Chapter 420 - Eye-Blinding Acupuncture

    Chapter 420 - Eye-Blinding Acupuncture

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Monkey's and Big-Head's expressions were wretched as if their dad had passed away. Both of them shilly-shallied for a good while before resuming their game at maximum volume.

    However, neither of them were concentrated on the game. Instead, they stared at their own cell phones cautiously so that they would not get caught in the explosion if their cell phones suddenly exploded.

    "Ai! Seems like people from the city have really deep pockets. I've told you that your cell phones might overheat and explode from prolonged gaming in the class, but none of you took my advice to heart..."

    Qin Feng spoke to Monkey and Big-Head like a Dutch uncle. Before he could finish his weighty advice, he flexed his hand. Then, two streaks of bright white lights shot out in two directions, penetrating both cell phones' batteries.

    Bang! Bang!

    Two dull explosions echoed. Monkey's and Big-Head's cell phones suddenly exploded scaring the duo so much that they shrieked like ghosts and howled like wolves.

    They covered their head and scurried like frightened rats running back to their holes, amusing the rest of the students who could not hold themselves and guffawed exorbitantly.

    "See, this is the result of not listening to me. I told you it would explode, but none of you listened. Are you two too dumb to listen to other people's advice??" Qin Feng offered a grave tone and with sincerity. Monkey and Big-Head almost cried.

    "Fine, fine. We'll stumble upon a few dumbass in our life. Let them be, and let's continue our lesson," Qin Feng gestured with his hands, and the students fell silent.

    As if they were clowns making fun of themselves, the students felt Fang Ming and his three minions were no longer worth their time and turned attentively to Qin Feng.

    "I've mentioned earlier that I require an assistant to assist me in showing you the China majestic art of acupuncture. I see that every student treasures this precious chance very much, and every one of you participated actively... Ah, what if we do it this way? Since Mr. Fang Ming's cell phone has exploded just now, and I'm certain that he must be very lost now. How about we give Mr. Fang Ming a chance to free himself from his sense of loss?"

    Fang Ming's expression turned dark like the bottom of a pot after he caught what Qin Feng said. He did not want to be Qin Feng's assistant. God knew what kind of trick was Qin Feng playing right now.

    "Mr. Fang Ming, hurry up and come to the podium now!" Qin Feng offered a Cheshire grin to Fang Ming.

    Faking his composure, Fang Ming pretended he did not hear what Qin Feng had said and paid him no mind.

    Qin Feng then walked down from the podium with a sly grin on his face. As he was walked, he flicked his hand. Then, a cold beam shot out from his palm. A silver needle sliced through the air and rammed into Fang Ming's kneecap.

    In the next second, Fang Ming's countenance changed drastically. He realized that he could not move at all. Both of his legs went numb, and he even could not stand up!

    "Since you're not willing to come up to the podium, you left Professor Qin Feng no other option left but to come down to your side and give you a treatment using silver needles... Ah, ah, it's--it's okay. You don't have to stand up, just remain seated will do. Professor Qin Feng will do the standing"

    Qin Feng self-directed a scene, and he enjoyed his own show very much.

    His acting was so fabulous that he tricked all the students into believing that Fang Ming had submitted to him because Fang Ming remained in his position without putting up any resistance.

    Fang Ming panicked. He was certain that Qin Feng meant nothing good as he came near, and he had to be cooking up some evil plan to toy with him.

    No, I can't let him have his way!

    Fang Ming then opened his mouth to ask for help. However, Qin Feng saw through his intention, and he flicked his hands again sending another silver needle into his body and completely putting an end to his struggle.

    "Mr. Fang Ming, please stay put so that I can observe your countenance clearly to point out your hidden illness. After that, I will treat your illness with acupuncture. If I really cure your illness, then it proves that acupuncture really works," Qin Feng talked happily and began his one-man show again.

    The remaining students all observed the exchange studiously. They all held the same bemused expression seeing how cooperative Fang Ming was being with Qin Feng.

    At the same time, large beads of sweat oozed from Fang Ming's forehead as Qin Feng observed his face.

    Qin Feng had robbed him of his speech and his mobility. He could only shift his gaze between the three minions to no avail as none of his minions understood what he was trying to convey.

    "Ai, Mr. Fang Ming.You're still so young; how come your kidneys are so weak?"

    After he observed Fang Ming's face for a while, Qin Feng suddenly spoke in a grave tone, "Mr. Fang Ming, you must be suffering from polyuria, urgent urination, and unable to hold it. I bet you always wake up in the night because of nature's calling and you face problems with wetting your bed and your pants until now. All of these symptoms suggest only one thing....

    "Your kidney must be weak-- extremely weak. Your kidneys will soon lose all functionality!"

    Qin Feng diagnosed Fang Ming with a stern expression, and he spoke seriously causing every student to believe him.

    When they heard Fang Ming still wet his bed and pants at his age, no one could contain themselves and burst into a great gale of laughter.

    Rolling his eyes, Qin Feng chided the students who laughed their heads off gravely, "How dare you guys to have the nerve to laugh at him behind his back. Mr. Fang Ming is already a poor person. Can't you all have some sympathy for him?!

    "You all should be laughing at him in the open. I'm very disappointed with you all!"

    Qin Feng's words were like a multi-ton nuclear missile. It dropped and exploded on the students derailing their thoughts. All of them were stunned for a good while before they screamed with laughter.

    Infuriated, Fang Ming mouth twitched vigorously, The heck is this!

    After having much fun with his students, Qin Feng then continued, "Please don't feel embarrassed or abase yourself, Mr. Fang Ming. This illness has followed you since you were born, and your penis has lost its function since then, but rest assured Mr. Fang Ming, you're not alone. Most men face the same problem as well.

    " Give me a signal if I have properly diagnosed you. Then, I will start treating your illness with acupuncture."

    Every student focused their gaze on Fang Ming looking for his signal.

    On the other hand, Fang Ming's expression had grown dark. His eyes reddened tinged with blood from anger. However, he could neither move his body nor talk and could only allow Qin Feng to direct his own movie.

    Seeing that Fang Ming refused to comply with his acting, Qin Feng once again moved his palm and shot a silver needle into the back of Fang Ming's neck.

    Following this, Fang Ming who was resisting suddenly bowed his head greatly shocking the students.

    "Wow, Professor Qin Feng, you're so amazing. You just observe Fang Ming's face and you already know he's impotent!"

    "Tsk, it's beautiful words to say he's impotent. In my village, it's called 'want-but-can't!"

    "Oh, my gosh, you men are so disgusting. Can't you be more civilized?"

    "He's a fast-shooter!"

    "Oh, that sounds much better!"

    Listening to the arguing, Fang Ming had the urge to kill himself.

    Fang Ming was a tyrant in Medical College before Qin Feng arrived. He used to throw his weight around, lording and terrorizing his fellow college mates with his gang. He never thought he would one day become so miserable.

    "Did you guys know about Young Master Fang's impotence?" Fatty asked Monkey and Big-Head.

    Even Fang Ming's minions believed the fact that Fang Ming was impotent.

    "I have no idea. I noticed that Young Master Fang loved to stare at me every time we went to the toilet, and I thought he was gay, but everything makes sense now. He's not gay. He was just admiring the magnificent 'size' of my manhood!" Monkey said proudly.

    Qin Feng wore a faint smile on his face while listening to the discussion. Suddenly, he flexed his hand and a long, thick silver needle appeared in his hand. Fang Ming was so shocked that he almost popped his eyes.

    "Mmmmm!" Fang Ming began to struggle; however, his body refused to obey his command.

    He wanted to scream for help, but all he could say was nothing more than a muffled sound just like a dumb person who could not speak.

    "Please don't be afraid, Mr. Fang Ming. You need to have faith in my art of acupuncture... How about we twist the rule for a bit? In order to showcase the faultlessness of my acupuncture skill, I'll do the treatment with my eyes covered!"

    The students burst into thunderous applause as Qin Feng finished his sentence.

    The students loved his performance. They had never witnessed this kind of stunt before and yelled eagerly to urge Qin Feng to perform the supreme feat: acupuncturing with his eyes blinded.

    "Please calm down, everyone!" Qin Feng gestured his hand to silence his students. Then, he added, "Mr. Liu Jie, can you do me a favor and find me a black cloth?

    "And, please stay completely quiet during the whole treatment. I've to look for Mr. Fang Ming's organ and acupoints with my hearing after I covered my eyes. I might stick the wrong acupoints if I'm interrupted.

    "A small miss is as good as a mile. One false step will make a great difference. The art of acupuncture requires one to devote his mind to it; otherwise, you might end up killing your patient!"

    Qin Feng was serious, and the students believed him. All of them held their breaths and fell silent.

    At this moment, Liu Jie found Qin Feng a black cloth. Qin Feng wrapped it around his eyes, so he couldn't see anything.

    Then, he activated a Talisman of Clairvoyance from the system, and his eyesight became clear again.

    "Remember not to move around, Mr. Fang Ming. I'm getting started now."

    Extending his hands, Qin Feng stumbled his way to Fang Ming. Fang Ming's heart skipped a beat and almost stopped when he saw how clumsy Qin Feng had become after he covered his eyes.

    The students bore the same shock as Fang Ming as well. All of them thought Professor Qin Feng had mastered the tour de force and could perform the feat with ease. However, it seemed to them that this was the first time Professor Qin Feng attempted this feat.

    "Aiya! I can not see anything after I covered my eyes," Qin Feng grumbled.

    He moved the thick as a toothpick silver needle around Fang Ming's face. He would sometime stop near Fang Ming's eyes or around Fang Ming's nose.

    Cowering in terror, Fang Ming wished he could be dead now. His body was totally drenched in sweat as the feeling of calling for help and not being heard by anyone tormented him to death.

    "Okay! I've already found the first acupoint. It's his inner thigh. It can promote blood circulation and boost the production of testosterone once I stick a silver needle into it. It could be a great help in curing Mr. Fang Ming's impotence!"

    The silver needle in Qin Feng's hand was pointing straight at Fang Ming's eyeball. Suddenly, he gnashed his teeth and growled, "Mr. Fang Ming, I'm going to stick the silver needle into the acupoint. Remember to stay completely still. Don't worry. Believe in my art of acupuncture. You won't even feel a single twinge of pain!"


    Everybody took a deep breath as Qin Feng's action sent a chill down their spines.

    They all saw that Qin Feng mistook Fang Ming's eyeball as one of the acupoints in his inner thigh. What's more, he even planned to stick the needle into Fang Ming's eyeball!


    A warm liquid suddenly flowed from Fang Ming's trousers followed by the pungent smell of urine.

    Fang Ming threw himself half-fainting into the chair, and he felt he had just returned from the deepest part of the hell.

    "Aiya! What's this smell?" The silver needle still remained in Qin Feng's hand.

    He removed the black cloth that covered his eyes and pointed at Fang Ming, "Aiya, Mr. Fang Ming, seems like your old friend come to visit you again... Well, well, we should postpone your treatment until next time. How about after class? Please come to my office so that I can continue the treatment. For now, please go home and change your trousers. It'll be bad if you catch a cold."

    Qin Feng talked to Fang Ming earnestly and patiently like a caring elder, causing Fang Ming to almost cry out loud.
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