Chapter 425 - Exchange Study

    Chapter 425 - Exchange Study

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    The two hundred students came to the lecture early to grab themselves good spots. Some of them had not even eaten breakfast and stormed their way to the lecture hall instead just to attend Qin Feng's class. Unfortunately, the man who was lecturing them that day wasn't Qin Feng but a roly-poly middle-aged man.

    The roly-poly middle-aged man was arrogant. He climbed up to the podium with a high and mighty attitude when he entered the lecture hall and introduced himself. He said his name was Xiao Lei, the chief physician of Department of Neurology in the affiliated hospital. He had been specially invited by the medical college's dean of the Provincial Capital University to run a spot check on the students about the practical knowledge of Western medicine.

    This class was intended to be Professor Qin Feng's lesson, yet a strange guy bounced in from nowhere and prattled nonsense at them. It was natural that the students did not like him, so they all lay dispiritedly on their tables waiting for Professor Qin Feng to drive this person away.

    Finally, their savior had arrived.

    Like previous lessons, Qin Feng maintained his humorous style by cracking a joke as soon as he entered the lecture hall. He had tall stature and he was handsome standing under the sunlight. With his down-to-earth manner, he successfully seized the heart of his students and all of them exploded.

    "Professor Qin Feng, we missed you so much!"

    "The f*ck?! Do you think you're Feng Gong?" Qin Feng harrumphed while glancing at his students. [TN: Féng Gǒng () is a Chinese actor, famous crosstalker, director, and screenwriter. Best known for his performance in the annual CCTV New Year's Gala having made more appearances in the show than other major performers.]

    "Handsome Professor Qin Feng, we love you so much!"

    "You freak! I'm not gay!" Qin Feng's face darkened.

    "Professor Qin Feng, we wanted to attend your Chinese medicine class. We want you to lead us in exploring the expansive field of Chinese medicine and embrace the profoundness of acupuncture. Hurry up and cast that stupid fat*ss out the lecture hall! He nauseates us, and we don't like him!"

    The students acted like peasants in a rebellion attempting to overthrow the government. Displeased by the students, Xiao Lei turned to Qin Feng and shot fierce glare at him.

    They exchanged glances and recognized one another.

    Xiao Lei was the fat*ass who obstructed Qin Feng by every possible means when Qin Feng and Chang Xin had rushed to the affiliated hospital to rescue Wang Cheng Fa. In the end, his actions had ticked Qin Feng off, and Qin Feng beat him down brutally.

    Xiao Lei's second uncle, Xiao Shan, was the vice-president of the affiliated hospital, yet that had not stopped Qin Feng from humiliating.

    "It's you, you brat!" Xiao Lei instantly remembered the way Qin Feng had brutally beaten him upon seeing Qin Feng. He was champed in rage.

    Soon, his angry expression faded and a wicked grin crawled onto his jowly face.

    There was a reason why he was invited by the dean of the medical college to give a talk to the medical college's students on the practical knowledge and some study cases of Western medicine.

    Yesterday, the higher-ups of the Provincial Capital University received an exchange study proposal from the Saint Medical Institute in America extending their wish to come to the Provincial Capital University for an academic exchange.

    The Saint Medical Institute was the most famous higher institute in America that specialized in Western medicine. Their mastery and research on the Western medical field were the vanguards of the world. Many incurable, uncommon diseases and illnesses that couldn't be cured by the rest of the world had been cured by the specialized team sent out from the Saint Medical Institute. Some of their treatments were so successful that they caused a massive tremor in the world medical organization.

    The news of a legendary higher institute like this suddenly wishing to come for an academic exchange at the medical college of China's Provincial Capital University dropped like a bombshell on all of the higher-ups of the medical college stunning them so much that they were all thrown into chaos.

    It was such a strange and hard to come by opportunity. They were certain that they had to be able to make a name for the medical college in the provincial capital once they formed a relationship with Saint Medical Institute. Their prominence might even be able to return to the level it was at five years before the disappearance of the divine Chinese medicine practitioner, Li Xing Tian.

    As such, starting the day before, the higher-ups of medical college were extremely busy. Since the Saint Medical Institute was best-known for their mastery over the Western medicine, the higher-ups of the medical college had organized a special training session for the medical college's students to sharpen and honed their practical skills and knowledge on Western medicine. Therefore, they invited Xiao Lei over from the affiliated hospital to host a practical training session.

    Xiao Lei had a very special identity and stood in the lecture hall as a professional.

    He heard the students address Qin Feng as a professor, so he assumed that that Qin Feng was merely a petty lecturer that taught in the medical college. How could a petty lecturer of Qin Feng's caliber stand on the same ground with him as a professional? Before him, Qin Feng was merely a servant who was fit only to run errands, clean the blackboard, and fetch the drinks. Xiao Lei thought he could humiliate and toy with Qin Feng to his heart's content in the future.

    The wicked grin on Xiao Lei's jowly face widened as he thought about it.

    "It's me, but I'm not the brat here. You are. What made you come to my class?" Qin Feng plastered a smile and looked at Xiao Lei.

    Xiao Lei suddenly burst into a brazen fit of maniacal laughter. He stood at the podium with a look of haughty disdain while looking at Qin Feng, "Why am I, the high and mighty chief physician of the department of neurology of the affiliated hospital, standing here you ask? It's such a hilarious question. In fact, it's stupid! Let me tell you, I'm here because the higher-ups of medical college pleaded for me to come here! Otherwise, do you think I'm so free to come here to be a lecturer and spoon-feed these babies?!

    "How much can a lecturer earn? Do you know that I can easily earn your monthly salary just by doing an operation!"

    Xiao Lei's ego inflated and caused him to blabber rudely. His ill-mannered actions ticked the students off causing them to yelled and grumble at him.

    Qin Feng gestured with his hand to calm his students down.

    Then, he grinned and spoke to Xiao Lei, "Director Xiao is such a big figure to the extent that the higher-ups of medical college craved for you to teach here. I really have to extend my gratitude to Director Xiao Lei for broadening my horizons. Thank you very much, Director Xiao Lei.

    "Oh yeah, have any of you recorded the way Director Xiao was blowing his own horn?" Qin Feng asked as he turned to his students.

    Immediately, around twenty or so student shot up and replied, "Professor Qin Feng, I was playing with my phone just now, and I accidentally recorded it. Hurry up, and take it to the higher-ups so he can be sacked!"

    "The first lesson Professor Qin Feng taught us was that you will be a dumb*ss if you don't have the ability to blow your own horn. This guy is probably a dumb*ss!"

    Although today was only the fourth day of Qin Feng's lectures, they were extremely close to Qin Feng. It was tough for other people to reach this level of closeness even after they had known each other for four years.

    Seeing Xiao Lei had the nerve to bicker with Qin Feng, the students all joined in with Qin Feng's crusade against Xiao Lei. They feared nothing and no one with Qin Feng as their backer and called Xiao Lei dumb*ss one after another without stopping. Xiao Lei was so infuriated that his face darkened.

    "Hmph, useless piece of sh*t! You only have a mouth and some petty tricks but no more than that. It's such a disgrace bickering with rubbish like you."

    The first time Xiao Lei saw Qin Feng was when Qin Feng followed Chang Xin to save Wang Cheng Fa. At that time, Qin Feng still had not obtained the Decree of Five Element Acupuncture. He just utilized the Talisman of Clairvoyance to assist Chang Xin in pinpointing the patient's heart problem.

    Thus, in Xiao Lei's eyes, Qin Feng was merely Chang Xin's assistant. He believed that Qin Feng was only an inept assistant that could not even handle an operation on his own.

    How can he, an amateur, become a lecturer in a university? When Xiao Lei thought of this, his eyes became even more contemptuous when he looked at Qin Feng.

    "Aiya, Director Xiao is so wrong about me. I not only can play vocal drama and some petty tricks game, I'm good at martial arts as well. Does Director Xiao wish to compare notes on martial arts with me?" Qin Feng offered a naughty grin to Xiao Lei.

    Shocked, Xiao Lei stepped three paces backward as a cold sweat began to form on his back.

    Qin Feng had brutally beaten him in the hospital the last time, and he had just been discharged from the hospital today. He did not want to return to the hospital because of Qin Feng!

    "Tsk! What kind of era are you living in? We're in the 21st century when the science and technology rules... Do you think we're still living in the era of the barbarian and still settle our scores through fighting? You're such a boorish fellow!

    "Since you're one of the lecturers of the medical college, and if you really have the skill of a doctor, then let's settle our scores via a medical battle! Do you dare to accept my challenge, brat?"

    Xiao Lei did not have the guts to fight Qin Feng. He believed that Qin Feng would've kicked him off the podium before he made his first move. However, if they were to battle using medical skills, Xiao Lei was very confident that he could win the fight.

    He deemed Qin Feng to be an amateurish dresser. Perhaps he could deceive the university students by reading the inflexible theories from a textbook; however, Xiao Lei was certain that Qin Feng knew nothing when it came to applying the knowledge to practical uses.

    "Sure, I accept it! I happen to be master of both the pen and the sword. Since you wish for a softer approach, then let's do it!" How was there any possible way that Qin Feng could not see through Xiao Lei's intentions? He already had the Decree of Five Element of Acupuncture in his arsenal, so he wasn't afraid of Xiao Lei.

    "Haha! You still don't know that you're at the death gate! Name it. What would you like the battle to be?" Seeing that Qin Feng had agreed to the challenge, Xiao Lei let out the satisfied laugh of a game master.

    "Seems like you all are having a jolly moment here! I did not expect to witness a medical battle when I began patrolling the compound. Gentlemen, may I have the honor of being the judge of this battle?"

    A procession of ten or so professors passed right by the lecture hall. Their leader was an older man with a hoary head of around sixty years old. With a gleeful smile on his face, he walked into the lecture hall and focused his clear-eyed gaze on Qin Feng and Xiao Lei.

    Trailing behind the elder were the professors of the medical college. Chang Xin was in the procession as well with a cold expression. She spared no glances at Qin Feng.

    "Professor Ling. It's Professor Ling!"

    "Seems like the news of the I-don't-know university in America is coming to our campus for an academic exchange is true. Otherwise, why would Professor Ling bring a team of professors to patrol the medical college?"

    "Professor Ling as the judge? Oh, my lord, this will be so interesting!"


    Qin Feng did not know anybody aside from his students since this was only the fourth day of his teaching stint at the university. His students were all very excited when they saw the silver-headed elder.

    According to legend, after the disappearance of the divine Chinese medicine practitioner Li Xing Tian, Professor Ling had the highest degree of Chinese medical skill in the medical college. He was extremely prestigious in the heart of every medical college student.

    "Ah, so it's Professor Ling. Of course, you can. In fact, the honor would be ours for you to be the judge," Xiao Lei knew who Ling Qing Yuan was, so he put on a smiling face and tried to flatter Ling Qing Yuan.

    The medical college in Provincial Capital University had a close relationship with the affiliated hospital. The majority of the graduates from the medical college interned or worked at the affiliated hospital. Therefore, in order to have a smooth life in the affiliated hospital, it was vital for one to curry favor with the elders of the medical college.
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