Chapter 431 - The Death of Taoist Rakshasa

    Chapter 431 - The Death of Taoist Rakshasa

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13


    Qin Feng re-equipped the Sacred Azure Battle Armor. The armor glowed a bright blue and two icicles protruded from his back pointing to the sky granting him a mighty look.

    The battle armor enshrouded Qin Feng from his head to toe like a mech warrior.

    "What kind of armor are you wearing that you can even withstand my Death Breath?" Taoist Rakshasa stared at Qin Feng in disbelief like he had seen a ghost.

    His miasma could engulf anything, and since it was it was a gas, it could enter the body through any orifices. However, the battle armor surrounded Qin Feng like a spacesuit and formed an impenetrable shield making the miasma surrounding him unable to enter to his body.

    Where does the azure-colored battle armor on this brat's body come from?

    There were so many questions in Taoist Rakshasa's mind it stunned him. He abruptly stopped his attack. Seizing his golden opportunity, Qin Feng leaped into the air and charged at Taoist Rakshasa like a bolt of lightning. He held the Spear of Rathalos in his hand and shoved it through Taoist Rakshasa's heart once again.


    Qin Feng used his full strength to move the Spear of Rathalos inside Taoist Rakshasa's body and made a large hole.

    The dark miasma faded slowly and gathered at the hole healing Taoist Rakshasa. Qin Feng would not give Taoist Rakshasa the chance to heal himself. He swished the Spear of Rathalos in the air and summoned countless fire bullets to fall over Taoist Rakshasa in a blazing rain.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The effect of the fire bullets was stunning. They fell on Taoist Rakshasa and released a succession of explosions. In an instant, flames were everywhere, and the stench of a burning corpse pervaded the air. Luckily, the wind blew strong enough through all of the broken windows, so the burning corpse scent dissipated very fast otherwise Qin Feng would have died from the stench.

    "Yi, yi, yi! Ah, ah, ah!"

    The rain of fireballs had injured Taoist Rakshasa greatly causing him to raise his arms, writhe and scream in agony while trying to escape from his demise.

    The dark mist around Taoist Rakshasa disappeared quickly into the air. His Death Breath had released all of the miasmas he had accumulated over the years. The miamsa dissipated in the air once he released it, so all of his cultivating was now in vain.

    It was a double-edged move that harmed both the enemies and the executor. If Qin Feng wasn't so strong and pushed Taoist Rakshasa off the edge, he would never have resorted to using the ace up his sleeve. He could not have anticipated that even after using all of his miasma, he would still be unable to kill Qin Feng.

    Running out of any measures to turn the side, Taoist Rakshasa went limp and kneeled on the ground.

    The dark mist surrounding his body disappeared. Color faded from Taoist Rakshasa's face as his body began to decay at a pace visible to unaided eyes. Soon enough, he turned into a corpse.

    Qin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief after Taoist Rakshasa was dead. He had never been so tense before not even when he battled a Stage 6 inner qi master.

    Taoist Rakshasa was different from the martial artists Qin Feng had encountered. He was like a demon that haunted the depth of your heart and tried to pull you into the abyss of hell whenever he got a chance. Qin Feng felt he was lucky that he finally able to defeat him.

    "Little Pig, some miasma went into my body. Will the miasma harm me?" Qin Feng asked worriedly.

    Before he equipped the Sacred Azure Battle Armor, some of the miasma seized the chance to slip into his body. The corner of Qin Feng's mouth quivered vigorously when he thought about the fact that miasma was essence absorbed from the dead.

    "For now, Master's inner qi is still quite stable. However, if it remains in Master's body for long, it will erode Master's body eventually. Master should think of a way to expel the miasma out from your body quickly."

    Hua Yan returned with a stunned expression on her face. She glared violently at Qin Feng and asked, "Green Wolf? Where did you get the battle armor from? You're not dead yet?"

    The Sacred Azure Battle Armor covered his face, so Qin Feng was not afraid of being recognized by Hua Yan. Angered by her previous actions, Qin Feng stared fiercely at Hua Yan and yelled, "You have giant boobs, but you don't have a sense of brotherhood. How can you leave me alone in such a dangerous situation?!"

    Hua Yan warned Qin Feng before she escaped, but he was right that she did abandon him. As such, she was kind of embarrassed.

    However, Qin Feng's remarks still enraged Hua Yan. She glared at Qin Feng and screamed, "What an insolent fiend! How can you keep on looking at my body... Pui! Pui! Pui! At my breasts, you **ing pervert!"

    "Your boobs were so large that they covered your face. Where should I have put my eyes, then?" Qin Feng countered.

    Hua Yan's expression darkened. She sneakily bent over to look at her gargantuan breasts and realized that her breasts really blocked her view of her feet.

    Accepting the fact that she could not possibly win against Green Wolf in a verbal exchange, Hua Yan turned her face away from Green Wolf as she was too lazy to fight with him. Suddenly, she saw something lying on the ground, and she was shocked. "I-is that Taoist Rakshasa? You killed him?"

    After she escaped from the factory, she noticed that Green Wolf had failed to escape the dense miasma released by Taoist Rakshasa. Without giving it a second thought, she clenched her teeth and returned to save Green Wolf.

    Qin Feng did not understand the destructive power of Taoist Rakshasa's Death Breath, but Hua Yan knew. The miasma was collected, condensed, and refined by Taoist Rakshasa for years and had very strong phagocytic properties.

    Hua Yan planned to thank the gods if Green Wolf survived, but never did she expect that Green Wolf would kill Taoist Rakshasa and even remain totally unscathed from the fight.

    Hua Yan squat beside the corpse, and after she confirmed the corpse was really Taoist Rakshasa, her shocked expression grew intense. Eyeing Green Wolf for a couple of seconds, she then asked, "Green Wolf, are you a demon cultivator? From which sect?"

    Hua Yan's question stunned Qin Feng. He was neither a demon cultivator nor did he belong to any sect.

    "Answer me first. Are you a demon cultivator? And which sect do you belong to?" Qin Feng did not answer Hua Yan's question and asked his own instead.

    Hua Yan pondered for a while before saying, "I'm a Stage 4 demon cultivator and the leader of the Mysterious Moon."

    Qin Feng's mouth quirked incessantly, "Leader of the Mysterious Moon? How many disciples do you have in your sect? Wow, you're amazing!"

    Although Qin Feng looked calm on the surface, he was worried. There were too many misunderstandings and old scores between him and Hua Yan. Based on how he always took advantage of her and uprooted many of her hard-grown spiritual plants, Qin Feng believed that Hua Yan would never let him off the hook.

    He had gotten even more vexed after knowing Hua Yan was a leader of a sect. He worried that Hua Yan might gather up her disciples one day to attack him.

    "Not... not that many people." Hua Yan stammered as a pink blush washed over her face.

    Qin Feng was not satisfied with her answer. He persisted, "Not many is how many to be exact?"

    Staring at Qin Feng, Hua Yan harrumphed, "The Mysterious Moon was established one month ago, and I'm the only member. Are you satisfied now?"

    "Haha! So you're actually so free that you set up a sect to play with yourself? You scared me so much!" Qin Feng guffawed uproariously causing Hua Yan to get even angrier.

    She glared at Qin Feng and continued, "Who the hell said I've nothing to do so I established a sect to pass the time? Since you're a demon cultivator, I suppose that you know about the selective trial for sainthood that will be held half a year from now. People who wish to enter the trial must be from a regular sect. I established the Mysterious Moon is because I'm participating in the trial!"

    "Leftover ladies of the evil cult?" Qin Feng asked. Then, he turned to Hua Yan and queried excitedly, "Is it a blind date for those old female demon cultivators who have not married yet?"


    Hua Yan inhaled a deep breath. Her humongous breasts drew closer to Qin Feng's face as her chest heaved.

    Her expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot. She stared fiercely at Qin Feng and asked, "How about you? You still have not told me which cult you are from!"

    A regular martial artist group was known as sect while a tribe of a demon cultivator was known as a cult. Heretics did not form organizations merely because a heretic would do anything in order to elevate themselves; thus, if they did gather and establish a group, god knows what would happen behind that closed door.

    "Oh, I never said I'd tell you. This is a question that breaches my privacy, I can't tell you," Qin Feng looked at Hua Yan like she was stupid.

    "You..."Hua Yan almost fainted at Qin Feng shamelessness. She was so angry that her exposed skin reddened.

    "Remember this, Green Wolf, I'll be a bastard if I ever work with you on a mission again!" Hua Yan huffed, turned around, and took her leave.

    Qin Feng hastily halted her, "Hey big-breasted sister, what should I do with him? Do you still want to report the mission?

    "The hell I'm carrying that heretic's corpse on my back to report the mission. I'm leaving the rest to you! I'm leaving now, he, he, he!"

    Hua Yan's brazen laughter echoed through the factory but she was no longer in sight. She finally outwitted Qin Feng, and she was very delighted.

    Only Qin Feng and the corpse of Taoist Rakshasa were left in the spacious factory after Hua Yan left. The ill wind continued to blow through the factory, and the atmosphere was kind of eerie.


    Somebody stepped on the waste on the ground and caused the crisp sound stunning Qin Feng.

    There are no other living being aside from me, so where did the footsteps come from? Could it be... the ghost?!

    "Stop right there! Place your hands on your head and squat down... If you dare to move an inch, I'll shoot you!"

    An icy but sonorous sound resounded, and it was familiar to Qin Feng.

    Unable to believe the truth, Qin Feng turned and looked over to the source of the sound. His eyes became damp when he saw Liu Bing Bing in her police uniform looking gallant and heroic.

    This woman is still an iceberg. Can't she change her habit of always pointing her pistol at other people?


    With a light hop, Qin Feng vanished. Seeing that Qin Feng suddenly disappeared, Liu Bing Bing tensed up.


    A rattle shattered the quietness of the factory and echoed through the air of the factory for a long time.

    Shame tingled in Liu Bing Bing's cheeks as she felt a burning and weird sensation rising up from her butt and through her body.

    "You bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Liu Bing Bing had not seen the attacked clearly, and Qin Feng went missing again.

    As a conservative and cold queen, how could she tolerate being slapped on the butt by a stranger? Cold, killing intent crawled into Liu Bing Bing's icy eyes.

    "You've forgotten your man after simply not seeing me for a few months? Can't I even touch the butt of my own woman? How can you still want to shoot me? You **ing bitch, see how is young master going to punish you!"


    Suddenly, a long whip fell from the sky. It was glowing an orange light and released a cracking sound in the mid-air.

    Liu Bing Bing's eyes glowed as she looked at the familiar long, orange whip, and the voice of rang a bell.


    Waving his hands, Qin Feng lashed Liu Bing Bing's jiggly butt. Even though it sounded threatening, Qin Feng had great aptitude in controlling his strength, so Liu Bing Bing actually did not feel much pain.

    "Bing Bing, I've not seen you for three months. I missed you so much. Have you missed your man?"


    Another lash landed on Liu Bing Bing's butt. It was very loud but not painful at all. Qin Feng had a sex with Liu Bing Bing the last time they were at Heping Town's Feng Yun Fun City, so how could he be so cold-hearted and hit his own woman?
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