Chapter 457 - Will You Fire Me?

    Chapter 457 - Will You Fire Me?

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    In Marios Bar's private room 305, Qin Feng was torn as he had encountered the toughest decision he had to make in his entire life.

    Yan Wu Shuang's hand was extremely soft and delicate. It was particularly tough for Qin Feng to suppress the urge to move her hand into his trousers. He made himself out to be a nerdy scholar to Yan Wu Shuang, so how could he commit such a sleazy act?

    However, just when Qin Feng was fighting within himself, his large hand grabbed Yan Wu Shuang's hand and shoved it inside his pants.

    It was too late when Qin Feng realized what had he done. A deadly aura erupted from Yan Wu Shuang, and her eyes filled with flame. Qin Feng felt that any move besides carrying on with his acting and controlling Yan Wu Shuang's hand to the right place was pointless, "Aiya! It's so painful! It seems like I've sprained my leg. Ms. Wu Shuang, hurry up and massage me to alleviate the pain."

    "What are you doing, Qin Feng? What the hell is that thing under my hand?!" A roar filled with rage clawed Qin Feng's ears and almost shattered his eardrum.

    In the next second after those words were spoken, a silhouette of leg appeared from the thin air in front of Qin Feng. Yan Wu Shuang had sent her leg at him, fast and ruthless, and she'd killed off every chance for Qin Feng to avoid the attack. He was sent into the air.

    "Pervert, beast, how can he let me touch his..." Yan Wu Shuang chided Qin Feng in a rage after she sent him flying. She looked at her hand in disgust and the urge to chop her hand off consumed her. Suddenly, Yan Wu Shuang regained her calmness as her eyes were filled with astonishment.

    "It's so weird. Why didn't he return the blow? He looks normal, but how could that be? Could it be that he lost all his inner qi in the fight at the Amethyst Dragon Palace three months ago?

    "Then, should I proceed with his investigation?"

    Yan Wu Shuang felt she had made a wrong decision tonight. The intention behind this date was to figure out Qin Feng's strength. She worked all night long, and all she got was molested by Qin Feng and nothing more.

    "Stop there! I'll kill myself if you come over here!"

    In the private room 303, Chang Xin broke out in cold sweat when she saw Gao Hao had undone his belt and pounced on her.

    "Haha! Want to die? You can only die after I ** you!" Gao Hai chided Chang Xin's threats as wasted effort.

    Halfway through his laughter, a dark figure came at him through the air. In the next second, the dark figure pounced on him and took him away with it.


    Yan Wu Shuang was a powerful martial artist. If it wasn't for Qin Feng's Sacred Azure Battle Armor, he would've died from the kick. The huge momentum had smashed Gao Hai deep into the wall, knocking him unconscious and leaving a huge crater in the wall.

    Thanks to Gao Hai, Qin Feng had slowed down and landed on a squishy object.

    "Hm? What is this? It's so squishy!"

    Qin Feng had landed on top of Chang Xin. Instinctively, he delightfully groped Chang Xin's big breast.

    Chang Xin was flabbergasted at what was happening around her that she had forgotten Qin Feng was the one who was causing the pain in her boobs. With her own eyes, she saw Qin Feng come to her aid like the Superman. He knocked Gao Hai away and landed on top of her body.

    "Holy Jesus Christ! Why are you here, Chang Xin?!" Qin Feng broke into a cold sweat when he saw Chang Xin.

    Immediately, he let go of Chang Xin's boobs and rolled aside. He rose to his feet and casually pat away the dust on his shirt. Then, he turned to Chang Xin.

    "Hey! What a coincidence, Chang Xin! Are you having fun at Marios Bar as well? My friends are waiting for me outside, so I'll excuse myself first. Oh ya, before I forget, the door to your private room almost injured me, but since we know each other so well, I have decided not to make you pay for my injuries!"

    Qin Feng offered her a warm smile and turned his body to leave. He had a good time groping Chang Xin's large boobs just now and foresaw his unfortunate destiny afterward. Chang Xin would certainly cast him out of her house, and he would have to resume his life as a wanderer.

    "Qin Feng, please don't go."

    Before he could leave the room, Chang Xin' feeble call for help stopped him.

    "What's wrong, Xin Xin? You seem awful!" Qin Feng was troubled by his bad ending for groping Chang Xin's boobs. Only now did he realize that Chang Xin was acting weird.

    What is she doing? Why doesn't she get up from the floor?

    "Qin Feng, save me. Gao Hai is trying to violate me. Quick, take me home," Chang Xin pleaded for Qin Feng's help like a drowning man grasping at a life raft.

    Qin Feng quickly picked her up from the floor. He realized her weight was exceptionally heavy, and she was clearly drugged.

    "Which bastard drugged you, Xin Xin. I'll avenge you!" Qin Feng locked Chang Xin in his arms and sat on a couch. His expression was chilly.

    "The-the one who you knock away," Chang Xin said powerlessly.

    Now, Chang Xin was sitting on Qin Feng's lap. The aphrodisiac had sapped every inch of energy from her, she felt weak hence she leaned her body against Qin Feng resulting in their current indecorous position. Chang Xin could not accept it; however, she had no energy to change anything.

    "Little Pig, is Chang Xin okay?" Qin Feng found Gao Hai lying unconsciously in a corner of the private room. Qin Feng decided to deal with him later and went forward to ask Little Pig about Chang Xin's condition.

    "Master, Chang Xin was inflicted by a potent aphrodisiac. Master has to force the aphrodisiac out from her body, then she'll be fine."

    After Little Pig had given his explanation, Qin Feng then lay Chang Xin down on the couch. His hand flickered and stuck eight silver needles in Chang Xin's stomach area. He had obtained the Decree of Five Elements, hence forcing toxic or poison out from a person's body was an easy task for him.

    The silver needles were filled with Qin Feng's inner qi, causing them to automatically tremble. After Qin Feng teased out the knot in Chang Xin's hair and tidied her clothes, he then left her on her own to recuperate.


    Then, Qin Feng zoomed to Gao Hai's side. He raised his feet and stomped hard on Gao Hai's arm, shattering it.


    The unbearable excruciating pain awakened Gao Hai. The room was filled with Gao Hai's yells of pain once he woke up.

    "Who--who are you? What the ** do you want?" Gao Hai was shocked when he saw Qin Feng, who was much taller and more muscular than him standing in front of him with a wicked smile.

    "Nothing. I just want to beat you!"

    Qin Feng sneered. He raised his hand and slapped Gao Hai's face hard, almost slapped Gao Hai's head off.


    Gao Hai spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with a few teeth.

    "Why the ** have you hit me? Do you know who I am? Are you nuts?" Qin Feng slapped him without giving him any reason. Gao Hai was infuriated because he did not know Qin Feng, and he had no idea why Qin Feng had to hit him.

    Qin Feng was stunned for a while. He replied to Gao Hai with a question of his own, "Oh yeah, who are you? I don't know you either!"

    Gao Hai was so exasperated that he almost vomited blood. He stared furiously at Qin Feng and said, "What's wrong with you? How can you hit me when you don't even know who am I? Look closely. I'm Gao Hai! I know many people from the government to the underworld, just you wait for your demise!"

    As the vice chancellor of the medical college of Jindu University, Gao Hai did quite well living for himself in Jindu. When he saw that Qin Feng was young and that he did not have the vibe of a rich young master, he looked down on him.


    Before Gao Hai's voice died away, another deep, muffled slap echoed, and it sounded fiercer than the previous slap.

    This time, the slap knocked Gao Hai's glasses away and almost shattered his nasal bone.

    "So you're Gao Hai. I've been looking for you!"

    Qin Feng said as he offered Gao Hai a wickedly sly smile, giving Gao Hai an impression that he was targeted by a venomous serpent. As he opened his mouth to threaten Qin Feng, Qin Feng interrupted him and treated him to a flurry of slaps.

    Slap! Slap! Slap!

    The room was filled with the rhythmic slapping sound. For those who had no idea what was going on in the room, they might have thought that the people in the room were performing some intimate activity. Gao Hai's usually big head and round ears doubled in size until his head was as large as a basketball after Qin Feng slapped him a dozen times, making his features far beyond recognizable.

    "That's enough, Qin Feng!" Chang Xin was delighted seeing Gao Hai get what he deserved.

    But he was now in his last breath, Chang Xin was worried about Qin Feng if he accidentally killed Gao Hai.

    "Xin Xin, this fella dared to violate you. He is bringing a lantern into the toilet: looking for death!" Qin Feng bounced and appeared beside Chang Xin. He gestured with his hand and retracted all eight silver needles in Chang Xin's stomach area back into his system. [TN: "Bringing a lantern into the toilet: looking for death" is a Chinese two-allegorical saying. Basically, it means looking for dung in the toilet under the light. "Looking for dung" () shared the same pronunciation as "looking for dead" () in chinese. Hence, the saying.]

    "Do you feel any better now?" Qin Feng cold expression vanished. He tenderly helped Chang Xin to her feet.

    Chang Xin felt warmed. It was good to be protected by this kind of person. She was infatuated with Qin Feng's gentleness. However, when she thought of how Qin Feng had developed his relationship with Hua Yan to the bedroom, a gush of disappointment welled and filled her heart.

    "I'm okay. Let's go home now!" Chang Xin had already risen to her feet.

    Qin Feng wrapped his arms around Chang Xin's tiny waist and supported her all the way, "We just let him go like that? Don't you think he has yet to receive the punishment he deserves?"

    Chang Xin swept her gaze across the bloodied battered Gao Hai whose face was full of bruises. The corner of her mouth quivered, "Is that consider light?

    "Just leave him like that, Qin Feng. He is Gao Hai, the vice chancellor of the medical college." Chang Xin had retained her chastity, and Gao Hai had received the punishment he deserved. Chang Xin did not want to make a fuss of the thing as she was afraid Gao Hai might find trouble with Qin Feng later on.

    "What did you say? Vice chancellor of a medical college? Which medical college does he preside over?" Qin Feng's expression changed.

    "Which medical college? The medical college of Jindu University, of course!" Chang Xin looked strangely at Qin Feng.

    In the next second, Chang Xin felt her waist become light. Qin Feng who had been holding her had already appeared in front of Gao Hai, grinning from ear to ear and helped Gao Hai up from the floor.

    "What-- What are you trying to do?" Gao Hai looked at Qin Feng like an apparition. His plumpy body trembled in fear.

    "Chancellor Gao, hehe. There is nothing to be afraid of. I'm Qin Feng, the lecturer of Jindu University's medical college that everybody has been talking about. I'm quite famous on the campus, and I believe you should have heard my name before. Yes, yes, that's right! I'm the most handsome and talented male lecturer chosen by the students."

    Qin Feng prattled on about himself which stunned Gao Hai and Chang Xin. Suddenly, Qin Feng dropped his smiling expression and asked seriously, "Chancellor Gao, to be honest, I said so much about myself because I just want to ask you a question: I hit you just now, will you fire me?"
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