Chapter 433 - Looking for Beauties on Ghost Mountain

    Chapter 433 - Looking for Beauties on Ghost Mountain

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "What do you need that corpse for?" Liu Bing Bing's voice softened. Her face blushed red, appearing all lovely and radiant that it induced Qin Feng to take a bite at her face.

    "I need his corpse to report to my mission."

    Although Qin Feng trusted Liu Bing Bing and he could speak about anything with her, but he believed it would be better to keep Liu Bing Bing in the dark about the Martial Artist Alliance.

    "Is the mission very important to you?" Liu Bing Bing had a mission as well. If Qin Feng took Taoist Rakshasa's corpse, she could not report on her mission.

    "Yes, it is," Qin Feng nodded resolutely.

    Liu Bing Bing relented, "Take him with you then."

    After that, Liu Bing Bing asked, "What happened over the past three months? Why have you come to the provincial capital? My informant told me that the Qin Mansion in Acropolis City was locked down. Where is your father?

    "Please, tell me if anything big happened. I can do my best to help you."

    Liu Bing Bing remained obediently in Qin Feng's arms and wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's back just like a newlywed.

    Qin Feng noticed her concern for him. He couldn't help but locked her in his arms even more tightly nearly suffocating Liu Bing Bing.

    "Don't worry, Bing Bing. I'll settle it myself. What you need to do is take care of yourself. Let's exchange numbers so you can call me whenever."

    They exchanged numbers and stored them in case they wanted to contact each other. Qin Feng, who had been alone in the provincial capital for the past three months, was beginning to feel more comfortable after getting one of his women back to his side.

    Qin Feng fondled Liu Bing Bing for quite some time before her subordinates returned. All of them carried one or two victims in their arms, be they elderly people or children, men or women. Some of them, unfortunately, were dead while some of them were still breathing roughly.

    Liu Bing Bing immediately pushed away her illicit thoughts after she saw the victims. Her expression turned chilly as she walked toward her subordinates and the group of victims.

    "Report to me what you've seen."

    "Director Liu, we found them in a room inside the factory. They should be the victims abducted by the serial killer. We found a total of twenty-three people. Eighteen are confirmed dead, and five are still alive. Should we ask for assistance from the bureau?"

    After they had found so many victims within the factory, each and every of the police officer wore a stern expression. Liu Bing Bing took the bull by the horns and made contact with the bureau to get reinforcement from the bureau.

    "Hurry up and carry the victim outside," Liu Bing Bing ordered.

    "He's such a monstrous human being for murdering so many people without any remorse. Director Liu, there is no sign of the killer inside the factory, should we search the perimeter now? We can't let him slip away!"

    Initially, the group of police officers feared the killer due to his strange movements. However, after they discovered the victims, their minds were weighed down with anger. A storm brew in their souls as they urged her to let them catch the culprit and execute him on the spot.

    Liu Bing Bing's eyes swept towards Taoist Rakshasa's corpse. The factory had no light, so they were surrounded by darkness and none of her subordinates could see Taoist Rakshasa's corpse.

    "He must be gone since so much time has passed. Saving the victims are what we should prioritize now, so hurry up and carry the victims outside. We should send the five survivors to the hospital posthaste."

    Since Liu Bing Bing gave her command, the five subordinates dropped the intention of going after the murderer. In any case, Ghost Mountain was huge, and they had no clue where to find the murderer.

    After making up their minds, the five subordinates hastily returned to the room inside the factory and carried the victims outside. At the same time, Liu Bing Bing pulled Qin Feng towards Taoist Rakshasa's corpse.

    "Qin Feng, take him away now," Liu Bing Bing's usual cold demeanor returned, and her tone was bereft of any emotions.

    Qin Feng understood that the situation now was different. If Liu Bing Bing's subordinates found out about Taoist Rakshasa, then Liu Bing Bing could not allow Qin Feng to take Taoist Rakshasa.

    "Take care of yourself, then. Give me a phone call if you miss me," Qin Feng suddenly pulled Liu Bing Bing into his arms and kissed her. He even stuck his tongue into her mouth and fondled her for a good while before letting her go.

    Liu Bing Bing leaned her body against a pillar and watched Qin Feng as he vanished into the murky night. Under Qin Feng's lecherous frenzy and her sense of being offended, she realized that she had gotten wet and felt like a chewed rag.


    Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for accomplishing the mission 'train Liu Bing Bing to be as gentle as a lamb and completely obedient to Host Qin Feng.' The system awards Host Qin Feng 3,000 Hedonist Points!

    The system notification beeped in Qin Feng's mind as soon as he exited the factory.

    Qin Feng carried Taoist Rakshasa as though he was carrying a chicken and zigzagged across the mountain like a phantom dashing in the dark. Soon enough, he arrived at the entrance of Ghost Mountain.

    Qin Feng did not plan to hail a cab in this region as no cab driver had the guts to come near Ghost Mountain.

    Without many options left, Qin Feng pulled out his cell phone and called Liu Jie.

    "Wassup, Big Brother? Are you not in bed yet?" Liu Jie picked up the phone very fast. It seemed that he had been playing with his cell phone.

    "The night is still too young to sleep. Where are you now? Hurry up, get in your dad's Buick, and meet me here. We're going to have a fun night!"

    Qin Feng felt he should not tell Liu Jie the truth because if he told Liu Jie that he was asking Liu Jie to drive and help him carry a corpse, he believed that Liu Jie would hang up instantly, and he would never able to reach him again.

    As such, Qin Feng started to make up a story.

    "Wow! Your nightlife sure is fantastic, Big Brother! Where are you now? Are there a lot of beauties? What are you guys playing? My dad has fallen asleep, I can get the car now to fetch you!" Liu Jie yelled excitedly.

    He fell for it.

    Qin Feng laughed, "I'm on Ghost Mountain. Come here quick!"

    "Holy sh*t, Ghost Mountain? What are you doing on Ghost Mountain this late at night? That mountain is haunted and many people have died there!" Liu Jie was shocked.

    "Bullsh*t! Were you here before? Here is so windy, the skyline of the mountainous region is superb, and I believe this place is a potential 5A scenic spot. I have plenty of beauties beside me. We're having much fun, and you know what, they're all wearing hot pants and mini skirts even though it's almost autumn. When the wind blows, I can see everything under their skirts!"

    "What the f*ck? You aren't lying right, Big Brother? What you said is different than what I've heard. Are there a lot of people? Why is it so quiet, and why can't I hear any cheering?"

    "Believe it or not, the summit is occupied by a group of geezers and grannies dancing the public square dance. They played the song The Coolest Barbarian Style Song by the Legendary Shen Long Group so loud and kept yelling 'Yo, yo, check it out' that I've almost gone deaf. I purposely went to a corner devoid of people to give you a call and invite you to come over and have fun together!"

    Qin Feng blew his own trumpet without missing a beat. Liu Jie fell into his trap.

    "It's your call. Ah, a long-legged beauty is inviting me for a cup of beer. I should get going now."

    As Qin Feng hung up the phone, Liu Jie's anxious voice drifted through the line. He spoke quickly, "Can you swear it by your name as a professor, Professor Qin Feng?"

    Qin Feng mouth quirked vigorously. If Liu Jie was standing in front of him, Qin Feng would have kicked him down into the abyss already.

    "What are you saying? I, Professor Qin Feng, never tell lies!"

    Swearing as a professor was different than a normal promise. Qin Feng's remark had shattered the final bit of suspicion in Liu Jie' heart.

    He yelled excitedly, "Wah, wait for me, Big Brother. I'll be there soon in less than thirty minutes!"

    "You gauge the time yourself. I think I can get a beauty on my arm in another twenty minutes. I might be gone during that time. If you're coming, clear everything out the back of the car then."

    "I'll be there in twenty minutes, Big Brother... Why do I need to clear out the back of the car?" asked Liu Jie.

    "We have plenty of beauties here and each and every one of them is very cheerful, energetic, and open-minded. I asked you to clear the back to carry people, of course!" Qin Feng chided Liu Jie.

    "Jesus Christ! You're too awesome, Big Brother. So you're getting a multi-some tonight... Fifteen minutes. I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Let's not talk anymore, I'm leaving now!"

    Liu Jie urgently hung up the phone. Qin Feng could not contain his laugh looking at Taoist Rakshasa's corpse.

    Qin Feng was certain that Liu Jie would come, so he waited for him at the cliff near the entrance of Ghost Mountain. By then, Liu Bing Bing's reinforcement arrived. The sight of five police cars trailed by three vans and two ambulances stormed up the mountain was spectacular. Finally, they arrived outside the factory at the summit. After they stopped for a while, the motorcade rushed down the mountain in mighty contingents. The police cars led the group of cars with sirens blaring and scorched down the road towards the provincial capital.

    Not long after Liu Bing Bing's troops went away, headlights burned their way down the road. Needless to say, it was Liu Jie's car. Otherwise, what idiot would come to Ghost Mountain this late at night?

    Liu Jie pulled over at the entrance of Ghost Mountain. Qin Feng then carried Taoist Rakshasa's corpse and came forward.

    "Hey, Big Brother! Was I fast enough? Where are the beauties? Didn't you say that there were many beauties in hotpants and mini skirts here?" Liu Jie blabbered happily when he saw Qin Feng. However, his happiness was short-lived as he felt something was wrong. He asked, "Big Brother, why is it so bleak and desolate? It's very eerie too!"

    It was dark, not even a ghost could be seen, let alone a human being.

    "What the hell are you carrying, Big Brother? Could it be that you knocked this beauty out and planned to violate her?!" Liu Jie's attention was diverted by the ambiguous thing on Qin Feng's hand. Taoist Rakshasa was veiled by a dark robe so Liu Jie could not see clearly what it was.

    "Why is this beauty wearing such a large and hoary robe. She freaks me out! Come Big Brother, let me help you carry her!" Liu Jie happily took Taoist Rakshasa from Qin Feng's arms and ran toward his car hurriedly.

    Liu Jie planned to check the features of Taoist Rakshasa with the help of the car's headlights.

    She must be a pretty, or else, Big Brother would never hook up with her! He thought inwardly.

    "What the... What the f*ck is this?! Ahh, Big Brother! This is a man! Are you sure you caught the right person?!"

    Liu Jie was frightened by Taoist Rakshasa's wretched features. He fell to the ground and almost vomited.


    Qin Feng slapped his head when he arrived behind Liu Jie. He chided, "Beauty, beauty! What kind of yellow story are you playing in your mind? What a shame that you have a crush on Qiao Shi Shi. No wonder she doesn't like you!"

    Qin Feng threw Taoist Rakshasa into the back after he criticized Liu Jie. When he saw that Liu Jie had deliberately cleared everything out of the back and wiped off all the dust, the corner of his mouth quirked again.

    "Big Brother! Why do I feel like I've been cheated by you? There are no beauties here, not to mention aunties dancing public square dance... Big Brother, how can you be like this? How can you not be true to your word?

    "You promised me with your name as a professor over the phone!"

    Liu Jie finally understood he was cheated by Qin Feng. He held a heavy-hearted expression as if his pure little heart was shattered.
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