Chapter 451 - The Bastard Taoist and Qin Feng

    Chapter 451 - The Bastard Taoist and Qin Feng

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    "Ke Ke! Stop fooling around! Focus on the situation!" Rao Shi Man felt embarrassed and stopped Zhang Ke Ke from making a clown of herself.

    "Shi Man, please don't beg for these two beasts who are worse than monsters. In any case and at any rate, I must destroy them by the name of the moon!"


    Liu Shu and Yang Can laughed themselves to tears when they saw Zhang Ke Ke angrily free herself from Rao Shi Man's clutches and whining.

    "Hey, you two, kneel down and apologize to us. I'm a kind-hearted woman, and if you're sincere enough to move this mistress, I might let you off the hook," Zhang Ke Ke was too naive to differentiate between sarcasm and reality. She held a serious expression and looked at the duo.

    Hugging her head in her arms, Rao Shi Man curled herself into a ball to conceal her presence and acted as though she did not know Zhang Ke Ke.


    Yang Can and Liu Shu's laughter intensified. After they laughed for a good while, Yang Can slowed his breathing and panted, "Haha! What an empty-headed woman! Young Master Liu, isn't this kind of bimbo suitable for your tastes? Hurry up and take her away, or else, I might laugh to death just listening to her!"

    "Haha! You're right, Young Master Yang. I'll show you how am I going to make this woman my woman!" Liu Shu stopped laughing and plastered a smug look on his face as he slowly cornered Zhang Ke Ke.

    Rao Shi Man was so nervous that her hands began to sweat; however, Zhang Ke Ke wasn't afraid in the slightest. Posing as a sailor scout form Sailor Moon, she exchanged glances with Liu Shu and said resolutely, "I'm giving you the last chance, brat. Kneel and apologize to us! Otherwise, this mistress will not go easy on you!"

    Liu Shu could not suppress his laughter anymore this time as he was amused by Zhang Ke Ke, "Hey, Young Master Yang. Is the Three Steps Down have side effect? Or did we overdose them, and the drug burned a fuse in this big-busted woman's brain?"

    "That might be possible," Yang Can nodded enthusiastically.

    Liu Shu smiled while stomped hard on the ground. He closed the gap between him and Zhang Ke Ke and moved as fast as lightning, merging himself with the wind, and completely vanished from Zhang Ke Ke's sight.

    "Where is he?" Zhang Ke Ke frowned. Even though Liu Shu was only a Stage 2 inner qi expert, he was still quite formidable against non-martial artists like Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke. Both of them were not able to catch Liu Shu.

    "Haha! Didn't you want to exterminate me in the name of the moon? Anything can come after I have a good taste of your body!"

    Liu Shu's laugh suddenly sounded beside Zhang Ke Ke's ear startling her.

    Zhang Ke Ke's expression turned vile. She nervously pulled out a yellow talisman from a stack of talismans and shoved it towards Liu Shu without considering the effect of the talisman.

    "Feng Feng is a handsome man!"

    After Zhang Ke Ke enchanted the incantation, the yellow talisman burst into flame.


    After the explosion, the yellow talisman burned into a three-meter-tall tower of fire encasing Liu Shu.

    Liu Shu turned into a man on fire before he realized it. Yang Can and Rao Shi Man were dumbfounded.

    What happened?

    "Ah! Ah! Ah! Water! Young Master Yang, find water for me! Argh, it's so hot! It's burning me!" The parlor was filled with Liu Shu's shrieking which snapped Yang Can out of his confusion.

    "Holy **! Hurry up go to the sauna room! There a pool in there. Quick! Follow me!" Yang Can's face was blanched with fear as he lost his composure.

    He was scared by Zhang Ke Ke. The talisman she used was too powerful and strange. He could not fathom how she could execute a pyromantic attack with mere paper? Yang Can felt that the flame would certainly destroy his handsome face if she set him on fire as well.

    "Quick! Follow me!" Yang Can ran out of time. He quickly led Liu Shu to the sauna room.

    Zhang Ke Ke danced with joy after she defeated Yang Can and Liu Shu.

    "Hehe! Shi Man, I've defeated the villains! Let's return to our hotel now!" Zhang Ke Ke waved her fist at Rao Shi Man in a proud manner.

    Rao Shi Man finally came back to her senses. She peered at Zhang Ke Ke before pulled her hands and escaped from the Soaring Cloud Mansion.

    "Shi Man, are we not returning to the hotel? You're going the wrong way!"

    "No, we're not going back to the hotel. Yang Can and Liu Shu are tenacious. They surely won't let us go so easily. They will catch us if we return to the hotel. Let's go to Big Sister Qing Xue's house!"

    Rao Shi Man flagged down a cab and ordered the driver, "Brother, the Dongfang Mansion please!"

    The driver trembled when he heard the words Dongfang Mansion. The Dongfang Mansion was a famous place known to all. It was the ancestral home of the Dongfang family, one of the four largest familial clans of Jindu.

    The driver drove with extreme care on the journey. He dare not spark a conversation with his guests as he was afraid that he might offend Zhang Ke Ke and Rao Shi Man if he said something wrong.

    "What is that thing you threw at Liu Shu, Ke Ke? How can it blow fire?" Rao Shi Man asked Zhang Ke Ke.

    With a triumphant expression, Zhang Ke Ke waved her pinkish fists and revealed the truth to Rao Shi Man, "Hehe! So that bastard Taoist is the real deal! I've made a fortune this time! That bastard Taoist demanded 2,000,000 yuan for a few talismans before the city guard arrived and ruined his business, so I took all his talismans away. The talismans that saved us were drawn by that bastard Taoist!"

    Zhang Ke Ke gesticulated with her arms happily. The driver took a peek at the two girls from the rearview mirror and felt that they looked like two celebrities. However, when he saw Zhang Ke Ke speaking like a psychopath, he shook his head and discarded his suspicions.

    "Talisman? Fake Taoist?" Rao Shi Man murmured to herself. Suddenly, her eyes glowed.

    "Ke Ke! When you threw the talisman at Liu Shu, you murmured something. What did you say?" Rao Shi Man clawed at Zhang Ke Ke's arms tightly and caused her to yelled in pain.

    "Ah! Shi Man, let go of me! That hurts! Are you talking about the incantation? That bastard Taoist taught it to me. He said I needed to chant the incantation before using the talisman!"

    The driver almost fainted. He could not fathom why the two beautiful young women behind him talked nonsense better than himself.

    "What is the incantation, Ke Ke? Can you repeat it?" Rao Shi Man's heart raced. The suspicion of that Taoist being related to Qin Feng was getting stronger.

    "Feng Feng is a handsome man!" Zhang Ke Ke pouted, "How can that bastard Taoist set such an unruly incantation! I bet Feng Feng is his nickname! What a narcissist!"


    Zhang Ke Ke's reply exploded like a muffled thunder in Rao Shi Man's mind. Her clear and bright eyes suddenly went blank as if her soul had been reaped.

    Feng Feng is a handsome man! A narcissist! The talisman has the same effect as the Soul Cleansing Necklace.

    Was he really Qin Feng?

    "What's wrong, Shi Man? What is going on?" Zhang Ke Ke felt that there was something wrong with Rao Shi Man. She pushed Rao Shi Man to pull her back from her thought.

    "Ke Ke, can you recall the facial features of the Taoist?" Rao Shi Man finally snapped out. She tightly grabbed Zhang Ke Ke's arms and pressed forward.

    Zhang Ke Ke tried to free herself but to no avail. She then grumbled, "That was a long time ago. I've forgotten his face. On top of that, that bastard Taoist was dressed in a Taoist costume, and his face was hidden behind his mustache. I thought he was a cheater who was afraid of being caught by people hence his outfit. Many people must've fallen for his crafty plot!

    "But I might be wrong about him since the talismans I took from his stall are the real deal! It really blew fire after I enchanted the incantation!" Zhang Ke Ke's well-defined brows were stuck together. Her cherry lips pouted as her mind was filled with doubts.

    Rao Shi Man heaved slightly. A myriad of feelings surged through her heart.

    She had obtained the intel from Han Ying Ying and Li Yu Chen that the Qin family of Acropolis City had fallen. After Qin Feng had gone missing, she made a frantic approach by calling his cell phone hundred times. First, his cell phone was off, and in the end, it turned into a blank number.

    Rao Shi Man had a very special feeling toward Qin Feng. When she discovered that Qin Feng was that little boy eight years ago that accompanied her at the Lotus Lake, she left a room for Qin Feng in her heart. However, her sweet feeling of being in love was short-lived after Qin Feng had gone missing.

    And now, she had finally found a clue to Qin Feng's whereabouts, but to her dismay, she had no idea where to start.

    Seeing that Rao Shi Man was acting weird, Zhang Ke Ke asked with a pout,"What happened, Shi Man? You look somewhat unhinged, and why did you keep asking about that bastard Taoist?"

    "Ah? I-I I'm alright. Maybe I'm exhausted. It has been a crazy month. I guess I'll be taking a rest from working for the next month. Ke Ke, I heard that America's Saint Medical Institute is going to have a study exchange with our alma mater. I planned to do a concert during my break at the university. What do you think, do you want to join?" Rao Shi Man quickly diverted Zhang Ke Ke's attention.

    "Holding a concert at our old school? That's great! It's been such a long time since I last went back to the school. I wonder how my sisters are holding themselves."

    The driver had been listening to their nonsense on the journey. A fire blowing talisman, an old bastard Taoist, and holding a concert at their alma mater. The driver's heart had completely shattered.

    The car stopped in front of the Dongfang Mansion. The driver let out a long sigh as he saw Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke off.

    "Hai! What gorgeous women. Flawless faces, smoking hot bodies, but too bad that there's something wrong with their brains. It's such a waste!"
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