Chapter 428 - Heretic

    Chapter 428 - Heretic

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng imparted the knowledge of acupuncture to his students. All of the students listened attentively, and they felt they had gained more knowledge in the past two lessons than all of the lessons they'd had over the entire semester.

    Qin Feng did not go home with Hua Yan and Chang Xin after the school ended. Instead, he informed both of them that he had something to tend to. Afterward, Qin Feng had dinner at a restaurant off-campus. When he was done, he flagged down a cab and went to Ghost Mountain outside the provincial capital.

    Tonight was the night Qin Feng had agreed to meet Billowy Lady.

    Eight at night at the entrance of Ghost Mountain.

    Qin Feng could not stop fantasizing about the great sight of Billowy Lady appearing in a Catwoman costume.

    Ghost Mountain was a barren hill outside the provincial capital. It used to be a large mine, but it was abandoned after the mine had been depleted. As such, it became a car racing spot for rich young masters in the area. However, a paranormal presence had made itself known on the mountain and triggered a series of car crashes that resulted in the death of those rich young masters. Following this, nobody dared to set foot on it, and it became in name, and in fact, Ghost Mountain.

    "Hey brother, I'll drop you here!" the cab driver stopped the car on the road approximately two kilometers away from the entrance of Ghost Mountain. He did not have the guts to go near it.

    "How can you drop me here? We're still far from my destination!" Qin Feng grumbled while looking at the black-painted sky from inside the car.

    "I'm very sorry, brother, but I can't go any further. In front of us is the infamous Ghost Mountain region. The mountain is haunted, and many people have died in car crashes on it. I really don't want to go into it," the cab driver refused to go into the mountain no matter what. His face was pale with fear when he spoke.

    "Hey brother, I advise you not to go to the Ghost Mountain. All in all, what are you going to do there this late at night anyway? I understand you youngsters love to play ** games and have sex in the wild, and other kinds of mischievous activities, but the least you could do is not pick a spooky and desolate place like this. What if a ghost suddenly appeared from nowhere when you are in the middle of your good vibe? It would scare the hell out of you!"

    Not only did the cab driver refuse to proceed any further, but he also tried to persuade Qin Feng to return with him. However, he still demanded that Qin Feng pay him.

    Qin Feng's mouth quirked as he thought, What a business-minded person. Why didn't you persuade me before we started our journey?

    Qin Feng could not do anything. After he paid the cab driver his fare, he alighted from the cab. As soon as he alighted from the cab, gushes of bone-chilling wind blew around him. Stretching his legs, Qin Feng began to run forward. He took the two-kilometer distance as part of his training.

    As he arrived at the entrance of Ghost Mountain, the eerie, chilly breeze had gotten stronger. Qin Feng glanced around him, and he found neither human nor ghost present in the area other than him.

    Qin Feng then donned the Sacred Azure Battle Armor and hid in a shady part beside the entrance. With the Sacred Azure Battle Armor, the temperature had dropped drastically causing him to sneeze incessantly.

    However, after he wore the Sacred Azure Battle Armor for a while, the bone-chilling cold sensation began to fade away. Qin Feng suddenly came to the realization that he should keep his identity as a member of Martial Artist Alliance a secret; otherwise, his enemies might find out where he was. Therefore, he commanded the battle armor in his mind, and the battle armor changed form.

    A fiery crimson windbreaker draped over his shoulders and fluttered in the wind just like a massive flame. Qin Feng's face changed as well. His handsome, well-defined face was veiled by a wolf mask. This was the identity that Qin Feng tailored for himself in Martial Artist Alliance: Green Wolf!

    As the Sacred Azure Battle Armor completed configuration, a woman's voice drifted into Qin Feng's ears from behind him.

    "Green Wolf?"

    Qin Feng quickly turned around and saw a woman costumed in cat woman attire with a cat-shaped mask standing behind him. He lowered his gaze to stare at the woman's breasts.

    When he saw her large breasts, he exclaimed inwardly, Wow, they are really huge!

    "Big-breasted sister?" Qin Feng asked after altering his voice.

    Although he could not see the Billowy Lady's features and expression, he could judge from her high-pitched voice that he'd made Billowy Lady was very angry.

    "I'm not Big-breasted sister! I'm Billowy Lady!"

    "What's the difference?" Qin Feng laughed, "Your breasts are huge. They must be very spongy!"

    Seeing Qin Feng was getting pumped, Billowy Lady almost exploded.

    She pushed down the urge to slap Qin Feng and said coldly, "We are on a mission tonight. If I hear any more nonsense from your filthy mouth, I'll kick you off my team!"

    Qin Feng behaved himself and turned serious after he saw that Billowy Lady was getting angry.

    He walked to Billowy Lady's side and asked, "The so-called Taoist Rakshasa is coming here tonight?"

    "I received intel from the mission issuer. He told me that Taoist Rakshasa will be here tonight," Billowy Lady answered simply.

    "The mission issuer? Why didn't he give me the information?" Qin Feng asked as he raised his brows in displeasure.

    "Why would he give you the information? You're only my teammate. The issuer will only inform the person who accepted the mission, and that person has to spread the information to his or her team members."

    Billowy Lady rolled her eyes at Qin Feng and said scornfully, "Hey, don't tell me this is your first time carrying out a team mission."

    Qin Feng thanked his wolf mask so much as the mask veiled his awkwardness from Billowy Lady.

    "What are you talking about? I'm an old bird, and I'm always the leader except for this time. "

    Billowy Lady stared at Qin Feng's wolf mask for a while, and her lips curled into a sneer, "I don't trust you."

    Without waiting for Qin Feng's response, Billowy Lady added, "The mission was issued by the Dragon Group, but I guess you don't know about the Dragon Group. China has three doors and five sects, and the Dragon Group is one of them. They are backed by the Chinese government, or we can say that the Dragon Group is a group established by China."

    Qin Feng finally understood, No wonder there are so many mission points for this mission. Our country is so rich!

    Billowy Lady paused for a while before continuing, "According to the intel given by the Dragon Group, our target today, Taoist Rakshasa, is an extremely powerful heretic. He always appears here in the region of Ghost Mountain and murders all passerby and uses the corpses to cultivate.

    "This heretic is utterly devoid of conscience. The Dragon Group believes that he must be subdued, so they issued a mission to Martial Artist Alliance to find someone to exterminate him."

    Billowy Lady briefed Qin Feng on the information she had obtained, so Qin Feng now had more knowledge about Taoist Rakshasa.

    Looking at the spooky surroundings that were devoid of any human beings, Qin Feng said, "We just wait here for him to show himself? What if the heretic decided not to come today? Besides, the space here is too wide, and it's too dark. We might miss him if he comes here."

    Billowy Lady sent a glare at Qin Feng and harrumphed, "Tsk, you must've never met a heretic before. When a heretic appears, the surroundings will be filled by his evil energy. Even though some heretics can hide their evil energy, they cannot conceal all of it. As long as Taoist Rakshasa comes, I can find him!"

    Qin Feng nodded. Then, he smirked, "So you have the nose of a dog!"

    Qin Feng's remark ticked Billowy Lady off so much that she wanted to hit him, "You're the one with the nose of a dog! I'm regretting allowing you on my team! I should've come alone!"

    Qin Feng's gaze was fixated on Billowy Lady's large breasts while teasing her, and they continued to bicker while waiting for the appearance of Taoist Rakshasa...

    On top of Ghost Mountain, there was an abandoned factory. The factory was a workshop left by a group of coal miners and should be bereft of any human beings.

    However, the factory glowed with a gloomy light. It wasn't caused by a light bulb; it was caused by a row of candles that flickered in the breeze.

    "Director Liu, it's too spooky here like a ghost movie... Why don't we retreat first?"

    At the entrance of the factory stood five men in police uniforms. Their bodies quivered with fear. There was a woman in front of them, and compared to the men, she was much calmer.

    The women wore a neat and tidy police uniform and a cap on her head. She had a valiant and heroic bearing and an imposing appearance. Her body figure was perfectly carved by God, and her appearance was as pretty as a heavenly maiden. However, she constantly erupted with a cold air, and her face always held a cold expression driving people away from her.

    "Go in now! I, as a woman, am never afraid of going in. Why is it that you five, as men, are more afraid than me?"

    Liu Bing Bing's countenance sank. She shot a few icy glares at the five behind her causing the five to quiver even more in fear as they all felt their ending by her hands would be even more tragic than entering the haunted factory.

    Even though the newly appointed director had only arrived in the provincial capital half a month prior, every officer of the bureau feared Liu Bing Bing very much. Their fear for Liu Bing Bing was best shown when she got angry because they all believed that they would be struck by a heart attack at anytime

    "This 'Haunted Ghost Mountain' is my first mission since I arrived in the provincial capital's sub-bureau. I've gone through the information on the area. Apparently, there is a mysterious figure playing ghost in this region and killing any passerby. How can we allow this group of beasts to remain beyond the arm of the law? It's just a rumor. Can we, as law enforcement, believe this kind of superstitious?" Liu Bing Bing's dominating aura dwarfed the five police officers. Then, she ordered coldly, "If we do not succeed in destroying them, nobody is allowed to leave this mountain!"

    The five police officers' expressions darkened. Even though they were extremely reluctant to go in, they could do nothing but followed Liu Bing Bing.

    After walking into the abandoned factory, the ghastly and bloodcurdling sensation intensified. The doors and windows of the factory were all broken causing an eerie wind to blow in strong. The swish of the wind against the broken doors and windows was scary enough by itself. The erratic candlelight that filled the space, the spider webs that covered the walls, and the black-colored bats that roamed about made it even worse.

    The vibe was the same as the effects in the movie The Adventures of Three Tomb Raiders.


    Somebody stepped on something. The sound was extremely grating to the ears and caused the few officers to stop abruptly and turn around to check their surroundings.

    Suddenly, the ill wind intensified. The candle lights flickered with a greater intensity, and a few of them went out. The temperature dropped, and a chilly sensation coursed through everybody's nerves from their backs to the heads.

    "Ke! Ke! Ke!"

    A strange sinister laugh echoed from nowhere. Two of Liu Bing Bing's men were so scared that their knees went weak, and they fell to the ground.

    "Ke! Ke! Welcome! Welcome, everybody to my territory. Nobody shall leave Ghost Mountain once you set your foot in it!" an ear-piercing voice drifted into everybody's ears.

    The voice was sharp and screechy. It was torturous just to listen to it, and even Liu Bing Bing got goosebumps.

    "Who's in there? Show yourself! We're the police officers from the provincial capital's sub-bureau. You're under arrest for suspicion of multiple counts of murder on Ghost Mountain. You are to follow us back to the bureau for questioning!" Liu Bing Bing pulled out a pistol from her belt. With the pistol in her hands, she surveyed the ground carefully. However, she looked around a couple of times but found nothing at all.

    "Ke! Ke! Ke! So you all are police officers. What a bunch of insolent fools. But I favor you, young lady, very much. I've decided! I must have you tonight and suck out every drop of Yin energy in your body!"

    That screechy strange voice echoed again. Suddenly, gushes of black wind rose from every edge of the room. Stunned and nervous, Liu Bing Bing shot three times at the black wind, but her bullets penetrated through the black wind and hit nothing.

    "Director Liu! Ghost Mountain is really haunted, and we should leave now! We're police officers, not exorcists!" Her five subordinates all sweat in fear.

    "Want to leave? Ke, ke, ke! It's too late!" Before the six people could react, they were engulfed by a ball of black wind. Liu Bing Bing's vision darkened, and she passed out!
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