Chapter 422 - Flower Thief Captured

    Chapter 422 - Flower Thief Captured

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    Looking at the notification, Qin Feng's eyes gleamed brightly.

    A level 4 mission normally gave the operative one hundred mission points. The Dark Forest mission had given Qin Feng 150 mission points which were considered a lot, and now the level 4 mission on the screen was worth a whopping 350 mission points. Qin Feng knew that he had to try.

    He now had 150 mission points. If he cleared the mission, he would be rewarded with another 350 mission points resulting in a total of 500 mission points. It would also make him a level five member meaning that he could accept a level 5 mission to clear the first side mission of the main mission 'Martial Artist Alliance' in the Hedonist Sovereign system.

    Without giving it a second thought, Qin Feng typed a quick message on the communication device to request to join the raid.

    Ding dong!

    After fifteen seconds, Qin Feng's communication device rang. A member with the alias 'Billowy Lady' had sent him a message.

    "You're only a level 3 member, and by right, you should be not qualified to take on the mission. However, I will bend the rule and let you join the raid on one condition. I want all of the awarded Hundred Flavor Plants!"

    After taking a quick glance at the message, Qin Feng replied to her.

    "I have no idea what the Hundred Flavor Plants are and I've no use for them, so you can have all three of them. However, I have a condition as well: I want all the mission points!"

    After he had waited for ten or so seconds, Billowy Lady finally replied to Qin Feng.


    Ding dong!

    After a short while, Qin Feng received a mission update notification from the Martial Artist Alliance and hastily opened it.

    "Martial Artist Green Wolf, your application for level 4 mission no. 1201 has been confirmed. For your information, this is a team mission, and your team member is Billowy Lady. You are advised to add her as a friend to check her information."

    After that, he received another three notifications from the Martial Artist Alliance about the details of the level 4 mission.

    After Qin Feng skimmed through the mission, he closed the notification and added Billowy Lady as his friend.

    Then, he started reading Billowy Lady's information.

    Alias: Billowy Lady

    Sex: Female

    Accumulated mission points: 1130

    Member level: 5

    Description: It's stressful to have large breasts.

    There was only one thing that caught Qin Feng's attention after he had studied Billowy Lady's description. He stared at the sentence and sighed inwardly, How huge are her breasts? Could it be that this Martial Artist Alliance App is actually a dating app in the disguise of a mission assignment app?!

    Ding dong!

    As his mind was roamed illicit thoughts, his friend invitation was accepted by Billowy Lady.

    "Billowy Lady, how large are your breasts? Send me a photo! You have to send me a photo to prove your words!" Qin Feng messaged Billowy Lady once they became friends.

    Billowy Lady replied to Qin Feng with an emoticon holding a knife.

    "Do you have a death wish, brat? Flirt with me again, and I'll kick you off my team!"

    Qin Feng then looked at the Billowy Lady's profile picture. It was a Catwoman's mask icon. He thought for a bit and downloaded a wolf icon and made it his profile picture.

    "Billowy Lady, a wolf is the perfect match for a wildcat. Can I have the honor to treat you to dinner tonight?" Qin Feng sent an amatory emoticon over to her.

    "Go to hell! Why would I team up with a freak like you?! I'm starting to regret it now!"

    Billowy Lady replied Qin Feng with an angry emoticon. Qin Feng was amused by her reaction.

    "You won't regret it after you've witnessed my magnificence!"

    Qin Feng had nothing to do, so he chatted for a while with Billowy Lady. Billowy Lady was so infuriated that she almost blocked Qin Feng.

    Worn out by the shamelessness and lasciviousness of Qin Feng, Billowy Lady brought up the topic to the mission.

    Green Wolf, our mission is to exterminate a Stage 4 heretic on Ghost Mountain. You know yourself the best, so don't drag me down!"

    Qin Feng squinted. He replied pridefully as if nothing could abate his crusading zeal, "I'm powerful. I won't back off even when confronting a Stage 6 inner qi master. You just have to bring some snacks and a stool along with you, sit back and relax while I handle that heretic all by myself!"

    Qin Feng was actually pretty low profile. The reason for his arrogance was that he had no idea what a heretic was. He thought a Stage 4 heretic was comparable to a Stage 4 inner qi expert.

    Even though he was only a Stage 3 inner qi expert, he could put up a good fight even if he was facing a Stage 6 inner qi master because he had access to a lot of high-grade spiritual equipment and high-level skill books. Thus, he was quite confident that he would do well on the mission since his target was only a Stage 4 inner qi expert.

    Billowy Lady was stunned. She first replied to Qin Feng with a vomiting emoticon followed by a question.

    "Can you not blow your own trumpet anymore, brat? Do you have any clue what a heretic is?"

    Qin Feng's lofty spirit and soaring determination faded. He squinted his mouth and replied, "No, I don't know."

    Billowy Lady fell silent and did not reply to his message for quite some time. Qin Feng surmised that she had passed out from her anger. He waited for a good long while before she replied to him, "The land of Great China is home to a great number of people with special talents and tons of special and clandestine professionals. Amongst the professionals, there are a group of people who named themselves cultivators which are broken up into many fine branches.

    "The martial artist is the most common and orthodox type of cultivator. They can use their innate ability and surpass selfhood by absorbing and releasing inner qi. Next are demon cultivators. This group of cultivators seeks absolute strength, and in order to achieve a quantum leap in their cultivation, they use many kinds of magical elixirs and cultivate certain types of magic. Normally, they cultivate faster than the orthodox martial artist; however, they have to suffer pain tenfold or even hundredfold than a martial artist.

    "Aside from those two, there are the morphlings and heretics. The former is the human form that spiritual beasts take after they've cultivated for decades. The latter is the most loathed group of cultivators by all the martial artists. Like the demon cultivator, a heretic seeks absolute power, and they wish to reach the peak of their strength in the shortest time. Different than the demon cultivator, heretics are willing to do anything, no matter by hook or by crook, to strengthen themselves. They even use the dead, Yin Qi, and the blood of women, babies, and elders to aid them in cultivation.

    "Because of the exceedingly strange way that heretics cultivate, every heretic is extremely dangerous, and no one knows what kind of skills they possess. This time we are facing a Stage 4 heretic whose strength is almost on par with a Stage 6 inner qi master. Do you really want me to bring some snacks and a stool, enjoy the snacks, and relax on the sidelines while you handle him alone?"

    Qin Feng mouth quirked vigorously after he read through Billowy Lady's explanation. He quickly replied with a smiley emoticon.

    "Aiya, what are you thinking? Can't you see that I was joking with you? You're so stupid!"

    Billowy Lady fell silent for a moment. Then, she replied "Tsk, I don't want to talk nonsense with you anymore. Remember to meet me at the entrance of Ghost Mountain the day after tomorrow at 8 PM. I'll be wearing a cat woman's attire!"

    Billowy Lady logged off, and her profile picture dimmed.

    Qin Feng ruminated on Billowy Lady's last reply.

    Eight at night, a man, and a woman, a secluded terrain area, cat woman's outfit... Is this app, truly not a dating app?

    Billowy Lady had logged off, and Qin Feng felt that he did not have to stay online as well. He logged off and left the room.

    At this moment, Chang Xin carried their dinner from the kitchen to the dining room. When she saw Qin Feng, she stared him coldly and walked past him.

    Qin Feng ignored her hostile action.

    She must be on her period. That's why she antagonized everybody she meets, He thought.

    After he waited for some time at the dining hall, Hua Yan jumped downstairs in her fluffy bear slippers. She sat in front of Qin Feng and made a face at him.

    Seizing the interval of Chang Xin's absence, Qin Feng kicked Hua Yan and asked, "Yan Yan, is Xin Xin on her period? Why does she seem so angry?"

    "Why did you kick me, you moron!" Hua Yan stomped on Qin Feng's feet twice before continuing, "Why don't you ask yourself what you have done instead of asking me?

    "The video of you kissing Qiao Shi Shi today in class has gone viral in the university forum. Big Sister Xin Xin saw the video. I bet she will kick you out of our house soon! Be prepared to stay outside tonight, bastard!"

    Hua Yan laughed heartlessly when she imagined Qin Feng sleeping outside.

    At the same time, seeing that Chang Xin carried a bowl of chicken soup from the kitchen, Hua Yan hastily halted her laugh and sat quietly at the dining table as if nothing happened. Qin Feng was marveled by her quick acting.

    The meal was dense. Chang Xin made a face and refused to talk. Hua Yan could do nothing but bury her face in her rice bowl and finish her meal like a hungry ghost.

    After they had finished their meal, Qin Feng volunteered to do the dishes so that Chang Xin would not cast him out from the villa.

    After he finished, Hua Yan and Chang Xin went upstairs. He remained in the parlor and glanced at Hua Yan's garden outside the villa.

    Tsk, I've finished converting all the spiritual essence into my own inner qi, and my dantian is expanding. I could break through to Stage 4 at any time... Seems like I still have to pluck a few more spiritual plants from the garden!

    Qin Feng had forgotten how many times he had vowed not to steal any more spiritual plants from Hua Yan's garden. Qin Feng vanished from the parlor and crept towards the garden. After he had arrived in the garden, he squatted beside the garden and looked for the spiritual plant with the most spiritual essence. He realized that the spiritual essence in the garden was not as dense as the times before and surmised that it was because he'd uprooted a few spiritual plants from the garden.

    Qin Feng could not make up his mind after he searched the garden for a good amount of time. Since he did not know anything about the spiritual plants, he simply uprooted two of them which shared the same appearance as the ones he'd plucked the last time.

    Immediately, Qin Feng retreated after he got the desired spiritual plants. As soon as he turned around, he was stunned.

    Donning in her sleeping gown and a pair of fluffy bear slippers, Hua Yan stared furiously at Qin Feng. A cold, murderous intent erupted from her body and sent a chill down Qin Feng's spine.

    "Ahem, ahem! Yan Yan, why are you standing outside in the midnight with all your hair hanging loose? You almost scared the wits out of me... Why haven't you gone to the bed yet? Did you come to the garden to admire the flowers as well?"

    Qin Feng hastily hid his arms behind his back and gripped the two spiritual plants tightly in his hands. His palms were bathed in cold sweat.

    Hua Yan noticed the footprint of an adult man near her garden two nights before. Qin Feng was her first suspect; however, she could not prove it. As such, she hid in the shadow of the villa for the past two nights waiting for a chance to ambush the flower thief. Qin Feng had escaped his fate the night before because he was on a mission, but, that was not the case for tonight. He was caught red-handed by Hua Yan.

    "I knew it was you! Qin Feng, you bastard! How dare you lie to me? Do you have any idea how important these spiritual plants are to me?!"
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