Chapter 442 - Hooking Up With A Woman Requires Deep Knowledge

    Chapter 442 - Hooking Up With A Woman Requires Deep Knowledge

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "What's going on, Little Pig?" Qin Feng asked Little Pig in shock.

    "Don't expect me to tell you the truth after putting me through all this, Master!" Little Pig brushed off Qin Feng's question with a dismissive while tilting his head high and looked delightedly at Qin Feng, "What I can tell you is that Qiao Shi Shi is special. Figure out the rest yourself!"

    While Qin Feng was communicating telepathically with Little Pig, he tried to catch Qiao Shi Shi's voice. However, he could not sense the telepathy anymore and everything that happened was like an illusion to him.

    Qiao Shi Shi protected Little Pig in her arm and kept the other students from harming him. Those students stopped too. Not only was Qiao Shi Shi the belle of the medical college, she was also one of the goddesses of Jindu University and many of them were her fans.

    "Professor Qin Feng, if we're practicing acupuncture, I bet practicing on a living human will make us understand more about acupuncture, don't you think? After all, Little Pig is a pig, an animal. If you use Little Pig as our training dummy, won't it make the rest of us become a veterinarian instead?" Qiao Shi Shi said with an emotionless expression.

    This was the first time Qiao Shi Shi cracked a joke, and she had the students in hysterics.

    The classroom was filled with laughter, and unnoticed by them, three weirdos with colored hair and strange outfits had climbed up to the podium. In an instant, two of the three grabbed Qin Feng by his arms and pressed him to the table while the last man with a stud earring pulled out a knife and put it against Qin Feng's neck.

    Their ambush came too suddenly. So sudden in fact that the students could not regain their senses and continued to discuss Little Pig and Qiao Shi Shi even after they saw Qin Feng was taken hostage. The tumult began to recede slowly and finally, the class fell into a pool of dead silence such that the sound of a needle dropped to the floor could be heard clearly.

    "Hey, who are you people? You are not even one of us!"

    "How dare you bully our Professor Qin Feng! Get the ** out of our class now!"

    Facing two hundred or so glaring gazes, the man with the earring was not affected and offered a sardonic smile on his face.

    Qin Feng knew this fellow. He was the hoodlum Fang Ming summoned last time to pick a fight with him. This man led his group of hoodlums and blocked Qin Feng after school. At the same time, Gao Tian Yao led his own group to get him as well. In the end, Qin Feng tricked them into fighting each other while he himself escaped.

    This time, the trio had been summoned by Fang Ming as well, and their sole objective was to disgrace Qin Feng in front of his own students.

    "Fucking stop blabbering and keep quiet, or I'll stab this fellow to death!"

    The man made his living wandering the underworld for a long time. Of course, he would not be taken aback by a bunch of untested university students. He did not move the knife away from Qin Feng's neck, chewed his bubblegum, and seemed to be someone who needed a good beating.

    Qin Feng had spotted them in the crowd the moment he entered the class. The reason he did not bust their disguises was that he wanted to see what kind of trick Fang Ming was pulling again.

    "Hold your horses, everybody. He has a knife. He might injure you guys."

    "But they want to hurt you, Professor Qin Feng!" His students were worried about him.

    "As a noble-hearted lecturer with huge ambition, it's fine if I'm injured as long as I can keep you all safe, even if they want my life--"

    "Jesus Christ!" the two guys who held him down could not restrain themselves and grumbled, cutting Qin Feng off, "Give me a break! Big Brother, this fellow is even more pretentious than you!"

    The students were all utterly shattered into tears after they heard Qin Feng's remark while Hua Yan, on the other hand, tensed her lips and squinted. She knew Qin Feng too well and felt that he was being hypocritical now.

    "Stop bragging, you stupid fool! I'm here today to ask you something!" the man with the earring waved his pocket knife in front of Qin Feng's eyes and thought he was cool, "Rumor has it that you've fallen out with a student in this class. Is that true?"

    The man with the earring was here for a purpose, and Fang Ming had briefed him about his revenge plan.

    Fang Ming wanted him and his two minions subjugate Qin Feng in the class, threaten him, and make him lose his face in front of his student. He wanted him forever gone from the medical college. If Qin Feng ever did totally disappear from the medical college, then the medical college would return to him, and he could rule over them.

    "You're so, so cocky, brat. I'm going to show you the consequences of offending one of the young masters of this university!" the man's gaze darted across the crowd of students and stopped at Qiao Shi Shi. When he saw Qiao Shi Shi's otherworldly delicate face and sensed her elegant aura, a wicked idea crossed his brain as his eyes glowed brightly, "Tsk tsk, that girl holding the pig is such a fine beauty I want to have a good taste of her right now, but... Hey, brat, didn't you say that you're a lecturer of high character, and you're always prepared to sacrifice yourself to protect your students? Well then, I'll give you a choice: I either stab you to death, or I release you and I get onto that woman. Pick one!"

    Fang Ming did not know Qin Feng very well. Had he knew how strong Qin Feng was, he would not propose the plan. Fang Ming thought Qin Feng would reveal his true self in the face of life or death by shedding his disguise and desert all the morality and professional ethics he purported to have.

    The class was silent. Directing their gazes at Qin Feng, all of the students waited anxiously for Qin Feng's answer.

    "Fuck! I've learned Four Books and Five Classics since I was young," Qin Feng began to make his own show again, "I was graced with superior memory and a handsome face. I maintained a low-profile wherever and whenever, yet I always unconsciously ended up being the center of attraction. It's once in a hundred years that such an extraordinary prodigy like me appears, so my life is very valuable. However, none of this matters in the face of the safety of my students.

    "Bring it on, stab me with your knife! I'm not afraid of death at all. After another eighteen years, I'll be still a hero! I'll still be your lecturer and teach you all the profoundness of Chinese medicine!" [TN: "After another eighteen years, I'll be still a hero" is Chinese slang meaning that the person does not fear death. Buddhist firmly believe that after a person dies, his soul lives on and can be reincarnated into a new body immediately. Also, a male is considered an adult or a real man when he reaches 18 years old in China, hence the slang.]

    The lecture hall was filled with whimper and sobbing voices from the crowd of students and the heavy huffing from the two fatties behind Qin Feng.

    "Ahh! Don't hold me back. Big Brother, give me the knife, and I'll going to kill this fellow right here, right now! I can not stand a fellow who is more narcissistic than me!"

    The man with the earring ear stud man slapped the yellow-haired minion's head, "Shut up!"

    He glared furiously at Qin Feng.

    The course of events was not the same as what they had planned. This fellow should have picked his own life instead, "I'm giving you the last chance, brat. Think twice before answering me... You want your life, or you want to protect that girl's chastity?"

    The man with the earring pressed the pocket knife hard on Qin Feng's neck as if he would stab him in the neck at any moment. All of the students were taken aback, and this scene had robbed them of their ability to speak.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Suddenly, three muffled bangs sounded out. Unknown to them, Liu Jie had already snuck up to the podium and slapped the man with the earring and his two minions down the podium before Qin Feng could answer.

    "What're you doing, Big Brother? These three scumbags should be a piece of cake for you!" Liu Jie gave Qin Feng a gleeful smile and waited for Qin Feng to praise him.

    Anger quickly escalated within Qin Feng as his expression darkened. He slapped Liu Jie's head, pulled him toward himself and murmured to him, "Can't you see that I'm putting up a scene trying to impress somebody? Didn't you ask me to teach you how to hook up with women when we were in Martial Artist Town? I'm showing you right now, but you've ruined the show, you dumbass!"

    The reason Qin Feng played along with the man and his two minions was that he was trying to impress Qiao Shi Shi. Qin Feng had took a fancy to Qiao Shi Shi, but she was too cold and always treated everybody around her neither cold nor hot. Now his chance had finally come, and he was certain that he could win her heart this time. He hadn't expected that his show would be ruined by Liu Jie before it reached the climax.

    "What are you saying? Please don't be angry with me, I was just worried about your safety, Big Brother. So you're trying to win the hearts of those three scumbags? I never knew that your tastes were so gruesome... Why are you staring at me, Big Brother? Wa, why have your eyes become red? I--I guess I should get down from here. I'll leave the rest to you now, Big Brother!"

    Qin Feng had to keep his gallantry in front of his two hundred students; otherwise, he would have long ago kicked Liu Jie into the heaven.

    Meanwhile, as the man with the earring and his two minions fell to the floor, some of the students rushed forward and tied them up. Fang Ming and his three minions were exasperated when they saw their plan had once again failed.

    "Professor Qin Feng, these scumbags have been subdued. What should we do to them?"

    Qin Feng walked to the man and his two minions with a fake smile on his face. The three of them felt as though they were being targeted by a serpent, so they struggled for all their worth but to no avail. None of them could free themselves from the knot.

    "We should send them to the security department, Professor Qin Feng. They will know what to do with these three scumbags," a student suggested.

    Qin Feng shook his head as the smile on his face broadened, "Students, what are we learning today?"

    "Professor Qin Feng, you said you want to teach us the acupuncture!"

    Qin Feng put on an expression like a light had broken upon him, "Oh yeah! We're learning acupuncture today, but sadly, I can't teach you all how to manipulate the needles if we don't have a training dummy. What should we do? What should we do?"

    The students' eyes glowed as they all focused their gazes on the man with the earring, and his two minions like a bunch of hungry ghosts looking at a barbequed chicken.

    "Professor Qin Feng, are these three people good enough to be our training dummies?"

    Frowning, Qin Feng said with all the seriousness, "Ah, we can use them as our training dummies, but we have to get consent from them first. And since you all are first-timers, I bet you all will stick the needles in the wrong acupoints which may cause pain and bleeding. I'm not sure whether these three people will be about to withstand it or not."

    The man and his two minions finally saw the light: these two hundred students wanted to make them their training dummies for acupuncture! Their faces blanched at the realization, and cold sweat began to ooze from their bodies. They looked like wet chickens that had been drowned in a downpour.

    "Professor Qin Feng, I'm sure they will be very glad to be our training materials. See, they all nodded, and they did not say they are not willing to."

    Some of the students stuck stockings into the mouths of the man and his two minions and pulled their hair to force them to nod. The man and his two minions had never experienced this kind of disgrace since they began their kind of work. Tears welled up in their eyes, and their expressions were full of remorse.

    "Well, well, well! I express my gratitude on behalf of my students for you three volunteering to be our training dummies. Your utterly fearless action and the spirit of willing to sacrifice for the good of many should be praised... Well, let's not waste any more time and start our practice session now!" Qin Feng said while plastering a sly grin on his face.

    The students were so excited that any onlookers would have believed that they were on steroids. Since they had their training dummies now, some of them stood on the floor side by side in front of the trio while some crowded behind them. Each and every one of them had a tiny silver needle in their hands, and they hesitated on deciding which acupoints they should insert the silver needles into first.
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