Chapter 427 - Five Poison Sting and Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica

    Chapter 427 - Five Poison Sting and Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Since he had a rough time, Xiao Lei felt that he had to make Qin Feng struggle.

    He could not save Professor Ling Qing Yuan, so he passed the duty to Qin Feng to see how he was going to do it.

    Qin Feng did not waver and remained calm because he had run a quick check on Ling Qing Yuan's condition and knew what measures should he take to save him.

    The Hedonist Sovereign System had released the 'develop China's traditional medicine' mission on Qin Feng's first day at Provincial Capital University. This mission had an undefined time limit and rewards. It seemed as though this was a chance to lay a solid foundation to expand China's traditional medicine.

    At his core, he wanted to utilize the students of the medical college as a platform to complete the mission. He would glorify and introduce the profoundness of Chinese medicine to the world through them. In order to do that, he had to make his two hundred students believe in Chinese medicine and, eventually, fall in love with it. Thus, when they grew up and stepped into the society as professionals, they would work with Qin Feng to magnify and revitalize China's traditional medicine.

    "Director Xiao is an expert in neurology and shot Chinese medicine down in flames. You mentioned that Chinese medicine could only be used to treat common illnesses such as fevers and the flu and that serious diseases such as heart attacks can only be treated by operation, so why don't you, Director Xiao, cure Elder Ling right now and show us the magnificence and superiority of western medicine?"

    Qin Feng's cheerful smile seemed like a demon's smile to Xiao Lei and haunted him.

    Initially, he wanted to humiliate Qin Feng and avenge himself. However, the situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse. Qin Feng had pushed him to the limit, and he was on the verge of falling apart!

    "If we use the western medicine approach, we first have to send Elder Ling to the hospital to be examined, and only then can we begin treatment. We have nothing here, so what do you expect me to do? Perform an operation on Elder Ling without any medical devices? Do you know anything about western medicine?"

    Qin Feng chuckled, "I don't have to know how western medicine works because I'm smart enough to have learned Chinese medicine. You prattled so much without saying much of anything meaning that you can't cure Elder Ling!"

    "Yes! I can't cure Professor Ling. Since you bragged about how great Chinese medicine is, then you should cure Elder Ling! Stop comparing yourself to me if you cannot do it either!" Xiao Lei roared as he glared ferociously. He only admitted that he could not save Ling Qing Yuan publicly because he believed that nobody else could save him either.

    "Oh, you actually speak the truth every once in a while. I can really save Elder Ling, and I'll save him with the Chinese medicine that you look down upon!"

    Qin Feng scoffed as a massive amount of aura erupted from his body.

    Suddenly, his hands flexed, and ten silver needles appeared in his hand. He moved both hands simultaneously and inserted the ten silver needles into the acupoints around Ling Qing Yuan's heart.

    Surges of inner qi streamed into Ling Qing Yuan through the silver needles and circulated around his heart. When Ling Qing Yuan was struck by a heart attack, Qin Feng had examined him with the Talisman of Clairvoyance and found out that Ling Qing Yuan's heart stopped functioning because his blood vessels were blocked. Therefore, Qin Feng was now transferring inner qi into Elder Ling's body to clear the blood vessels by promoting the blood flow around his heart.

    A few elders among the parade of professors were extremely delighted when they saw the silver needles vibrating on their own in Ling Qing Yuan's chest. They were stunned, so they stared at the miraculous sight with their mouth agape unable to utter a single syllable. Although this was not the first time Chang Xin had witnessed Qin Feng using the Needle Manipulation Technique, she was still marveled by the sight.

    Xiao Lei did not know what the Needle Manipulation Technique was, but the sight of ten silver needles vibrating on their own was enough to stun him for a good amount of time. Only then did he realize that Qin Feng was not an ordinary assistant. He was clearly an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner!

    The silver needles vibrated in Ling Qing Yuan's chest for around five minutes. While they vibrated, nobody dared open their mouths as their attention was seized by the wonderful sight before them.

    Ling Qing Yuan suddenly awakened.

    Cough! Cough!

    He felt suffocated, and he coughed violently once he woke up.

    "What happened to me? Why are you all surrounding me?" Ling Qing Yuan had lost consciousness the moment he fainted, so he was clueless as to what kind of tragedy had happened.

    Somebody from the group of professors briefed Ling Qing Yuan about the incident. As he was briefed by his peers, he noticed the silver needles that were still vibrating in his body.

    He screamed, "This--this is the Needle Manipulation Technique! Who performed the treatment? Where is he now?!"

    Everyone then looked over at Qin Feng and realized that he was now sitting beside Hua Yan. Hua Yan tried to get her mask back from Qin Feng, but he was toying with her. Both of them were having a fun time together.

    "Elder Ling, the professor over there is the one who performed the treatment," all the professors' eyes were flooded with intertwined shock and helplessness as they looked at Qin Feng speechless. He was so young, yet he had the ability to perform the supreme Needle Manipulation Technique. What's more, he acted like it was nothing worth recognizing.

    Glowing with light, Ling Qing Yuan hurried his way toward Qin Feng. Before he could open his mouth to speak, Qin Feng waved his hand and withdrew all ten silver needles from Ling Qing Yuan's chest.

    Amazed by how precise and fast Qin Feng was in manipulating the needles, Ling Qing Yuan truly believed Qin Feng was his rescuer. He was marveled by the fact that Qin Feng was able to perform the Needle Manipulation Technique at an early age.

    This means that he is a shaman!

    Ling Qing Yuan could not perform the Needle Manipulation Technique because he could not condense and circulate inner qi.

    "Fellow Qin Feng, thank you for saving my life!" Ling Qing Yuan looked at Qin Feng as if he had found a treasure.

    Qin Feng was rather calm. He waved his hand and said nonchalantly, "Don't be ridiculous! You seem to hold a pretty high position in the medical college. I might need your help next time if I'm in a trouble."

    Ling Qing Yuan's mouth quirked. He did not know how to continue the conversation anymore.

    Suddenly, he turned and stared coldly at Xiao Lei. It was because Xiao Lei slandered Chinese medicine and condemned it as worthless that Ling Qing Yuan had become angry enough to trigger his heart attack.

    "Director Xiao, Chinese medicine focuses primarily on producing a permanent cure while western medicine merely focuses on alleviating and recognizing symptoms. It's true that Western medicine is the major trend now, but you mustn't question the efficacy of Chinese medicine. Not to mention that as the descendants of the Yellow Emperor ourselves, we must not forget our origins!" [TN: Yellow Emperor (), or also known as Yellow Thearch, the Yellow God, or the Yellow Lord, or Huangdi, is a deity in Chinese religion, one of the legendary Chinese sovereigns and cultural heroes included among the mytho-historical Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and cosmological Five Forms of the Highest Deity ().]

    Ling Qing Yuan criticized Xiao Lei, and Xiao Lei behaved like an errant child and remained silent. After all, he could not repudiate Ling Qing Yuan's remark because even though he treated Chinese medicine like dirt, it had saved Ling Qing Yuan's life where western medicine had done nothing despite his belief in its superiority. He had been like a turtle on its back when Ling Qing Yuan had fainted and could not do anything but bite his nails.

    After criticizing Xiao Lei, Ling Qing Yuan extended his gratitude to Qin Feng again. He even exchanged contact information with Qin Feng before retreating with the parade of professors.

    "I'll see you out, Professor Ling!" Xiao Lei wanted to smooth over his mistakes.

    Ling Qing Yuan looked at Xiao Lei and said scornfully, "That's not necessary. You should go back to your students. Do I not have legs to walk myself out of the lecture hall?"

    Xiao Lei had been beaten again. He pushed down his anger and saw Ling Qing Yuan off with a fake smile on his face.

    The two hundred or so students were now extremely excited and looked at Qin Feng with admiration. The females' expressions conveyed a sense of marriage intent as did the males. Qin Feng was so frightened by their fervent glares that he had goosebumps.

    These students were excited because they finally witnessed the true traditional medicine of China. Qin Feng effortlessly saved Ling Qing Yuan's life with just a few silver needles. He even had spare time to flirt with Hua Yan while he was treating a patient.

    Ling Qing Yuan was struck by a heart attack, and Qin Feng cured it as easy as curing the flu.

    The incident finally cleared everybody's doubt and affirmed their will to master the Chinese medicine. They all believed that western medicine and the chief physician of the neurology department of the affiliated hospital were worthless in relation Qin Feng and the profoundness Chinese medicine.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng. You've successfully glorified China's traditional medicine and showed the medical college's students the profoundness of Chinese medicine. The system awards you a Five Poison Sting and a Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica!"


    System notification suddenly beeped in Qin Feng's mind, shocking him.

    "Little Pig, what mission did I clear?"

    "Master, these are the rewards for the 'develop China's traditional medicine' mission. The mission has no time limitation with unspecified rewards and penalties. The system will reward Master in phases as the time goes by according to Master's performance. Just now Master showed the students the profoundness of Chinese medicine, so the system awarded Master a small reward. The system will award Master with better and greater rewards as Master carries forward to bring Chinese medicine to a greater height of development."

    After Qin Feng got a good grasp of the situation, he hastily went to check the rewards he just received.

    Five Poison Sting: silver needles dipped in five deadly poisons; the best hidden weapon known to the world to kill a person.

    Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica: a collection of detailed descriptions of various common and rare herbs. It deeply explains the effects and medical properties of various herbs, spiritual plants, and eternal plants.

    The Five Poison Sting was a long pitch-black needle. After finding out that the Five Poison Sting was dipped in five different deadly poisons, Qin Feng immediately threw it into the system's storage because he felt he would be a goner if the Five Poison Sting accidentally pricked his finger.

    Then, Qin Feng's eyes fell on the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica.

    As soon as he got his hands on the compendium, a large number of ancient memories surged into Qin Feng's mind. After the ancient memories had successfully fused with his own, Qin Feng suddenly had knowledge of different kinds of spiritual flowers and plants.

    He recalled the spiritual plants in Hua Yan's garden and understood the name and effects of the Hundred Flavor Plants, Angel Plants, and other spiritual plants.

    This Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica is a good deal!

    Satisfied, Qin Feng placed the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica into the system's storage.

    Then, he shot another question to Little Pig, "Little Pig, didn't the system release a mission for me to become the best lecturer in the Provincial Capital University? I've enlightened the students of the vastness of Chinese medicine, am I still not qualified enough to be the best lecturer in their hearts?"

    "Master, you indeed are the best lecturer in the heart of the medical college's students. However, what the system wants is for Master to be recognized as the best lecturer by everyone at the university. Hence, Master has to work harder to earn recognition from every student in the campus."

    The mission 'strongest lecturer' would not only award him 3,000 Hedonist Points but also an Emblem of Righteousness. Qin Feng was quite curious about the emblem, so he focused more attention on that mission.

    After Qin Feng had recovered from his overwhelming emotion, he realized Xiao Lei was glaring fiercely at him.

    "Qin Feng, starting today, your class has been canceled and replaced by my western practical lessons. Why are you still standing here? Get lost now! Don't affect my good vibe when I'm teaching!"

    The students grumbled before Qin Feng could. They had witnessed with their own eyes the fantastic acupuncture of Qin Feng. Why the hell would they want to learn western medicine now? Furthermore, they disliked Xiao Lei's arrogant manner, so they all revolted against Xiao Lei and showered him with curses.

    "You see, Director Xiao. It isn't me who doesn't want to follow the university's order; it's just that my students are too naughty. They should not curse you in front of you even if they don't like you. I guess it's best that you get back to the affiliated hospital, hide inside your office, and play with your cell phone or nurses. Holy ground like a university is not a place that you should set foot in. Please do not tarnish this place!"

    Xiao Lei's face was grotesque with anger, but he knew he wasn't Qin Feng's opponent. After exchanging a few glances with Qin Feng, he stormed out of the lecture hall.

    "Yay! The psychopath is gone!"

    "He's not just a psychopath. He also has a mental impairment!"

    "The bad-breathed man with hemorrhoids is gone!"

    As Xiao Lei arrived at the doorway, the sound of those students hooraying wafted into his ears causing him to stumble on his feet. He fell to the ground!
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