Chapter 452 - Hitting Up Girls Under The Guise of A Lecturer

    Chapter 452 - Hitting Up Girls Under The Guise of A Lecturer

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes. He saw a pale streak over the treetops and knew the day was coming.

    After a night of cultivation, Qin Feng finally refined the evil energy and demon essence in his body into inner qi and successfully soared into Stage 4 inner qi. He felt different now.


    Qin Feng lightly hopped from the treetops onto the grassy field. He was wearing Hua Yan's white sleeping gown. Since dawn had arrived, he needed to return to his room and change clothes.

    He had a handful of Hua Yan's boobs last night, so Qin Feng knew that she was still angry. He tiptoed back to his room without awakening the two girls and swiftly changed into a well-pressed suit. Before he left the house, he threw Hua Yan's sleeping gown at her bedroom door.


    Jindu University's medical college lecture hall was packed with students when Qin Feng entered the class, and the scene was explosive.

    The big-headed fat-eared Xiao Lei was standing at the podium. When he saw Qin Feng, his expression turned grim as he looked at his watch.

    "Hmph! You are ten minutes late, Professor Qin Feng! Is this the way you teach? Do you think this a general market that you can enter arbitrarily? You're not professional enough, and you're not a good teacher!"

    Xiao Lei hated Qin Feng from the bottom of his heart after Qin Feng had blackened his name multiple times. Hence, he'd savored every single chance he had to attack and humiliate Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng ignored Xiao Lei and walked to the podium. He stared at Xiao Lei's face and chirped, "Aiya! What happened to your face, Director Xiao? Did you get beaten by someone? Your face was naturally born to be hit by other people. I think it would be better if Director Xiao stayed in the house and refrained from interacting with other people."

    Everybody understood the behind Xiao Lei's injuries. All of them laughed and rolled in the aisles which greatly infuriated Xiao Lei. He opened his mouth to chastise the students; however, he accidentally pulled his wounds, and he yelled in pain.

    "Hmph! What a hypocrite glib talker!"

    "To be honest Director Xiao, I prefer to settle my problems with force. Why don't we give it a try?" Qin Feng offered a fake smile to Xiao Lei. His powerful aura further illuminated his presence.

    Xiao Lei was scared. He stepped three paces back and stared at Qin Feng warily, "Pathetic beast!"

    Once again, the students were thrilled by Xiao Lei's cowardly expression after Qin Feng threatened him.

    Xiao Lei almost cried. He yelled helplessly, "Keep quiet! Do you all want to fail your examination?"

    This time, the silence was complete. Xiao Lei hastily added, "I have three important announcements to make this time. First thing is about the five students representatives: we did not decide last time due to some interruptions, so we'll be doing the selection today. Anyone who wants to volunteer themselves, rise to your feet. We only have five spots. Be quick if you really want to participate in this unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"

    Xiao Lei stood at the podium with his head held high as he fantasized about a scene where the two hundred students pressed forward to take their places. He waited for more than ten seconds, and nobody gave him a positive answer.

    Xiao Lei could not hold his face anymore. He cleared his throat and said, "Ahem, Ahem! I'll personally add another five points to the five representatives' final examination!"

    Another ten seconds passed but the students remained silent. Adding five marks to their final exam grades was interesting, but nobody took the bait because those who were elected to be the representatives had to host the representatives from the Saint Medic Institute and do a western medicine information exchange with them. Under Qin Feng's tutelage, the desire to protect and expand Chinese traditional medicine was deeply rooted in the heart of every student. Hence, they vowed not to be traitors and curry favors with the spearhead of western medicine.

    The situation was getting out of Xiao Lei's control. Cold sweat began to form on his back as it felt bad being blatantly ignored by everybody.

    "Hehe! Everybody is so active. It's a tough decision to make, and I'm afraid it might take more time than I expected. Then, let's leave this for the next time and move on to the second announcement."

    Xiao Lei had to save himself as nobody would. He then said cheerfully, "I believe everybody will be happy to hear the second announcement. Our alumni, the famous Chinese celebrities Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke will hold a Thanksgiving concert in our stadium as a contribution to their alma mater."

    "What? No way?! Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke are going to hold a concert at Jindu University?"

    "When is it? Please give us the specific time? Have the tickets started selling? Where can we buy tickets?"

    "Oh my, oh my! I'm so nervous. Shi Man and Ke Ke are coming to our university. What if both of them fall in love with me? Who should I choose to be my girlfriend?"



    The news dropped on the students like a bombshell.

    Even Qin Feng stumbled on his feet and almost fell to the floor.

    Rao Shi Man? So that girl was a graduate of Jindu University. That means I'm her teacher now? Then, I should take the opportunity to invite her to my office... She has lost sight of so much of her studies, and I must help her regain it all!

    Xiao Lei laughed after he had successfully invigorated the atmosphere, "Haha! Calm down, everyone. The specific time and location of Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke concert will be published on our university forum. Please stay alert and do check the forum frequently to vie for the concert tickets!"

    The students quickly pulled out their cell phones and began to scroll through the university's forum.

    Xiao Lei grinned from ear to ear. He cast a scornful yet provocative gaze at Qin Feng seemingly flaunting his ability to engage the students.

    After the students calmed themselves, Xiao Lei proceed to make his third announcement. "Dear students! Please give me your attention. A new friend has joined our medical college. She is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty. Are you all excited to meet our new friend?"

    All of the students had yet digested the news of Rao Shi Man and Zhang Ke Ke holding a concert at Jindu University when they were yet again left in awe at the idea of another beautiful woman joining them, especially the male students in the first row. They all craned their necks trying very hard to look outside.

    And this time, a beautiful woman walked into the lecture hall.

    The beautiful woman wore a pink blouse over her nice, curvy figure and a pair of black, tight-fitting trousers around her long, delicate legs. Her breasts were huge and jiggled whenever she moved. With her hair in a ponytail, she looked fresh and youthful.

    However, everybody knew this beautiful woman. She was Hua Yan, one of the Jindu University's belles. Her expression was gloomy and chilly. She seemed to be in a bad mood.

    Hua Yan stormed to her seat without paying attention to anybody, and her actions seemed unladylike in Xiao Lei's eyes. He felt disgraced. As such, he pointed at Hua Yan and ordered her to stand outside the lecture hall as a warning for other students who would bear the same fate as Hua Yan should they did not follow his instruction.

    "No, no! She is not the new student... Hey you! Who gave you the permission to return to your seat? Get out and stand outside!"

    Hua Yan continued to ignore Xiao Lei sticking her butt into her own seat. Her eyes flamed with anger as she stared straight at Qin Feng. She was incensed when she remembered what Qin Feng had done to her.

    "Hey! Can't you hear that I'm talking to you? Get out and stand outside!" Xiao Lei's face sank when Hua Yan ignored him.

    Hua Yan was consumed by her anger and she exploded, "Keep your mouth shut! Go back home and wash your mouth before starting your lesson! Your nasty breath is killing us!"

    Hua Yan was a Stage 4 demon cultivator. When she released her aura, she silenced all those who were near her.

    The students in the last row were not affected, and they laughed their heads off. A bright red flush began to take over Xiao Lei's brown skin as a storm began to form in his soul.

    "Hmph! You've decided to be defiant, and you even insulted your lecturer. Well, well. I'll record a serious demerit on your profile. Don't you ever hope that you will pass your final examination!"

    Xiao Lei planned to daunt Hua Yan as a lecturer which proved to be insignificant in front of Hua Yan. She scoffed, "Tsk! Kick me out from the university if you can! Don't ever try to threaten me with demerits or forbidding me from graduating. I'm not afraid of those things!"

    Hua Yan stood straight like a pine with her chest puffed out, accentuating her gracefully rounded curves.

    Hua Yan and Qiao Shi Shi were both university belles, but they were opposites in character.

    Hua Yan had a fiery temper just like a pepper.

    Qiao Shi Shi was calm like a water.

    The students snickered when they saw Xiao Lei had enraged Hua Yan.

    "You! Don't be so arrogant, young lady! Since you are not afraid of getting demerits or failing, fine then! I'll take down all your demerits!" Xiao Lei burned with a frenzy of rage. He took out a paper and pen and prepared to jot down Hua Yan's student ID and name.

    It was just before his pen touch the paper that it was slapped away by Qin Feng.

    "What are you doing, brat?" Xiao Lei offered a fierce gaze at Qin Feng.

    "Nothing! I just want to remind you that each and every student sitting in this lecture hall is my student, and this is my class. In my class, I'll responsible for everything my students have committed, should it be bad or good. You have no power here, and even if you have the authority, it won't be you to reprimand my students!"

    Qin Feng stood with his hands clasped behind his back in the sun. His brows locked tightly as he glared menacingly at Xiao Lei.

    His remarks had aroused the students except for Hua Yan. Her expression darkened as she knew Qin Feng too well. He had to be up to no good.

    "Moreover, in my honest opinion, Hua Yan is the most outstanding student I've ever seen. She is pretty, has a nice figure, hardworking, neither conceited nor rash...

    "The phrase goes that a man can't spin and weave at the same time, a woman can't have a pretty face and wisdom in one body. I believed this phrase firmly before meeting Hua Yan. However, the truth that I have trusted shattered after I got to know Hua Yan.

    "I'm proud to have Hua Yan as my student. Next time, you're allowed to do what you please in my class as long as you are happy with it!"

    Everybody's expressions slowly darkened as Qin Feng talked. All of them felt that Professor Qin Feng was being too audacious. He hugged Qiao Shi Shi during the last lesson, and now, he indirectly proposed to Hua Yan. Was he here to fulfill his obligation as a lecturer, or was he actually tried to hook up with girls under the guise of a lecturer?
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