Chapter 448 - One Hundred Million Hedonist Points Diagnosis

    Hua Yan sat beside Qin Feng and stared at the ice-covered man for ten minutes.

    Within this ten minutes, Hua Yan had scolded Qin Feng starting from his earliest ancestor through at least eighteen generations until she reached him, and then, began to scold him in the same way in reverse.

    And now, she was still muttering to herself.

    "Ah ah ah! What should I do? What should I do? I'm still a virgin, and I don't have a boyfriend yet. How can I cuddle with this filthy moron naked?!

    "How about I make him my boyfriend after I save his life and order him to treat me as his only one from now on? But, this brat is such a playboy! I don't believe he'll obey my order so easily!

    "Oh my, the ice has thickened! This man is going to die!"


    Hua Yan restlessly paced back and forth in Qin Feng's room for a hundred rounds. The only way to save Qin Feng was to cuddle with him, use her body temperature to melt the ice and her demon essence to dispel the Freezing Seal.

    However, this was a very tough decision for Hua Yan.

    "All women and men are equal in the eyes of doctors. I'm now a doctor trying to save a person's life. How can I get tangled up in secular ideas?"

    Two little men appeared in Hua Yan's mind and began a fierce argument. One of them argued for saving Qin Feng's while the other argued to abandon him to his death.

    "Ah, I don't care anymore. I can't let this man die in front of me!"

    After going through a silent struggle, Hua Yan eyes suddenly became determined. She grabbed and tore open her sleeping gown.


    The white sleeping gown slid down her smooth-as-jade body and fell to the floor.

    Hua Yan was a bombshell of agreeable form. When she thought of her current situation, her face blushed as red as a ripe tomato.

    "What a lucky, little, snotty brat!"

    Hua Yan had no qualms about hugging Qin Feng with her naked body. She lightly hopped up on Qin Feng's bed.


    Hua Yan took a heavy breath as soon as she hugged Qin Feng from the behind.

    Even though she was a demon cultivator who cultivated freezing force, her body still trembled with cold when she touched her Freezing Seal with her naked body.

    It's too cold!  Will Qin Feng still be fine after he thawed?

    The coldness pierced like fangs deep into her bones. Hua Yan had to grit her teeth tightly to endure the unrelenting cold as the hairs on her body stood up.


    In a room on the third floor of the villa, Chang Xin could not fall asleep and tossed herself on the bed from side to side.

    Chang Xin had mistaken Qin Feng and Hua Yan as a new couple. Her brain was harrowed by many questions, and she wasn't sure if she had fallen in love with Qin Feng or not. As long as she saw Qin Feng was close to other women, she felt a prickling pain in her heart.

    "I can't let this go on anymore. I've got to talk with Qin Feng about this and hear what is in his mind!" Chang Xin had enough of this torturing feeling. She pushed her coverlet aside and went downstairs.

    Under Hua Yan's persistence and hard work, the ice on Qin Feng's body began to thaw and evaporated as wisps of steam into the air.

    The ice on Qin Feng's body grew thinner, and Hua Yan grew closer to his body.


    Suddenly, Hua Yan slipped, and her body made contact with a spread of skin in front of her. Slowly opening her eyes, Hua Yan realized that Qin Feng had totally thawed out, and her body was not stuck to Qin Feng's back. A flush of bright pink swiftly rose to her cheeks, and she wished could find a hole to hide in.

    Both of them were soaked to the skin, and they were stuck together. It was certainly a wet and messy sight that could stimulate anybody who saw it.

    Since the ice had defrosted, Hua Yan could begin transmitting her demon essence into Qin Feng's body, "I'll settle the account with you after you have awakened, stupid!"

    Transmitting demon essence didn't require full-on physical contact, so Hua Yan immediately pushed Qin Feng away and placed her hands on Qin Feng's back and sent demon essence into Qin Feng's body.

    "Cold! It's so cold!"

    As Hua Yan released Qin Feng, Qin Feng began to struggle vigorously startling Hua Yan. Before Hua Yan could react, Qin Feng had turned his body, wrapped his arms around Hua Yan's trembling body, and pulled her into his embrace. His strong and powerful arms almost crushed Hua Yan's bust.


    Hua Yan took a deep breath, and her eyes were filled with fire.

    It was the least of her expectations that Qin Feng would take advantages of her. Qin Feng was hugging her naked body, and she felt like dying.

    "You horrendous pervert! How dare you get fresh with me! Go to hell!" Hua Yan blew her top. As she raised her palms to slap Qin Feng, somebody knocked on the door to Qin Feng room.

    "Qin Feng, have you gone to sleep yet? I've something to discuss with you." Chang Xin's voice drifted from the other side of the door.

    "Big Sister Xin Xin?" Hua Yan yelled in shock. She never expected her Big Sister Xin Xin would come to find Qin Feng at this late hour.

    Could it be that before I returned to the villa, Qin Feng and Big Sister Xin Xin really had slept in a room together? Have they already developed their relationship to that point?

    Hua Yan's thoughts jumbled together. She firmly believed that Qin Feng would be her future partner after Qin Feng had hugged her naked body. Only now did she realize that Qin Feng and her Big Sister Xin Xin had already together. The revelation almost made her explode.

    "Hua Yan?!" When Chang Xin heard Hua Yan's voice from Qin Feng's room, she was even more flabbergasted than Hua Yan.

    Without giving it a second thought, Chang Xin shoved open Qin Feng door and went into the room. When she saw the scene in the room, her jaw dropped to the floor in shock.

    "Ahh... You--you guys... I-- I--"

    Chang Xin floundered when she saw Hua Yan and Qin Feng naked and cuddled together. Her purpose of coming to Qin Feng's room was to make it clear what was his relationship with Hua Yan. However, she felt she understood everything and nothing needed to be asked after she witnessed such a scene.

    Myriads of feelings roamed in Chang Xin's heart: pain, hurt, disappointment, sadness, anger. All negative feelings instantly swallowed her up and shattered her heart. She turned around and ran upstairs.

    In Qin Feng's room, Hua Yan was completely flabbergasted. Her brain went blank, and she knew she could never prove herself innocent even if she jumped into the Huanghe River. Her Big Sister Xin Xin would misunderstand her forever!

    "Holy **! What are you doing, Hua Yan? How can you lay your hands on me while I'm injured?" Qin Feng suddenly awakened. The first thing he did after he woke up was grab Hua Yan by her shoulders and speak earnestly, "I should tell you in advance: I'm still a virgin, and I'll not be responsible for what you have done to me!"


    Hua Yan moaned in pain, and it almost melted Qin Feng.

    "Ahh! You, the person who bears the name of the Qin family, how dare you gain all the favor and yet call it a disfavor! I'm gonna kill you now!"

    "Yan Yan, faster kick me! Hurry up and kick me in the head!" Qin Feng laughed.

    Hua Yan rose to her feet with a strong gale and lunged at Qin Feng.

    "Aiya! It's not high enough. Yan Yan, kick higher! I won't move an inch. I'll let you kick me in the head to vanquish your anger!" Qin Feng darted a few glances in between Hua Yan's legs. His nose almost bled.

    Hua Yan suddenly found something wasn't right when she was about to kick higher. When she found out Qin Feng's true intention, and that she had exposed her private part just now, her fury knew no limit.

    She roared, "Qin Feng... Wait until I come back, you hear me? I'll kill you after I dress."

    Qin Feng refused to give back Hua Yan her sleeping gown, so she returned to her room to find herself another sleeping gown. After she dressed, she stormed toward Qin Feng's room with the Blood Shadow Whip in her hand planning to settle their accord.

    How was there any chance that Qin Feng would wait obediently for Hua Yan to return to kill him? He had long escaped to a large tree outside the villa and enjoyed the fragrance on Hua Yan sleeping gown that tickled his nostrils.

    Qin Feng was now recalling what happened earlier on. He remembered that after he consumed the two Hundred Flavor Grass, he had begun to refine the spiritual essence when a piercing-cold aura suddenly invaded his dantian and completely encased him in ice.

    "What a malicious woman! I just stole two spiritual plants from you, how can you cast a Freezing Seal that almost cost this young master's life?" Qin Feng cursed and chided Hua Yan

    Above all what she had done, Qin Feng still very excited in his heart when he thought about Hua Yan saving him with her naked body.

    Tsk, tsk. Her body is so perfect!

    As Qin Feng extended his hands, he was stunned. One of his hand had turned black while the other turned purple!

    "What the ** is this? How dirty is that woman, and how long has it been since the last time she took a shower? Why have my hands turned black just by touching her?" Qin Feng yelled in shock.

    "Can you stop being a stupid, Master? This is the sign of being corroded by evil energy and demon essence!" Little Pig could not stand Qin Feng's stupidity anymore and chided him.

    Qin Feng scratched his head in embarrassment before turning serious again, "What causes this?"

    "Master, you were inflicted by the miasma of Taoist Rakshasa during the battle with him on Ghost Mountain. Then, Hua Yan just now has transmitted some of her demon essence into Master's body. When two different energies collide, they begin to change. The two different energies are now trying to attack and invade Master's inner qi!" Little Pig explained.

    "How can it affect me? Is there any bad effect?" Qin Feng asked worriedly.

    Since it wasn't him who was poisoned, Little Pig posed in an indifferent manner and explained nonchalantly to Qin Feng, "Normally, the evil energy will invade the host's body and take over the host's consciousness. It at least will cause the host to lose all his inner qi, or worst case scenario is that it will turn the host into a dead walker. Meanwhile, demon essence will cause the host to lose his sanity or explode from the host body, killing the host in the process."

    Qin Feng stared at Little Pig and roared, "Can you stop bluffing, you stupid pig? Do you believe that I won't throw you out into my class tomorrow?"

    "Master, I did not lie to you! What I said is the truth!" Little Pig was scared.

    "But why have I been fine until now?" Qin Feng pondered.

    "In normal accordance, the miasma and demon essence in Master's body is considered a lot, but Master's body has shown no sign of any mutation. The system has no idea also... Anyway, you shouldn't be worried, Master. You can always spend a sniffy amount of Hedonist Points and have the system to run a diagnosis on your blood!"

    Qin Feng was worried about his body condition. He asked, "How much I need to pay?"

    "It's cheap, Master. You only have to pay 1,000,000 Hedonist Points!"

    "Fuck! You're trying to fool me again!" Qin Feng's face was darkened.

    "Master, that is the price given by the system. See it for yourself if you don't believe me." Little Pig said pitiably as if he was wronged.

    Qin Feng quickly went to check the system, and when he saw the cost of the blood diagnosis was really 1,000,000 Hedonist Points, he was completely dumbfounded.

    I need 1,000,000 Hedonist Points just to check my body? Could it be my body holds a secret?

    Qin Feng was curious about his own body. He was born with no talent and was regarded as a muggle since he was born. However, judging from the price given by the system to check his body's condition, Qin Feng was certain that he was actually somebody. He might be a one-in-a-million martial artist prodigy!

    Qin Feng wished to disclose the secret about his body, but the cost for the blood diagnosis stopped him because he did not have that many Hedonist Points!
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