Chapter 456 - Shameless Weasel

    Chapter 456 - Shameless Weasel

    Translator: Bin Bin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    In private room 303 of the Marios Bar, Gao Hai and Chang Xin stayed for half an hour. Chang Xin just had a steak and a few mouthfuls of red wine which caused her cheeks to flush red.

    "Chancellor Gao, now that we have finished our meal. Should we get to the main point of tonight?" Chang Xin felt a little bit dizzy. She wanted to get her job done quickly and return home to rest.

    Gao Hai had been purposely delaying Hua Yan. He smiled lecherously as he ogled Hua Yan's thighs, "Xin Xin, did we not agreed that since we're outside of the university I'll call you Xin Xin and you'll call me Big Brother Hai? Let's drop our courteousness!"

    "Chancellor Gao, quickly get down to the business. It's just an appellation. It won't change anything," Chang Xin replied indifferently. She knew Gao Hai had been staring at her thighs, and his lecherous gaze sickened her.

    "Haha! Xin Xin, you're such a stubborn girl. You won't yield to anybody once you've decided to do something... Oh well, since we've finished our meal, let's get straight to the matter about receiving the representatives from the Saint Medic Institute."

    Chang Xin straightened her body when she saw Gao Hai had finally returned to the subject of the night causing Gao Hai to drool at her large boobs. Suddenly, he shoved his hand forward and pushed a glass of red wine in front of Chang Xin.


    The wine tipped over and spilled all over Chang Xin's blouse. Frightened, Chang Xin quickly rose to her feet as the wine streamed down her blouse to her black pantyhose.

    The red wine dampened the pantyhose and molded them around on Chang Xin's thighs. Chang Xin locked her well-defined brows uncomfortably.

    "Aiya! I apologize for my clumsiness," A glisten of craftiness flickered through Gao Hai's eyes as his evil scheme succeeded. Immediately, he pulled out a few paper towels and ran to Chang Xin's side. He extended his hand to wipe the wine off Chang Xin's thigh, "Xin Xin, I hope you won't take any offense at my ineptness."

    "It's fine. I'll handle it myself!" Chang Xin said coldy. She moved a few steps back to avoid Gao Hai's filthy, grubby claws. She grabbed a bag of tissue paper and went into the restroom.

    As soon as Chang Xin left, Gao Hai instantly dropped his innocent and kind expression for a wickedly sardonic smile. He twitched his nose to take a few deep sniffs at Chang Xin's fragrance that lingered in the room.

    "Haha! Run all you can, bitch! I've had enough of your double-distilled pure and noble conduct. I must release the beast within you tonight on the couch and turn you into a sex-crazed slut !"

    Gao Hai blabbered to himself on and on while keeping an eye on Chang Xin who was in the restroom as he walked toward her place. He pulled out a packet of powder from his pocket and poured it into Chang Xin's water cup.

    "Haha! You'll become my toy tonight after you drink the water, bitch!" Gao Hai smiled wickedly as he shook the water cup in his hand to thoroughly mixed the powder in water. The water turned clear as crystal, nobody would be able to notice something was added into the water cup.


    Chang Xin walked out of the restroom.

    She had removed her black pantyhose and let her snow-white, straight and long legs free. Water droplets could be seen dripping from her legs as she washed off the wine stains on her thighs with water. Chang Xin's blouse was short, reaching only above her knees. As such, even though Gao Hai was far from her, he could catch the fragrance drifting from beneath her blouse.

    "Is everything fine, Xin Xin? I'm too clumsy. Please forgive me." Gao Hai extended a warm smile as he walked toward her. He extended his arm across Chan Xin's waist.

    Nauseated by Gao Hai's action, Chang Xin moved sideways to avoid Gao Hai as she returned to her seat.

    Her blatant refusal did not earn any rage from Gao Hai. Holding his smiling face, Gao Hai returned to Chang Xin's side. From time to time, he peeked at Chang Xin's thighs through his thick lenses, anxiously wishing he could throw himself at her thighs and lick them.

    "Chancellor Gao, the hour is late, and I'm tired. Guess we have to leave the matter for next time. I'm going to leave first."

    How was there any possibility that Chang Xin still wanted to stay here after that incident?

    The reason behind her agreeing to Gao Hai's suggestion to come to Marios Bar was because she was troubled by the revelation of Hua Yan and Qin Feng's relationship. After they came to the bar, Chang Xin discovered Gao Hai's evil intentions. Hence, she wanted to leave now.

    "Please don't be angry with me, Xin Xin. I didn't do it on purpose. Why do you have to leave now? You hurt me so much!" Gao Hai pretended to be sad and remorse for his wrongdoing.

    "You think too much, Chancellor Gao. I'm not angry. I'm just very tired," Chang Xin replied emotionlessly.

    "Then, why do you have to leave so soon? Were we not going to discuss the details and problems we might face upon receiving the representatives? We're just getting started now, and you're already leaving!"

    "Let's discuss it next time. It's too late now, and I don't feel like discussing any important business tonight!" Chang Xin stood her ground firmly. She was that kind of girl who would not yield or pander to other people once she made a decision.

    Gao Hai knew her very well, and he knew that he would damage his reputation in Chang Xin's eyes if he continued to press her. Hence, he wiped a warm smile, rose to his feet, get two cups of wine in his hand, and said patiently, "Okay. Then, let us leave the matter about the representatives for next time. However, Big Brother Hai has asked for forgiveness from Xin Xin. You must accept my apology and finish the wine; otherwise, my conscience might smite me, and I am certain that I won't sleep tight tonight!"

    "I'm sorry Chancellor Gao, but I really can't hold my liquor."

    It was totally expected by Gao Hai that Chang Xin would reject his toast. He wasn't affected in the slightest. Instead, he continued to hold his smile while he exchanged the wine glass in his hand with the water cup, "Then, please use the water as a replacement."

    Since Gao Hai had said it like that, Chang Xin felt she could not reject him anymore. Plus, she was thirsty.

    "Chancellor Gao, please don't take the matter just now to heart. It's just a small accident, and I don't mind it at all," Chang Xin accepted the water up and took a sip.

    Gao Hai threw his head to the back and guzzled down the amber colored solution. Then, he looked at Chang Xin with a crooked smile. As he saw Chang Xin had finished the cup of water, his sinister smile broadened.

    "Haha! This Big Brother Hai felt better now!"

    Chang Xin felt Gao Hai had changed. There was a lecherous intent behind his smile, and it sickened Chang Xin, "I'm leaving first."

    "Why the hurry, Xin Xin? Even if you're leaving, I should be the gentleman and send you off. Your Big Brother Hai will be worried about you if you go home alone by yourself," Gao Hai outflanked Chang Xin and blocked the only exit with his plump figure. Holding a grin, he ran his gaze between Chang Xin's boobs and her legs.

    "Please behave yourself, Chancellor Gao. Please don't look at me with those kinds of eyes!" Chang Xin could not hold her anger anymore and exploded.

    However, Gao Hai wasn't affected in the slightest. Not only did he not retracted his gaze, the lecherous smile on his face grew.

    "Why can't I look at you since you're such a beauty, Xin Xin? Didn't you know that I always peeked at you during school hours, especially when you wear your uniform? It's too sexy. You're just as sexy as the adult ladylike office woman."

    "You've drunk too much, Chancellor Gao. Do you have any idea what you are saying right now?" Chang Xin's expression turned chilly. She gripped her purse tightly, and she was prepared to smack Gao Hai with her purse if he suddenly pounced on her.

    Gao Hai ignored Chang Xin's rage and continued to speak, "Your body is too hot. When you're in your blouse, your butt jiggles whenever you move. The sight is so great that my crotch bulges the moment I see it. And your large boobs? Tsk, tsk, tsk, it feels like it would explode at any moment. Quick, let your Big Brother Hai see how large your boobs are.

    "Also, I've been fantasizing the viewing under your blouse. What's the color of your underwear today? Let me have a look."


    Unable to withstand anymore, Chang Xin was so angry that every hair on her body stood up. She raised her purse and shoved it right at Gao Hai's face.

    Chang Xin had heard that men were filthy, but she never imagined they would be this corrupted to heart. A man like Gao Hai was no different from a beast!

    The purse knocked Gao Hai's glasses off his face, and the zipper injured the corner of Gao Hai's eyes. He screamed in pain.

    "Fuck! Don't act so pure in front of me, you bitch! I'll show you what I'm made of tonight!"

    Gao Hai's eyes bulged and dripped in blood. His grimacing expression was scary.

    Frightened, Chang Xin covered her breasts and recoiled. She just moved for two steps, and she suddenly went limp. She fell to the floor and could not muster the strength to stand up.

    "Haha! Save your energy, Xin Xin. I've put an aphrodisiac in your water which I purposely asked people to bring back for me from Thailand. Please enjoy the night. I'm very vigorous!"

    Gao Hai had an erection the moment he saw Chang Xin's reddened skin and her feeble outlook. After he put on his glasses which he found on the floor, he walked towards Chang Xin wickedly. Chang Xin was nervous. She wanted to scream for help, but unfortunately, the powder had rendered her powerless.

    "Don't come over here! I'll call the police!" Chang Xin mustered up all her strength to warn Gao Hai, but it had little to no effect on him.

    "Call the police? How dare you! Ahh, I should take a video of us having sex. If you call the police, I'll expose the video on Jindu University's forum. I want to let everybody know how filthy and dirty Professor Chang Xin is behind her pure and noble facade!"

    "Shameless!" Tears began to form in her eyes.

    "Haha! I'm shameless! In this society, you can't make any progress if you're not shameless enough!"

    Gao Hai had prepared himself since he decided to get on Chang Xin. Hence, he did not waver at any of the warnings or threatening words Chang Xin threw at him. He began to undo his belt.

    "Please stop struggling, Xin Xin. Why don't you enjoy it? I assure you that if you serve me well tonight, I promise you a bright future regardless of if you work in the medical college or the affiliated hospital!"
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