Chapter 437 - The Town of Martial Artist

    Chapter 437 - The Town of Martial Artist

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng and Liu Jie arrived at the Martial Artist Alliance.

    There were four security guards guarding the perimeter, but they were not the four people Qin Feng and Liu Jie met the last time. They changed guards every night.

    "Who are you people? This is private property, and it's off limits to all unauthorized personnel" the security guards blocked Qin Feng and Liu Jie.

    Qin Feng pulled out his member card and handed it to the security guards, "We're both martial artist. We're going in to report a mission."

    One of the security guards took Qin Feng's member card and checked it meticulously. After confirming it wasn't fake, he shook his hand and said, "Go in, then."

    They entered the gate. The inside of the Martial Artist Alliance had not changed since the last time they were there with its crisscrossing walkways and high-rise buildings. It looked like a small autonomous town.

    Qin Feng changed the appearance of the Sacred Azure Battle Armor before coming in, so his shoulders appeared to be draped with a fiery red windbreaker, and he wore a wolf mask.

    "Wow, Big Brother! When did you change your clothes? Is the wolf mask real? A wild wolf is a second-class protected animal. Brazenly wearing a wild wolf mask in public, are you not afraid of being caught?

    "Quick! Let me touch it! Is it real or not?"

    Liu Jie left Taoist Rakshasa on the ground and went to touch Qin Feng's wolf mask. Qin Feng smacked his hand away, picked up Taoist Rakshasa, and went into the lobby further ahead.

    "Ah, Big Brother! Do you have another wolf mask in your house like the one you're wearing? Give me one! I want to wear it to class tomorrow. It'll be so cool!"

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered. He glowered at Liu Jie, "I don't have another wolf mask, but I do have a pig head mask. I think it will suit you well! I'll give it to you later, and you can wear it to class tomorrow. I guarantee you that even though your face is veiled behind the mask, every student will be able to recognize you!"

    Liu Jie's expression darkened. He lowered his head and refused to talk.

    When they entered the lobby of Martial Artist Alliance, they saw a few people sitting on a bench and looking at the missions on the mission board. This was the first time Qin Feng came to report the mission, so he found himself lost midway.

    "Liu Jie, where can I report to my mission?"

    "Big Brother, there is an office inside the lobby. Follow me."

    Liu Jie led the way while Qin Feng trailed behind him with Taoist Rakshasa in hand. The onlookers in the lobby disregarded them as all of them were get used to seeing people carrying corpses back to report a mission.

    Inside the lobby, there was a one hundred square meter office. The furnishing in the room had been kept to a minimum and consisted of only a few working desks. The four walls were painted white.

    "Hello, beautiful! We're here to report a mission!" Liu Jie knocked on the door. There was only a woman in the room.

    The woman's back faced the door, so Qin Feng and Liu Jie could not see her face. She wore black leather clothing and shoes. With the shape of her figure from behind and her purplish bob haircut, she stunned Qin Feng and Liu Jie.

    The woman's voice was cold, and she spoke without turning, "What mission?"

    "Exterminating Taoist Rakshasa the Stage 4 heretic on Ghost Mountain," Qin Feng replied.

    Liu Jie jumped in fear. He had not known what kind of mission Qin Feng had accepted or what kind of person he killed. Now that he knew the lifeless body was a Stage 4 heretic, his face instantly turned pale.

    The woman rose to her feet and slowly turned around.

    She had a flawlessly fair and clear face, a pair of big, bright eyes, a pair of well-defined brows, and two rows of white teeth. Her black, tight-fitting, leather shirt and pants clung to her hourglass figure perfectly and with great eloquence, especially her bust. The leather was molded to her perfectly round breasts. It was an enticing sight that gave the impression that they would burst from the leather at any time.

    The woman's eyes gleamed like stars. She measured Qin Feng and Liu Jie from their top to their toes.

    After measuring them, the woman turned her attention to Taoist Rakshasa's corpse on the floor. "Nice!" she praised, "I issued this mission on behalf of the Dragon Door. However, your leader should be a woman. Can either of you explain to me what is going on?"

    Qin Feng stepped forward as he focused his gaze on the woman's flawless face, "The leader you're talking about is Billowy Lady, am I right? Something came up,, so she couldn't make it to here. I'm Green Wolf, her teammate who helped her complete the mission."

    Looking into Qin Feng's bright dark eyes, a flash of light flickered across the woman's eyes as Qin Feng's eyes felt familiar. She felt she had seen these pair of eyes somewhere before.

    "So that's how it is. Okay then, remove your mask, and I'll ring up your award," the woman said nonchalantly.

    Qin Feng's expression changed. He smiled and said, "Do I have to reveal my face to receive my reward?"

    The woman fell silent. Suddenly, she giggled and said, "Of course not! It's just my personal preference. You're not obligated to follow my order."

    "Beautiful, ring up my reward then!" Qin Feng replied with a harsh tone.

    Qin Feng sudden changed in attitude did not bother the beauty at all. After she re-confirmed the identity of Taoist Rakshasa, she pulled out her communication device and drew on it.

    "Okay, we're done! You can log in to your Martial Artist Alliance's account and check on it."

    Qin Feng logged in to his account without waiting for the beautiful woman's order. He noticed that three hundred and fifty points had been added to his account, and the card he bound to his account when he first registered as a member of Martial Artist Alliance had an extra 300,000 yuan.

    Qin Feng had catapulted from a level 3 member to a level 5 member, so he could now accept a level 5 mission without having to team up with a higher level partner.

    "If my memory serves me well, I'm still owed three Hundred Flavor Grass, right?" Qin Feng asked the woman.

    Qin Feng did not know the effect of Hundred Flavor Grass before obtaining the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica. Now, he knew exactly what a Hundred Flavor Grass could so, and therefore wanted it a great deal. The Hundred Flavor Grass could absorb the spiritual essence from heaven and earth, so it was a treasure for Qin Feng who was at the bottleneck of breaking through to Stage 4 inner qi.

    "The three Hundred Flavor Grass will be Billowy Lady's reward, and she will have to personally come to retrieve them because the two of you came to such an agreement about how to split the reward. You will have to ask her if you want a Hundred Flavor Grass," the woman said calmly.

    Qin Feng did speak with Hua Yan about the dispersion of rewards so he could not argue with the woman's comment. He took what he deserved and left with Liu Jie.

    As the two left the room, the eyes of the purplish bob-haired woman dressed in leather shirt and pants glowed.

    She was the mysterious woman that appeared three months ago in Acropolis City who interfered in an assassination attempt on Qin Feng at Lotus Lake. She was also the same person who assisted Qin Feng in holding off the assassins sent by the Golden Assassin Crew during the opening ceremony of Cloud City Hua Manor Phase 2: Yan Wu Shuang.

    When Yan Wu Shuang exchanged glances with Qin Feng just now, she suspected that he was Qin Feng. She forwent her suspicious after remembering that Qin Feng had gone missing three months ago and was still in an unknown condition.

    Yan Wu Shuang shook her head and thought, I'm thinking too much.

    Even though Qin Feng holds a lot of secrets, and he reached our Dragon Group's criteria for investigation, the Dragon Group has assigned me an even more important mission. After I have enrolled myself into Jindu University's Medical College and finished investigating the William family in America, I'll come back to investigate him.

    ( Editor's Note: From here on the provincial capital city will be known as Jindu for easier reading. BinBin's Note: BinBin has many jobs to do now~~~~~)


    Qin Feng and Liu Jie returned to the lobby, and Qin Feng realized that it was 4AM now. Even if he rushed to return to Chang Xin's villa, he probably would not get enough sleep since he had to rushed to teach at Jindu University again.

    "Big Brother, you killed a Stage 4 heretic all by yourself? Can you stop being so powerful? How strong is a Stage 4 heretic? I heard that the way a heretic and demon cultivator fight is totally different from us martial artists, is that true?" Liu Jie blabbered and shot a barrage of questions at Qin Feng.

    He could not be blamed for being so excited because heretics and demon cultivators were extremely rare in Martial World. Liu Jie had never seen a heretic or demon cultivator in his life so he could not stop his desire to learn more about them from Qin Feng.

    "The mission is a team mission. I killed the heretic with my team member. My teammate left before you arrived," Liu Jie was tenacious, and Qin Feng knew that if he did not satisfy Liu Jie's curiosity, Liu Jie would continue to question him. As such, he simply gave a few answers and switched the topic to derail Liu Jie's thoughts, "The sun is coming up. What should we do for the next two hours?"

    "Big Brother, why don't we have a stroll inside the Martial Artist Town? You've never been there, right?" Liu Jie suggested gleefully.

    "A town built for martial artists?" Qin Feng gave Liu Jie a puzzled look.

    "Yes, Big Brother! The internal space of the branches of the Martial Artist Alliance across the nation are recreations of Martial Artist Alliance in Jindu. It is like a small town, so everybody calls it Martial Artist Town!"

    Liu Jie explained patiently to Qin Feng, "The constructions in Martial Artist Town are no different from the town outside. The shops, however, are kind of different. Aside from the groceries stores, financial institutes, hotels, restaurant, and so on, the most important is that some shops supply items that are useful for Martial Artists.

    "For example, Saint Medic, at the junction there, sells some common medical pills and potions used by martial artists. They even sell some elementary-grade medical pills. However, some merchandise cannot be purchased with money and can only be purchased with member points."

    Both of them walked to Saint Medic which Liu Jie had been talking about. Since he had nothing to do at the moment, Qin Feng pulled Liu Jie into Saint Medic.

    The shop was spacious and well-lit. As they entered the shop, the fragrance of traditional herbs surged and filled their noses.

    There was a row of showcases in the innermost of the shop and two hanging cupboards on either side of the shop. On the shelves were various kinds of medical pills and potions with their respective names and prices.

    A woman wearing a fire red qipao sat behind the counter. Concentrating on playing on her cell phone, she paid no mind to Qin Feng and Liu Jie as they walked into her shop.

    Qin Feng glanced at the woman dressed in qipao and began to wander around Saint Medic. Suddenly, something on the shelf caught his attention.

    Dit Da Water: 10,000 yuan per bottle.

    Body Refining Potion: 100,000 yuan per bottle.

    Soul Cleansing Pills: 100,000 yuan and 100 member points per bottle. Five tablets in a bottle.

    Healing Pills: 200,000 yuan and 200 member points per bottle. Five tablets in a bottle.

    Marrow Expunging Pills: 500,000 yuan and 3,000 member points per bottle. Three tablets in a bottle.

    Blood Qi Pills: 500,000 yuan and 3,000 member points per bottle. Three tablets in a bottle.

    Primordial Spirit Pills: 1,000,000 yuan and 5,000 member points per bottle. Three tablets in a bottle."

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