Chapter 441 - Bow Down Before the Dragon Door

    Chapter 441 - Bow Down Before the Dragon Door

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    As Liu Jie arrived beside Sima Yang, the sound of blades cutting through the wind echoed through the air above them.

    Qin Feng's heart raced. He yelled at Liu Jie, "Get down!"

    Liu Jie sensed the deadly aura swarming behind him and quickly recoiled.

    Clank! Clank! Clank!

    As he moved three steps back, three flying knives landed in the ground in front of Liu Jie buried to the hilt around which a red ribbon was wrapped. The red ribbons waved in the air.

    "Phew... What strong inner qi!" Liu Jie's face was clouded with amazement. If he had moved any slower, the three flying knives would have punctured his body.

    "The first rule of Martial Artist Town: every resident must coexist peacefully and not cause any trouble for anybody. Can anyone of you tell me what you guys are doing now?" a sonorous female voice resonated as Yan Wu Shuang appeared in between Qin Feng and Sima Yang.

    Yan Wu Shuang wore a tight-fitting leather shirt and pants that clung to her curvaceous figure. Her breasts were not overly large, but the shape of them was captivating. Coupled with her purplish bob haircut, she would be the center of attention anywhere she went.

    After seeing that the intruder was Yan Wu Shuang, Sima Yang dropped his pride, plastered a placating smile on, and went forward to welcome her,"Oh, Miss Wu Shuang is here. I apologize for my impoliteness!"

    Yan Wu Shuang ignored Sima Yang and concentrated on Qin Feng's wolf mask. "Prince Yang, as a cooperation partner of Martial Artist Town, the Sima family should take the lead and abide by the rules. Your actions have disappointed us, the Dragon Door, very much!"

    Sima Yang's expression changed slightly. Even though Yan Wu Shuang wasn't a descendant of a great family, she was a member of the Dragon Door, so toying with her wasn't a task Sima Yang easily welcomed.

    China had three doors and five sects. The Dragon Door was one of the doors, and it was a mysterious organization supported by the government, so even the higher-ups of Martial Artist Alliance had to give face to the Dragon Door, not to mention Sima Yang.

    "Miss Wu Shuang is right, but we are not the ones to be blamed. It was them who created trouble first. They pushed us over the edge which left me and my servant with no alternatives but to defend ourselves."

    Seeing Sima Yang had passed the buck to him and Qin Feng, Liu Jie's face darkened. Liu Jie remained silent and did not speak for himself although Sima Yang's despicable action ticked him off. The family behind Liu Jie was merely one of the five small familial clans in Jindu, and it was nothing compared to the mysterious Dragon Door. The Dragon Door could easily erase the existence of his family from the face of the earth with only a flip of their hand.

    "Green Wolf, is that true?" Yan Wu Shuang shot a fervent gaze at Qin Feng's wolf mask, seemingly wanted to see through the face hiding behind the mask. Since Qin Feng completed the mission released by her on behalf of the Dragon Door, so Yan Wu Shuang knew his alias was Green Wolf.

    "What he said isn't true; in fact, it's the reverse situation," Qin Feng brushed off Sima Yang's accusation indifferently, "It was the Sima family's servant who looked down on my brother and attacked us first. My brother and I are the victims. We had to return the blows to defend ourselves."

    Sima Yang stunned when Yan Wu Shuang addressed Qin Feng by his alias. He never expected that Yan Wu Shuang knew Qin Feng.

    "Ahem, ahem! Ms. Wu Shuang, this is just a misunderstanding. Why don't we just leave it at that?" Sima Yang had lost his confidence. Initially, he planned to detain Qin Feng and Liu Jie, but now, he only wished that the Dragon Door would not target the Sima family.

    "Is this your final decision, Prince Yang?" Yan Wu Shuang smiled lightly at Sima Yang.

    "I apologize for troubling you, Ms. Wu Shuang. If you have some time on you, let's have a seat inside the shop. If you have your eyes set on any weapons in our shop, I'll gift it to Ms. Wu Shuang as a present on behalf of the Sima family."

    "Thank you for your offer, but I'm good. I still have an important task to tend to, I shall take my leave first."

    After she did her job, Yan Wu Shuang prepared to leave. Like a soaring swallow, Yan Wu Shuang's elegant figure disappeared from everybody's sight in a few light hops.

    Sima Yang's face instantly turned vile as soon as Yan Wu Shuang left. He shot a few fiendish glares at Qin Feng and Liu Jie.

    "Pray to god that you two will never encounter me outside town, brats, or else, I'll kill you both the moment I see you!" Sima Yang fluttered his sleeve in a huff and stormed into the smithy. Likewise, Wang Er glared at Qin Feng and Liu Jie before following Sima Yang back into the smithy.

    "Phew!" Liu Jie heaved a long sigh of relief as he never thought the incident would end so smoothly,

    "I'm so scared! Big Brother, let's leave now. The Sima family is not to be trifled with."

    Qin Feng tilted his head up and looked at the signage hanging outside the shop. His eyes glistened with intense light.


    Jindu University Medical College: Lecture Hall

    The bell rang signifying Qin Feng's first class had started as soon as Qin Feng and Liu Jie arrived at the lecture hall.

    Qin Feng marched into the lecture hall bold as brass. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back in the best spot behind the podium where the sunlight fell. The lecture hall was still packed with loads of students. There were at least two hundred students. Some of them shared their seats with one of their friends while the rest who failed to themselves a seat stand in the aisles on both sides of the lecture hall.

    "Handsome Professor Qin Feng, what are you going to teach us today?"

    "I've not made up my mind yet!"

    "Feng Feng, I wore no brasserie underneath today. Can you teach me some massage skill and help me massage my boobs?"

    "Vulgar... Come to my office after the class is dismissed."

    "Handsome and stylish Professor Qin Feng, can I pay a visit to your office too after the class dismissed?"

    "You **ing gay, get out from my class!"


    Before he began his lecture every day, Qin Feng devoted five minutes to interact with his students and to invigorate their spirits. The students knew his style very well, so they cracked a few jokes with him as well. The atmosphere was as lively as new years.

    Seeing that it was almost time to began his class, Qin Feng gestured with his hands, and the students instantly fell silent.

    Their reactions amused Qin Feng very much. He posed in a handsome and confident stance and spoke brazenly, "Dear students, I've decided that since you all love my acupuncture class very much, then in this lesson, I'll teach you all how to manipulate a needle!"


    The lecture hall exploded as soon as Qin Feng finished speaking. All of the students yelled and scream frantically in excitement. It was more intense than a superstar concert.

    When Professor Ling Qing Yuan led a team for an inspection into their class during their previous class, he had a heart seizure and he lost his consciousness. Qin Feng saved him on the spot with only his acupuncture technique which sowed the seed of interest to learn Chinese medicine in the heart of his students.

    So how could the students not get excited when Professor Qin Feng finally wanted to teach them the acupuncture technique?

    "A live specimen is essential in this lesson. You have to practice how to manipulate the needles on a living person. I guess I'll just pick a training dummy among you for this training module. Is that fine for you all?"

    "Yes! Pick me!" the students were delighted. However, in the next second, everybody fell silent. They felt something was wrong as the same thought was popped up in every students' mind: What if Professor Qin Feng picks me as the training dummy?

    "No! Don't pick me!" the two hundred or so students shook their heads like there was no tomorrow and forwent their desire to.go.up to the podium.

    "Ah, Mr. Liu Jie came to class after me, so he is late to class... Then, let us invite Mr. Liu Jie to come upon the podium to be our training dummy. Is that okay?" Qin Feng gave a fake smile while looking at his students.

    Liu Jie's face darkened. When he heard the uproarious cheers and applause, his face turned white in anger again.

    "Okay! Let's welcome Mr. Liu Jie to come on the podium, then!"

    All of the students focused their gaze on Liu Jie and looked forward to him to go on stage. Their reactions ticked Liu Jie off, and he felt ashamed and helpless for having these kinds of friends and classmates!

    "Professor Qin Feng, I have a recording that I want to play for everybody," Liu Jie pulled out his cell phone and provoked Qin Feng, "It's about the story in Ghost Mountain. After I finish playing the recording, I'll go to the podium."

    A flick of anger flashed through Qin Feng's eyes before he turned his expression into a smiley expression, "Haha, please sit down, Mr. Liu Jie. How is that possible I'd use my students as training dummy? The purpose of saying that is to test your sense of community and solidarity... Ai! You all have disappointed me so much!"

    Liu Jie returned to his seat and was pleased. Qin Feng rested his arms on the table, shook his head, and sighed.

    "Master, can you stop acting? You're nauseating me!" Little Pig grumbled in Qin Feng's mind. Even the pig could not stand Qin Feng anymore.

    A wicked idea crossed Qin Feng's mind. His mouth twisted into a sly grin as he said, "Haha! Actually, I've found training dummy for everybody, but this training dummy is a piglet. Let's test out our acupuncture technique on him!"

    As Qin Feng spoke, a pinkish piglet appeared on the podium. Qin Feng gleefully looked at Little Pig, while Little Pig was so angry that his fur exploded.

    "Master, you're so shameless! How can you release me in the public? Hurry up and let me go back into the system!" Little Pig chided.

    Qin Feng ignored him and threw him on the table in the first row.

    "Ae back here! You're so shameless!" Qin Feng communicated with Little Pig through telepathy.

    "Don't be scared, Little Pig. Nobody is going to hurt you," It wasn't Little Pig reply to Qin Feng. It was Qiao Shi Shi's voice.

    Qin Feng was stunned. This was because he saw it with his own eyes that Qiao Shi Shi had not opened her mouth at all. Her voice transmitted to his mind through telepathy!
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