Chapter 445 - Trap

    Chapter 445 - Trap

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Xiao Shi Yi Lang messaged Qin Feng after a few minutes had passed, "Are you really not going to accept the mission? The rewards are plentiful. Doing this mission is equivalent to doing two level 5 missions!"

    Qin Feng replied resolutely, "No, I'm not doing it."

    The mission suited him well, but Qin Feng did not want to expose himself. As he was looking for alternatives, Xiao Shi Yi Lang messaged him again.

    "Well, that's fine if you don't wish to disclose your details. I'm kind of worried since the mission has been idle on the mission board for a month. It's been hard for me to find someone to accept my mission, so I hope Brother Green Wolf can complete the mission as quickly as possible. I'll give you more rewards after you have completed the mission."

    Qin Feng could not fathom why this person suddenly changed his mind.

    This Xiao Shi Yi Lang sounds weird, Qin Feng thought.

    "Fine then, I'll try my best. I'll mobilize in around ten days!" Qin Feng accepted the mission at last. He planned on returning to Acropolis City to exterminate the Sima family anyway even without the mission. Since the mission offered him such a handsome reward, Qin Feng figured that he might as well accepted it.

    "Well, good luck then!" Xiao Shi Yi Lang logged off after he replied to Qin Feng for the last time.

    A strange feeling still lingered in Qin Feng's heart, but he cast it aside nonetheless. He activated his own cell phone and started looking for information about the Sima family in Acropolis City.


    At the same time, in a private villa in Jindu, a man clad in a black robe and a large black hat spoke, "Young master, has somebody accepted your mission?"


    An impressive looking youngster sat on a couch in front of him.

    The youngster wore a red Tang costume with white trousers and a pair of white leather shoes. His reclined comfortably on the couch while holding a glass of red wine in his hand. His eyes glowed.

    These two people were the two men in black who had appeared at the Amethyst Dragon Palace three months ago. The elder killed Sima Tu and Qin Ye and was severely injured by Ximen Chui Xue, but his injuries had improved.

    The mouth of that handsome youngster slowly broadened into a devilish grin, "Uncle Yan, you're right!"

    A flick of murderous intent flashed across Uncle Yan's eyes, "Did he expose himself?"

    "No, he is very cautious!"

    "Do young master think he is Qin Feng?" Uncle Yan asked.

    "Hehe! It's hard to say at this moment. After all, the Sima family in Acropolis City has bad blood with many other forces outside," the youngster sneered, "Now, the Sima family has fallen into decay with each passing day. Many of their enemies will seize this golden opportunity to pull them down from their throne."

    After he fell silent for a moment, the youngster opened his mouth to speak again, "We will find out the true identity of the person in less than ten days. Uncle Yan, go to the Sima family in Acropolis City now. Keep an eye on that person. Whenever he shows himself, kill him on the spot and bring his corpse to me!"

    "Yes, young master!" Uncle Yan bowed to the youngster with hands folded in front.

    Then, he leaped into the air and vanished from the splendid parlor as if he'd never existed.

    After Uncle Yan took his leave, the youngster's smile shifted back into a wicked grin.

    The youngster and Uncle Yan had returned to Jindu after the battle at the Amethyst Dragon Palace three month ago. The youngster felt that Qin Feng was still alive, but had been unable to find even a trace of Qin Feng's whereabouts in the past three months. Hence, in desperation, he released the level 5 mission to destroy the Sima family in Acropolis City.

    The youngster wanted to lure Qin Feng out from his cave, so he tailor-made the mission for Qin Feng by setting it as a solo mission and offered a handsome reward.

    "Haha! Qin Feng, you say... will we meet each other in another ten days? If yes, it will be the date of your death!"


    Qin Feng was looking for recent news regarding the Sima family of Acropolis City on the internet, and he was deeply shocked by how languid the Sima family had become. The Sima family was no longer one of the four largest families of Acropolis City. They were not even considered as a third-tier small familial clan anymore.

    Even so, Qin Feng dare not take them lightly since the mission wanted him to crush the Sima family in Acropolis City. The saying went that an emaciated camel was larger than a horse. Regardless of how much the Sima family had declined, they still had a very strong and durable foundation. It would be a tough job to destroy them entirely.

    In order to carry out his mission, Qin Feng had to return to Acropolis City. He planned to finish the unfinished quests regarding the women in Acropolis City during the trip as well.

    Qin Feng then opened the Hedonist Sovereign System and checked on the quests issued by the system previously.

    Completely eliminate all of the Liang family's forces in Jindu. Quest time limit: three months. The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 20,000 Hedonist Points once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, the Hedonist Sovereign System will be reset. All of Host Qin Feng's skills will be taken back, and Host Qin Feng will be required to reopen the Hedonist Sovereign System.

    Take down the Sky City's Su family's company. Quest time limit: three months. The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 10,000 Hedonist Points once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, Host Qin Feng will lose five to ten years of his life!

    Host Qin Feng must raise his inner qi to Stage 4. Quest time limit: three months. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 2,000 Hedonist Points once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, Host Qin Feng's inner qi will forever stop at Stage 3.

    Host Qin Feng must concoct a Blood Qi Pill to save and awaken Lin Bei Bei from her coma. Quest time limit: three months. The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 1,000 Hedonist Points once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, Lin Bei Bei will never be able to wake up!

    Assist Yun Xiao's little brother, Yun Lei, become the junior patriarch of the Yun family in Jindu. Quest time limit: three months. The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 5,000 Hedonist Points once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, Yun Xiao will become a sacrificial item for marriage alliances and be married into another rich family.

    Host Qin Feng must collect six pieces of orange-grade spiritual equipment. Quest time limit: three months. The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 5,000 Hedonist Points and a random piece of blue-grade spiritual equipment once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, Host Qin Feng will lose all orange-grade spiritual equipment.

    Beast clan disturbance chain quest. Quest time limit: unlimited.

    The main quest was to find the king of the beasts and rule over the legion of the beasts. The system will reward Host Qin Feng with 500,000 Hedonist Points once the quest is cleared. If the quest is failed, 100,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted, and the human race and beast clan will fall into chaos!

    The first side quest has been completed. Please wait for the announcement of other side quests.


    These seven quests were issued by the system before the fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. After Qin Feng studied the quests for a while, he felt that he could clear all other quests aside from the Beast Clan Disturbance with his current strength. Qin Feng believed that he could clear the quests regarding his inner qi level and concoct the Blood QI Pill to save Lin Bei Bei the fastest.

    Qin Feng was excited and nervous when he thought about returning to Acropolis City to destroy the Sima family in less than ten days. He left Acropolis City more than three months prior, and this time Qin Feng wanted to restructure Acropolis City. He eagerly hoped to let everyone in Acropolis City know who owned the place and who was the rightful ruler of Acropolis City.


    Qin Feng sat with his leg crossed and began to cultivate.

    Since he was returning to Acropolis City, Qin Feng had to work harder to break through to Stage 4 inner qi over the next few days. As an inner qi cultivator, Stage 4 was the goal. Although Qin Feng was only a Stage 3 inner qi, he could put up quite a good match against some Stage 6 inner qi martial artists with his supreme level skills and orange-grade spiritual equipment. As such, if he was able to break through to Stage 4 inner qi, wouldn't it be an easy battle for him to crush those Stage 6 inner qi martial artists?

    Cultivating made time pass quickly. The sun had already set by the time Qin Feng opened his eyes. Chang Xin and Hua Yan had returned to the villa, and they were watching TV.

    Qin Feng was a little bit lost because he still could not break through to Stage 4 inner qi yet. The inner qi in his Dantian was getting denser and denser but it was still not enough. He was only a step away from breaking into Stage 4.

    "Oh yeah!" Qin Feng eyes glowed as he suddenly remembered, "Hua Yan received three Hundred Flavor Plants from the exterminating Taoist Rakshasa quest! I believe I can break through to Stage 4 if I consume those three Hundred Flavor Plants!"

    Qin Feng only realized that Billowy Lady was Hua Yan because Hua Yan's outfit was shredded by Taoist Rakshasa during their fight. Otherwise, he would never found out that Billowy Lady was actually Hua Yan.

    Then, a quest that had already been issued suddenly came to Qin Feng's mind.

    The system has issued a quest for me to assist Hua Yan in becoming a Stage 6 pharmaceutical master. Also, Hua Yan planted many spiritual plants outside the villa...

    After connecting everything into a line, Qin Feng reached a conclusion, So this Hua Yan is not only a demon cultivator, but she is a pharmaceutical master as well. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I never knew that woman was so outstanding.

    As Qin Feng decided to steal the Hundred Flavor Grass, somebody knocked on his door. Then, Hua Yan's grumbling voice drifted from the other side of the door.

    "Hey, lazy ass freeloader! You should contribute to the house since Big Sister Xin Xin allows you to stay at her house. I won't blame you for not helping us with house chores, but how dare you still need me to come to your room and invite you to the dining hall for dinner? Do you really think you are a king?"

    "Billow... Eh! Yan Yan, don't be so angry. Your breasts will become bigger if you get angry!" Hua Yan saw Qin Feng's smirk when he opened the door, and the sight enraged her so much that she wanted to slap Qin Feng's head with her boobs.

    Just like happy foes, Qin Feng and Hua Yan quarreled every time they met each other. Chang Xin's eyes dimmed when she saw them bickering again. After she finished preparing dinner, she went ahead and started eating without waiting for Hua Yan and Qin Feng.

    "Yan Yan, go to bed early today since the first two classes tomorrow morning will be my Chinese medicine class," Qin Feng said nonchalantly while eating dinner.

    He had decided to steal the Hundred Flavor Grass from Hua Yan's garden, so it was natural for him to want Hua Yan to go to bed early today.

    "It's none of your business what time I go to bed. You're so annoying. Hmph!" Hua Yan suddenly stopped and a bright pink blush instantly crawled up to her cheeks.

    Hua Yan misunderstood Qin Feng. She thought Qin Feng was caring for her, and she felt weird about it. She felt a trace of disgust mixed with a little bit of warmth.
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