Chapter 436 - Throw a Long Line to Catch a Big Fish

    Chapter 436 - Throw a Long Line to Catch a Big Fish

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Liu Jie, Prince William, and his partner were helpless in the face of Qin Feng's laid-back attitude.

    Humiliated, Prince William's and the man covered in black clothing's expressions turned furious. On the other hand, Liu Jie looked grumbly at Qin Feng.

    "Big Brother, can't you pick another thing as your mirror? What will I fight with if we're going to have a battle later?"

    Qin Feng scornfully looked at Liu Jie and said, "Can't you use that long spear on the ground?"

    "Oh sweet! The long spear looks cool on me!"

    Liu Jie quickly went to pull the Spear of Rathalos from the ground, but could not despite using his full strength.

    Meanwhile, Qin Feng continued to fix his hair at his leisure while Liu Jie looked like a fool trying to pull the Spear of Rathalos out from the ground. Their goofy and devil-may-care appearance offended Prince William and the man covered in black clothing. They almost vomited blood.

    "Haha! My little brother won't have died in vain at your hand!" the man covered in black clothing threw his head backward and laughed brazenly, "Qin Feng, next time we meet, I'll kill you!"

    Then he vanished. He moved like a lightning bolt and appeared beside Prince William in the next second with the Brilliant Lunar Dragon Phoenix Blades still in his hands.

    A flash of amazement flicked in Qin Feng's eyes. His speed was so fast that not even Qin Feng could catch his movement. Of course, if Qin Feng had activated the Hyper Intuition of the Sacred Azure Battle Armor, Qin Feng would have been able to see him move.

    However, Hyper Intuition only lasted thirty minutes, and he had already used its once a day limitation during his battle with Taoist Rakshasa.

    "Let's retreat now."

    The man covered in black clothing glared coldly at Qin Feng before turning his body vanishing into the air. Prince William's eyes were filled with dense murderous intent. Gritting his teeth, Prince William shoved his palm downward and erected an ice wall in front of Qin Feng and Liu Jie. Then, he jumped and vanished into the gloomy night.

    Liu Jie finally pulled out the Spear of Rathalos from the ground. Holding the spear, he charged gallantly at where the two had been a moment before, "Holy moly! Want to leave? Have you asked my spear for permission?!"

    He stopped midway and turned his head to look at Qin Feng.

    He asked, "Big Brother, why don't you chase after them?"

    "I can't defeat them. It's not worth the headache to chase after them... Since you're so strong, I'll have you kill them, then," Qin Feng said with a pale face.

    Murderous intent washed off Liu Jie's face in the instance. With a grin on his face, he rushed back to Qin Feng's side.

    "Haha! I'll let them get away this time... I have to stay by Big Brother's side to protect Big Brother!"

    Qin Feng rolled his eyes at Liu Jie. He wanted to slap him. Liu Jie had been a well-behaved boy, genuine and upright by nature. How had he become like this after following him for just three days?


    A mouthful of blood spurt from Qin Feng's mouth.

    Usually, Qin Feng would have pursued Prince William because he knew his identity. He let them go was simply because he seemed to get the upper hand on the surface, but in fact, he knew he wasn't a match for the two.

    If he hadn't obtained the blue-grade Sacred Azure Battle Armor from the system, Qin Feng believed that he would have met his demise tonight unless he summoned Ximen Chui Xue to aid him in battle.

    The man covered in black clothing was at least a Stage 5 inner qi master, and he hadn't shown the full extent of his strength. Prince William's ability to form ice was immensely powerful and hard to predict. It awed Qin Feng and cast a shadow in his heart. Qin Feng wasn't a spacial user nor a fire user. Prince William misjudgment of Qin Feng's abilities was the very reason Prince William and the man covered in black clothing feared him.

    The two felt that they had not been fully prepared, so they retreated.

    Qin Feng was bereft of the ability to kill them as well, so why would he chase after them?

    "Big Brother, what happened to you? Please be fine!" Liu Jie was flustered when he saw Qin Feng continuing to vomit blood.

    Qin Feng gestured with his hand to calm Liu Jie down. He sat with his legs crossed while he applied a bottle of Golden Sore Medicine on his wounds. After that, he began to recuperate his disordered inner qi.

    Qin Feng had been frozen in Prince William's block of ice and forced to take the man covered in black clothing's sword attacks on his back, so he was pretty badly injured.

    Liu Jie turned serious after he noticed Qin Feng's ashen face. He held the Spear of Rathalos and stood quietly beside Qin Feng protecting him.

    After ten minutes, Qin Feng opened his eyes. His countenance had become better.

    "Big Brother, are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?" Liu Jie hastily went to help Qin Feng up.

    "No, we have to go back first."

    Liu Jie helped Qin Feng back to the Buick sedan. Looking at his devastated car, his heart bled.

    My dad will kill me!

    Liu Jie drove them back into the city while Qin Feng continued to recuperate in the passenger seat. Two shadows appeared after the car had gone a long distance from Ghost Mountain.

    One of them wore a previously elegant and stylish white tuxedo that had been shredded and stained with blood. The other person was entirely covered in a black clothing, and his brown, almost black eyes glowed brilliantly in the night.

    "Why did we have to let them go?" Prince William asked in English.

    The man covered in black clothing replied in English,. "Qin Feng is the only son of my Big Uncle. I know him very well. Half year ago, he was a physically weak, hedonistic young master of Acropolis City. He has achieved nothing aside from ruining his family's fortune and hooking up with women.

    "But today, after six months, not only has he achieved Stage 4 inner qi, he also owns tons of spiritual equipment and a few supreme-grade skill books. A black sheep of the family suddenly turned into a prodigy in cultivating martial arts, doesn't it intrigue you?"

    Prince William's eyes glowed as he spoke, "Yes, it's weird. Besides, not only is he a dual-element mutant, he is a martial artist in China as well. Nobody can hold those two identities at the same time. It has to be a miracle!"

    "Yes, exactly, so we can't kill him now. We won't be able to get anything other than a short-lived happiness. However, if we keep him alive and investigate him, we might able to find clues about the things of his we coveted," the man's eyes were filled with the radiance of excitement as his mouth curled into a devilish grin.

    "Qin Feng killed my little brother, Williams, and the grudge has born by each and every member of the William family. I have to report to my family elders first and seek their advice," Prince William hesitated.

    "Anything you want. You just have to tell your elders that Qin Feng is a dual-element mutant, and I believe that your elders will be very interested in him. I'm certain they will agree to our suggestion."

    "Okay, good! I should leave in advance to report the story to my elders tonight," Prince William jumped and vanished into the gloomy night.

    The ill wind continued to ravage through the vast and spacious summit of Ghost Mountain. Standing alone on the summit, the man covered in black clothing looked upon the forest under the darkness. His smile slowly widened.

    "Oh Qin Feng, with your strength and power, killing Sima Tu and my little brother would have been impossible. Seems like there was somebody else that appeared during that great fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace three month ago. Who was it?

    "Haha! I believe they won't stay quiet for long. They will soon make their move!"


    "Big Brother, all four wheels were punctured, and it's so bumpy like the bumper car. Should we move your friend from the trunk to the back seat?"

    They arrived at the base of Ghost Mountain and had bumped along the mountain road. The road had almost broken his big jiggly butt, so he worried that Qin Feng's friend in the trunk had suffered a concussion.

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered when he heard Liu Jie's suggestion to move a corpse into the car. He smacked Liu Jie's head and roared,

    "Don't care about that fellow. Pay attention while driving! Go to the Martial Artist Alliance now."

    Liu Jie covered his head and looked puzzledly at Qin Feng, "Big Brother, why are we going to the Martial Artist Alliance this late at night? If you want to work on a mission, you can easily accept a mission by using the communication device.

    "All of the missions on the mission board in Martial Artist Alliance's mission board appear on the communication device!"

    Again, Qin Feng smacked Liu Jie's head and roared, "Just follow my orders. Don't ask so much!"

    Liu Jie had witnessed Qin Feng's formidable abilities. Although he was reluctant, he could do nothing but drive toward the Martial Artist Alliance.

    The journey took three hours instead of an hour since the Buick sedan had practically been destroyed. It was the wee hours of the morning by the time they arrived at the Martial Artist Alliance.

    The Buick sedan had been reduced to a pile of metal scraps. Liu Jie was embarrassed, so he parked the car in an alley a few hundred miles away from the Martial Artist Alliance.

    Qin Feng and Liu Jie got out of the car and went to the trunk.

    "Big Brother, is your friend a martial artist? Should we wake him up now?" Liu Jie dumbly carried Taoist Rakshasa from the trunk in his arms. As he was carrying Taoist Rakshasa, he grumbled, "Big Brother, your friend is so not hygienic. He smells like a rotten corpse."

    Liu Jie could not stand the stench anymore, so he threw Taoist Rakshasa on the ground.

    Coincidentally, Taoist Rakshasa landed face-up, and his black robe and hat fell to the ground. With the help of the street light, Liu Jie finally saw the full appearance of Taoist Rakshasa. He yelled, and his soul almost departed from his mortal body.

    "What-what-what the **? This fellow is truly a corpse!

    "Big Brother! Don't tell me you have a habit of violating corpses?" Liu Jie retreated a few meters away from Qin Feng and stared at him warily.

    He thought about how he stole his dad car in the dead of night and rushed as fast as he could to Ghost Mountain with the intention of hooking up with hot girls. In the end, he only carried a corpse, survived an ambush by a group of assassins on his way back, and destroyed his dad's precious Buick sedan! Liu Jie grieved his misfortune so much that he wished to cry but had no tears to shed.

    Qin Feng's face darkened. He kicked Liu Jie's butt furiously.

    "Fuck you. Say any more nonsense, and I'll kick your ass again! Hurry up and carried that corpse into Martial Artist Alliance. I still have a report to make!"

    Qin Feng walked towards the entrance of the Martial Artist Alliance headquarters after chiding Liu Jie. Liu Jie had not known that Taoist Rakshasa was actually a corpse, and he had continued to fantasize that the person in his arms was an otherworldly beauty. When he remembered that he groped Taoist Rakshasa while carrying the corpse, Liu Jie got goosebumps, and he almost puked.

    Holding his nose, he dragged Taoist Rakshasa's body and followed Qin Feng. If the soul of Taoist Rakshasa saw his action, he would have been so angry that he would have come back to life!
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