Chapter 435 - Are We Gonna Fight?

    Chapter 435 - Are We Gonna Fight?

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Intermediate-grade Thunder Tiger Fist!

    Qin Feng threw dozens of punches within a blink of an eye.

    Shocked by the irresistible force, the man's eyes bulged and were filled with amazement.

    "Drop dead now!"

    The man covered in black clothing suddenly stopped his pursuit of the Truesteel Sword and turned. He waved the scimitar and created dozens of wind blades in an instant.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Wind blades and gales of fists collided forcefully in the air. The impact was so great that it shook the valley.

    The explosion blew the Truesteel Sword ten meters or so down the road.


    After parrying another one of Qin Feng's attack, the man covered in black clothing bounced through the air and landed on the side of the mountain. He struck the rocky hill hard, and the scimitar with the Phoenix diagram flew back into his hand.

    The Azure Dragon blade was in his right hand, and the Phoenix blade was in his left hand.

    The Brilliant Lunar Dragon Phoenix Blades were white-grade spiritual equipment. Their power and ability were far greater than orange-grade spiritual equipment. It was also a treasured item coveted by the Martial World.

    "Prince William, you should make your move now... Even though I have the confidence to kill this fellow, I have to admit that he is better than I thought he would be. I believe this will be a dreary fight. We don't have much time left!"

    The man covered in black clothing asked for the white American's assistance.

    Qin Feng's eyes glowed when he heard the white American's name.

    Once again, he switched his attention to the white American. This time, he was able to notice a few traits that the William shared with the white Americans Qin Feng killed at Snake Coiled Mountain. Besides, his family name was William as well. Hence, Qin Feng was certain that the white American came from the William family in America.

    Who is the man covered in black, then?



    Prince William roared angrily and leaped into the air. He moved as agile as a leopard and arrived in front of Qin Feng soon after.

    The man covered in black clothing remained standing on the side of the mountain. He showed no sign of trying to help Prince William and his action bewildered Qin Feng.

    Since it's that person who asked for a combination attack, how come he still stand there watching the show?

    "You **ed my brother's chicken. I want your pussy, brat!" Prince William glared at Qin Feng with a chilly expression. However, his mandarin was so bad that Qin Feng was tickled. [TN: Prince William was born in America, so he is not quite familiar with Mandarin; hence, his pronunciation is bad.]

    "I'm sorry. Are you looking for the wrong person? I don't ** chickens, and I won't give you my pussy either. Not even if you kneeled down and pleaded for it."

    Prince William could not understand what Qin Feng was saying. With a puzzled look, he looked over to the man covered in black clothing.



    The corner of the man covered in black clothing quivered. He replied to Prince William in English, "He said he wants to ** your chicken!"

    "Fuck! Go to hell, you chicken!"

    Prince William blew his top after the man covered in black clothing explained.

    Qin Feng was tickled pink by him, and he could not stop laughing. He said, "Are you trying to say 'Go to hell, you brat'? I think you should die first since you can't even speak Mandarin fluently. You're the garbage of the world!"

    After knowing who Prince William was, Qin Feng shrugged off all his hesitancy. He raised the Spear of Rathalos and charged for Prince William's heart.

    Qin Feng was fast as lightning. The combination of the azure color the Sacred Azure Battle Armor emitted and the crimson from the Spear of Rathalos created a stunning visual effect. Prince William did not move an inch even when Qin Feng got close. His smile widened and looked disdainfully at Qin Feng.

    Shit! He must be planning something!

    As Qin Feng almost struck Prince William's heart, a chill crept from beneath his feet and coursed through his whole body. As he wanted to jump away from the constraint of the cold aura, he realized that his feet could no longer move.

    One of his feet were in front of the other. He held the spear with one hand and maintained a sprinting stance. The spearhead of the Spear of Rathalos was only five centimeters away from Prince William's heart; however, no matter how hard Qin Feng tried, he could not move an inch forward.

    Hastily, he bowed down his head and realized that the ground was covered by a layer of ice so thick that it reached his calves and locked his feet completely in the ice.

    What the ** is this? Is Prince William a demon cultivator as well?

    The numerous battles tonight had broadened Qin Feng's outlook. He had witnessed a few new professions and skills.

    When he faced off against Taoist Rakshasa with Hua Yan, he knew that demon essence and evil energy could be shaped into elements such as fire or ice. Now that he saw Prince William could control ice, Qin Feng deduced that he had to be a demon cultivator rather than a heretic because Prince William was handsome and elegant.

    "Master, this man is not a cultivator from China. He is a mutant, an ice user. The William that Master killed at Snake Coiled Mountain was a mutant as well. He is a strength enhanced mutant" Little Pig explained.

    Qin Feng understood. It seemed to him that the William Family was a huge family with many mutants.

    Qin Feng had no knowledge of mutants, so he was not clear about the strength of Prince William who was an ice user.

    As he wracked his brain for a way to get free of the ice, the sound of a forceful wind surged behind him. The wind blades were violent, and they slashed through the air and charged at him at the speed of lightning. Qin Feng was stuck in the ice, he could not even move his neck smoothly, let alone run away.

    "Haha! Qin Feng, today will be your death day!"

    The man covered in black clothing said with a cold voice. He waved the Brilliant Lunar Dragon Phoenix Blades wildly in the air, forming a deluge of wind blades and showered them like a downpour behind Qin Feng's back.

    "Phantom Whip Technique!"


    An orange-colored long whip fell from the sky. Qin Feng did not turn his body and wielded the Spirit Snake Whip with his intuition. Qin Feng's attacks came so sudden that the man covered in black clothing had no time to dodge the attack and was lashed on his stomach. The impact sent him flying.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

    At the same time, the barrage of wind blades fell on Qin Feng's back. Qin Feng was stuck in the ice so he could not evade the attack. The attack was so strong that even though Qin Feng wore the Sacred Azure Battle Armor, it still caused considerate damage to him.


    The man covered in black clothing and Qin Feng vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time.

    Without wasting time to clean the blood on his mouth corner, Qin Feng quickly raised his whip again and lashed it toward Prince William who was standing right in front of him.

    "Watch my whip, you chicken!"


    The combination of Spirit Snake Whip and the Phantom Whip Technique was extremely powerful. A pseudo-tangible orange-colored whip shadow whipped towards Prince William's head. The whip shadow had such a great force that it appeared to tear the space above Prince William head apart.

    Standing with his hands clasped behind his back, Prince William maintained his stance and did not move an inch. The smile on his face widened as his blue-colored eyes gleamed brightly.


    Prince William roared and exuded a cold aura. The Spirit Snake Whip suddenly stopped as it was covered by a layer of ice and frozen like a dragon ascending into the sky.

    What the **? The ice he uses is much stronger than the ice used by Hua Yan! Qin Feng exclaimed inwardly. He never expected that Prince William could freeze the Spirit Snake Whip.

    "Master, ice and fire shaped by demon essence or evil energy are the weakest forms of ice and fire. A mutant can absorb the element from nature, condense it and refine it before releasing it, so the power is much greater. You can't just compare the two like that!" Little Pig grumbled.

    Qin Feng did not have the time to bicker with Little Pig as he struggled to break the ice on the Spirit Snake Whip by shaking it. To his dismay, even after he used a lot of inner qi, he could only shatter the outermost layer.

    "Qin Feng, congratulations for enraging me. Go be my little brother's friend in hell!"


    A loud explosion occurred behind Qin Feng. The man covered in black clothing connected the hilts of the Brilliant Lunar Dragon Phoenix Blades into double blade slasher.

    With the double blade slasher in his hand, the man posed as if he was bowling and threw the double blade slasher. The double blade slasher turned into a streak of lighting. The air around it exploded as it shot at Qin Feng like a meteorite.

    Although he could not turn his body, Qin Feng could sense the terrifyingly deadly aura that surged behind him. He was clear that the double blade slasher would cut him in half if he remained in place.


    The fire of an explosion roared.

    Qin Feng held the Spear of Rathalos in his hand, pointed the spearhead at the ice and moved it in a quick circular motion.

    The fire bullets exploded into a couple of fireballs when the fire bullets fell on the ice. The flame released by fireballs reached a meter high in the air and engulfed Qin Feng in a tower of fire.


    The ice held together against the fire for a moment before Qin Feng felt the ice around his legs began to shatter. Then, he leaped into the mid-air.


    As soon as Qin Feng left the ground, the double blade slasher crashed on the ground and created a one-meter-deep crater.

    While in the air, Qin Feng wildly lashed the Spirit Snake Whip. The Spirit Snake Whip cracked in the air and lashed Prince William who had not come back to his senses.

    "Wow! Big Brother, are you all preparing for a movie? Why is there ice and fire?" Liu Jie asked as he brought Qin Feng's Truesteel Sword back to him.

    He'd annihilated the thirteen black-clad shooters single-handedly. Now, he had come to Qin Feng's assistance.

    After Qin Feng landed, he stood back to back with Liu Jie. One of them held a spear, while the other held a treasured sword, and they both took a domineering stance.

    Prince William's expression grew dark with anger.

    Qin Feng had landed ten or so lashes on him, turning his clean, white tuxedo into a beggar outfit. He looked miserable in his bloodied and battered body, and his former noble aura had vanished.

    While this was not the main thing that set him off. He never imagined that Qin Feng was not only a spatial user but a fire user as well. As an ice user himself, fire was his natural enemy.

    The man covered in black clothing disregarded his double blade slasher that was still stuck in the ground, remained his stance on a rock on the side of the mountain instead as he looked down coldly at Qin Feng and Liu Jie.

    The wind on Ghost Mountain was strong and disheveled Qin Feng and the other three's clothes and hair. However, nobody paid attention to it as they stared fixedly at their opponent.

    After a long while, Qin Feng stuck the Spear of Rathalos in the ground.

    "Hey? Do you all still want to fight? You should have informed me earlier if you both are resting. I want to fix my hair. The wind has disheveled it."

    Then, he grabbed the Truesteel Sword from Liu Jie's hand and began to fix his hair in the reflection from the sword.
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