Chapter 430 - The Real Identity of Billowy Lady

    Chapter 430 - The Real Identity of Billowy Lady

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng stared at Billowy Lady's breasts for a good while before he looked at her face.

    Not only had her Catwoman costume been destroyed, her mask had been shattered as well. As such, she threw her mask away so that it would not hinder her sight.

    Her face was very well-defined and pretty. She had an oval-shaped face with a touch of mischief in her features. Qin Feng was shocked when he saw Billowy Lady's face.

    Hua Yan?! Billowy Lady is Hua Yan?! Qin Feng screamed inwardly after he knew who Billowy Lady was.

    Taoist Rakshasa hit Hua Yan in her chest again. Blood gushed from her mouth as she was sent flying into the sky.


    Qin Feng vanished and reappeared at Hua Yan's side in the next second and pulled her into his arms.

    Filled with anger, Hua Yan struggled out of Qin Feng's arms and punched him. She roared, "Why don't you start attacking after I'm dead?! I really should've come alone!"

    Hua Yan was really angry. This was a team mission, and a team mission required the cooperation of every team member. She never expected that Qin Feng would stand foolishly on the sideline without giving her any assistance. She was angry, and her chest was almost exploding with her anger.

    "Here, apply this to your wounds. You'll get better soon," Qin Feng was embarrassed, so he purchased two bottles of elementary-grade Golden Sore Medicine from the system for Hua Yan.

    "What is this? Why have I never seen it before? Why does it smell so weird?" Hua Yan opened the bottle and railed against the elementary-grade Golden Sore Medicine.

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quivered. The elementary-grade Golden Sore Medicine was far better than the so-called 100,000 yuan Soul Cleansing Pill. If Qin Feng didn't felt guilty for Hua Yan, would he have ever spent two hundred Hedonist Points to buy two bottles of elementary-grade Golden Sore Medicine?

    He could not have expected the big-breasted woman to not accept his courtesy. Qin Feng was so disappointed that he almost took the medicine back to keep for himself.

    "This medicine is hundred times better than Soul Cleansing Pills! Use it or give it back!" Qin Feng squinted his mouth.

    Hua Yan still did not believe him. She rolled her eyes at Qin Feng and countered, "Bluffing is all you can do."

    Even though she said that Hua Yan still poured the elementary-grade Golden Sore Medicine on her wounds. After she applied it equally over her wounds, her expression changed.

    Surges of soothing coolness coursed through her body. She no longer felt pain from her wounds, and her large wounds began to heal fast enough to be perceived by unaided eyes.

    Hua Yan had a very special identity, and she understood all sort of herbs deeply. She was a master at concocting pills; however, she could not identify what ingredients were used to make the medicine in her hand. The medicinal effect was a hundred times better than that of Soul Cleansing Pills.

    "Ke, ke! One down. Now it's your turn, brat!" a chilling sensation ran down Qin Feng's back as he felt he was enshrouded by a deathly aura.

    Hua Yan sweat with anxiety when she saw Taoist Rakshasa charging towards them. She wanted to move out of his course of attack, but she was too badly injured that she did not have enough energy to avoid the attack.

    "Let's go!"

    Without wasting any more time, Qin Feng picked up Hua Yan and locked her firmly in his arms. He erupted with every bit of his inner qi, became a flash of shadow, and escaped to a vast space ten or so meters away.

    Qin Feng held Hua Yan and pressed her huge breasts against his chest. She panted sweetly from lack of air. Qin Feng, on the other hand, enjoyed the soft, jiggly sensation of Hua Yan's breasts against him.

    "Rest here. I'll handle that monster!"

    Qin Feng understood that now was not the right time to flirt with Hua Yan. After placing Hua Yan on the ground, Qin Feng took a single leap and arrived above Taoist Rakshasa.

    A treasured sword glowed with an orange radiance appeared in his hand, and he equipped the Winter Iron Glove on his right hand.

    An ill wind continued to roam wildly around the factory and fluttered Qin Feng's fiery red windbreaker making him looks like a huge ball of flames floating in the sky. The sleeping wolf's face on his mask opened its eyes and stared fiercely at Taoist Rakshasa. Then, he waved the Truesteel Sword.

    "Nine Sword of Dugu!"

    It seemed ordinary, but the relentless sword flurries contained power enough to topple a mountain and sever a river. They engulfed Taoist Rakshasa in an instant.

    "Ke, ke! So you're a Stage 5 inner qi expert. Anyway, you're going to die tonight!" Taoist Rakshasa's expression became wretched.

    Taoist Rakshasa let out an ear-piercing, manic yell as he sensed the tremendous power of Qin Feng attack. The dark mist surrounding his body thickened, billowed, and formed a dome of darkness around him to shield him from the attack.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    As the orange sword flurries fell on the dome of darkness that surrounded Taoist Rakshasa, they were absorbed into the dark mist and vanished. If they did not release metal jarring sounds when they collided with the mist, Qin Feng might've thought that his Truesteel Sword attack had failed.

    Ke, ke, ke!

    Taoist Rakshasa's voice became sharper as his pupil-less grey eyes suddenly reddened. He clasped his hands together and sent waves of dense dark mist toward Qin Feng.

    "Go to hell, you stupid fool!"


    Once again, the dark mist became dozens of fireballs and exploded in the air.

    Waving his hands, Qin Feng turned the Truesteel Sword into a long crimson spear. He then waved his long spear in the air and shot a few fire bullets.

    "Monster, do you think only you're the only one who knows how to play with fire? I know it as well!"

    Fire bullets collided with Taoist Rakshasa's fireballs and caused a huge explosion. The explosion produced a three-meter-high flame that almost burned the rooftop.

    Taoist Rakshasa's countenance sank. He looked warily at Qin Feng and had forgotten to continue his attack.

    "You're a demon cultivator too? A Stage 5 demon cultivator?!"

    Taoist Rakshasa surmised that Qin Feng was a Stage 5 inner qi martial artist when Qin Feng first attacked him. Although he was only a Stage 4 heretic, he had never wavered when facing even a Stage 6 inner qi martial artist, let alone a Stage 5 inner qi martial artist like Qin Feng. However, he realized that he was wrong when he saw that Qin Feng could also create fireballs. He became worried as his previous assumption was shattered and surmised that Qin Feng was actually a Stage 5 demon cultivator.

    Hua Yan watched the battle from the sidelines as she recuperated. Likewise, she marveled at Qin Feng's ability to create fireballs with his long spear. There were only a few cultivators in China and demon cultivators were among the minority. Hua Yan never imagined that her team member would be a demon cultivator, let alone a Stage 5 demon cultivator.

    "Tsk, I'll be a ghost cultivator so long as I can kill you. Why do you have so many things to say?" Qin Feng did not understand what a demon cultivator was yet. To him, a demon cultivator was literally a follower of the occult.

    He was displeased that Taoist Rakshasa regarded him as the follower of the occult. Holding the Spear of Rathalos, he thrust it into the air towards Taoist Rakshasa.


    Qin Feng injected inner qi into the long crimson spear causing the spear to glow red at a greater intensity so that it appeared like a fire hook fresh out of the fire as it rushed toward Taoist Rakshasa's head.

    "Demon cultivator! You really are a demon cultivator!" the realization flustered Taoist Rakshasa. The pressure Qin Feng exerted on him was far more domineering than that of Hua Yan. Realized that he was no match for Qin Feng and hastily planned to retreat.

    "Want to run? Do you think you can escape from me?"

    Qin Feng's expression turned icy. He unequipped the Sacred Azure Battle Armor. Without the extra 250kg weight, he became as light as a feather. With a light hop on his foot, he darted forward as fast as lightning and stabbed Taoist Rakshasa through the heart with his long spear so the tip of the spear shot out of his back.


    Qin Feng withdrew the long spear drawing a perfect arc of blood mist through the air.

    Qin Feng remained in his stance as the wind blew his long hair around. Pointing the long spear into the sky, he took a cool pose. Qin Feng suddenly remembered the back thrust Tang Bo Hu executed when he defeated the Evil Scholar in the movie Flirting Scholar. [TN: Tang Bo Hu, one of the four scholars in Ming Dynasty. Flirting Scholar, a movie directed by Lee Lik Chi and Stephen Chow.]

    He felt his move was very similar to the back thrust. Not only had he defeated his enemy, he even finished him up with an elegant move. Qin Feng believed that this was his true self.

    "Green Wolf, what are you doing? Are you waiting for me to take a photo of you? Look behind you!" Qin Feng was in the middle of his good vibe when Hua Yan yelled at him.

    Looking at the fussy Hua Yan, Qin Feng smiled lightly. He'd stabbed Taoist Rakshasa through his heart and believed that was long dead.

    As soon as Qin Feng turned around, he was shocked, and he opened his eyes so big that they almost fell out from their sockets!

    Qin Feng saw Taoist Rakshasa charging at him with a ferocious expression. There was a huge hole in his chest dripping black, gooey blood. The dark mist around his body intensified and surged into the hole healing it fast enough to be perceived by naked eyes.

    "What the f*ck?! Are you a monster? How can you still be alive after getting your heart's been pierced? I'm not going to play with you anymore!"

    "Ke, ke, ke! You damn fool, you've completely enraged me! I want you to experience a death that is far beyond your imagination. I want to suck out every drop of your yang energy. After you die, I'll absorb all your dead essence, and after I've turned you into my deadwalker, I'll make you blow me every single night! Ke, ke, ke! "

    Taoist Rakshasa laughed maniacally sending a chill down Qin Feng's spine.

    It was out of his imagination that this monster had such a wicked hobby. Blow him when I become a corpse? Is he not afraid of getting poisoned?

    "You freak! Look to that big-breasted sister if you want someone to blow you. Don't come and disgust me!" Qin Feng glowered while he ran.

    Even though he'd stabbed Taoist Rakshasa, Qin Feng felt Taoist Rakshasa power had increased. Their surroundings were filled with the deathly aura released by Taoist Rakshasa scaring Qin Feng.

    Hua Yan had forgotten to heal herself when she heard Qin Feng's remark. Her mouth quivered, and she almost stormed forward to slap him.


    Taoist Rakshasa exploded.

    The dark mist that used to shroud his body burst and filled the factory.

    "Ke, ke, ke! Death Breath! Brat, drop dead now!"

    "This is bad! That monster released all the dead essence he has accumulated over the years! This is a double-edged move; it could recoil back to him. We're not his opponents. Green Wolf, let's retreat now!"

    Hua Yan's eyes were filled with nervousness when she saw the dense dark mist.

    Since she had recovered some of her energy, she mustered up her strength and leaped out of the factory.

    Qin Feng was in the center of the explosion, so he was now totally shrouded in the dark mist. It was a hundred times worse than the mist in the provincial capital, and he could not see anything as he suffocated. Qin Feng lost his sense of direction.


    A strong gale of wind suddenly shoved right at his chest. It was Taoist Rakshasa. He charged at Qin Feng at full speed and sent him flying into the air.


    Qin Feng vomited a mouthful of blood as soon as he landed. Once he opened his mouth, the dark mist surged into his body seemingly attempting to devour Qin Feng whole.

    "Master, hurry up and put on the Sacred Azure Battle Armor!" Little Pig anxious voice resounded in Qin Feng's mind.

    Qin Feng regained his senses. He had unequipped the Sacred Azure Battle Armor when he attacked Taoist Rakshasa earlier but had never re-equipped it.
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