Chapter 449 - Stage 4 Inner Qi

    The suspicion that his body contained a huge secret grew, but he had no other choice but to put his suspicion on the shelf because he didn't have 1,000,000 Hedonist Points.

    Qin Feng moved on from the questions about the secrets of his body and moved on to check the concentration of inner qi in his dantian. However, much to his surprise, his inner qi had not improved at all even though he had devoured the two Hundred Flavor Grass that contained loads of dense spiritual essence of the heaven and earth raw.

    "What is going on?" Qin Feng raised his brows slightly and tried to feel his inner qi, but the result was the same. His inner qi did not grow, and he was still stuck at Stage 3 inner qi.

    "Master, the spiritual essence of the two Hundred Flavor Grasses was consumed by the Freezing Seal, so Master won't be able to feel the spiritual essence in your body," Little Pig's voice resounded.

    Qin Feng's mouth quivered, So all my efforts for the night have been in vain?!

    "However, Master, I found something interesting," Little Pig said with a smug look on his face.

    "You stupid pig! Can't you finish your thoughts in one sentence? What is the thing that is so interesting?"

    Little Pig was as happy as lark looking at Qin Feng's dark as ink expression, "Master, to my surprise, your body bears a great resemblance to a septic tank. You can absorb almost everything!"

    Qin Feng slipped and almost fell from the tree.

    "Can't you say something a human would say? What do you mean by my body is similar to a septic tank?"

    Little Pig shrugged his shoulders and replied unperturbed, "I'm a pig. How can Master expect me to speak like a human? Okay, fine. Master's body is like a junkyard, so you can contain anything!"

    Qin Feng crushed all the branches around him and everything else he could reach in order to vent his anguish. He decided not to argue with Little Pig anymore. After all, what could you expect from the mouth of a pig? Flowery phrases?

    "Make it clear!" Qin Feng rolled his eyes at Little Pig.

    "Master's body was invaded by demon essence and evil energy at the same time. By right, the essence and the energy should've consumed Master's soul and body, but that's not the case for you, Master. The demon essence and evil energy are slowly merging with your inner qi. To put it simply, Master, you now can cultivate inner qi, demon essence, and evil energy!"

    Qin Feng was dumbstruck by Little Pig's explanation. He remained daze for a few minutes before throwing his head behind and guffawed uproariously, "Haha! This young master will be invincible! Little Pig, why can I cultivate all three inner qi, demon essence, and evil energy concurrently?"

    "The reason remains unknown, but I surmise that it's because of Master's body. This is the very reason why the system required 1,000,000 Hedonist Points to run a diagnosis on Master's body. Master's body is very different from others."

    Little Pig finally said something that Qin Feng loved, and he grinned from ear to ear.

    Then, he regained his calmness soon after. In his body were powerful evil energy and devil essence that weren't inferior to the two Hundred Flavor Grass. If he could refine and merge the evil energy and devil essence into his own inner qi, Qin Feng was certain that he would be able to break through to Stage 4 inner qi!


    Qin Feng took a deep breath, calmed his heart and began to cultivate.

    He pushed the demon essence and evil energy into his dantian. Then, he controlled his inner qi to devour the demon essence and evil energy. Slowly, Qin Feng's mouth curled into a satisfied smile as the demon essence and evil energy began to merge with his inner qi. The inner qi in his dantian became denser, and it felt like it would explode at any moment.


    A muffled explosion echoed in Qin Feng's dantian as Qin Feng felt something had exploded in his body, and the haunting repression was gone. The feeling of liberation after being suppressed so much was superb. It was ten times better than a wedding night!

    I've succeeded in breaking through to Stage 4 inner qi?

    Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes. His eyes glowed like bright stars in the gloomy night. He had turned into a new leaf, and his essence was purer and more refined. His body glowed with great brilliancy like the sun.


    Qin Feng hopped lightly and turned into a streak of lightning. In the blink of an eye, he landed on another large tree five meters from the one he'd been standing on.

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    He had become a lot faster. It was thrilling. He zigzagged nimbly from tree to tree in the green belt like a primate.

    "It feels so good! So this is how it feels when you reach Stage 4 inner qi! No wonder the rumors say that achieving Stage 4 inner qi is a quantum leap for a cultivator!"

    Qin Feng felt his speed had doubled. Suddenly, his left hand glowed orange with tremendous force and smashed on a large tree trunk.


    The tree trunk shattered, and the towering tree slowly crumbled to the ground.

    "Haha! Just you wait for me people of the Sima family!" After breaking through Stage 4 inner qi, Qin Feng's strength had catapulted to new heights, and he could easily defeat a Stage 6 inner qi master.

    "Master, let's give the Wind Blade technique a try! It's an Earth-level martial skill!" Little Pig reminded Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's eyes glowed. Qin Feng had used the Earth-level Wind Blade technique before. However, he couldn't use it to its full potential when he was at Stage 3 inner qi.

    Even so, with the Wind Blade technique, Qin Feng had successfully fended off the Yin-Yang Elders who were Stage 6 inner qi masters. In a similar situation to Yin-Yang Elder, Qin Feng had staggered the Verdant Sect's Custodian Qing Feng with the Wind Blade technique, took him by surprise, and killed him.

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    Qin Feng focused, and suddenly, ten or so white flashes were thrown into the air. In the next second, a large tree about ten meters from Qin Feng fell to the ground.

    "The Wind Blade technique: through concentrating the wind, it can morph into blades and kill a person in the dark! It's a must-have skill for quick assassinations," Qin Feng tossed his head backward and laughed into the sky, "Haha! The description is on point! It is indeed a great skill for assassinating a person!"


    "Congratulations Host Qin Feng for stepping into the realm of Stage 4 inner qi. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 2,000 Hedonist Points!

    "Host Qin Feng has 11,500 Hedonist Points now.

    "A reminder: Host Qin Feng has borrowed 20,000 Hedonist Points from the system.

    "Today is the sixth day of the loan, and one hundred and twenty Hedonist Points in interest has accumulated. The system hopes Host Qin Feng will work harder to complete more quests so that Host Qin Feng can finish the repayment as soon as possible."

    Qin Feng was excited because he finally broke through into Stage 4 inner qi and could use the Wind Blade technique to its full extent. However, the system notified Qin Feng of his loan at the wrong moment and instantly iced his good mood.


    The most exclusive private clubhouse in Jindu was the Soaring Cloud Mansion.

    Yang Can reserved a luxurious private room. The room looked dazzlingly brilliant and splendid in green and gold. On top of that, the room was fully equipped with a wide array of facilities such as a guest room, a tea parlor, a bar, a sauna room, and an in-room theater.

    Rao Shi Man, Zhang Ke Ke, Big Sister Li, Yang Can, and Liu Shu sat at a three meters long crystal dining table. Liu Shu and Yang Can claimed the seat at each end meanwhile Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke sat in the middle. Big Sister Li sat in front of Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke.

    Both Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke were superstars worth billions of yuan. They got invited to attend all kinds of grand feasts in Jindu, so both of them had become accustomed to European-style dining situation and dining etiquette

    Two medium-well steaks were placed in front of Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke. Aside from the steak, in front of them were two glasses of brandy which had a very high alcohol content and was many times higher on the shelves than the top wines of China.

    "Haha! I'm so delighted that Shi Man and Ke Ke are willing to give me face and have dinner with me! I'm so very happy that my heart is beating so quickly! Let me give our two angels a toast! I wish you two will become even more famous this year than the previous year!"

    Yang Can proposed a toast and shot a bright smile at Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke. His smile was purely made of innocent and pureness, and it was described as being able to reap the heart of every woman who saw it.

    "We must return the toast! I, Liu Shu, will empty my glass first!" Without waiting for Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke, Liu Shu had raised his glass and guzzled down the Brandy.

    Liu Shu cast a meaningful gaze at Big Sister Li after he placed down the glass. Accepting his cue, Big Sister Li said smiley, "Among the entertainment industry, the Yang family's Star TV Enterprise is the most influential and has the highest audience rating. Can Shi Man and Ke Ke soar even higher into the sky, is all depend on your support, Young Master Yang.

    "I am a person who won't bow and scrape. Let me drink up!" Big Sister Li has reigned freely among the upper-class world of Jindu for more than thirty years and had long trained to be a double-crosser.

    Liu Shu and Big Sister Li guzzled down their wine to return the salute. After that, everybody then looked at Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke.

    "Sorry for the rudeness, Young Master Yang. I believed that you understand that both Ke Ke and I don't drink alcohol. As such, to return your compliment, we substitute tea for wine."

    Even as a non-alcoholic drinker, Rao Shi Man knew about brandy. It was a hard drink, and it would knock them out instantly leaving them unconscious for hours with only a small cup. Rao Shi Man was an old bird, and she knew she had to protect herself.

    "If Shi Man is not drinking, then so do I!"

    Zhang Ke Ke was ignorant. She did not have the mind to beware of the drink. When Rao Shi Man said she would not drink, she followed likewise. Both of them then took a sip of their teas.

    Yang Can and Liu Shu expressions turned grim. Liu Shu played his eyes at Big Sister Li.

    Taking his cue, Big Sister Li chirped. "Hehe! Big Sister Li understands that Shi Man and Ke Ke are teetotalers. However, since Young Master Yang has toasted to both of you, you won't show your courtesy if you don't reply to his good intention. Shi Man, Ke Ke, just take a sip, okay? Meanwhile, I wish for Young Master Liu Yang and Young Master Liu pay me respect and forget it."

    Yang Can held a grave expression. He looked upset.

    Liu Shu joined Big Sister Li to smooth out the dispute, "Don't push them too hard, Young Master Yang. You know very well that Shi Man and Ke Ke can't drink. We are all friends, why we have to make things so ugly?"

    After that, Liu Shu plastered a smile while looking at Rao Shi man, "Shi Man, can you and Ke Ke pay me respect and take a sip? After that, I'll personally send you two back to the hotel. My heart ached when I think of you two have rehearsed for five hours!"
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