Chapter 429 - Demon Cultivator Versus Heretic

    Chapter 429 - Demon Cultivator Versus Heretic

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "Here he comes! The heretic is here!" Billowy Lady glowered while Qin Feng admired her breasts.

    In the next second, she turned into a breeze and stormed toward Ghost Mountain's top.

    Since their target had shown himself, Qin Feng felt he should get serious too and trailed behind Billowy Lady.

    It's odd. Why could Billowy Lady sense the presence of that heretic while I cannot? Qin Feng questioned himself while he was running.

    "Master, a heretic does not cultivate inner qi; they cultivate evil energy. Hence, their aura is kind of different from a martial artist, so it's normal for Master not to be able to sense them," Little Pig explained.

    Qin Feng was even more perplexed. He almost stumbled to his feet.

    Does that mean that Billowy Lady is a heretic? If not, how can she sense the evil energy?

    Little Pig squinted his eyes at Qin Feng and answered arrogantly, "Master, aside from heretics, there are two more types of cultivators namely demon cultivators and morphlings. Let us set aside what a morphling is and move on to demon cultivator. A demon cultivator cultivates demon essence, and it's very similar to the evil energy of a heretic by nature. Thus, it's natural for a demon cultivator to sense the presence of a heretic. Your big-breasted team member might be a demon cultivator."

    When Qin Feng heard Little Pig's nickname for Billowy Lady, 'big-breasted team member,' his lips twisted into a crooked smile. Then, when he thought that he would encounter both a heretic and demon cultivator tonight, the revelation caused his mouth to twist even further.

    "Master, you can activate the hidden skill hyper intuition bestowed by Sacred Azure Battle Armor to enhance your six senses tenfold. Then, you'll be able to sense the evil energy."

    Little Pig's remark sparked Qin Feng's memory. He had almost forgotten about the Sacred Azure Battle Armor's hidden skill. He hastily activated the Hyper Intuition.


    Qin Feng felt something explode in his mind causing him to experience an excruciating pain, but the pain faded soon after. Then, when he shifted his gaze to the summit again, he was stunned.

    The summit that enveloped in darkness was too far to be seen clearly by naked eyes. However, Qin Feng's vision was clear now. He could even noticed the evil energy released by the heretic that materialized into the dark mist shrouding the summit. Judging from the density of the dark mist, Qin Feng knew that heretic would not be an easy opponent.

    The six human senses included vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and perception. Hyper Intuition amplified Qin Feng's senses tenfold, and the effect was shocking.

    Previously, Billow Lady who ran in front of Qin Feng was fast in his eyes. She ghosted around the forest like a phantom and she would crossed five or six meters when she leaped. Now, her speed was as slow as a turtle in Qin Feng's eyes giving him a feeling that everything was ten times slower. He even believed that he could easily trace the trajectory of a bullet and catch it with his hands.

    As Qin Feng was marveled at the miraculous effect of Hyper Intuition, they reached the summit. There was an abandoned factory on the summit filled with gloomy, eerie candle lights.

    "The heretic is in there!" Billowy Lady stopped outside the factory and glanced around the compound.

    Squatting on the other side of the door, Qin Feng looked into the factory. He could sensed the evil energy in the air had thickened and intensified by coming this near to the factory.

    "Ke, ke, ke! What a lucky day! There are so many people offering themselves to me tonight! If my luck was usually as good as tonight, I might have long perfected my cultivation and become unbeatable!"

    The screechy voice echoed through the factory. Offensive and unpleasing to the ears, the voice nauseated them so much that Billowy Lady had goosebumps and Qin Feng almost vomited.

    "Show yourself, demon!"

    Since their opponent had discovered their presence, Billowy Lady felt that they did not have to conceal themselves in the dark anymore. She leaped out from her hiding spot to the center of the compound.

    "Hmph! So you're a cultivator. How dare you set foot in my territory this late at night! You're looking for death!"

    The shrill voice continued to echo through the factory. Suddenly, an ill wind rose and an unidentified object shot down from the sky. It was fast and targeted at Billowy Lady!

    "Heretic, you have committed all sort of acts of iniquity and are utterly conscienceless. I will bring you to justice today!"

    Facing the dark mist, Billowy Lady remained calm and collected. With a single swipe of her hand, she summoned a long, blood-red whip to her hand, and without a moment of hesitation, she mercilessly whipped it towards the dark mist.


    The long whip danced wildly in the air accompanied by a bursting array of crisp sounds. Then, the blood-red whip rapidly dispersed into dozens of shadows and rammed the spinning dark mist slowing it down for a bit.

    "Ke, ke! You b*tch! I swear I'll peel off your skin, extract all your muscles, and feast on your blood! You will experience a death that is far beyond your imagination!" the shrill voice came out of the dark mist.

    It seemed like Billowy Lady's attack hurt him, and he had gotten angry.


    After taking much recovery from Billowy Lady's previous attack, the dark mist exploded and charged lightning fast at Billowy Lady. Shocked, Billowy Lady roared and recoiled.


    The dark mist crashed on the ground and created a large crater. Billowy Lady narrowly escaped at the last moment, but the shockwave blew her back across the ground.


    The dark mist began to spin again and sprang up from the ground like a giant basketball. It swirled in mid-air with a tremendous explosion. After building up its momentum, it rushed down towards Billowy Lady again.

    "Shadow Blood Whip!" Billowy Lady screamed.

    She bounced into mid-air and relentlessly flogged the dark mist with the Shadow Blood Whip. Her movements were extremely fast. Within a second, she had landed ten or so lashes on the dark mist and each successful whiplash was accompanied by a clear crisp sound. The dark mist was covered with the blood red whip's shadows, dyeing it blood-red.


    The dark mist stopped and let out a fierce cry.

    Billowy Lady's attacks had completely set the heretic off. The dark mist started to morph and slowly faded into the figure of a person shrouded in the dark mist. He wore a long black robe, and his body was enshrouded in the dark mist. His face features were terrifying and wretched. His eyes were grey and without pupils. His nose was collapsed, and had no nostrils on his face. His lips were chapped and stuck together as if they were sewn together.

    "Ke, ke, ke!"

    "How dare you throw a tantrum in my lair, b*tch! Today will be your death!" Taoist Rakshasa spoke without opening his mouth, and his voice was screechy and horrible to hear.

    Landing safely on the ground, Billowy Lady confronted Taoist Rakshasa head on. With a disdainful expression, she sneered, "Hmph! How dare you, loser, call yourself a Taoist? What insolence!"

    It seemed that Billowy Lady had bad blood with Taoist Rakshasa. She moved again once she finished speaking.

    She tapped her foot lightly on the ground and bent her body slightly. With a forceful push, she darted forward like a released arrow.


    She retracted half of her long whip. Whipping the short whip furiously, she created a torrent of whip shadows with an irresistible force before sending them towards Taoist Rakshasa.

    "Ke, ke! Petty skill!"

    Taoist Rakshasa sneered. He did not plan to avoid the attack. Standing still in his original position, he drew a few magic circles in the air. When he was finished creating the circles, he shoved his palm forward and sent a torrent of dense, dark mist rushing toward Billowy Lady. The dark mist burst into flame as it flew and turned into fireballs.


    The fireballs were massively powerful and exploded along their path.

    Billowy Lady skidded to a halt and stopped.

    She jumped above into the midair with a back-flip. She kept away the Shadow Blood Whip and gestured her palms in the air like Taoist Rakshasa did before shoving them at him.

    Wisps of radiant purple demonic essence shot forward and formed a glacial wall in front of Billowy Lady. The massive fireballs rammed themselves into the glacial wall and fizzled out. Under the merciless bombardment of fireballs, the glacial wall Billowy Lady created shattered.

    "Ke, ke, ke! So you're a Stage 4 demon cultivator? I hate demon cultivators the most. You will die tonight!" Taoist Rakshasa yelled in anger before charging at Billowy Lady with a wretched expression.

    The dark mist around his body intensified as if it was burning. Billowy Lady's countenance changed dramatically as she sensed an extremely dangerous aura pressing her. As she retreated, she yelled scornfully,

    "Green Wolf! Are you here to watch a show? Hurry up and attack him now. I can't hold him any longer!"

    Billowy Lady yelling for help successfully snapped Qin Feng out of his confusion.

    Of course, Qin Feng was not there to watch the show. Initially, he wished to subdue Taoist Rakshasa on his own while Billowy Lady watched from the sideline.

    However, as soon as Taoist Rakshasa appeared, Qin Feng was stunned.

    He was familiar with many powerful martial artists. The Yin-Yang Elders were scared of him; he'd even killed the Stage 6 inner qi master, Custodian Qing Feng from the Verdant Sect. During the last great battle in the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Qin Feng had also witnessed the strength of Uncle Yan, a Stage 8 inner qi master. Hence, he felt his knowledge about the martial world was sufficient.

    However, had ever he saw a heretic before, he would never have made such a bold statement. He'd never seen a person appear in a dense dark mist and attack with the dark mist. He also never knew the evil energy of a heretic could be shaped into fire or that the demon essence of a demon cultivator could be shaped into ice.

    It's so **ing insane! Not even a Stage 6 inner qi master could do all this!

    "Master, actually, there is nothing to be surprise of. Even though the evil energy and demon essence can be shaped into elements such as fire, ice, or lightning, none of it can actually harm you given that Master has the Sacred Azure Battle Armor on. So it's almost impossible for the heretic to burn you to death with his fireball spell!

    "And, don't forget Master that you could use fireballs as well with the Spear of Rathalos. If Master wants to use other elements such as ice or lightning, all Master has to do is use the Hedonist Points to purchase said skills!" Little Pig said pridefully.

    "Green Wolf, what are you waiting for? If you don't attack now, we're going to die here!" Billowy Lady yelled for help again. Her voice was filled with anxiety.

    Qin Feng then hastily looked in her direction, and he almost fell to the ground.

    A mere second had passed and the Catwoman outfit Billowy Lady wore was shredded so that her black bra and panties were visible. Qin Feng could clearly see her snow-white bubbly breasts. They were huge and majestic.
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