; why don't you tell me earlier?!" Qin Feng's face changed drastically. He beamed at Fang Ming's group, which was leaving, and said, "Ahem, ahem. Mister Fang Ming, Professor Qin Feng always treated my students and square and will never be partial with anybody.

    "The rule applied to all male students as well. You four will be given a second chance and no more next time! Come in and take a seat!"

    Fang Ming stopped and turned to Qin Feng and cast a wicked smirk at him.

    "Professor Qin Feng has such a fluctuating disposition. Your face changes faster than flipping a book. Hah, so are we clear to go in the class now?"

    "Of course you are allow to enter my class. It's not suitable for you four to listen to my class from outside of the lecture hall."

    All the students in the lecture hall almost fainted on seeing how fast Qin Feng changed his attitude.

    They all had the same doubt in their minds. Last time when Goddess Qiao Shi Shi was late to the class, Professor Qin Feng was so strict and punished her. He even had her stand outside the lecture hall for the whole lecture session. Then, how come Professor Qin Feng became so lenient when Fang Ming and his group of minions were late to class today?

    Just because Fang Ming's second uncle is one of the higher-ups in the university? But how could that be? Professor Qin Feng is such a bold person that he even dared to slap Gao Tian Yao twice in his face. How could he possibly be afraid of a mere university leader?

    The sight of Qin Feng lowering himself greatly satisfied the egos of Fang Ming and his three minions. They all held their heads high and swaggered into the lecture hall. Their plan this time was to disturb the lecture session to enrage Qin Feng.

    As long as Qin Feng was enraged or beat them up, Fang Ming would report to his second uncle and have him expel Qin Feng from the university.

    Fang Ming and his three minions looked like cats that had eaten the canary. They snatched four seats from other students and sat down. On the other hand, Qin Feng closed his eyes to their action and began his lecture.

    "Back to our topic today, just now we talked about how expansive and boundless the Chinese art of acupuncture handed down to us from our ancestors is. So now, I'm going to show you all how to treat an illness with acupuncture. I need a volunteer, anyone?"

    The students were all juiced up after Qin Feng finished his talk.

    All the students shot their arms into the air, wanting Qin Feng to choose them as his assistant. Seeing how enthusiastic his students were, Qin Feng was not delighted, shooting menacing glares at the male students, instead. His face turned chill as he coughed meaningfully. Taking his cue, half of the male students lowered down their arms with dark expressions.

    This was because Qin Feng had said during his previous class that only female students had the privilege to be his assistant.

    Di! Di! Di!

    As the female students stampede toward the podium to be Qin Feng's assistant, a wild and sharp gaming voice echoed through the lecture hall.

    Fang Ming and his three minions sat in the very center of the lecture hall, each holding a cell phone in their hands. They set their phones' volume to maximum while playing games, creating so much noise that Qin Feng could not continue his lesson.

    The quartet's action threw everybody off, all students shooting grievous glares at them. However, the quartet ignored them and continued to shout and play the game to their hearts' content.

    "Young Master Fang, you've to lead us since you're already level 56!"

    "Fatty, you moron! Hurry up and heal me. You're a priest, not a warrior. You should stay at the back of the team, healing and supporting your members, instead of charging straight up to the monsters!"

    "The boss is coming! Brace yourself! Use all your skills and subdue it!"

    Four of them played the game while screaming nonstop as if they were not in the lecture hall but a cyber cafe. Each and every of the student was very angry at their ruthless action and interruption of the class. But Qin Feng said nothing, so they could not do much to them.

    "Eh? Professor Qin Feng, why are you stopping the class? We love listening to you blowing your own trumpet the most. Your ability to blow your own horn is so great that you could even topple a train. We four come especially to your class just to gain some experience from you... You mustn't stop halfway!" Fang Ming took a devil-may-care attitude and babbled while smirking at Qin Feng.

    The remaining three minions joined in the crusade as well and tried to get Qin Feng to blow his top.

    Fang Ming had prepared a recorder to catch Qin Feng on video when he scolded or beat them up. Then, he could hand the evidence to his second uncle and have his second uncle sack Qin Feng... As long as he could get rid of Qin Feng, the Medical College would then return to his control and he could rule over the Medical College again!

    "Mister Fang Ming, it's not nice to play games during lecture hour." Qin Feng was not angry at all. He offered a grin to Fang Ming.

    "Why not? Who said we can't play games during lecture hour? I saw quite a few of students playing games as well. Besides that, what's wrong with me playing with my cell phone? Are you not happy with me? If you're not happy with me, be a man and beat me up, then!" Fang Ming prattled, trying his very best to provoke Qin Feng.

    The students were already on the verge of losing their temper, wishing to give Fang Ming's goading face a few slaps. They all then looked at Qin Feng and hoped that he would do something about Fang Ming's group. However, to their shock, Qin Feng was not affected by Fang Ming's provocation; he retained his usual calm demeanor and his smile broadened.

    "Mister Fang Ming, it's bad to keep asking people to beat you up. You might end up being a mutt at last... And, my advice is not because I don't want you to have a good time with your cell phone, but because of something else. I'm just afraid that your phone might overheat from prolonged gaming, so it could explode."

    "Haha! Do you think this is a knock-off? This is a luxury gold cell phone. It won't explode even if I exhausted its battery..."


    The luxury gold cell phone in his hand suddenly exploded, interrupting his words and blackening his face.

    Fang Ming's three minions jumped in shock. They quickly retreated far from Fang Ming, afraid of getting caught up in the explosion as well.

    "See, I've already told you that it will explode. Why don't you believe me?" Qin Feng spoke with kind and compassionate persuasion.

    Fang Ming's brows were burned to a crisp and his bangs frizzed from the flame. He looked horrible and miserable, causing the students to laugh their heads off.

    "What are you guys laughing at?!" Fang Ming was angry. He pointed at Fatty and glowered. "Fatty, who asked you to turn off the game? Maximize the sound and continue..."

    The explosion had sent a chill down Fatty's spine; he was scared. However, he could not defy Young Master Fang's order and with no other option left, he picked up his phone and continue playing the game at maximum volume.

    "Mister Fatty, I advise you not to play the phone as well; otherwise, your phone might share the same fate as Mister Fang Ming's cell phone!" Qin Feng said, beaming at Fatty.

    Fatty felt he was in the sights of a vicious serpent. As he was about to give in to Qin Feng's threat and put down his phone, the freezingly cold glare from Fang Ming caught his attention and derailed his intention. He could do nothing but pick up his phone again to continue the game.


    Suddenly, a muffled explosion echoed throughout the lecture hall. Fatty's cell phone had exploded as well, scaring him so much that he ran around the lecture hall, shouting wildly, as if he had seen a ghost.


    Two cell phones exploded one after another, causing every students to drew deep breaths.

    The chances of a cell phone explosion were small enough. But now two cell phones exploded in succession, and what freaked them out the most was that both cell phones exploded right after Qin Feng's warning.

    "Monkey, Big-head, don't stop your hands and keep playing. I don't believe it!" Fang Ming was totally infuriated that his eyes were bloodshot.

    I don't believe he's so powerful that even cell phones obey his orders!
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