Chapter 455 - Youre The Best, Ms. Wu Shuang

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng waited in his office looking forward to Yan Wu Shuang's arrival. As he expected, Yan Wu Shuang arrived at his office soon after. She invited Qin Feng to have their lesson at Marios Bar.

    Yan Wu Shuang stopped her Audi Q7 outside of Marios Bar. After both of them alighted from the car, Qin Feng tilted his head and peered at Marios Bar which was filled with debauchery activities.

    He lamented, I haven't been to this kind of place for a long time. To think that I was once known as the Prince of Bars when I was younger.

    "What are you looking at, Professor Qin Feng?" Yan Wu Shuang wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's arm and offered him a warm smile.

    In Martial Artist Town, Yan Wu Shuang always held an indifferent expression standing at a position far above the masses. It was out of Qin Feng's imagination that her attitude towards him would change so drastically once she became his transfer student.

    Is she trying to seduce me?!

    "Hehe, nothing!" Qin Feng scratched his head and smiled, masquerading as a scholarly mentor and beneficial friend.

    Qin Feng felt as a capable person and somebody with prestige, Yan Wu Shuang favored a cultured and intelligent man more while a hedonistic young master was somebody she would loathe and despise the most. Since Qin Feng decided to ride her coattails, he had to show his most perfect side to Yan Wu Shuang.

    "You should be used to coming to this kind of place, right? Professor Qin Feng," Yan Wu Shuang deliberately pressed her body against his arm and rubbed.

    Yan Wu Shuang knew who Qin Feng was after she had studied him thoroughly. She berated his fakeness inwardly.

    "I apologize for disappointing you, Ms. Wu Shuang. This is the first time I've ever come to such place."

    Qin Feng resignedly shook his head and heaved, "I understand that in this era of globalization, men and women of our age are impetuous. Bad boys get all the girls while nice guys finish last. In spite of how hard I tried to turn myself into a bad guy, I just can't do it.

    "Wu Shuang, I am a near-extinct scholarly man who doesn't drink, smoke, or indulge in debauchery, you must be very disappointed," Qin Feng said with an extremely saddened expression. He had made every one of his expressions as convincing as possible.

    This was the first time Yan Wu Shuang experienced Qin Feng's shamelessness. She was so sickened that she almost left.

    "Hehe! So Professor Qin Feng is so adorkable. I thought you were a hedonistic young master the first time I saw you," Yan Wu Shuang teased Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng heart skipped a beat, but he regained his composure soon after, "To be honest, Ms. Wu Shuang, those hedonistic young masters are a group of maggots that I despise the most. Relying on their powerful background, they always toy with other people without any respect and contribute nothing good to the society. I'm certainly different from them!"

    Yan Wu Shuang took the initiative to invite Qin Feng on a date because she wanted to test his strength. Qin Feng had mysteriously turned himself from a muggle into a powerful martial artist. No one in the martial world had ever achieved such a feat. Yan Wu Shuang was curious, hence the date tonight. After she had completed her investigation of Qin Feng, she prepared to apply to the Dragon Door and had the Dragon Door dispatch a special investigation team to study Qin Feng.

    However, before she could test Qin Feng's strength, she had to first experience his deep and profound skill in acting base and shamelessness.

    "Hehe! You're right, Professor Qin Feng. It would serve them right if thunder struck them!" Yan Wu Shuang said as she smiled playfully.

    Qin Feng forced himself not to see Yan Wu Shuang's trembling sleeve due to her anger. He continued to speak seriously, "Ahem! Ahem! It would be too severe for them to be punished by thunder. Although they're despicable, they should not be killed. In fact, we should inspire them, guide them, and lead them to the rightful path. We should turn them into thankful people who can contribute to the community."

    Qin Feng said every one of his sentences slow and steady with a deep voice. He tried to feign the air of a scholar. Yan Wu Shuang already knew Qin Feng was a hedonistic young master.

    Won't he feel tired from this act?! Yan Wu Shuang asked herself.

    As they entered the bar, the waitress that welcomed Chang Xin and Gao Hai stepped forward.

    "Handsome and beautiful, have you guys booked a room, or would you guys prefer a random seat?"

    Before Yan Wu Shuang could answer the waitress, Qin Feng covered his eyes with his hands, shook his head and said, "Oh my sweet lord, the moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day. How can a woman like you appear in such revealing clothes in a public place? What if your parents, your aunts, or your uncles see you? What will they think? It's so embarrassing!

    "Go away. Your assistance is not required."

    Yan Wu Shuang and the waitress were stunned especially the waitress. She looked at Qin Feng like looking at an alien.

    "Psycho!" The waitress rolled her eyes at Qin Feng and turned away.

    Yan Wu Shuang's eyes were ablaze. She almost went crazy because of Qin Feng!

    Yan Wu Shuang had already familiarized herself with the compound of the Marios Bar. She went to the private room area without any guidance. She arrived at private room 305 and went in after she hailed the waiter outside the room.

    Room 305 was a small private room as well, and the facilities were similar to room 303. After sweeping a gaze around the private room, Qin Feng snuggled down on a couch. Yan Wu Shuang talked with the waiter for a short while before sending him away to do her bidding.

    "Are you satisfied with the room, Professor Qin Feng? Is it cozy enough?" After she shut the door, Yan Wu Shuang then unzipped her leather shirt, freeing her jiggly, large breasts from restraint. Underneath her black leather shirt was a white sleeveless garment.

    Qin Feng commanded himself not to look at Yan Wu Shuang's body, but the urge was unbearable. His desire went on a rampage, and he distorted his two large eyes into two fine lines and looked at Yan Wu Shuang's body out from the corner of his eyes.

    "Fine, fine! Just the light setting is too dim, and it feels like a ghost mansion," Qin Feng said as he swallowed hard.

    "Professor Qin Feng, what's your opinion of my body?" asked Yan Wu Shuang as she walked towards Qin Feng and shoved her breasts towards him.

    Qin Feng perfunctory raised his head and took a peak. As he exclaimed inwardly how large Yan Wu Shuang boobs were compared to Hua Yan, he held an expressionless face and answered her nonchalantly, "Not bad! Ms. Wu Shuang, please zip up your shirt. You might catch a cold later."

    Qin Feng had to maintain his nerdy personality. He admonished and commanded himself not to blow his disguise even if Yan Wu Shuang appeared nude before him.

    "The air conditioner is on, Professor Qin Feng. I don't feel cold in the slightest... Let me help you remove your jacket." Yan Wu Shuang sat beside Qin Feng and began to undress him.

    Qin Feng quickly turned his body aside. As he moved aside, his eyes glowed. He realized Yan Wu Shuang had utilized her inner qi and pointed it towards the vital point of his stomach.

    Qin Feng was stunned by her sudden hostility.

    What is she doing? Was she trying to harm me?

    "Aiyo! My stomach hurts, Ms. Wu Shuang," Qin Feng had donned his Sacred Azure Battle Armor and neutralized Yan Wu Shuang's attack. Qin Feng was now playing a show for Yan Wu Shuang to find out what was she up to.

    Raising her brows, Yan Wu Shuang peered at Qin Feng with questions in her mind.

    She had aimed for his life. The reason behind the relentless attack was that she wanted to force Qin Feng to use his full strength to parry her attack. She never imagined that Qin Feng would not avoid nor fight back.

    "Are-Are you alright?" Yan Wu Shuang finally regained her senses. Her eyes held a flicker of anxiety in them.

    "My stomach hurts, and I don't know why!" Qin Feng curled up and clutched his stomach with his hands while grimacing in pain.

    Yan Wu Shuang was not convinced; her mind still filled with doubt. Be that as it may, she still went forward to check his condition. She meticulously scanned his body, she did not find anything wrong with him.

    Locking her brows, Yan Wu Shuang muttered, "It's strange... How come you're alright?"

    "Ah? Ms. Wu Shuang hoped that I would have a mishap?" Qin Feng stared at Yan Wu Shuang in disbelief.

    "No, it's not. How could I hope that Professor Qin Feng is not alright? I'm just nervous so I said the wrong thing!"

    "Argh! The pain is killing me. Ms. Wu Shuang, can you help me to rub the pain away?" Qin Feng was in so much pain that the vein on his forehead bulged. Yan Wu Shuang could not see that Qin Feng was actually faking his pain, she thought she had really hurt him.

    Wheels within wheels, the relationship between Yan Wu Shuang and Qin Feng was complex and sophisticated, and it was hard to explain in two or three words. All in all, Yan Wu Shuang did not want to kill Qin Feng. Since she hurt Qin Feng, she felt sorry for him.

    "Are you feeling any better?" Yan Wu Shuang extended her right hand, put it on Qin Feng's stomach, and began to massage him.

    "Ah! That's right! That is the right point!" Qin Feng suddenly grabbed Yan Wu Shuang's hand and moved it toward the side a little bit.

    The sensation of her small hand being grabbed by a large hand stunned her. She remained zoned out for a brief moment before she found her senses.

    "Here? Okay then. You can release my hand now. I can do this on my own," Yan Wu Shuang said calmly.

    Suddenly, Qin Feng raised his brows and yelped in pain again.

    "Argh! Pain, it's so painful! It is much more painful than the last time! Quick, move your hand inside; otherwise, it won't do me any good!"

    Yan Wu Shuang's hand was once again caught by Qin Feng. He placed her hand into his shirt so that there was zero distance between her skin and his.

    Yan Wu Shuang's hand was tender, smooth and cold. When her hand touched his stomach, he felt so great that he moaned.

    "Yes, yes! The pain is fading. Ms. Wu Shuang, you're the best!" Qin Feng gave Yan Wu Shuang a lot of praise to smother her anger.

    He grabbed tightly to Yan Wu Shuang's hand and said, "Please, help me. Help me cure my pain, Ms. Wu Shuang. Your massage skills are so good. I bet you learned it from somewhere right?"

    Yan Wu Shuang's mind was a mess. This was the first time she had touched a man's stomach. It was a strange feeling to her, and it jumbled her thoughts.

    Qin Feng wasn't satisfied. As he looked at between his legs, he began to move Yan Wu Shuang's hand downward.

    "Aiya! My stomach is not in pain anymore. Now it's my legs! Ms. Wu Shuang, you have to help me rub my legs as well!"

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