Chapter 434 - Ambushed

    Chapter 434 - Ambushed

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Ignoring Liu Jie, Qin Feng got into the car and claimed the driver seat.

    Liu Jie hastily followed after.

    "Professor Qin Feng, you've made a promise as a professor. Being a professor is a respectable profession; how could you cheat me?!" Liu Jie asked angrily as he refused to let go of the topic.

    Qin Feng started the car, put the car into gear, and stomped on the accelerator.


    The Buick darted forward frightening Liu Jie. He'd driven his dad's car a hundred times, but he never knew that the car could go so fast!

    "When did I make a vow as a professor? I don't remember making it," Qin Feng steered the car with one hand with his other hand out the window. He drove at a lightning speed while admiring the scenery outside the window like nothing was wrong.

    Liu Jie's expression darkened. Suddenly, he giggled and pulled out his cell phone.

    "Professor Qin Feng, I recorded our conversation! Do you want me to play it for you?"

    Qin Feng jerked and nearly drove them to their deaths.

    Glaring coldly at Liu Jie, Qin Feng gave him a disappointed expression and chided, "Can't you be more trusting? Where is the basic mutual integrity between men?"

    Liu Jie was not frightened by Qin Feng's cold expression. His smile widened and said, "This is the move you taught us in class, Professor Qin Feng. You mentioned that in confronting an old ruffian, we must first record the conversation to be ready for any eventuality!"

    Right now, Qin Feng's expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he almost kicked Liu Jie out the car!


    Bing! Bang!

    The front wheel of the Buick sedan exploded and released a muffled sound.

    They were driving one hundred and ninety-two kilometers per hour, so the explosion threw them off the road and caused the car to lurch to the sides. If Qin Feng had not gotten the intermediate-grade Racing Skill from the system, they might have already run off a cliff to their deaths.


    An ear-deafening screech sounded. The black Buick sedan blended into the darkness of the night and drifted along the mountain's track at full speed like an apparition. It was a thrilling scene, and the sight could make people break out into a sweat.

    Utilizing both of his arms and feet, Qin Feng quickly and sharply got the car back under his control.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    As the car came to a stop, they heard a few gunshots from behind.

    The car's four windows shattered as three bullets zipped past beside their ears and went through the windshield.

    "Fuck! This is my dad's car! How am I supposed to explain this to my dad?!"

    Liu Jie eyes went bloodshot as rage began to consume him whole. He kicked the door opened and jumped from the car. He yelled, "Who the ** shot out my car windows? Show yourself now and beg for mercy!"

    As a descendant of one of the provincial capital's five small familial clans, Liu Jie was born with a righteous indignation and a bit of self-importance. He refrained from fighting Gao Tian Yao when he was humiliated in class because he was afraid of Gao Tian Yao's family.

    However, a group of men in black ambushed them and began shooting indiscriminately at his dad's car unprovoked. How could Liu Jie swallow the insult? He vowed to kill them.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    As Liu Jie alighted from the car, the opponents intensified their shooting.

    The naturally tranquil Ghost Mountain was filled with a barrage of gunshots.

    Liu Jie was a Stage 4 inner qi expert, and no one could belittle his ability. He hunched like an enraged leopard. Zigzagging across the gloomy night from tree to tree, bush to bush and through the falling leaves, he left dozens of impressions behind as he approached the source of the shooting.


    Fifty meters, thirty meters, twenty meters...

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

    As Liu Jie moved closer to the shooters, the gunshots intensified. The bullets zipped past Liu Jie without hitting him since he'd gotten out of the car.

    His gaze swept quickly across the group, and he counted ten or so people. They were all scattered and taking cover behind the cliff. It was clear to him that this was a professional assassin group.

    "What the **? I've never offended anybody! Could it be that they are Big Brother's enemies? I shall show you all no mercy then!"

    Although Liu Jie had only been following Qin Feng for three days, he was very attached to him. He was filled with gratitude when Qin Feng stopped Gao Tian Yao from insulting Liu Jie and repaid him with a slap.


    Liu Jie gathered a strong force beneath his feet and launched himself at an alarming speed. In a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of a man in black. Forming a fist, Liu Jie struck the man in the back of the neck and knocked him out.

    "Is it fun hiding here playing with your gun?"


    Liu Jie was agile. He moved again and arrived beside another man in black. Same as the previous man, Liu Jie chopped the back of the man's neck and knocked him out.

    Although Liu Jie was fat and always clumsy, when he got serious, he could be a fearsome opponent. His fighting experience was first-rate, and he was even more experienced than Qin Feng. His attack style was fatal, smooth and clean without any flowery moves.

    "Are you blind, you dumbass? I'm right in front of you, and there are no people in the car, yet you continue to shoot indiscriminately at my car! How am I going to explain this to my dad?!"

    Looking at the destroyed Buick sedan, Liu Jie's eyes reddened. He gathered all his strength, channeled it into his palm, and sent the man in black flying through the air in a perfect arc and plummeting into the bottomless pit.

    Liu Jie was having a fun time fighting the group while Qin Feng's expression turned chilly as he faced the two men in front of him.

    He had also alighted from the car. Now, he was staring warily at two men standing in front of him.

    One of them was tall, white, and had blue eyes. He resembled a white American. He wore a tuxedo. His brooding eyes, his nose, his ears, his lips--all of his facial features seemed flawlessly sculpted and placed by gods in their desired locations to form the perfect face. He exuded a slightly melancholic aura, and by standing quietly, he gave the impression of being a prince descended from the aristocracy.

    The other man wore black clothing from head to toe. His face was also covered, so the only thing Qin Feng could see was his sharp eyes.

    Qin Feng caught the scent of medicinal herbs in the air. Since he was so close to the duo, he assumed that medicinal herbs had been spread over the black clothing.

    "Who are you?" Qin Feng did not move first.

    When he saw the duo, he was kind of worried because these two people had certainly come to claim his life. As such, that meant that Qin Feng's identity and whereabouts had already been exposed to his enemies.

    The white man did not know Chinese, so he remained silent. The man covered in black clothing took the initiative and answered Qin Feng's question with a cold voice, "Who are we? Hah! We came to kill you!" on behalf of him.

    "Do you know who I am? What reason have you two come to kill me?" Qin Feng asked while exchanging glances with the man covered in black clothing.

    The sound of metal clashing seemed to be emitted by the air as the atmosphere tensed up.

    "You're Qin Feng!" the man covered in black clothing grit his teeth in vexation as he answered.

    Qin Feng noticed the dense murderous intent in his opponent's chilly gaze.

    "Who are you two, then? You said you're here to kill me, but you don't have the guts to reveal your face? Could it be that you're afraid of blowing your own disguises if you fail to kill me?" Qin Feng laughed lightly.

    Qin Feng could not see the man covered in black clothing's expression as his face was veiled behind the black clothing. However, judging from his towering murderous intent, Qin Feng knew that he had pissed off him.

    "Haha! You think too highly of yourself, Qin Feng. I can kill you without using my full strength!"

    The man covered in black clothing glowered, and he suddenly disappeared from Qin Feng's sight.

    In the next second, Qin Feng felt a dense, cold, deadly aura behind him. Without a second thought, he quickly circulated his inner qi and evaded to one side.


    Qin Feng was too slow. The palm strike that had been intended to fall on the back of his head fell on his shoulder instead. The palm strike had 300 kg of force behind it, and if Qin Feng hadn't equipped the Sacred Azure Battle Armor in time, his arm would have been destroyed.

    "What the hell is that? Where did that battle armor come from?" the man covered in black clothing was petrified, and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

    Suddenly, the white American, who remained in his original position, yelled, "This isn't good! This guy is a mutant as well! He is a spatial user!"

    The white American's words had escalated the astonishment of the man covered in black clothing. He zoned out for a brief second before looking at Qin Feng again. This time, his eyes were filled with a zealous murderous intent.

    "Hmph! A spatial user? It's nothing before me. I must avenge my little brother's death today! Qin Feng, accept your death!"

    The man covered in black clothing vanished again.


    Suddenly, he appeared in front of Qin Feng. He reached around behind him and quickly pulled out two scimitars in his hands.

    The two scimitars reflected the moonlight and glowed with coldness. One of them was carved with the diagram of the Azure Dragon while the other was carved with the diagram of the Phoenix. The scimitars were about one meter long, and they were slightly curved. The man in black clothing waved them wildly in the air.

    Da! Da! Da!

    Seeing the dozens of wind blades rushing towards him, Qin Feng's pupils dilated, and he swiftly retreated.

    The wind blades cleaved the ground around him, and from that, Qin Feng deduced that this man was pretty strong.


    After he had retreated ten or so meters, Qin Feng hopped lightly on the ground and sprang into the air. In the mid-air, a crimson long spear appeared in Qin Feng's hand. He gyrated the spear in front of him and intercepted the wind blades with a loud clashing sound.

    "Hmph! It doesn't matter how many treasures you have in your spatial storage. You're doomed today!"

    Seeing that a long spear suddenly appeared in Qin Feng's hand, the man in black clothing thought this was Qin Feng's ability as well. His expression sank, and he threw one of the scimitars at Qin Feng.


    Qin Feng leaped, and the scimitar buried itself into a part of the mountain near the road shattering a pile of big rocks. Disregarding his other scimitar, the man covered in black clothing held the scimitar with Azure Dragon diagram with both hands and swung directly at Qin Feng's head.


    The Truesteel Sword flicked up between them with the essence of a vast infantry and cavalry.

    "So the rumors are true. You indeed have many treasures on you! I want this orange-grade spiritual sword!"

    The face of the man covered in black clothing was burned with greed and jealousy. He flexed his hand and swung the scimitar down to clash against Qin Feng's Truesteel Sword.


    The man covered in black clothing used 300 kg of force to knock the Truesteel Sword from Qin Feng's hand. His eyes glowed, and he quickly went after the Truesteel sword.

    "Want my sword? Have a taste of my fist first!"

    As the Truesteel Sword was within his reach, the man covered in black clothing sensed a strong gale brewing behind him. He turned around and realized that Qin Feng had chased after him. Qin Feng wore a glove that glowed with an orange radiance. He gestured swiftly and created a strong gale shaped like a fist in the air!
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