Chapter 444 - Martial Artist Alliance Level 5 Mission

    Chapter 444 - Martial Artist Alliance Level 5 Mission

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    The man with the earring and his two minions chatted quietly so Xiao Lei could not hear them as he was lost in his own speech.

    He continued to praise his own wares on the podium, and the two minions could not withstand it and had the urge to gouge out their eyes and poke their ears until they were deaf!

    Oh good lord, where will all this end?!

    "Hey brother, can you just please shut up?!" one of the minions mustered up all his strength and yelled. His yelling was quite loud and Xiao Lei stopped talking, "I'll kneel down to you in my heart if you can stop talking!"

    "Get out from this class if you don't want to listen, you snotty brat! Nobody asked you to stay here anyway, and your very existence disgusts me!" Xiao Lei suddenly looked at Qin Feng. Since Qin Feng was the only person standing beside him, Xiao Lei thought it was Qin Feng who yelled.

    Qin Feng shrugged his shoulders innocently. To prove his innocence, he simply walked to the first row and sat beside Hua Yan. Their bodies stuck together since they shared a chair. Hua Yan shot a few warning glares at Qin Feng which ignored.

    Xiao Lei was pleased with the sight of Qin Feng taking the initiative to sit with the students. He spoke arrogantly to himself, Hmph! This is the right thing to do! You are merely a student compared to me, and you think that you're qualified enough to stand on the same ground as me with your trifling age-old knowledge?

    Xiao Lei's mood was getting better. He cleared his throat and blabbered on and on, "This time the university wants me to pick five aces from you all as exchange student representatives to welcome the representatives from the Saint Medical Institute. The five aces will be tasked to with receiving our friends from America and learn with them... This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I believe that every one of you is very eager to get yourself involved in this exchange program."

    Xiao Lei swept a glance across the students to find some in a zesty mood. To his dismay, he realized that nobody out the two hundred students were paying attention to him. What angered him the most was half of them were even lying asleep on their tables.

    A pent-up fire raged within Xiao Lei.

    Calm down, Xiao Lei. You can do this! He comforted himself.

    Then, he plastered a grin on his face and added, "Haha! Thank you all for your enthusiastic responses... Okay, you all can now start clapping your hands. Hey, you students on the first row, get off the table and get back to your seats! Everyone must go through a tough examination, and we'll pick the representatives by comparing how well you do on the examination. I won't get any of you in through the back-door even if you all rave yourselves hoarse now!

    "And the female students in the last row put on your clothes now! I, Xiao Lei, am an upright and fair-minded man. I won't succumb to your honey trap, so stop doing this!"

    The students were lazy in response to Xiao Lei's shamelessness, and the man with the earring and his two minions almost vomited blood.

    Because the three of them were lying on the table, they could not tell if it was true that the female students were taking off their clothes to seduce Xiao Lei; however, their ears were still in fine condition. The students were all quiet as cicadas in the winter. They could have heard the sound of a pin dropping to the floor clearly whenever Xiao Lei stopped his long-winding nonsense.

    That damn fatty! No one in this universe could match his prowess in blowing his own horn!

    "Brother! Please, I beg you for mercy! Can you just please stop **ing talking?! I would have long escaped from this hell if I still had the ability to run!"

    "Blowing your own trumpet could cost a person their life! You can kill a person with just your mouth!"

    The two minions looked dazedly into the ceiling and shook their heads incessantly as their faces were eloquent with despair.

    Xiao Lei stopped before sending a fiendish glare at Qin Feng, "Do you have anything to say to me, you brat?! Why do you keep interrupting me? Get out of the class now!" Xiao Lei pointed to Qin Feng and huffed.

    Qin Feng shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and replied to him, "I'm sorry, but it wasn't me. I haven't said anything as of just now."

    A strange feeling arose within Xiao Lei as he realized Qin Feng was right: he had uttered nothing. Besides, Qin Feng was sitting in the first row in front of him, and the sound had come from behind Xiao Lei.

    "Holy f--f--**! G-G-Gh-Ghost! The corpses are coming back to life!" Xiao Lei exchanged glances with the man with the earring and his two minions as soon as he turned around. When he saw three of them giving him death glares with bulging eyes, he was so shocked that he almost had a heart attack, and he jumped like a clown on the podium.

    "Fuck! Brother, what did he say just now?"

    "He said we're three corpses coming back to life! He is cursing us to die!"

    The man with the earring and his two minions were infuriated by Xiao Lei's remark and reaction. As the flame of anger burned within them, a surge of vigor suddenly rose and coursed through their powerless limbs causing them to regain their ability to move.

    The three of them instantly shot up from the floor and stormed toward Xiao Lei encircling him in a triangular pattern.

    "Holy mother**er! How dare you curse me to die? I swear I'll kill you first!"

    The man with the earring moved first and slapped Xiao Lei's face hard enough to send him crashing into the table.

    One of the minions kicked Xiao Lei's ass causing him enough pain that Xiao Lei squealed like a pig that was getting butchered, "Brother, let me have this guy! I hate people who love to talk big!"

    The scene aroused the students. They all showed no concern for Xiao Lei and enjoyed the show from the sidelines.

    "Aiyo! Help me! Somebody help me! How can you outlaws casually beat up somebody in the class?! Is there any justice in your actions? Hey, you all, stop watching! Hurry up and call the police!"

    Xiao Lei screamed in pain while he yelled for help; however, nobody answered to his pleas. The minion was having a good time beating Xiao Lei, and he almost crushed his ass.

    "Big Brother, I've had enough! Let's run now!"

    The minion gave up after Xiao Lei had fallen unconscious. He was clear in his mind that he was at a university, and he would not probably end well if he was caught by the university.

    The man with the earring had come to show some color to Qin Feng, but Qin Feng once again completely crushed his plan, "Let's disengage now!"

    He was not reconciled with his defeat, but there was nothing he could do now. He had to retreat; otherwise, he might get caught and get into big trouble.

    We have plenty of time ahead of us; I'll still be able to avenge myself!

    Nobody stopped them because they pitied them for becoming their training dummies.

    "Jeez, we failed again! I must get it all back from him next time!" Fang Ming's expression was cold. This was his third attempt to get his revenge from Qin Feng, but all his plans got blown up in the end.

    Qin Feng taught two more classes. After the bell rang, Qin Feng returned to Chang Xin's villa because he had no classes in the afternoon.

    Qin Feng went to his room and locked the door. After that, he pulled out the Martial Artist Alliance-issued communicating device.

    After he activated the device, Qin Feng started to look for a mission. He obtained three hundred and fifty points from his previous mission, and he had a total of five hundred mission points now. He was a level 5 member of the Martial Artist Alliance, and he could accept level 5 missions on his own now.

    The Hedonist System had issued him an SSS class quest: Martial Artist Alliance. One of the side quests required him to complete a level 5 mission from the mission board of the Martial Artist Alliance. The reward of this side quest was 10,000 Hedonist Points and a random initiation of a mysterious interface in the system. Qin Feng was quite looking forward to the mysterious interface.

    Martial Artist Mission Level: 5

    Mission Description: Collect three bottles of water from the Hundred Years Stream from the Water Fairy Cave. Please take note that the Water Fairy Cave is guarded by a powerful spiritual beast. Please form a team before accepting the mission.

    Mission Reward: 500 mission points, two Devil Fruits, and a piece of Winter Iron Armor.

    Martial Artist Mission Level: 5

    Mission Description: Hunt a Blood-Frenzied Ape from the Dark Forest and collect its spirit core, shinbone, and hide.

    Mission Reward: 400 mission points, one pound of black iron and one pound of red stone.

    As Qin Feng skimmed through the level 5 missions, he realized that most of the level 5 missions required him to travel around Jindu or to the outskirt of Jindu. He wasn't very familiar with the outskirt of Jindu, and he did not have enough time to travel around the areas either; meanwhile, the missions in Jindu looked difficult and most of them were team missions. Qin Feng forwent forming a team, so he did not take any of those missions. The last mission, however, intrigued him:

    Martial Artist Mission Level: 5

    Mission Description: Exterminate the Sima family of Acropolis City.

    Mission Reward: 1,000 mission points, a spirit stone, and a hundred-year glacial crystal.

    "Exterminate the Sima family of Acropolis City? Hehe, I like this mission!"

    Qin Feng did not think much more about it and clicked on the mission. The mission was a solo mission, and the reward was many times better than other level 5 missions. The reward for completing this mission was 1,000 mission points. Besides, the spirit stone and the hundred-year glacial crystal seemed like a badass item.

    However, Qin Feng was confused when he saw that the mission had been released one month ago. That meant that nobody had accepted the mission, and it had remained in the mission board for a month.

    Nobody accepting a mission with such an attractive reward? Qin Feng murmured in his heart.

    Qin Feng cast off his doubt after he pondered it for a while. Missions above level 4 were normally tougher, and most of those missions were team missions, but this mission he was looking at was a solo mission. What's more, it required him to fight the powerful Sima family. Who would accept the mission if he or she did not have a feud with the Sima family? Accepting the mission purely meant that you had to make the Sima family, one of the four strongest families in China, your enemy.

    Other people were afraid of the Sima family, but Qin Feng wasn't.

    Moreover, the Sima family in Acropolis City had declined after the fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. After the fall of Sima Tu, the Sima family in Jindu left the Sima family in Acropolis City out in the cold. They even retrieved the family heirlooms, the Matchless Azure Wing Blades, and gave them to Sima Yang as they were now nurturing Sima Yang to be their next successor.

    Qin Feng did not think much about and accepted the mission. The person who released the mission sent a message and a friend request to Qin Feng.

    "Hello, Green Wolf! I'm Xiao Shi Yi Lang!"

    "Hi," Qin Feng replied laconically.

    "Can you tell me your real name?"

    Qin Feng raised his brows in astonishment, "I have to tell you my real name before accepting the mission?"

    This time, Xiao Shi Yi Lang took a few minutes before replying,"Yes, you do!"

    Too many people were looking for him, so he had to be cautious. He could not simply divulge his identity to an outsider!

    "Then forget it. I'm abandoning the mission."
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