Chapter 450 - In the Name Of The Moon, I Shall Punish You!

    Chapter 450 - In the Name Of The Moon, I Shall Punish You!

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    Rao Shi Man raised her brows slightly. Since Liu Shu and Big Sister Li had said it like that, Rao Shi Man had run out of excuses. Also, giving the fact that Yang Can was the chairman of the Star TV Enterprise, it would hurt both Zhang Ke Ke and her career gravely in the long-run if they enraged him.

    "I'll take a sip then, Young Master Yang," Rao Shi Man raised her glass and took a sip from it.

    Cough! Cough!

    The brandy caused a burning sensation in Rao Shi Man's throat. She coughed, and her tears almost dropped from her eyes.

    "Are you okay, Shi Man?" Zhang Ke Ke quickly pat Rao Shi Man's back and asked earnestly.

    Cough! Cough!

    "I'm fine. Ke Ke, drink some and let's return to the hotel!" Rao Shi Man waved her hand at Zhang Ke Ke signaling that she was fine.

    Without considering the consequences, Zhang Ke Ke picked up the glass and guzzled it down.

    "Ke Ke! That's enough. Why did you drink so much?" Rao Shi Man was shocked by Zhang Ke Ke. She quickly went forward and took Zhang Ke Ke's glass away from her hand.

    Zhang Ke Ke mischievously stuck her tongue and Rao Shi Man and giggled, "Don't worry about me, Shi Man! I'm perfectly fine! I just wondered what the alcohol tasted like since I'm not an avid drinker. It tastes disgusting. I wonder why men love alcohol as much as their own life!"

    Rao Shi Man was speechless at Zhang Ke Ke's words. She ignored her, turned her head and looked at Liu Shu with her beautiful eyes, "Young Master Liu, can we have the honor of you taking us back to the hotel?"

    The eyes of Liu Shu and Yang Can were veiled with banter when they saw Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke had drunk the brandy. Liu Shu quickly rose to his feet and walked to the two angels.

    He offered them a warm smile and said, "Sure! It'll be my pleasure. Let's go, our angels."

    Rao Shi Man helped Zhang Ke Ke to her feet while Liu Shu gave them space to walk in front of him. They walked three steps and everything suddenly went black, and they fell to the snow-white wool carpet.

    "Haha! As I expected! Three Steps Down!" Liu Shu burst into a great gale of laughter as he gazed at the beautiful long legs of the two angels.

    Yang Can's face was full of joy as well. He went to Liu Shu's side and said, "How long will the effect last? Will they wake up in the middle of us having a sensational moment with their bodies?"

    "Haha! Rest assured, Young Master Yang! The Three Step Down is one of Verdant Sect's seven wonder drugs. I've made many promises and had to ask my friends to get my hand on a single packet. The person who takes Three Steps Down will fall unconscious in three steps and the drug will last for 12 hours, so we can play to our hearts' content with these two pretties tonight!"

    Yang Can's final doubt was cleared by Liu Shu's explanation. While the two of them lewdly measured the two beautiful women, Big Sister Li stood at sideline calmly. As if all of this was not relevant to her.

    "You've played an important role in this plan, Big Sister Li. Rest assured, you'll be the leading role for the time-travel drama that Star TV Enterprise has invested tens of millions of money to build. I believed that as soon as the drama is released you will make a name for yourself overnight and that your fame will not be any lower than these two girls!"

    "Hohoho! Thank you, Young Master Yang and Young Master Liu," Big Sister Li was so happy that she grinned from ear to ear.

    This plan had been staged by Yang Can and Liu Shu for a long time.

    They bribed Big Sister Li and had her to put the Three Steps Down in the women's glasses. Rao Shi Man trusted Big Sister Li wholeheartedly, and this was the very reason for her downfall tonight.

    "Well, I'm going back. Have a good time!" Big Sister Li felt that it was time for her to retreat.

    Behaving like two brutal beasts, Yang Can and Liu Shu squatted beside Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke, and their fervent glares ran up and down the two beautiful women's incomparably nice bodies.

    "Young Master Yang, will we be fine afterward ?" Liu Shu was worried. Rao Shi Man was backed by the Dongfang Family, and it would be bad for them if their actions tonight was exposed.

    Yang Can scoffed, "Hehe! Are you going to back down now, Young Master Liu? I've prepared a full set of equipment to shoot an AV video featuring them. We're not only going to have a good time enjoying their bodies, we will shoot a good video of them as well! They are the hottest celebrities in China, and I think Young Master Liu understand the meaning behind the title. With their pornography in our hands, they won't be able to do anything but swallow the insult and humiliation silently!"

    Liu Shu instantly whipped up a lecherous smile. His jowls almost covered his eyes, "What a hell of a move, Young Master Yang!"

    "Haha! Let's not wait any longer and let's get started!"

    Yang Can went towards Rao Shi Man while Liu Shu favored Zhang Ke Ke unconcerned and casual attitude more. Both of them pounced on their targets respectively.


    As they began to tear off their shirts, a muffled explosion echoed. With a tremendous force, a yellow ray of light shot out of Zhang Ke Ke and thwarted Liu Shu and Yang Can.


    Both of them fell to the ground, and their bones almost shattered.

    "Fuck! What is that thing?" Liu Shu wiped off the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth. His eyes went bloodshot.

    Similar to Liu Shu, Yang Can's face was filled with an intense rage. His eyes gleamed with amazement as his voice trembled, "Instrument! It should be an instrument!"

    As a descendant of one of the four largest familial clans of Jindu, it was natural for Liu Shu to know what an instrument was. His brows locked tightly and he said, "What should we do now? Fuck! I never expect these two bitches to have an instrument!"

    Both of them were trained by their family in martial arts since young; however, they were not very bright in cultivating martial arts. Even with the huge supplies of elixirs and magical pills, Liu Shu was only a Stage 2 inner qi expert. Yang Can was slightly better, he had only broken through to Stage 3 inner qi a few days prior.

    The talismans on Zhang Ke Ke when he was still a Stage 3 inner qi expert. Thus, it was more than enough to fend off Liu Shu and Yang Can.

    "An instrument can nurture the overall health of the wielder. Most of them lengthen wielders' life expectancy and improve the immune system. The defensive mechanism, on the other hand, is automatic, and the instrument will vanish after it is triggered. Since the instrument has evoked its defensive mechanism, it's gone now... These two bitches, I must let them have a good taste of my fury tonight!"

    After pondering for a moment, Yang Can's expression turned chilly as he once again pounced on the two girls.


    As he arrived at Zhang Ke Ke's side, another explosion occurred. A similar yellow light with a powerful gale of gust shot out from Zhang Ke Ke's body and sent Yang Can flying again.

    Yang Can flipped backward and landed safely on the floor. Liu Shu hastily went to his side and helped him up.

    "Are you okay, Young Master Yang?" Yang Can and Liu Shu were shocked, and they resumed their defensive stance.

    "Ah! What happened? Why am I sleeping on the floor?" Zhang Ke Ke was awakened by two explosions. She pushed Rao Shi Man to wake her up, "Shi Man, wake up. Let's go back sleep at the hotel."

    "Ke Ke? What happened? Seems like I blacked out," Rao Shi Man slowly opened her eyes. Her face turned vile and serious when she saw Liu Shu and Yang Can.

    "Ke Ke, run!"

    "Shi Man, why are we running? What happened?"

    Unconcerned and careless as always, Zhang Ke Ke was an ignorant big-busted woman that could not get a grasp of what was happening around her. She remained in the dark, but Rao Shi Man had seen through Liu Shu and Yang Can intentions. She quickly dragged Zhang Ke Ke and rushed towards the exit.

    "Hmph! Run? Where can you run?"

    Yang Can out-maneuvered them and blocked the only exit with his tall stature.

    Zhang Ke Ke finally sensed the danger. She screamed, "Big Sister Li! Big Sister Li save us!"

    Liu Shu and Yang Can was thrilled by Zhang Ke Ke's foolish expression. Rao Shi Man frowned deeply. She pulled Zhang Ke Ke to her side and murmured to her, "Stop yelling. Big Sister Li has betrayed us."

    "Ah? Big Sister Li? Impossible... Argh! That bitch! We treated her fairly and always think of her whenever we're having a something good. How could she betray us?"

    Rao Shi Man felt hopeless at Zhang Ke Ke's words.

    How can she still have the mood to scold Big Sister Li in this dire situation? I guess it's all up to me if I want to escape from here.

    Liu Shu stood behind them while making a threatening remark, "Shi Man, Ke Ke, it's better if you surrender. I guess you two know our abilities and strength very well. We can dissolve any of your resistance easily with only a finger, and we won't show any pity for you. So, don't blame us if we accidentally scratch your flawless faces and kill your future of being celebrities!"

    They were cornered.

    Both of them were two feeble women without any offensive skills. Rao Shi Man's heart burned with anxiety. Suddenly, Qin Feng's handsome face came into her mind.

    Rao Shi Man thought, It would be good if Qin Feng was here!

    "What are you guys doing? Have you two forgotten that the Dongfang Family supports me? If you dare do something bad to us, I swear the Dongfang Family will not let you two off easily!"

    The powerful Dongfang Family was Rao Shi Man's final resort.

    However, she realized that Liu Shu and Yang Can were apparently not afraid at all. Both of them offered them sardonic smiles.

    "Haha! The Dongfang Family? If I was afraid of the Dongfang family, I wouldn't have wasted all my time and energy on setting up this trap! Rao Shi Man, you think too highly of yourself! Above all, you're only an opera joke. An opera joke can only make a fortune after they've been **ed many times!"

    Yang Can's warm smile slowly turned into a cold one as he slowly walked toward Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke.

    Rao Shi Man's last resort had failed, and she was anxious. Suddenly, Zhang Ke Ke who had been ignored by everybody pouted. She grabbed a handful of talismans from her pockets and stood between Yang Can and Rao Shi Man.

    "Hmph! You filthy trash with the heart of a beast! How dare you bully Shi Man and I. In the name of the moon, I shall bring justice to you two!"

    Yang Can and Liu Shu were stunned before they laughed.

    What the ** is this? Does she think she is Sailor Moon?
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