Chapter 447 - Twin Beautiful Combination!

    Chapter 447 - Twin Beautiful Combination!

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    1 AM.

    Jindu was still as busy as always filled with bustling cars and sea of people zooming from street to street. It was completely indicative of the prosperity and extravagant lifestyle of the city.

    The Star TV Studio was full of frenzied activity. Two beautiful young women wearing hot pants and rainbow-colored knee-high socks sat in their respective chairs and fixed their makeup.

    "Shi Man, let's have a feast later at East District. We have not been there for a while, and I've missed their spicy hot pot very much!"

    Looking at Zhang Ke Ke's face full of excitement and ludicrous exaggeration, Rao Shi Man forced a smile on her face and replied, "Ke Ke, why don't we return to the hotel and have a rest instead? I'm tired like a dog from rehearsing the whole day."

    Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke were first-rate Chinese celebrities. They formed a twin beautiful combination temporarily to join the exploding Chinese reality television singing competition, Voice of China, that was broadcasted on Star TV in the famous Star TV Enterprise in Jindu.

    Both of them had been in rehearsal from 8 PM yesterday until 1 AM today making it a total of five hours of singing and dancing. Rao Shi Man was totally worn out and in disbelief at her best friend's tenacious strength when she saw Zhang Ke Ke still bouncing around like nothing.

    "Ah? Big Sister Shi Man is tired? Why don't I feel anything? I feel I can sing another ten songs!" Zhang Ke Ke said mischievously.

    Rao Shi Man then realized that Zhang Ke Ke was acting weird recently since her strength seemed bottomless.

    "I wonder what is going on with you, Ke Ke. You used to be a lazy worm. You wouldn't use your true voice if you were given the opportunity to fake it. You used to sit on the stage and sing a whole song if you don't have to dance... What have you eaten recently? You are becoming a superwoman," Rao Shi Man said while she measured Zhang Ke Ke.

    Zhang Ke Ke was infamous for her laziness among the celebrities. When Rao Shi Man busted her, she blushed.

    "How can you sling mud at me like that, Shi Man? I never slack off from my work. I'm a twenty-year-old young woman, and I have to sing fifteen songs at least at a concert, so I need to sit down to save my strength!" Zhang Ke Ke whined at Rao Shi Man while hugging her arm.

    They were both cold and elegant beautiful angels in front of their audience. If their fans had a chance to see how casual and close they were behind the scene, their mouths would gape wide in utter shock.

    "Before I forget, Big Sister Shi Man. Did you keep a few of these few talismans?" Zhang Ke Ke rolled her eyes as she pulled out a stack of yellow talismans.

    "What is that, Ke Ke? Why should I keep these talismans?" Rao Shi Man was tickled pink by Zhang Ke Ke's amusing expression and laughed sweetly, "We're in the 21st century where the sciences flourish. These talismans are of ancient times."

    Zhang Ke Ke got these talismans from Qin Feng's stall on Yulis Street. Although Zhang Ke Ke was not superstitious, she was naturally attracted to this kind of ancient stuff. Hence, she kept the talismans on her body at all times, and she would take them out and study them whenever she had time.

    "Maybe you don't believe this, Shi Man, I always bring these talismans with me wherever I go. I believe this is the reason why I haven't gotten tired while attending events recently."

    Rao Shi Man felt the same as well. Ever since she had a stroll with Zhang Ke Ke on Yulin Street, Zhang Ke Ke apparently had changed into another person. She looked as fresh as a daisy though she had worked for the whole day as if she had taken steroids.

    "The talismans can cleanse one's mind?" Rao Shi Man murmured.

    She remembered the Soul Cleansing Necklace Qin Feng gave her. The necklace had the ability to refresh the wearer and suppress fright.

    Suddenly, Rao Shi Man's eyes glowed as a thought crossed her mind, Is that possible?

    A burst of laughter drifted into Rao Shi Man's ears as her mind was flocked with all kinds of conjecture, "Haha! I've been looking for you two!"

    The two of them raised their heads and looked at where the sound came. Two men dressed in high-quality suits walked to their sides.

    One of them wore a well-pressed maroon suit, had an ethereal set of facial features that allowed him to stand above the masses. His handsomeness could rival some of the rising stars. However, he did not need to be a celebrity as he was the chairman of Star TV Enterprise, Yang Can.

    Beside Yang Can was a man with a round figure. He wore a black suit. When he smiled, his jowls piled together and blocked his eyes.

    "Young Master Yang!"

    "Young Master Liu!"

    Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke quickly rose to their feet and greeted them.

    The two people were popular rich young masters in Jindu. Yang Can was the eldest grandson and descended from one of the four large familial clans of Jindu, the Yang family. Liu Shu was the bigshot of yet another one of the four large familial clans of Jindu, the Liu family.

    Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke did not cower in fear facing these rich young masters of Jindu. However, they were taught not to dismiss their etiquette.

    "Haha! Don't be so courteous, Little Sister Shi Man and Little Sister Ke Ke," Liu Shu squinted his eyes looked at them lewdly before shooting a gaze at Yang Can, "What a bad boss are you, Young Master Yang. How can you let our two angels work until so late? I don't care; hurry up and find us a nice and cozy clubhouse. We must treat these two angels to a scrumptious feast, or else, I won't treat you as my brother!"

    "Hehe, don't be so edgy, Young Master Liu. Shi Man and Shi Shi are superstars with millions of fans, I dare not slight them. I've prepared a good place for us to enjoy our meal. It's at the Soaring Cloud Mansion. Let's go now."

    "Now you're talking! Let's go now!"

    Liu Shu and Yang Can chimed in together and played their own show as if they really cared for Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke. Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke saw through their show and they understood the truth very well in their heart even though they refrained from busting their act.

    Rao Shi Man rose to her feet slowly, pulled Zhang Ke Ke to her side and offered a warm smile to Yang Can and Liu Shu, "Thank you. Ke Ke and I accept Young Master Yang and Young Master Liu's kindness, but I'm afraid we can't accept your invitation. It's quite late now, and we're physically worn out; hence, we want to return to our hotel and rest. We're not going to the dinner with you guys," Rao Shi Man declined their invitation straightly.

    A flicker coldness flashed across Liu Shu's and Yang Can's eyes, but Liu Shu shrugged it off very soon and replaced with a bright smile.

    "Haha! Little Sister Shi Man, you have to eat your dinner even though you're tired. Young Master Yang will think that you look down on him if you're playing a face not to go on a dinner with him."

    Yang Can read Liu Shu's mind and cooperatively pulled his face acting that he was really angry.

    "Please don't misunderstand us, Young Master Yang. Ke Ke and I have never held you in contempt. We're really tired after the rehearsal... We'll go ahead and return to our hotel first."

    Rao Shi Man pulled Zhang Ke Ke and made their way out from the studio before Liu Shu halted them.

    Holding a satirical smile, he said slowly, "Ms. Shi Man, we all are the citizens of Jindu, and we'll meet each other frequently. Over and over again you have declined our invitations, and I guess it's a bad idea. You know that Star TV Enterprise is owned by Young Master Yang and has cornered almost all of the entertainment industry in China. If you still insist on not paying Young Master Yang face and have a dinner with us, please don't blame Young Master Yang for retiring you two from your work!"

    Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke were artists under Star TV Enterprise, so their destinies were practically controlled by them.

    "Shi Man, why don't we just go with them. Let's finish this quick and return to our hotel for a rest. I'll now call Big Sister Li to accompany us. I guess with her by our side, they won't have the nerve to do anything to us."

    Zhang Ke Ke was quick to act. As soon as she finished speaking, she pulled out her phone and made a call to Big Sister Li. After she briefed her on their condition, Zhang Ke Ke hung up the phone. After that, she clung tightly to Rao Shi Man's arm and said cheerfully, "Big Sister Li is on her way now. Let's not worry about the rest now then, Shi Man."

    Big Sister Li was a forty-year-old woman and was their celebrity agent. With Big Sister Li joining in their dinner, Rao Shi Man slowly dropped her guard. Moreover, she believed that Liu Shu and Yang Can would not dare to do anything to them with the Dongfang Family behind her.

    "Fine then, Young Master Yang and Young Master Liu. Let's have dinner together. Ke Ke and I are going back to rest later, so let's be quick," Rao Shi Man said indifferently to Yang Can.

    "Sure! Our cars are outside the studio. Let's go now!" Liu Shu and Yang Can's eyes glowed with a nefarious smile when both the ladies agreed to join them in a dinner.

    The four of them then exited the studio. As they arrived outside of the studio, there was a red Ferrari Enzo and a dark Maserati Quattroporte parked beside the studio.

    Big Sister Li arrived, "Shi Man, Ke Ke!"

    "Big Sister Li, let's go and have supper now!" Zhang Ke Ke cheerfully wrapped her hand around Big Sister Li's arm when she saw her.

    "Good evening, Young Master Liu and Young Master Yang," Big Sister Li greeted Liu Shu and Yang Can after she pet Zhang Ke Ke's head.

    "Since everyone is here, let's get moving now. I can see that Shi Man is really tired. We'll send you two back to the hotel as soon as we have finished our meal," Yang Can invited Rao Shi Man into his Ferrari Enzo.

    The supercar was a two-seater car, but the Maserati Quattroporte owned by Liu Shu was a four-seater.

    "Young Master Yang, Ke Ke and I will go with Young Master Liu," Rao Shi Man turned down Yang Can's offer and pulled Zhang Ke Ke into Liu Shu's Maserati Quattroporte.

    Yang Can face darkened, but he soon regained to normal and whipped a bright smile. "Please hop in, Big Sister Li!"

    "Okay then. Please drive safely, Young Master Liu. Take good care of my two angels!"

    "Don't worry about that at all, Big Sister Li. Let's move now!" Liu Shu widened his smile at Big Sister Li and Yang Can before hopped into his car.

    After they all got into their respective cars, Liu Shu and Yang Can then started the engine. Roaring like beasts, the two supercars turned into a flash of lightning and merged with the luxurious night sky of Jindu.

    The two supercars arrived at the most high-end private clubhouse, Soaring Cloud Mansion, after ten minutes.

    A few security guards came forward and welcomed them, "Good evening, Young Master Yang, Young master Liu. Please allow us to take care of your cars."

    Yang Can and Liu Shu casually threw the keys to the security guards.

    They then walked toward Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke and greeted them with charming smiles, "Welcome to the Soaring Cloud Mansion, our beautiful superstars. We've all the meals ready. After we have had our meal full, I'll personally take you two back to your hotel!"

    "That's good. Thank you, Young Master Yang," Rao Shi Man nodded slightly.

    Yang Can and Liu Shu led the way while Rao Shi Man, Zhang Ke Ke and Big Sister Li trailing behind them.
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