Chapter 423 - Dongfang Ming Wangs Debut!

    Chapter 423 - Dongfang Ming Wang's Debut!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Looking at Hua Yan's wretched expression, Qin Feng giggled.

    "Yan Yan, what are you talking? Why can't I understand anything you just said? I just came outside for a stroll because I can't sleep. I just want to admire the magnificent scenery of your garden bathed in beautiful silver moonlight."

    Hua Yan squinted her eyes into a line. She gnashed her teeth and stared violently at Qin Feng. She did not believe in Qin Feng's nonsense at all.

    "You still refuse to admit it?! Show me your hand!"

    Qin Feng obediently extended his left hand. There was nothing on his left palm.

    Hua Yan pulled her face and yelled roundly, "Other hand!"

    Squinting his mouth, Qin Feng withdrew his left hand and re-extended his right hand. It was empty as well.

    Qin Feng had wrecked Hua Yan's nerves. She glared at Qin Feng and said coldly, "Do you think I'm a three-year-old? Give me back the plants! I can still save them if I replant them now!"

    This was the reason why Hua Yan did not go all out on Qin Feng after she caught him red-handed stealing her spiritual plants. She wanted to get her plants back and replant them.

    Qin Feng had a dilemma. The spiritual plants were important to Hua Yan, but they were important to him too.

    After a fierce wrestling with himself, Qin Feng put the two spiritual plants in his hand and into his mouth in front of Hua Yan. He devoured the two spiritual plants before Hua Yan could reacted.

    He gulped and opened his mouth wide showing Hua Yan that there was nothing in his mouth. "See, I told you. There is nothing!"

    Qin Feng's shamelessness infuriated Hua Yan's top. Her well-endowed breasts bounced as her anger mounted. She hastily went to her garden to figure out which spiritual plants Qin Feng had stolen this time.

    After she glanced through her garden, a grim smile crossed Hua Yan's cold face.

    The two spiritual plants Qin Feng had stolen were Angel Plants which could accelerate blood circulation in a human body. If it was refined into a 'Reinforcing Pill,' it could reinforce and calm down the raging inner qi in Dantian and prevent someone's body from exploding when on the verge of breaking through to the next level.

    How, if eaten raw, the Angel Plant would induce another effect. The Angel Plant was a potent aphrodisiac and most high-grade pills that were sold in adult stores was primarily made of Angel Plant.

    Qin Feng had devoured two Angel Plants in one go which meant that he had consumed roughly twenty Viagra. Hua Yan's smile broadened as she imagined the scene where Qin Feng went nude and wild on the street.

    "Yan Yan, why are you looking at me with an evil face? If there is nothing else then I'm going back to the house. The winds are getting big. You should go back to your room as well."

    Qin Feng did not know the effects of the spiritual plants he'd devoured. He excused himself as he was afraid that Hua Yan might fall out with him.

    Suddenly, Hua Yan pulled Qin Feng's arms. She wore a fetching expression and peered lovely at Qin Feng.

    "Young Master Qin, what's the rush? Stay and talk with Yan Yan. Yan Yan is so lonely tonight."

    Qin Feng's whole body trembled as a weird sensation began to crawl through his body.

    Dumbfounded, he measured Hua Yan with strange eyes.

    He thought inwardly, What happen to this woman? Is she going to seduce me into her honeytrap?

    Women are really the most dangerous living beings that crawl on earth!

    "No, no, no. I'm not Young Master Qin anymore. I'm just a dedicated, hard-working lecturer that pledge my whole life to teach the next generation. Hurry up and release me. I'm not an easy person!" Qin Feng would not fall for her trick.

    "Professor Qin Feng, there's something I don't understand in the lecture notes. Please explain it to me now!"

    Hua Yan took the initiative and wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's arms and pressed her humongous breasts against Qin Feng's arms. She purred into Qin Feng's ear and blew hot air into it.

    Qin Feng suddenly had a huge reaction, and it stunned him. His crotch area bulged obscenely.

    "Ah! You are so disgusting! Go to hell!" Hua Yan glanced down, and she was stunned when she saw Qin Feng's bulge. Qin Feng was far more endowed than she ever imagined anyone could be.

    It--It's so large!

    Hua Yan gave an exalted smile when she noticed that the effect of Angel Plants had started to take over. She quickly released Qin Feng and ran into the villa. She planned to lock the door from inside and leave Qin Feng alone to deal with the intense effect of twenty Viagra.

    "Yan Yan, I want you!"

    It was just before she could reach the door that her arms were seized by two large hands. The lust blurred Qin Feng's vision. He stared at Hua Yan's breasts like a pig-head and curled his lips into an oval shape drooling and attempting to kiss Hua Yan.

    The Angel Plants did their job well. The effect was so intense that it shattered Qin Feng's consciousness. He was now bereft of any rationale. He locked Hua Yan in his arms and began to shred Hua Yan's sleeping gown.

    Qin Feng was fast, and he had strong hands. He effortlessly shredded Hua Yan's sleeping gown into webs and put his large hands on Hua Yan's breasts.

    "Qin Feng, let me go now! I'm so gonna to kill you!"

    Hua Yan conducted herself with dignity. She could not stand what Qin Feng was doing with her body, and her eyes suddenly reddened. They turned hollow as if she was demonized.

    Then, a dominating, powerful aura erupted from Hua Yan's body. She gestured with her palm and launched it. A massive gust of wind and a strength that could topple a mountain and overturn seas rammed into Qin Feng's pecs. In the next second, Qin Feng was sent flying into the air like a blown away kite.


    A long, blood red colored whip suddenly appeared from thin air around Hua Yan's palm. She pulled the whip through the air and released a searing shriek of wind.

    "Qin Feng, today will be the day you die!"

    The shreds of Hua Yan's dress messily fluttered in the wind. Paying no mind to the fact that her breasts and thighs were exposed, she let out a fierce roar like a ferocious beast. She jumped into the air, and the next move she took was to flourish the blood red whip through the air trailing dozens of afterimages to hit Qin Feng as he continued to fly through the air.

    Qin Feng still had not come back to his senses so he could not parry the attack. The whip shadow contained a massive amount of strength, and it would certainly smash Qin Feng into a meaty pulp if landed on his body.

    "Infinity Ordeal of Sword!"

    A hoary and forceful voice echoed through the sky followed by dozens of azure-colored sword flurries that fell from the sky.

    The sword flurries formed a dome barrier around Qin Feng and successfully intercepted the blood red whip's shadow.

    "Fall now!" the hoary voice resounded once again.

    This time, an elder in a white robe appeared. The elder had silver hair but a boyish complexion, and his eyes were sharp as a falcon's. He held an azure-colored spiritual sword in his hand and rushed from the sky towards Hua Yan.

    In a blink of an eye, he arrived at Hua Yan's side.

    Then, he launched a palm strike at Hua Yan and sent her flying all the way from the sky and into the parlor.

    He defeated Hua Yan in a single palm strike. She was knocked out, and her bloodshot eyes receded and returned to how they usually looked.


    The elder vanished again and moved like a bolt of lightning. He arrived below Qin Feng in the next second and caught Qin Feng who was falling from the sky.

    From the moment he appeared, sending a palm strike at Hua Yan until he caught Qin Feng from the sky, he accomplished this series of incredible feats naturally and smoothly within a second.

    The elder held Qin Feng with one arm and placed his other arm on Qin Feng's wrist and frowned.

    "This brat consumed the Angel Plant like eating rice. He must be crazy!"

    After he had a good grasp of Qin Feng's body condition, the elder circulated his inner qi and transferred it into Qin Feng forcing the Angel Plant out of Qin Feng's body.

    Seeing Qin Feng's complexion began to get better, and his inner qi calmed down. The elder then single-handedly carried Qin Feng to a deserted place outside of the town.

    "Cough! Cough!"

    Nobody knew how long had passed before Qin Feng regained his sense. He coughed vigorously the moment his head began to clear.

    He received a palm strike from Hua Yan head on, and a mouthful of blood was stuck in his throat. He felt sick, and he vomited it all out.

    "If it wasn't for me happening to be here tonight, you would be a piece of lifeless dead meat by now, kid!" the elder saw that Qin Feng had regained his faculties, so he passed him a dark and swarthy pill.

    Qin Feng did not eat it after he took the pill from the elder.

    "What's wrong? Afraid of me harming you? You would have died a hundred times if I wanted to harm you!" The elder glared snappily at Qin Feng. He stroked his beard and added, "This is a soul-cleansing pill. It's a magical pill that will accelerate the restoration of your blood qi and cure hundreds of illness. It costs 100,000 a piece. Give it back to me if you don't want it!"

    Qin Feng hastily opened his mouth and gulped in the pill. How was there any chances he would give him back this kind of deal?

    After he consumed the pill, Qin Feng waited for a surge of inner qi to fill and restore his body. However, he waited for a long time and nothing happened.

    Please stop kidding yourself, Master. This soul-cleansing pill is not even half as effective as the Elementary Golden Sore Medicine!" Little Pig voice resounded in Qin Feng's mind.

    Qin Feng was stunned.

    A bottle of Elementary Golden Sore Medicine only cost 100 Hedonist Points and the so-called magical soul-cleansing pill cost 100,000 yuan and could not even match up to half of the efficacy of a bottle of an Elementary Golden Sore Medicine.

    Were all the pills of China's martial artists fake?

    Little Pig could read Qin Feng's thoughts and added, "Master, can you please not compare the elementary pills on earth with the magical pills and herbs in the Hedonist Sovereign System? They are not even in the same league. So long as the pill is refined by an experienced pharmacist, it can be quite useful. Other than that the pills and elixirs called magical pills cannot be considered comparable, and Master can ignore them. It's not worth Master time, and it's much better if Master spent 100 Hedonist Points to purchase a bottle of Elementary Golden Sore Medicine!"

    Little Pig had lifted Qin Feng's spirit. He was once again realized how powerful the Hedonist Sovereign System was.

    "Why are you zoning out? Won't you say anything to me?" Seeing that Qin Feng had remained silent after he consumed the soul-cleansing pill, the elder in white robes sent yet another scornful gaze at Qin Feng.

    Only then did Qin Feng turn his attention to the elder. His face was veiled with a complex emotion.

    This was because the elder before him was not an ordinary person. He was none other than the patriarch of the Dongfang Family whose name was spread far and wide in the provincial capital. He was Dongfang Ming Wang, the grandfather of Dongfang Qing Xue!

    "What can I say? Do you expect me to violate that woman? I'm not that kind of person!" Qin Feng tensed his lips as he glared at Dongfang Ming Wang.

    "Do you think you can violate that woman? She almost killed you with a palm!" Dongfang Ming Wang scoffed.

    He glared a few times at Qin Feng before continuing, "The two spiritual plants you consumed today were Angel Plants. This plant is a potent aphrodisiac if eaten raw. This is the very first time I've seen a person consume an Angel Plant raw. You must be out of your mind!"

    Qin Feng was utterly defenseless against Dongfang Ming Wang's criticism. He could not do anything to the elder. He couldn't defeat him, and he choked on his resentment.

    Looking at a beaten Qin Feng, Dongfang Ming Wang was extremely delighted. He came forward and pat Qin Feng's shoulder.

    "Brat, I came to you to give you a warning. We both are tied to a promise, and you almost broke it tonight, brat. Do you have any idea how grave the consequence of breaking that promise is?"
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