Chapter 446 - The Freezing Magic Seal

    Chapter 446 - The Freezing Magic Seal

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "I'm done. I'm heading upstairs first!" Chang Xin was upset. She threw her chopsticks onto the dining table and ran upstairs with an icy expression.

    "Yan Yan, is Xin Xin sick? You should take her to the doctor when you are free," Qin Feng suggested Hua Yan after Chang Xin had left the dining hall.

    Hua Yan rolled her eyes at Qin Feng since she knew the reason behind Chang Xin's anger. Chang Xin wasn't sick. She pulled her face was because Qin Feng hugged Qiao Shi Shi in class.

    "She isn't sick! Stop cursing Big Sister Xin Xin, or else, I'll tell her about this and have her cast you out from our house!"

    Qin Feng shook his head with a serious expression and said, "You don't understand. Xin Xin is really sick!

    "She's been emotionally unstable since four days ago; five days if today is counted. A woman will experience mood swing three days prior to menstruation. That's normal. However, she has been in a constant rage for the past five days. This could only mean one thing: her menstruation cycle is irregular. Listen, Yan Yan, you must take Xin Xin to the doctor whenever you're free. I'm a guy, and it's kinda awkward for me to speak about this kind of thing with her. Otherwise, I would have taken her to consult a doctor since long ago."

    Seeing Qin Feng talked with all the seriousness as if Chang Xin was really having a menstrual disorder, Hua Yan's mouth went crooked. She threw the chopsticks on the dining table as well, rose to her feet and prepared to go upstairs.

    "Maniac, pervert!"

    "Yan Yan, have you done your dinner as well? Are you going to sleep now?" Qin Feng pressed down his excitement and asked.

    "It's none of your business. Why are you talking so much tonight? Nobody will take you as a dumb person if you keep quiet!" Hua Yan seemed irked by Qin Feng, but deep down inside, her heart raced.

    She felt Qin Feng was acting weird tonight, Why does he suddenly care for me?

    "Hehe! Then I'll keep my mouth shut... Remember Yan Yan, go to bed early. Staying up late hurts your health."

    Hua Yan almost stumbled as she stood, and her face blushed in red.

    She quickly ran to the third floor and locked herself in her room. Her heart was still beating fast, feeling fluttered like a little girl who had her first love.

    Qin Feng was not in the mood to finish his dinner anymore after Hua Yan went upstairs. He returned to his room and took out his communication device.

    "Billowy Lady, have you gone to bed yet?" Qin Feng tentatively sent a message to Hua Yan.

    Qin Feng knew that she was Billowy Lady, but Hua Yan did not know that he was Green Wolf.

    "Not yet," Hua Yan replied to his message quickly. It seemed that she was looking for another mission.

    "I've reported the level 4 mission. Have you collected your rewards?" Qin Feng asked as he did not see the newly planted Hundred Flavor Grass in Hua Yan's garden when he came back in the afternoon.

    "Yes. I collected them this afternoon."

    Qin Feng was delighted to hear it. Ever since Qin Feng had obtained the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica, he had a deep understanding of the herbs and spiritual plants that existed on the earth. He understood that once the Hundred Flavor Grass left the soil, it would wither in less than three hours. Hence, Hua Yan must have planted the three Hundred Flavor Grass in her garden, and his plan to steal the plants would came to fruition tonight.

    "Billowy Lady, it was my pleasure to work with you. Can you send me a photo of your boobs?" Qin Feng could not resist teasing Hua Yan. As a master of hooking up with women, Qin Feng knew that in real life, many women masqueraded as gentle, elegant, and conservative women. These kinds of women were normally pretty open when they were interacting via the internet. Perhaps, Hua Yan was this kind of woman.

    Soon enough, Hua Yan replied to his message with a line of knife emoticons. She added, "Do you want to die?"

    After he had some fun with Hua Yan, Qin Feng felt that it was almost time for him to make his move. He started to persuade Hua Yan to go to her bed early so that he could put his plan into action earlier.

    "I should not talk anymore further. Rest early, Billowy Lady. Staying up late will harm your health. Please take care of yourself," Qin Feng logged off after he had sent the message.

    In a room on the third floor, Hua Yan was bewildered. Green Wolf's message had evoked her memory when Qin Feng asked her to sleep early. Breathless with indignation, Hua Yan threw away her phone and grumbled, "What's wrong with these men? Am I very close to you all? Why do you all care about me all the sudden? You might as well promise to take care of me for the rest of my life if you can; otherwise, stay away from me!"

    She grumbled and chided them for a short while before sleep began to take over her conscious.

    She undressed and pulled the coverlet over her body before reclining against the pillows. She wasn't worried for her garden since she had placed a Freezing Seal on the spiritual plants. Anyone who dared to touch or steal her spiritual plants would trigger the seal and get frozen to death.

    "Hmph! Be ready to get freeze to death if you dare steal my spiritual plants again, you foolish bastard!" Hua Yan shook her little pink fists into the air and slept in.

    Qin Feng began his cultivation after he closed the communication device. It was in the wee hours of the morning when he stopped his cultivation.

    It's time now!

    He made his way silently out of the villa. Then, he looked up into the third floor and noticed that the light was off in both Hua Yan and Chang Xin Room.

    They finally went to sleep!

    A sardonic smile crossed Qin Feng's face. He moved swiftly to Hua Yan's garden. Since he had the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica, Qin Feng could now discern every spiritual plant in Hua Yan's garden.

    Qin Feng was baffled when he realized that there were fifteen types of different spiritual plants in this small-scale garden. Moreover, all of the fifteen types of spiritual plants were rare on Earth. The Angel Plant, Devil Fruit, Crimson Lunar Deity, Hundred Flavor Grass, and so on. All of them were essential ingredients in concocting medicine pills.

    Qin Feng still looked for the Hundred Flavor Grass after he had roughly scanned through the spiritual plants. At the end of it, the Hundred Flavor Grass had the highest concentration of spiritual essence of heaven and earth, and it was the most useful for Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng uprooted two Hundred Flavor Grass so that there were only three Hundred Flavor Grass left in the garden. He was unsure what Hua Yan would do when she found out he had once again stolen her spiritual plants. However, Qin Feng could not care that much anymore longer. He had to break through to Stage 4 inner qi fast.

    Qin Feng quickly devoured the Hundred Flavor Grass as soon as he entered his room. In next instant, surges of ice-cold, dense spiritual essence of heaven and earth coursed through every nerve ending in Qin Feng's body. He hastily sat down with his leg crossed and began to refine the spiritual essence into his own inner qi.



    Hua Yan suddenly woke up.

    She had placed the Freezing Seal on her spiritual plants and it would notify her if somebody triggered the seal. Now, she could clearly feel that somebody had breached into her garden and initiated the seal.

    Without giving it a second thought, Hua Yan ran down to the garden in her flimsy white sleeping gown and she soon arrived at her garden. She started to check her spiritual plants. Suddenly, her brows furrowed as flames burned in her beautiful eyes.

    "Qin Feng! Accept your death now!" Within the time of a few breaths, Hua Yan had arrived at Qin Feng's door. She pulled out her long crimson whip and whipped it at Qin Feng.


    Qin Feng did not evade her attack and the sound when the whip made contact with Qin Feng's body wasn't the normal crisp lashing sound, but a kind of rattling sound that resembled the sound of something shattering.


    Hua Yan turned on the light, and she was stunned by the scene before her.

    Qin Feng was encased in ice from head to toe. Just now, Hua Yan's attack had landed on the ice and shattered a small piece from it. However, in the next second, new ice formed over the damage and return it to its original state, totally encasing Qin Feng in the ice and turning him into an ice sculpture.

    Soon enough, Hua Yan saw the light and she gloated, guffawing uproariously, "Hahaha! Finally, finally! The evil we bring to ourselves is the hardest evil to bear. You've triggered my Freezing Seal, and you deserve it!"

    She surmised that Qin Feng must've stolen the Hundred Flavor Grass from the garden and swallowed it raw, thus evoking the Freezing Seal. Chilly air was formed into his body and turned him into an ice.

    Her delight was short-lived. She stopped and peered at Qin Feng seriously.

    The Freezing Seal was a high-grade spell specially owned by the demon cults. Once it was activated, the damage it caused was massive, and it was almost impossible to lift the seal. Since Qin Feng was a martial artist, Hua Yan knew that he did not know nor had a way to dispel the seal. She was certain that Qin Feng would be dead in another hour.

    "Jesus. I must have been indebted to you in a past life, you bastard! You stole my treasured spiritual plants this late at night, and I still have to figure out a way to save your life. You really are a troublesome person!"

    Hua Yan kept chiding Qin Feng but she made her way to Qin Feng's side to check his condition.

    Hua Yan had a bad relationship with Qin Feng since she first met him. Although she loathed him very much, she never wanted to kill him. Hua Yan was a kind and just woman by nature, so how could she allow Qin Feng to die in front of her?

    "This is bad! The seal has been in effect for more than twenty minutes, and his inner qi is starting to turn to ice. He will be dead in another thirty minutes!"

    Hua Yan's brows locked together tightly. She looked at Qin Feng who was encased in ice as her face began to blush red.

    She had set up the Freezing Seal, and of course she knew how to lift the seal. The only way to dispel the Freezing Seal was that she had to take off her shirt and warm his body with her own because only through body heat and demon essence could the corrosive power of Freezing Seal be stopped.
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