Chapter 432 - The Soft-Hearted Queen

    Chapter 432 - The Soft-Hearted Queen

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    The sounds of the whip hitting Liu Bing Bing echoed through the factory one after another. Liu Bing Bing remained frozen in place allowing the Spirit Snake Whip lash her jiggly butt.

    Her beautiful eyes darted around as she struggled to see who had slapped her butt but to no avail. Qin Feng was too fast, so no matter how hard she tried, she saw nothing but Qin Feng's shadow.

    "Who--who are you?" Liu Bing Bing finally found her voice and asked, but her voice trembled.

    Her towering breasts jumped whenever she moved. It was very enticing.


    Suddenly, a strong gale surged behind Liu Bing Bing, and in an instant, someone hugged her tightly from behind. The man was very strong, and his grip made it hard to breathe.

    Then, a familiar, wicked laugh drifted into her ear, "Bing Bing, I've told you that I'm your man... unless you've been seeing other men?"


    Though she was a cold and dominating queen, she shed a crystal-clear tear slid down.

    Liu Bing Bing recognized the man behind her as the man who occupied a very special spot in her heart. He had dominated Liu Bing Bing, and although she had not consented to it, she still regarded Qin Feng as her potential partner. She was a cold and defiant woman at heart and had not fallen in love with Qin Feng yet; however, since they slept together, she believed that they would have a future together.

    Three months ago, Liu Bing Bing when realized that Qin Feng had disappeared, she'd conducted a frantic blanket search and investigated every moment leading up to and after his disappearance.

    After finishing the intimate investigation, Liu Bing Bing found out the truth behind Qin Feng's disappearance. A few large familial clans had allied together to bash the Qin family. Since most of the familial clans were based in the provincial capital, she submitted a fielding application to have her superior dispatch her to the sub-bureau in the provincial capital.

    She did not love Qin Feng. In fact, she resented him because of their encounter. However, she still felt strongly that Qin Feng was her man, and if her man was framed, she had to do all she could to avenge him regardless of the cost.

    She was the only one who could look down upon him.

    No one else had the power or qualifications to do so.

    "Bing Bing, what happened?" Sensing that Liu Bing Bing was trembling, Qin Feng turned her around and hugged her tightly.

    Before he turned her around, Liu Bing Bing wiped the tears from her cheeks and replaced her soft and fragile expression with her usual cold and domineering expression.

    She pushed him away and glowered at him, "Qin Feng, who gave you permission to hug me? Behave yourself or else, I'll shoot you!"

    It went against her pride to show Qin Feng her weakness for him, and as such a queen, it would be the last thing she would ever do.

    Rather unaffected by Liu Bing Bing's threats, Qin Feng looked at her with adulation and realized that her figure had improved. When he thought about having sex with her at Feng Yun Fun City, his eyes flickered with excitement as he stared lecherously at Liu Bing Bing's breasts.

    "Bing Bing, you can't kill me as you'll be a widow for the rest of your life!"

    Seeing that Qin Feng was still as libertine as before, Liu Bing Bing was relieved. It seemed to her that Qin Feng had not suffered much over the past three months.

    Liu Bing Bing had not slept well since Qin Feng went missing.

    Her intuition told her that Qin Feng was still alive, and she believed that Qin Feng would never leave her behind. Hence, Liu Bing Bing had been steadfast in her search for Qin Feng while everybody else had lost hope, and now, she finally found him.

    Now, she had been overwhelmed with emotions as no words could precisely express how she currently felt.


    A rough wind cut through the air as Qin Feng moved in front of Liu Bing Bing. Before Liu Bing Bing could react, a pair of large hands started groping her breasts. The familiar stimulating sensation and pleasure weakened her, so she was unable to resist him.

    "Qin Feng, you pervert! Stop it now!" Liu Bing Bing was powerless to resist, she stamped her feet in rage.

    Qin Feng disregarded Liu Bing Bing's warning. He had not touched a woman for the past three months, he was so overcome by lust that he almost jumped Liu Bing Bing on sight.

    "Stop right there!"

    As Qin Feng was undoing the buckle of Liu Bing Bing's belt, five police officers rushed out of a small room.

    All of them were deeply shocked and stared in utter disbelief at Qin Feng while they all pointed their pistols at Qin Feng's head. The five police officers were Liu Bing Bing's subordinates, and when they saw Qin Feng getting fresh with their director, they were so infuriated that their eyes almost popped out.

    "How dare you, freak, lay your filthy, grubby paws on our Director Liu! Let go of her now, or I'll shoot you!"

    "Release Director Liu this instant! I'll be your hostage!"

    "Can't you understand what we're saying, brat? Take your hands off Director Liu's breasts now!"

    The saying went that the early bird gets the worm, and Qin Feng got his hands on Director Liu before them. They were devastated. Five of them had been drooling and coveting Liu Bing Bing because of her beauty ever since she became the director for the provincial capital's sub-bureau. However, Liu Bing Bing was too serious while on duty, and her dominating aura towered over the five and crushed their courage every time they wanted to get close to her.

    Seeing that Qin Feng had achieved something that they had all been attempting for so long, there was no way they could remain calm and steady. It was a show of restraint that they were only aiming at Qin Feng since they actually yearned to shower Qin Feng with bullets and reduce him to nothingness to relinquish their anguish.

    "Put down your guns!" Liu Bing Bing exuded a cold aura as she ordered her subordinates

    Because of her arrogant and possessive character, nobody else could threaten her man. As such, Liu Bing Bing was greatly displeased when the officers pointed their pistols at Qin Feng.

    "Director Liu, but--"

    "Did you not hear my orders? Put down your guns!" Without waiting for her subordinates to finished their words, Liu Bing Bing forcibly cut them short.

    Dejected, all of the five police officers lowered their guns.


    As the five lowered their pistols, they saw a scene more stunning than Qin Feng groping Liu Bing Bing's breasts.

    Hugging Liu Bing Bing, Qin Feng kissed on her lips, smiled, and said, "Not bad! Your action satisfied me. This is what you should be doing as my woman!"

    Liu Bing Bing was infuriated that Qin Feng had dared to kiss her in front of her subordinates. She pushed him away and moved behind her subordinates.

    "Director Liu, let's shoot him!"

    "Yea, we should kill him now! This fellow must be the serial killer of Ghost Mountain. Even death could not expiate all the scores he owes to his victims!"

    "Don't try to stop me! I'm shooting him!"

    Looking at her high-in-morale subordinates, Liu Bing Bing's expression instantly turned chilly, "What are you guys doing? Silence! He is not the mass murderer. He's my man!"

    A pink blush swiftly crawled up Liu Bing Bing's delicate face as soon as she finished speaking. Her subordinates were flabbergasted.

    What the **? Director Liu already has a husband? If that's true, then I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me Director Liu's kids are so big that they can throw tantrums in the streets! How do women nowadays maintain their figures after having children? She's such a hot chick!

    Five of them ululated and wailed in their hearts. The thought of Liu Bing Bing as a mother caused enough damage to their pure little hearts that they were shattered and the five of them were divested of their ability to speak.

    "You five, check all the rooms and see if there any hostages left," Liu Bing Bing ignored their downcast expressions and ordered them coldly.

    "Yes, Director Liu!"

    The five were crestfallen, but they went, as ordered, in different directions to search for any hostages. Liu Bing Bing returned to Qin Feng's side and measured him indifferently.

    "You were caught by the killer too?"

    "What killer?" Qin Feng pulled Liu Bing Bing into his arms and began to grope her again.

    Liu Bing Bing struggled for a moment but to no avail. Qin Feng was too strong, so she gave up and allowed him to fondle her.

    "A serial killer is hiding here at Ghost Mountain. He kills any passerby. Were you caught by him as well?

    "Otherwise, why did you come to Ghost Mountain by yourself this late at night?"

    Having a good grasp of the whole story from Liu Bing Bing's questions, Qin Feng understood that the police officers in the provincial capital regarded Taoist Rakshasa as a demented serial killer, so Liu Bing Bing had come to arrest him.

    Qin Feng panicked. It was such luck that he came on the mission tonight; otherwise, Liu Bing Bing and her officers would have never had a chance against that heretic.

    "You've been here longer than me. What happened here?"

    The miasma released by Taoist Rakshasa infiltrated Liu Bing Bing's brain and knocked her out. After that, Qin Feng subdued Taoist Rakshasa, so the miasma dissipated. As such, Liu Bing Bing and her five subordinates awakened.

    "I came here today with my subordinates to ambush and arrest that serial killer. However, as soon as we entered the factory, we were surrounded by a ball of dark mist, and then all of us fell unconscious. We also have no idea what happened.

    "And when I woke up, I saw you."

    Liu Bing Bing's face blushed after she finished speaking. She felt that she had fallen into her own fantasy world. The person who she looked for everywhere regardless of hardship had suddenly appeared in front of her when she woke up.

    Qin Feng understood after listening to Liu Bing Bing's explanation.

    Qin Feng carried her to Taoist Rakshasa's corpse, pointed to the corpse and said, "The serial killer you're looking for is him."

    "Ah? Him? Is he dead?" Liu Bing Bing was startled when he saw Taoist Rakshasa's dried and decomposed body.

    She had been standing with Qin Feng for a while, yet she never realized that there was a corpse beside her!

    Qin Feng pat her head comforting her, "Don't be afraid. This guy is dead. He can't hurt you now."

    Although Liu Bing Bing's expression remained icy cold, she was actually touched by Qin Feng's attentiveness. Even though she hadn't chosen to have sex with Qin Feng at Feng Yun Fun City, and she loathed Qin Feng's reputation as a lecherous person, she could not dismiss the fact that Qin Feng actually cared a lot for her.

    Qin Feng's devotion had grown since she became his woman.

    "You killed him? You did not fall into his trap?" Liu Bing Bing knew that he was not an ordinary serial killer. He could knock everybody out with just dark mist, so how could Qin Feng kill somebody like him?

    "I killed him with a friend of mine. He isn't somebody you would recognize. He's pretty much crooked and is well-versed in all kinds of strange, creepy stuff. He's not someone an ordinary person could handle," Qin Feng did not keep it a secret from Liu Bing Bing and blurted it all out.

    "I'll bring the corpse back to the bureau to file a report," said Liu Bing Bing as her objective was to venture to Ghost Mountain was to catch this serial killer.

    Qin Feng wrapped his arms around Liu Bing Bing's waist tightly impeding her effort to call for her men. He stuck his nose into her neck and took a deep breath of her scent, "Leave him to me. I need his corpse."

    A searing warm puff of air graced Liu Bing Bing's ear causing her ear to redden.

    She fell powerlessly into Qin Feng's arms as he fondled her.
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