Chapter 424 - Nine Dragons and Five Tigers!

    Chapter 424 - Nine Dragons and Five Tigers!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    China was huge with a massive landmass of 9,600,000 square kilometers and sea area of 2,997,000 square kilometers.

    Chinese culture dated back to around 5,000 years ago. The Chinese culture had a profound impact on the world while its tradition, practices, and festivals were celebrated, instilled, and practiced by a great number of people around the world.

    No one knew how many people with exceptional abilities, legends, and heroes were born on this vast and mysterious land.

    China now had Three Doors, Five Sects, Nine Dragons and Five Tigers.

    The Nine Dragoons were the nine martial arts masters with otherworldly abilities. They represented the clandestine Martial World of China. Each and every one of them had perfected Stage 9 inner qi and were extremely powerful with extreme inner abilities.

    Dongfang Ming Wang was one of the Dragons with the name 'Crimson Dragon.'

    He was highly respected in China and every power gave both overt and covert attention to his actions. Three months ago, after Qin Feng escaped from the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Dongfang Ming Wang was the first person he approached after Ximen Chui Xue brought him to the provincial capital.

    "Of course, I remember our deal. You don't need to worry about that. I won't break our promise!" Qin Feng answered while tensing his legs. The promise ticked him off.

    However, for the sake of the safety of his women in Acropolis City, Qin Feng did not have another choice but to agree to Dongfang Ming Wang's condition.

    "I know you don't have the nerve to break our promise, but an old dog cannot alter its way of barking. You're still licentious in conduct and lead a wild life. Even though you did not develop relationships with any women, you always imposed on them..."

    Qin Feng's face darkened and interrupted Dongfang Ming Wang. He harrumphed, "How can you keep on stalking other people, you weird geezer! Did you know that I can sue you for invading my privacy?!"

    Dongfang Ming Wang was tickled pink by Qin Feng. He giggled and replied nonchalantly, "Go ahead, then!"

    Qin Feng was left speechless again. He was in the provincial capital, the territory of Dongfang Ming Wang. How could he sue him? Even if he found a way to file a charge against Dongfang Ming Wang at a police station, Qin Feng believed that, in the end, he would be the one to be detained and not Dongfang Ming Wang!

    Qin Feng remembered the cold and unkind Liu Bing Bing when he thought of the police.

    I miss her a lot.

    "Tsk, I'm too lazy to fight you. Tell me, what is the situation in Acropolis now? Was it all good?" Qin Feng dropped his carefree attitude and became grave.

    With his brooding eyes, Dongfang Ming Wang looked out onto the faraway terrain where Acropolis City was located. Then, he spoke calmly.

    "The ladies are all fine. Ling Bei Bei is still in the hospital and has not woken up yet. I've dispatched a group of people to protect her around the clock. Zhao Ling Xian was almost forced to marry into the Liang family. I made my stand and forced the Liang family to cancel the marriage. Meanwhile, the woman named Yun Xiao shared the same fate as Zhao Ling Xian. She's only one step away from marrying into the Gao family. I put some pressure on the Gao family to force them to cancel the wedding as well. Bai Qing and Bai Xiu remain the same. Liu Wen Jing and Liu Xiao Jia lead quiet lives. Li Yu Chen is still working for the Royal Group. Everything is fine as usual...

    "Holy sh*t! You see, how many women I have mentioned? The youngest is only a junior high student! Of all the women, how could you lay your hands on a minor?! Can you still call yourself a human?! I must be blind for giving my granddaughter to you!"

    Dongfang Ming Wang exploded before he could finish his report to Qin Feng. He set up a marriage with the Qin family a long time ago and betrothed his granddaughter to Qin Feng. Little had he expected that Qin Feng would oppose the marriage and lead a feckless and dissolute life engaging many women at a time. His chaotic relationship with women greatly infuriated Dongfang Ming Wang.

    Qin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief after knowing that the women he treasured were all fine.

    He peered at the faraway sky with clear eyes. He felt lonely.

    "Geezer Dongfang, I won't eat my words and will fulfill the deal between us. You don't have to keep an eye on me any longer."

    Qin Feng was quite touched that Dongfang Ming Wang settled perfectly and wholeheartedly everything he asked of him.

    Dongfang Ming Wang was the first person he approached when he arrived in the provincial capital three months ago. He pleaded with Dongfang Ming Wang to maneuver his men and protect all his women in Acropolis City. Dongfang Ming Wang agreed to offer his help on one condition.

    During the Qin family's competition three months later, Dongfang Ming Wang urged Qin Feng to claim victory, became the junior patriarch of the Qin family, and marry Dongfang Qing Xue.

    From that moment on, Dongfang Qing Xue would always be his wife. He could not take another concubine.

    Qin Feng agreed.

    Looking at Qin Feng's lonely background, Dongfang Ming Wang sighed.

    He then switched a topic and asked, "Why did you have to conceal yourself in the provincial capital these past three months?"

    Most of Qin Feng's enemies were based in the provincial capital. By right, the provincial capital was the most dangerous place for him, and he would certainly die if he ever stepped into the provincial capital.

    "The most dangerous place is the safest place," Qin Feng replied indifferently.

    Dongfang Ming Wang grinned widely like a kid, "Oh for God's sake, do you think I'm so stupid to not see through your little pesky mind? You're just taking advantage of my influence in the provincial capital and staying under the umbrella of my protection. By doing so, who the f*ck would still have the nerve to lay their fingers on you?!"

    Dongfang Ming Wang revealed his intention, and Qin Feng felt awkward.

    "I have a question too!"

    "Fire it out fast! I hate it the most when people don't finish their sentences!" harrumphed Dongfang Ming Wang as he smacked Qin Feng's shoulder and almost sent him hurtling down into the abyss.

    "Why did you betroth Dongfang Qin Xue to me? Don't you think you're doing a bad bargain?"

    Dongfang Ming Wang was Crimson Dragon, one of the Nine Dragons of China. Not only did he posses bottomless strength, but the Dongfang family was another massively powerful family that could not be reckoned with. It was a superior and large family clan that even the Qin family in the provincial capital could not match.

    Therefore, how come this geezer wants to marry his granddaughter to me? Qin Feng asked himself.

    "Hahaha!" Dongfang Ming Wang lifted his head into the sky and guffawed uproariously. The valley reciprocated to his laugh by trembling slightly.

    Qin Feng felt he would never understand the true strength of the old man. He could not sense any form of inner qi from him even though he was so close to him. He looked no different from an ordinary person; however, he could easily scare the wits out of you with a simple laugh or smack you on the shoulder.

    "Qin Feng! The time is not here yet. The only thing I can tell you now is that Dongfang Qing Xue did not lose but in fact she earned!

    "The Dongfang family will never be at a loss for forming a close relationship with the Qin family. I'm paving a road for the future!"

    Qin Feng was utterly confused. He became wired up suddenly as a thought crossed his mind, Could it be that this geezer found out the thing about the Hedonist Sovereign System?

    "Why are you looking at me like that? Please don't think too much. It won't be you who'll be our backer once we form our relationship through marriage. It'll be your parents..."

    "My parents?"

    Qin Feng's eyes suddenly turn hazy. The Qin family in Acropolis City could not hold its ground and fell during the great war three months ago. Uncle Fu took his father to seek refuge for the Qin family in the provincial capital. Qin Feng missed his father a lot as he had not seen him for around three months.

    As for his mother, Qin Feng did not have any memories of his mother since he was born.

    "Who exactly is my mother? Where is she now?" Qin Feng looked at Dongfang Ming Wang hoping he would tell him the whereabouts of his long-lost mother.

    Dongfang Ming Wang refused to say anything further. He sighed, "Ai! I've spoken too much. We should call it a day now. I'm too old, and I feel sleepy after the night has fallen. I'm going home first."

    Dongfang Ming Wang's voice became distant, but it was still loud and clear as if he was still standing beside Qin Feng. Just like performing a magic, he vanished before Qin Feng in the blink of an eye causing Qin Feng to gape in astonishment.

    "What the f*ck! You stupid geezer, what kind of place have you bring me to? How am I supposed to go back on my own? You should've taken me along when you leave!"

    Qin Feng kept dissing Dongfang Ming Wang. However, there was nothing left aside from his own voice and echo and Dongfang Ming Wang was no longer in his sight.


    The day had arrived when Qin Feng returned to Chang Xin's villa.

    He had run for almost 200 km yesterday night before he found his way home. If Qin Feng had the chance to run into Dongfang Ming Wang again, he swore he would kill himself in front of Dongfang Ming Wang as revenge for leaving him behind.

    As soon as he entered the parlor, Chang Xin shot a barrage of questions at him while holding a chilly expression, "Qin Feng, where did you go last night? What did you do to Yan Yan?"

    Only now did Qin Feng remember last night Hua Yan went on a rampage and almost killed himself.

    "What have I done to Yan Yan? Why don't you ask that crazy girl what she has done to me instead? She is freaking insane! She almost killed me!"

    Qin Feng and Chang Xin had exchanged blows, and Hua Yan came downstairs. She was dressed in a white shirt and a kilt.

    Hua Yan suddenly stopped when she saw Qin Feng. Her sky-blue eyes were veiled with complex expressions. She remained still for a good while before moving toward the duo.

    "Yan Yan, just in time. What on earth actually happened last night? I was suddenly awakened by some noises outside and then after I came downstairs to check what was going on, I found you unconscious in the parlor with your sleeping gown all torn apart. Qin Feng was nowhere in sight, and he had not come home. Tell me, what happened?"

    After Chang Xin discovered Hua Yan, she helped her into her room. Hua Yan had remained unconscious for the entire night, and she had just woken up, so Chang Xin still did not know what happened last night.

    Hua Yan fell silent facing Chang Xin's interrogation. Bright pink crawled up her face, and she answered her charmingly, "Aiya, please don't ask so many questions, Big Sister Xin Xin. In sum, Qin Feng did not force me to do anything last night. How can you expect a girl tell you something like this?"

    Like a newlywed, Hua Yan gave a charming smile to Qin Feng before running away.

    Standing in the doorway, Qin Feng and Chang Xin were both in a state of utter confusion.

    Yan Yan has fallen in love with Qin Feng? Chang Xin's mind was filled with many questions. They even had sexual relations last night?! But, how is that possible?!"

    What the f*ck?! What kind of trick is this woman playing? Do you think that this young master will accept you after you make a false charge against me?! This brother is not an easy man! Qin Feng roared inwardly as well.


    Chang Xin glared at Qin Feng and stomped out of the villa. Qin Feng hastily followed her. He had run his way home for a night, and he did not want to run back to the university again.

    When he arrived at the Medical College of Provincial Capital University, Qin Feng realized that the atmosphere of the class was not right. His students lay lifelessly on the table while a large headed middle-aged man was blabbering on the podium.

    Qin Feng entered the lecture hall and laughed, "I see that all of you are so tired and washed out. Can I take it as all of you come to overnight in the lecture hall so that you can claim a good spot to attend my class?"

    Qin Feng's voice was like a steroid, and the two hundred students regained their vigor, shot up, and sat with their backs straight. All of them focused their gazes and stared spiritedly at Qin Feng.
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