Chapter 458 - Feeling Good At All?

    Chapter 458 - Feeling Good At All?

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    Qin Feng's words literally stunned Chang Xin and Gao Hai.

    Qin Feng, who was filled with an aura of vigor and militancy and had a fiendish and fierce look, suddenly turned into a docile and soft little sheep?

    What about you being a scholar? Where areis your arrogance and pride?!

    Chang Xin was helpless. She almost turned away and left Qin Feng because she felt embarrassed for having such a friend like Qin Feng.

    "Haha! Hahaha! Qin Feng? You're that Qin Feng?"

    Gao Hai cackled with laughter after he regained his senses. His laughter was worse than crying and caused Qin Feng to get goosebumps all over his body.

    "Yes! I'm Qin Feng. Seems like Chancellor Gao has heard my name before," Qin Feng retained his smile.

    Gao Hai choked on his laughter. After he coughed for a while to smoothed out his breath, his expression turned chilly. He stared at Qin Feng and said resolutely, "Forgive you? What a silly thought. Qin Feng, I will surely sack you!"

    Gao Hai never expected that the young man standing before him was Qin Feng. Earlier, after the school had ended, Gao Tian Yao had come to him and asked him to fire Qin Feng. Gao Hai rejected Gao Tian Yao because he was afraid that he might alarm the higher-ups of the university if he fired Qin Feng at this crucial moment. However, after the night's incident, Gao Hai vowed to relieve Qin Feng from his duty.

    Raising his brows, Qin Feng asked, "Was that real? You really want to fire me? No way to turn it around?"

    "Haha! Why not? Were you not acting all the high-and-mighty just now? That you hit somebody without saying anything first? So you regret your action now? It's too late!"

    Gao Hai was filled with elation when he thought he had hit where Qin Feng hurt. Qin Feng was a lecturer at Jindu University's medical college, Gao Hai could fire him whenever he wanted.

    "So that's it? Can't we talk this over?" Qin Feng asked Gao Hai for the very last time. He was afraid of being relieved from his duty was because he still had a few quests related to the university in the queue.

    "Talk it over? Yes, of course. Get down on your knees and kowtow three times before me. As long as you're sincere enough to move me, I'll reconsider your dismissal," Gao Hai said in a despotic manner.

    Qin Feng's mouth tilted slightly as he raised his leg. A silhouette of a leg flashed through the air and landed on Gao Hai's groin.


    A muffled sound echoed from Gao Hai's groin. Gao Hai seemed to feel that his manhood was crushed. In the next second, a sudden piercing pain swept through every nerve in his body until it reached his heart. It was so much pain that it almost knocked Gao Hai out.

    "Argh! Help, help me! It's so painful! How--how can--how can you step on my precious? Argh!"

    Gao Hai kneeled on the floor holding onto his crotch. The vein on his forehead bulged, and his eyes almost popped out.

    Chang Xin was stupefied as she exclaimed internally, What a ruthless person. He has crushed his manhood!

    "Since Chancellor Gao has resolved to destroy my career as a lecturer, I guess crushing your manhood is the perfect way to return the favor. So now you won't be able to harm any woman any longer given that you lack the ability to do so. The sin you committed will return to you at last, and it's the most unbearable. You earned this yourself, Chancellor Gao."

    Qin Feng had crushed Gao Hai's precious, but he seemed to be not affected at all.

    "Let's go now, Qin Feng!" Chang Xin was bathed in a cold sweat of fear after she finally snapped out from her distraction.

    Will Qin Feng be okay for causing so many injuries to Gao Hai?

    "Leave? Like this? Xin Xin, you're too kind!" Qin Feng said as if he was just warming up.

    Chang Xin almost fainted when she heard Qin Feng's words. Chang Xin's mouth quivered.

    You have ended his line. Was it not enough?

    "Stop kidding around, Qin Feng. You won't be able to escape if the police come here!" Qin Feng had dispelled the aphrodisiac, so she had regained much of her strength. She pulled Qin Feng by his arm and dashed towards the exit.

    Both of them ran all the way outside of Marios Bar where Chang Xin swiftly flagged down a cab. When they were on the way out, Qin Feng purposely took a glance at the private room 305. When he realized that Yan Wu Shuang was no longer in the private room, his mouth quivered as he chided Yan Wu Shuang inwardly.

    What a cruel lady. She just left like that without caring whether I was dead or alive after kicking me?

    The cab stopped at the entrance of Jindu University. After the duo alighted from the cab, they got into Chang Xin's red Chevrolet.

    "You'll drive, Qin Feng," Chang Xin gave the key to Qin Feng. Too many things happened in one night and unraveled whatever sense she had left. She still had not totally calmed down yet.

    Qin Feng started the car and scorched down the street toward Chang Xin's villa. In the midst of their journey, Chang Xin suddenly screamed.

    "Qin Feng, pull aside now!"

    Qin Feng was startled by Chang Xin's jumpiness, "Ah? What's wrong, Xin Xin?"

    "Pull aside now! I need to go to the toilet so badly!"

    Chang Xin had taken off her pantyhose, so her lower part was only covered by a blouse. When she sat in the car, her blouse rode up her thighs and the enticing shadow under her blouse was scintillating.

    Qin Feng slammed on the brake to put the car to a halt. The inertia almost caused Chang Xin to pee in the car.

    Chang Xin thanked the gods for the minor good fortune as they happened to have stopped on a road devoid of any vehicles or people.

    "Qin Feng, I can't hold it anymore. Wait for me in the car, and don't look!" As the car coming to a halt, Chang Xin quickly rushed down from the car.

    Qin Feng watched Chang Xin unbutton her blouse and squat in the shadows beside the road and millions of alpacas rushed through his heart. [TN: "Millions of alpacas rushed through his heart" is a Chinese phrase saying a person is stunned, speechless, or awed by the sight before them, or the thing that is happening.]

    "What the ** happened to her?" Qin Feng was stunned and rendered speechless by Chang Xin's daring move.

    "Master, Chang Xin was drugged, and you forced the drug from her body with the Decree of Five Elements Acupuncture. The acupuncture has boosted her blood circulation, and the drug lingering in her body has to be passed out through excretion. This is a normal reaction."

    Qin Feng had a good grasp after Little Pig gave him an explanation. It could be that he drove too fast, so Chang Xin could not hold her pee. When he thought about Chang Xin passing water not far from him, a charge of heat went through his groin.

    Chang Xin was gone for quite a long time. It seemed that she was holding a lot of urine in her bladder throughout the journey. When she returned to the car, her face was flushed. She bowed down her head and refused to talk to Qin Feng.

    "Happy now, Xin Xin?" Qin Feng teased Chang Xin.

    Chang Xin's face was flushed bright red. She roared, "Happy the heck! I'll cast you out from my house!"

    Qin Feng knew Chang Xin was probably embarrassed now, so he stopped teasing Chang Xin. As he was about to start the engine to resume their journey way home, Chang Xin suddenly grabbed his arm and said, "Wait!"

    "What is it? You still want to pee?" Qin Feng asked Chang Xin.

    Chang Xin's mouth quivered as she almost slapped Qin Feng.

    Can't this fellow be more gentle with his words? How can he utter such vulgar words in front of a beauty? It's so embarrassing!

    Chang Xin took a deep breath to calm herself down. She had decided to have a good talk with Qin Feng while she was passing water.

    "Qin Feng, tell me. Do you like Yan Yan?" Chang Xin's hand was damp with a cold sweat the moment she questioned him. She stared at Qin Feng and waited anxiously for his answer.

    Qin Feng was slightly stunned as he never expected that Chang Xin would ask him this question.

    "I don't! How is there any possibility that I would fall in love with that crazy woman?" Qin Feng did not tell lie. Although he was a philanderer, it was just the basic instinct of every man. Qin Feng felt the women he really loved was actually not that much.

    Lin Bei Bei, Zhao Ling Xian, Liu Bing Bing, Xu Ruo Rou, Bai Qing...

    Oh well, Qin Feng retracted the words he thought.

    "Qin Feng, why are you lying to me?" Chang Xin's expression suddenly turned chilly.

    Chang Xin became downtrodden the moment she saw Qin Feng and Hua Yan cuddled together naked. She had no idea how to face either Qin Feng or Hua Yan recently and had been avoiding them both. However, Qin Feng had come to her rescue in her most helpless moment, so Chang Xin's heart melted.

    Hence, she mustered up every ounce of strength to get a clear answer from Qin Feng. Regardless of the outcome, she had to know the deepest and truest answer from within the depths of Qin Feng's heart.

    "I didn't! What I said is true!" Qin Feng replied her innocently.

    "Why? Why are you lying to me? Qin Feng, can't you open your heart to talk to me about this matter?" Chang Xin's face was white with anger as if she would leave at any moment.

    "But I really have not--"

    "If you don't want to tell the truth, Qin Feng. Then don't return to the villa anymore. Go whenever you like!"

    Chang Xin interrupted Qin Feng before he could finish his words. Qin Feng felt that he had been wronged, he swiftly corrected himself and said seriously, "Xin Xin, since you've seen through it, then I won't argue with you anymore. Yes! I have indeed fallen in love with Hua Yan. I've loved her since the first time I saw her!"

    "Ai! That's it. Although I don't feel good when those words come from your mouth, I'm pleased that you can be honest to me. Thank you, Qin Feng," Chang Xin said dispiritedly.

    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth crooked as he lamented, If I become a dishonest and double-faced person someday in the future, it's all society's fault!

    "Have you two... got it on yet?" Chang Xin asked another question.

    "Got what on?" Qin Feng could not follow Chang Xin's quirky mind.

    "Got it on in bed!"

    "What? Bed? No! We have not..." It was true that Qin Feng did not engage Hua Yan in bed yet. Although he wanted to, Hua Yan never gave him the chance. Halfway before he could finish his words, Chang Xin shot him a cold glaring gaze, forcing Qin Feng to correct himself, "Yes! We've slept together!"

    "Just what I thought... You two have slept together," Chang Xin said as if everything was in her palm.

    "Since you've told me the truth, I could only wish you two happiness. Hua Yan is a good girl, so I hope you won't betray her," As soon as those words were spoken, she was sapped of energy, and she felt pain in her heart.

    Qin Feng still was in the dark as the system beeped him in his mind.


    "Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for successfully in dissolving the conflict with Chang Xin and making Chang Xin fall in love with Host Qin Feng. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 5,000 Hedonist Points!"

    The **? Just like that? Chang Xin has fallen in love with me?!

    Qin Feng was too afraid to accept the truth.

    Tilting her head, Chang Xin looked into the scenic night view through the window as a line of crystal clear tears streamed down her cheeks. Although she knew Qin Feng for only a short period of time, it had been filled with ups and downs.

    Chang Xin had never fallen in love with anybody before, so it was easy for her to fall for Qin Feng. The changing of emotion was very subtle and fast so that it left her neither room nor time to prepare herself for a new relationship. When she finally came to her senses and admitted that she loved Qin Feng, it was too late. She was hurt badly. Qin Feng had developed his relationship with another woman. What's more, her rival in love was her bestie, Hua Yan.
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