Chapter 421- Qiao Shi Shis Complicated Feeling

    Chapter 421- Qiao Shi Shi's Complicated Feeling

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Fang Ming was frightened and wet his pants.

    Actually, his body was in the best condition it could be and had no signs of kidney deficiency. He wet his pants was simply because Qin Feng had scared the wits out of him!

    However, every student believed that Fang Ming was actually subject to 'want but can't,' so all of their gazes were filled with admiration as they looked at Qin Feng.

    They all thought the exact same thing: Professor Qin Feng is too awesome!

    "Fatty, please help Mr. Fang Ming home to change his attire... Ah, before I forget, please remember not to laugh at Mr. Fang Ming on the way back. He was born in the state of 'want but can't' no one can fix it."

    Fatty and his two fellow compatriots helped Fang Ming out of the lecture hall and away from the brazen peals of laughter. Fang Ming, on the other hand, looked pale as if he had drowned. There was a dull, absent light in his eyes as if his soul had been ripped from his body.

    "Professor Qin Feng, you haven't shown us your acupuncture skill yet. We still want you to teach us acupuncture!"

    "Handsome Professor Qin Feng, I volunteer myself as your white mouse. Please use my body!"

    "Professor Feng Feng, I have a low cut dress today. Can you help me make my breasts larger?!"

    The lecture hall exploded again once Fang Ming and his three minions left.

    More than two hundred students pressed forward to ask Qin Feng stick silver needles into their bodies causing Qin Feng's mouth to quirked vigorously. He felt his students were kind of twisted.

    "Okay, okay. Please calm down everyone.

    "The lesson is ending soon, so I'll just pick one female student to come to the front to assist me in showcasing the marvelous and expansive art of acupuncture. I hope every one of you will watch the procedure closely because it is very vital to the practice. I need you all to observe how I insert the needle, manipulate the needle, and remove the needle."

    Again, the female students pressed against each other and put their arms into the air eagerly hoping that Qin Feng would pick them. On the other hand, Qin Feng scanned the flock of female students and stopped at Qiao Shi Shi. He felt that only Hua Yan could match Qiao Shi Shi in term of beauty. He could not pick Hua Yan, so he picked Qiao Shi Shi as she was his only option.

    "During the previous lesson, Ms. Qiao Shi Shi sacrificed her body and allowed me to show you all the location of acupoints and flow of meridians in a human body for the sake of the goodness of the medical field. Her utterly fearless and dauntless spirit is commendable, and we should make her our learning model. Hence, this time, I'll invite Ms. Qiao Shi Shi to come upon the podium again, and I'll treat her with my acupuncture as her reward!"

    Qin Feng picked Qiao Shi Shi. The rest of the female students sighed deeply while the male students cheered happily.

    Unlike her peers, Qiao Shi Shi's expression remained as calm as water. Donning a refreshing white sports suit and canvas shoes, Qiao Shi Shi sauntered up to the podium.

    She remained quiet even after she arrived on the podium and stood quietly in a spot where the sunlight fell.

    Her hair was in a ponytail today, and her bangs were all combed back to reveal her finely modeled and exquisite oval-shaped face. She reminded them of a classical beauty from ancient times.

    Qin Feng remained silent while standing and quietly admiring Qiao Shi Shi.

    Damn, she's so pretty!

    After he gazed at her for a good while, Qin Feng said, "Ms. Qiao Shi Shi is very healthy. The only problem she has now is that she has been burning the candle at both ends. She gets up early and goes to bed late which causes her not to have enough rest. I will give you a treatment to enhance your blood flow and relieve your fatigue. You'll feel refreshed after the treatment is done."

    Qiao Shi Shi nodded her head in agreement. Qin Feng closed the distance between them with a large stride. Then, he flexed his palms and ten silver needles entered her body simultaneously.


    Qin Feng injected his inner qi into the ten silver needles causing them to vibrate with a slight buzz stunning his students, so their eyes almost popped of their sockets.

    Liu Jie's face was filled with amazement and screamed internally, Holy cow! So Big Brother is not only a martial artist, but he's also a shaman as well! Then, I don't have to worry about my injuries when I go on the next big mission with him!

    "Ah!" Qiao Shi Shi suddenly released a saccharine sound.

    She felt surges of inner qi flowing through her body like an electric current coursing through every nerve ending. It was a numbing and weird sensation.

    Suddenly, a trace of shock flitted across Qiao Shi Shi's eyes. She realized Qin Feng was a shaman, and he was using the Needle Manipulation Technique.

    The ten silver needles continued to vibrate. Meanwhile, Qin Feng observed Qiao Shi Shi from the side. He realized that this girl always wore a poker face no matter the situation. Suddenly, a naughty plan crossed his mind, and his mouth curled into a wicked sly grin.

    Qiao Shi Shi's indifferent attitude greatly aroused his curiosity. He began to wonder, Does this girl not have any other emotions?

    An unbothered beautiful young lady who remained calm even though she had been teased by a bunch of hoodlums at the restaurant. Qin Feng was incredibly curious about what kind of reactions she would show if he aroused her lust.

    It will be pretty interesting!

    "Ms. Qiao Shi Shi, this treatment will improve your blood circulation, blood qi, and spirits. Now, I'll give you another treatment. This time it will cleanse the toxins accumulated in your body due to staying up late and make your body even healthier!"

    Following this, Qin Feng waved his hands, and the ten silver needles on Qiao Shi Shi's body vanished.

    Then, he stuck another eight silver needles into a few acupoints on Qiao Shi Shi's thigh, abdomen, and head respectively.

    These acupoints were responsible for secreting sex hormones. Qin Feng inserted the silver needles into them and accelerated their secretion. The effect would take place in no more than five minutes.

    "Mm?" Qiao Shi Shi frowned her brows. She looked at Qin Feng with a puzzled expression.

    "Professor Qin Feng, which acupoints did you insert the silver needles?" she asked.

    "Didn't I tell you before? This treatment will cleanse the toxins in your body. Relax. There's nothing to worry about," Qin Feng comforted Qiao Shi Shi grinning from ear to ear.

    Qiao Shi Shi had only very basic knowledge of Chinese medicine, so she was clueless about the acupoints Qin Feng was manipulating and had no idea what kind of effect would result. Since Qin Feng said, Qiao Shi Shi could only suppress her curiosity and continued to stand.

    As time went by, Qiao Shi Shi's expression expressed more discomfort. Tiny beads of sweat began to form on her forehead, and Qiao Shi Shi felt that there were countless hands on her body caressing and stroking every inch of her skin and her sensitive parts.

    This was the first time Qiao Shi Shi had experienced this kind of feeling, so she was defenseless against this strong feeling and she wet herself.

    "Mm!" Qiao Shi Shi moaned again, but no one heard her low moaning beside Qin Feng.

    Her moaning was as melodious and appealing as the bubbling sound of a water fountain. It instantly excited Qin Feng and a charge of heat was sent directly to his groin causing him to have a reaction.

    "Professor Qin Feng, It--It's so weird!" Qiao Shi Shi could not hold it anymore. She turned to Qin Feng and plead for his help.

    Qin Feng had a grin on his face as he walked up to her. Then, he deliberately blew a stream of hot air into her ear. "Ms. Shi Shi, what is so weird about it? Please tell me, so that I can help you with it."

    Searing hot air blew past Qiao Shi Shi's ear causing her knees to go limp. She threw herself half-fainting into Qin Feng's arms.

    Her usual calm and cold expression was now one of coyness, and her naturally clear eyes were filled with an unfathomably complex expression. With an intense gaze, she peered straight into Qin Feng's eyes and melted him.

    "Hug me, Qin Feng."

    Qiao Shi Shi moaned kittenishly. She took the initiative and wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's waist.

    Then, she stood on the tips of her toes, sending her cherry lips straight at Qin Feng's lips.

    Both of them hugged each other and kissed.

    Both Qin Feng and Qiao Shi Shi had forgotten the time and that there were students around them so immersed in their own world and passionately responding to each other.


    The sight stunned the students. All of them thought they were seeing an illusion, so many of them keep rubbing their eyes, again and again...

    However, the sight before them remained the same, and it was becoming even more intense.

    "En! Qin Feng... You did something to me, right? Hurry up and take the needles out of me... Mm! I'm getting angry now!"

    Qiao Shi Shi struggled very hard in between of fulfilling her body's instinct and her rationale. For a while, she responded madly to Qin Feng, and then, she pushed Qin Feng away to free herself from Qin Feng's clutches.

    Qiao Shi Shi smelled nice, and her lips were sweet. Qin Feng was reluctant to let her go, but seeing how much she struggled, he lightly pushed her away and waved his hands so all eight silver needles returned to the system.


    Qiao Shi Shi returned back to her usual self soon after Qin Feng withdrew the silver needles from her body, but she was petrified. Then, she suddenly charged at Qin Feng and punched him in his pecs.

    Her punch did nothing to Qin Feng.

    "What are you doing? You did it intentionally! You *sshole!" After punching Qin Feng, Qiao Shi Shi ran out of the lecture hall.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The bell rang in the nick of time and rescued Qin Feng from his awkwardness. He hastily retreated from the lecture hall as well.

    Nobody regained their senses even after Qiao Shi Shi and Qin Feng left. They all, the female and male students, were overwhelmed with indignation because Qin Feng and Goddess Qiao Shi Shi had hugged and kissed each other openly under the gaze of everybody.

    How can they be so shameless and not have any self-respect? How dare they do this kind of illegitimate action so publicly? Why didn't they ask me to join in as well?

    The news of Professor Qin Feng kissing Goddess Qiao Shi Shi during lecture hour spread across the university before the end of the afternoon. The two stars of the news, Qiao Shi Shi and Qin Feng, did not know anything about it as both of them were busy with their own stuff. Qiao Shi Shi went to her part-time after she escaped from the lecture hall, and Qin Feng cultivated in his office through the afternoon.

    Qin Feng went home in Chang Xin's car after the university closed.

    Chang Xin drove while Qin Feng and Hua Yan sat in the back seat. From time to time, Hua Yan would look at Qin Feng from his top to his toe with strange eyes. Chang Xin was weird as well. She had a cold expression and refused to talk to Qin Feng on the journey.

    Qin Feng went straight to his own room when they arrived at Chang Xin's villa. He locked his room from the inside and start looking for a mission from the communication device given by the Martial Artist Alliance.

    Qin Feng had cleared the Dark Forest, a level 4 mission with Liu Jie the night before. Qin Feng took all the 150 mission points and had been catapulted to level 3 in Martial Artist Alliance, so he was now looking at the level 3 missions.

    The level 3 missions in Martial Artists Alliance only rewarded around 50 missions points for each mission that were all mired in minor details and required much more time to clear.

    There were no level 3 missions that Qin Feng wanted to take. He was caught in a sticky situation and was upset because he could not get a mission higher than his current level. Then, God opened a way for him, and a notification showed up on his communication device.

    Martial Artist Alliance's Mission Level: 4

    Mission type: Team

    Mission Description: Hunt down and exterminate the Stage 4 heretic Taoist Rakshasa.

    Mission Reward: 350 mission points, 300,000 yuan, and a 3 Hundred Flavour Plant.

    Reminder: A member had accepted the mission. One more team member is required. Are you joining the team?
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