Chapter 453 - Transfer Student

    Chapter 453 - Transfer Student

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Clad in a well-pressed suit, Qin Feng stood straight like a pine with his hands clasped behind his back.

    He sparkled under the sunshine as he purposely tilted his head forty-five degrees and looked into the blue sky. He held a melancholic expression, and his profile was tough and handsome, giving people an impression that he was a prince who had fallen from the celestial realm into the mortal realm.

    Qin Feng loved the movie directed by Stephen Chow. He believed that even with the combination of character and life experiences of Wei Xiao Bao, Tang Bo Hu, and Zhi Zun Bao, it was far from perfectly defining his life. To be honest, Qin Feng felt he outmatched all three of them in acting.

    Last night, Qin Feng had stolen two Hundred Flavor Grass from Hua Yan. After that, Hua Yan cast away her chastity, made herself nude, and warmed him with her body just to save his life. Qin Feng was touched; however, he could not press down his desire to grab Hua Yan's large boobs. If he was given another chance, Qin Feng believed that he would still grope her breasts. If he had to term it, he hoped that it would be a million years.

    Qin Feng knew he was wrong and that a hell had to be rioting in Hua Yan's heart. Hence, he planned to use his finely-honed acting skills, coupled with some lovers' prattle that could touch the chord of one's heart and smother the flame in Hua Yan's heart.

    It was not known whether or not he touched Hua Yan's heart. Nevertheless, the two hundred students were moved by his words. Tears filled their eyes as the girls eagerly hoped that they were the subject of Qin Feng's proposal while the boys wished to give Qin Feng a good beating for neglecting his duty as a lecturer and trying to hook up with a woman.

    "Please have a seat, Ms. Hua Yan. As long as I'm here, nobody will hurt you," Qin Feng turned to Hua Yan and looked at her earnestly.

    At this moment, Hua Yan wanted to puke.

    "Good day, sir!" A clear sweet voice sounded outside the lecture hall.

    Then, a woman wearing a pair of black boots, a tight-fitting leather shirt and pants walked into the lecture hall.

    The black tight-fitting leather shirt and pants accentuated her perfect and flawless curvy figure. She sported a purplish bob haircut, and she had a fair skin. A pair of large sunglasses rested on her delicate face, veiling her expression from everyone.

    Xiao Lei's eyes glowed as soon as the woman walked into the lecture hall. She was the new-comer, and he heard the wind say that she was somebody important. Xiao Lei dare not offend her.

    "Haha! Can I have your attention, please? This pretty is Ms. Yan Wu Shuang, the new transfer student that I mentioned just now."

    Everybody ignored Xiao Lei as they focused on Yan Wu Shuang, particularly her well-rounded bust. All of them felt that her breasts might pop out at any moment.

    Like everybody else did, Qin Feng stuck his gaze on Wu Shuang. However, he was not looking at her perfect figure. He was merely stunned by the face of the girl before him.

    Wasn't she the woman at Martial Artist Alliance? She is one of the Dragon Door!

    "Qin Feng?!" Yan Wu Shuang yelled. Her eyes under the sunglasses glistened with a flick of shock. As far as she was concerned, Qin Feng had disappeared or was no longer alive on any corner of the planet. It was totally beyond her expectation that he would become a lecturer at Jindu University!

    "Do you know me?" Qin Feng was alarmed.

    How could she know me?

    "Ah... Haha! I overheard that everybody called you that. Am I wrong?" The sudden appearance of Qin Feng had unsettled Yan Wu Shuang, causing her to almost blow her disguise. She swiftly regained her calm composure, covered her little cherry mouth and chuckled coquettishly.

    Her laughter was too enticing, and her breasts bounced up and down when she laughed. Many people shamelessly got an erection.

    Qin Feng stood at the podium while Yan Wu Shuang stood at the door to the lecture hall. Both of them exchanged glances trying very hard to figure out the true identity of their opponent. Qin Feng knew that Yan Wu Shuang was a member of Dragon Door, and he knew that Yan Wu Shuang had no idea that he was Green Wolf. On the other hand, Yan Wu Shuang knew Qin Feng was a hedonistic young master from Acropolis City and that he had no information about her.

    "Ms. Wu Shuang, I warmly welcome you to join our big family!" Qin Feng retracted his gaze. He offered her a warm smile and said, "Everybody, let us give Ms. Yan Wu Shuang a great round of applause for joining us!"

    Clap! Clap! Clap!

    In the next instance, a thunderous applause echoed incessantly in the lecture hall.

    A thought formed in Qin Feng mind. He had to ride Yan Wu Shuang's coattails so as to balance the power gap between him and his enemies.

    Qin Feng swept across the lecture hall, and he noticed there were no seats left. He then set his eyes on Hua Yan, harrumphed, "You! How can you sit in the class after coming in late? Get out and stand outside!"

    Qin Feng turned his expression faster than flipping a book and threw everybody off.

    Hua Yan rose to her feet. Her eyes spat fire, and she yelled at the top of her lungs, "How could you?"

    "You? Latecomers have to be punished. This is the rule that all of us agreed on last time. Don't you ever think that I will spare you just because you're pretty. Let me tell you, I, Professor Qin Feng, am not that kind of shallow person!" Qin Feng put on a serious look and peered straight back at Hua Yan.

    The other students were dumbfounded. They felt their Professor Qin Feng was beyond help. They had never seen a person who was as shameless as Qin Feng in their entire life!

    "I'm not leaving out! What can you do to me?" Hua Yan huffed. She retorted with a fierce gaze.

    Just now, she was angry because Qin Feng had molested her the night before. However, she was angry now because Qin Feng's attitude towards her had changed as soon as Yan Wu Shuang entered the class.

    Faking his anger, Qin Feng scoffed, "Hah! What a stubborn little girl! How can you not follow your lecturer's orders? Get out of the class now!"

    "Big Brother... Professor Qin Feng! Was it not you who said that Ms. Hua Yan was the most promising student you've ever met and that Ms. Hua Yan was a prodigy who had both wisdom and pretty face? How can you punish her now?" Liu Jie who was sitting in the last row could not resist anymore. He stood up and stepped forward to remind Qin Feng of what he had said.

    Qin Feng scornfully stared at Liu Jie. He said, "Did I?"

    Then, Qin Feng swept a glance across the students and asked the same question, "Did you all hear that I mentioned something like that before?"

    Seeing some of the students were pulling out their cell phones, Qin Feng quickly added, "If I really mentioned that before, I hope that everyone can step forward and point out my mistake. For those good samaritans, I'll personally deduct one hundred marks from the final examination as your reward!"

    As soon as Qin Feng finished speaking, those who were pulling out their cell phones stopped. They bowed their heads and submissively returned their cell phones to their pockets.

    The crowd remained silent for fifteen seconds. Qin Feng nodded in satisfaction.

    "That's right! I'd never be prejudiced against anybody. I will admit openly what I've said and what I have not. The fatty in the last row, get out with Ms. Hua Yan and stand outside the class!"

    Crestfallen, Liu Jie exited the lecture hall with a darkened expression. Hua Yan had enough of Qin Feng. She quickly rose to her feet and stormed out of the lecture hall; otherwise, she might not know what she would do to Qin Feng if she remained in the class.

    As both of them walked out of the lecture hall, Qin Feng held a gleeful smile and walked towards Yan Wu Shuang.

    "Ms. Wu Shuang, please have a seat!"

    The two hundred students already knew what words would come out from Qin Feng's mouth next judging from his wickedly lecherous smile.

    Yan Wu Shuang removed her sunglasses exposing her delicate and flawless face. She stared indifferently at Qin Feng and sat down in Hua Yan's place.

    After Qin Feng returned to the podium, he offered Yan Wu Shuang a cheerful smile.

    "Wow! Ms. Wu Shuang is as pretty as a fairy. You are the most hardworking and richly endowed student by nature I've ever seen!

    "I've always heard that a woman can't have pretty face and wisdom simultaneously. However, after meeting Ms. Wu Shuang, only did I realize..."

    All of the students covered their ears with their hands. Only now did they realize Professor Qin Feng's shamelessness really had no boundaries!

    Meanwhile, Yan Wu Shuang studied Qin Feng with great interest. She had run an investigation on Qin Feng's background. She knew that he was a dissolute, talented in letters and unconventional in lifestyle hedonistic young master of Qin family in Acropolis City and very good with handling women. A martial arts muggle who had suddenly break through into Stage 3 inner qi in half a year and successfully claimed himself a place as a subject worthy of study by Dragon Door.

    "Ahem! Ahem! Professor Qin Feng, you should be teaching right now, but what are you doing?" Xiao Lei could not listen to what Qin Feng was saying anymore. He felt he had honed his skill in acting pretentious to the finest. However, after meeting Qin Feng, Xiao Lei felt that he had met the very progenitor of acting pretentious!

    "Ah! Wasn't this Director Xiao? When did you come?" Qin Feng exhibited an expression that he just realized Xiao Lei's presence, causing Xiao Lei to almost fight with him.

    "Hmph! Shallow!" Xiao Lei scoffed.

    "Director Xiao, you can leave now if you don't have anything else to say. Don't stay here to interfere with me picking up women. Ahem! Ahem! Teaching!"

    Xiao Lei huffed staring at Qin Feng before leaving the lecture hall since he could not get the upperhand by staying here. He felt better after leaving the lecture hall.

    "Ms. Wu Shuang, you have just transferred to our university, so you missed all my previous classes. I plan to have an extra class with you after this class has ended. What do you think?" Qin Feng regained his gleeful expression after Xiao Lei had left.

    "This afternoon? I'm afraid I can't. I don't have time." The students were excited after Yan Wu Shuang rejected Qin Feng directly without giving it a second thought. They felt Yan Wu Shuang had very good vision.

    However, in the next second, all of them were shattered, "But I have plenty of time at night after school has ended. I'm not sure if Professor Qin Feng has the time?"

    "Ahem! Ahem! I always revise the teaching material for the second day after I return home. I'll search for all kinds of information to demonstrate the teaching material, but since Ms. Wu Shuang has asked for it, I guess I'll have to spare my time to have an extra class with you tonight!"

    "I'll thank Professor Qin Feng first then!" A flick of amusement ran across Yan Wu Shuang's eyes.

    Qin Feng laughed, "Don't be so courteous, Ms. Wu Shuang. We're a family after all, and a family has to help each other!"

    Qin Feng had his eyes set on Yan Wu Shuang since the first time he met her. He wasn't looking for her body, but her identity as a member of the Dragon Door.

    Previously at Martial Artist Town, even the Sima family, one of the four largest familial clans, had to be careful while treating Yan Wu Shuang.


    "A new quest from the Hedonist Sovereign System: assist Yan Wu Shuang in investigating the prime mover behind the William family.

    "Quest Time Limit: three months!

    "The system will reward Host Qin Feng 10,000 Hedonist Points and a bottle of mutant elixir if the quest is completed. If the quest is failed, 20,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted!
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