Chapter 443 - Ill Never Set My Foot In This University Ever Again!

    Chapter 443 - I'll Never Set My Foot In This University Ever Again!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13



    "New quest from the Hedonist Sovereign System: earn Qiao Shi Shi's trust.

    "Time limit: Six months

    "The system will reward Host Qin Feng 30,000 Hedonist Points and free admission into the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern if the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, 60,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted."

    The system notification beeped in Qin Feng's mind signaling a new quest for him. Qin Feng's mouth tensed as it was yet another tough quest.

    It had been less than a week since Qin Feng began teaching at Jindu University, and though he hadn't known Qiao Shi Shi for a long time, Qin Feng knew plenty about the woman. Qiao Shi Shi was dull as water, and she always distanced herself from the crowd.

    She always sported an aloof expression regardless of anyone or anything. Her heart was apparently had encased in a million-year iceberg, and nobody was able to see through to her thoughts and true emotions. Hence, obtaining the trust of a woman like her was by no means an easy matter.

    "Little Pig, what is the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern?" Qin Feng decided not to wreck his brain and asked Little Pig about the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern.

    Little Pig happily snuggled into Qiao Shi Shi's arms and replied telepathically, "Master, the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern is a miraculous place and is super useful. Master can take it as a place saturated with dense spiritual essence from heaven and earth, and the speed of cultivating in the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern is many times faster than the outside world!"

    Qin Feng's eyes glowed, and he followed up with another question, "How fast is it?"

    "It depends entirely on the level of the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern. In its most basic form, the heaven and earth spiritual essence is thirty times greater on the earth. This means that if Master cultivates in the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern for one day, the effect will be the same as cultivating on the earth for thirty days!"

    Qin Feng almost screamed in excitement. If he had such a miraculous place, he never had to worry about his slow cultivation speed anymore.

    Suddenly, a question flashed in Qin Feng's brain as his brows furrowed in worry, "Little Pig, the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern is free to use, right?"

    "Master, ever since you obtained the Hedonist Sovereign System, is there anything offered by the system that has been free?" Little Pig cast a disdainful expression at Qin Feng and chided him for his ignorance.

    Qin Feng's face sank when he remembered how the system loved to troll him. "Then how does the system charge for using the initial state of Heavenly Fortuity Cavern?"

    "Actually, it's pretty cheap. The system will only charge Master 1 Hedonist Point per second."

    Qin Feng giggled when he heard the number.

    One Hedonist Point per second is not that expensive after all.

    However, when he meticulously went through the math, he was so angry that he almost shattered the system.

    One Hedonist Point per second, so one minute would be 60 Hedonist Points, and one hour would be 3,600 Hedonist Points. Thus, if he entered the Heavenly Fortuity Cavern for one day, the system would charge him 86,400 Hedonist Points...

    A whopping 86,400 Hedonist Points!

    Ever since Qin Feng obtained the Hedonist Sovereign System, he had never earned so much Hedonist Points before. What's more, that was only the cost for staying in Heavenly Fortuity Cave Pavilion for a day!

    "Professor Qin Feng, can you help us to check whether we are on the right track? How come these three people have fallen unconscious?" the yelling of students drifted into his ears and pulled Qin Feng out his thoughts and back to the mortal world.

    Qin Feng then looked at the man with the earring and his two minions.

    What the hell is that?!

    His mouth twitched vigorously when he saw that the man and his two minions' bloodied and battered bodies were stuck with countless silver needles and they had started foaming at their mouth. Only now had he realized that his students were even more heartless than he was!

    "Hmm, let me see... They are fine. Don't you all worry about that. They're merely suffering from transient shock. It's a good chance now for everybody to practice your acupuncture technique. You all should try to wake them up with the silver needles!" Qin Feng felt the trio's pulses and realized that they were not in a life-threatening state, so he resumed his students acupuncture practice session.

    The students were all pumped up since this was their first practice session to practice their acupuncture technique. Besides, there were only three training dummies to serve a colossal number of students. There was a total of two hundred silver needles on each of their bodies. Their bodies were bloody, and they seemed were even scarier than a horror movie.

    "What's happening? Why are you all crowding the podium during lecture hour? Do you think the university is a general market?" a cold voice suddenly echoed as Xiao Lei entered the lecture hall.

    Xiao Lei's voice disappeared under the growing tumult. The students continued to insert silver needles into the body of the man with the earring and his two minions without paying any attention to Xiao Lei. His eyes almost popped out from his anger.

    "Hey! Are you all deaf? Walking around and making a lot of noise during the lecture hour, do you want me to take disciplinary action against you all?!" Xiao Lei raised his voice and yelled at the students.

    The students were not afraid of Xiao Lei, but they were afraid of getting penalized. They would be in big trouble if they failed their class before the final exam.

    With his loud voice, Xiao Lei got all the students back to their own seats. In just merely ten seconds, the previously obstreperous lecture hall had now become silent and well-organized. All of the students sat with their back straight and appeared like a bunch of obedient elementary school students.

    Xiao Lei's achievement made him arrogant. He swaggered his way to the podium while staring at Qin Feng. When he was at the podium, he realized that there were three ragged human puppets lying lifelessly on the table. They scared him so much that he yelled.

    "Holy **! What are these three things? Are they human, or are they ghosts? Damn it, who put these three things on the table?!"

    Xiao Lei slipped and almost fell down from the podium. His comical reaction had the students rolling in the aisles.

    Xiao Lei had shattered his hard-built hegemony, and he was angry about that. He shot a few fiendish glares at the students and yelled, "What are you all laughing at? Whoever dares to laugh again will be penalized!"

    The students refrained from laughing after Xiao Lei had warned them. Qin Feng, on the other hand, let out a ringing laugh.

    "Director Xiao, how come you're so timid given your well-upholstered appearance. It's just three dead people, why did you yell like a little girl?"

    Xiao Lei had a vendetta against Qin Feng since the last time they met, so how would there be any chances that he would bend his knee in front of Qin Feng? He boldly said with an awe-inspiring noble spirit, "Hmph! They are merely three corpses. I'm not afraid of them, I can touch them too!"

    Xiao Lei then squatted beside the man with the earring. As his hand almost reached the man's nose, he suddenly came back to his senses and fell to the floor.

    "Are you nuts? Why are there three corpses on the podium? Are you a witch or what?"

    "Haha! You really entertained me a lot, Director Xiao. You, as a chief physician of Jindu's University's affiliated hospital, corpses should be the last thing that scares you. How come you're still afraid of it?" Qin Feng scoffed.

    Even though Xiao Lei was a doctor, he was the kind of doctor that lived by his wits and always skived off his duty. When a patient with a lesser illness showed themselves, he would be the first one to attend them. However, when there was a large operation that really needed his specialty, he gave all kinds of excuses to run away from his duty. Furthermore, given that his second uncle was the vice-president of the affiliated hospital, his colleagues could only hold their tongue in pent-up indignation in front of Xiao Lei's wits.

    Hence, Xiao Lei had very little chances to see corpses over the past three years. When he knew Qin Feng had placed three corpses on the podium, Xiao Lei's knees instantly went limp. He needed to lean against the table so that he could get up from the floor.

    Qin Feng walked to the man with the earring and his two minions. His hand moved very fast turning into dozens of silhouettes in the eyes of Xiao Lei and his students. After ten or so seconds, Qin Feng had removed the thousands of silver needles from the trio's bodies.

    "There is nothing to be afraid of Director Xiao. These three corpses are training dummies I brought for everyone to practice their acupuncture technique. They were crowded around the podium because they're having a practice session. It's not at all like what Director Xiao said, making noises and wandering around in the lecture hall lawlessly."

    Xiao Lei finally calmed down his raging mind after Qin Feng had explained to him. It was a little bit scary to use corpses as training dummies, but in fact, it was considered normal in the medical field. During his time studying at Jindu University, Xiao Lei's professor had used a corpse to teach them as well.

    "Hmph! You should've placed the corpse behind. It's kind of not suitable to place them at the front of the lecture hall!" Xiao Lei chided Qin Feng angrily to prove that he wasn't afraid at all.

    "Oh yeah, what made Director Xiao come here at this time? Do you have an announcement to make?" Qin Feng asked Xiao Lei with a gleeful smile.

    Xiao Lei really had something to announce. It was just that he had forgotten his true intention for coming here after he saw the bloodied battered man with the earring and his two minions.

    "Hmph! Of course, I came here because I have an important announcement to make; otherwise, do you think I'm so free?" Xiao Lei scornfully berated Qin Feng.

    After Xiao Lei cleared his throat, he regained his high and mighty posture and swept his gaze over the students. "I've obtained news from the management of the medical college, the exchange students and representatives of the Saint Medical Institute will arrive in Jindu in no more than half a month. After they have landed in Jindu, they will come straight to our medical college for an inspection and information exchange.

    "The Saint Medical Institute is a brilliant star in the medical field, and I know that everyone is aware of that. Hence, I'll skip that part and jump to the next part, which is the main reason I came here today. The higher-ups of medical college value this study exchange very much and they have very high expectations from you all, so they invited a person like me, who is the very spearhead of western medicine, to give every one of you a practical training session and to broaden your knowledge about western medicine..."

    Xiao Lei could not stop himself from bragging as if he had consumed the Stride gum.

    Qin Feng shook his head as he pondered, Nowadays people, will they die from not being pretentious?!

    Not only Qin Feng, but all of the students gave a scornful expression at Xiao Lei, and they were nauseated by Xiao Lei's bragging remarks. Xiao Lei did not notice the students' actions and continued to speak arrogantly, "Ahem, Ahem! Okay, that's enough from me today. I believe that every one of you has a deeper insight into me now and that you all must be starting to admire me. To be honest, you all don't have to admire my achievements. As long as you all follow my instructions and pay attention to my class, I can assure you that in less than half a month, I can turn you all into excellent and qualified doctors. Not ordinary doctors, but doctors who can work on an operation by his own!"

    Cough! Cough!

    As Xiao Lei was blowing his own trumpet, a spell of coughing sounded behind him.

    The trio finally awakened. Actually, they had regained their consciousness a while ago; however, they were in too much pain and too exhausted, so they could not get up and remained lying on the floor.

    "Wu! Wu! Big Brother, I would rather go kill someone than coming here! They scared me!"

    The other minion's face was filled with tears as well. He choked on his voice and said, "Me too, big brother! I swear I'll never ever set my foot in this university again! Nobody in this university is normal. The lecturers of this university are better at blowing their own horns over another than lecturing, and their students are all freaking fanatics!"
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