Chapter 459 - Qin Feng Has Told Me Everything

    Chapter 459 - Qin Feng Has Told Me Everything

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13

    The journey home ended in a total silence.

    Qin Feng stopped the red Chevrolet outside the villa. Chang Xin alighted from the car and went straight into the villa without saying a word to Qin Feng.

    "You're back, Big Sister Xin Xin! That bastard Qin Feng is not home yet. He must be fooling with some shady sluts somewhere!" Hua Yan was watching TV in the parlor when Chang Xin arrived home. She started whistle-blowing about Qin Feng to Chang Xin.

    Qin Feng entered the villa after Chang Xin and heard just as Hua Yan began slandering him. He stared at Hua Yan, harrumphed, "Not everybody is as famous and successful as I to have so many engagements every night. Don't be a cheapskate, and don't be jealous of me!"

    Hua Yan and Qin Feng were happy-fighters. They would bicker the moment they saw each other.

    "Me, Hua Yan, the goddess of Jindu University, is a cheapskate and jealous of you? Haha! That is the funniest joke I've ever heard. What qualities of yours would be worthy of my jealousy anyway? Don't think that everybody is as horny as you. My suitors can queue up from this villa until the entrance of our university, and I'd still ignore them!"

    "Next time, the trains run in China they'll no longer need to be powered by coal. You are all they need. You can put your talent in blowing your own horn to good use by powering the train!" Qin Feng said disdainfully with a pout.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah! Qin Feng, why do you have to be so mean?! Argh! You pissed me off!" It was always Hua Yan who lost whenever they had a verbal exchange.

    Seeing that she could not beat Qin Feng verbally, Hua Yan clung to Chang Xin's arm and purred, "You see, Big Sister Xin Xin. He's so mean! As a man, he never shows any tenderness to the fairer sex, and he never lets me win even once. Big Sister Xin Xin, what if we cast him out and have him sleep on the street tonight? My head aches just from looking at him!"

    Chang Xin emotionlessly sat on the couch and seemingly ignored Hua Yan's grumbling.

    If they were in the previous situation, Chang Xin might have stood by Hua Yan and scolded Qin Feng. However, Chang Xin had just gotten a positive answer from Qin Feng in the car that he was developing a relationship with Hua Yan. It had finally come to light that this was just their way of flirting with each other. Hence, as an outsider, why should she get between the bark and the tree?

    "Yan Yan, I'm exhausted, so I'm heading upstairs to have a shower first. Come to my room later if you have free time."

    Chang Xin shrugged off Hua Yan and went upstairs stunning Hua Yan as it was out of her expectation that her Big Sister Xin Xin would refuse to help her. She then turned to Qin Feng and realized that he was looking at her with a sly smile. Hua Yan felt offended.

    Right at this moment, Hua Yan was certain that Qin Feng had to be in a relationship with Chang Xin; otherwise, why would Chang Xin not help her? Feeling that she was plowing a lone furrow, Hua Yan huffed, "Hmph! Asshole!" and went upstairs.

    Qin Feng returned to his own room after the two girls went to their rooms. He felt it was time to outline his plan since he had accepted the level 5 mission from the Martial Artist Alliance and had also successfully broken through to Stage 4 inner qi. He prepared to return to Acropolis City within two days and settle everything that he should've done a long time ago.

    Hua Yan took a quick shower after she returned to her room. Then, she went into Chang Xin room in her white sleeping gown.

    "What is the matter, Big Sister Xin Xin?" Hua Yan joined Chang Xin in laying on top of Chang Xin's giant red bed.

    "Just bathed, Yan Yan?" Chang Xin beat around the bushes before jumping into the main topic.

    "Yeah. Big Sister Xin Xin, you smell so good. You too just took your bath, right?"

    Chang Xin nodded. She then locked her gaze on Hua Yan large breasts. Humongous and white, they were a size that was bound to cause a lot of heart burning. Chang Xin was certain that Qin Feng must be bewitched with them.

    "Ah! Where are you looking at, Big Sister Xin Xin!" Hua Yan quickly covered her breasts. Her face flushed red.

    "Haha! We're both women, it's nothing to be embarrassed about," Chang Xin was a little bit downtrodden, but her gloomy cloud was blown away by Hua Yan's cute and mischievous expression.

    "Then let me see yours, Big Sister Xin Xin!"

    Chang Xin was stupefied. Although they were both women, showing their naked bodies to the same sex seemed weird. It was like two men looking at each other's naked bodies. They were either gay, or they were suffering from mental disorder.

    "Yan Yan, let me ask you a question," the reason Chang Xin asked Hua Yan to come to her room was that she wanted to smooth out the relationship between her, Hua Yan, and Qin Feng.

    "What is it, Big Sister Xin Xin? Just fire it out!" Hua Yan dropped her smile seeing that Chang Xin was getting serious.

    "Yan Yan, are you in a relationship with Qin Feng?"

    "Ah? I'm in a relationship with Qin Feng? Who told you that? How is there any chance that I would be with that scruffy brat?" Chang Xin's question came too sudden, and Hua Yan was not prepared for it. She almost fell from the bed out from the shock.

    Chang Xin's brows locked together tightly as she could not fathom why her bestie had to lie to her. It was reasonable for Qin Feng to lie to her, but why her bestie?

    "Yan Yan, do you still think me as your big sister?" a serious expression graced Chang Xin's face.

    Hua Yan was confused and somehow stupefied by Chang Xin. She nodded incessantly, "We're besties, Big Sister Xin Xin. You'll be my big sister forever, of course!"

    "Then why do you refuse to tell me the truth?" Chang Xin sighed.

    "What truth? Big Sister Xin Xin, what exactly are you trying to ask?" asked Hua Yan as she felt she was not on the same channel as Chang Xin.

    "I'll ask you the question again. Please answer me this time sincerely... Have you slept with Qin Feng?" Chang Xin's question dropped like a bombshell at Hua Yan and caused her to fall off the bed to the floor this time.

    "Has there been a misunderstanding between us, Big Sister Xin Xin?" Hua Yan suddenly remembered that night where she hugged Qin Feng while she used her naked body to cure the Freezing Seal. She quickly explained herself, "What you saw that night is not what you think, Big Sister Xin Xin. Nothing happened between Qin Feng and me!"

    Looking at Hua Yan serious face, Chang Xin shook her head and lamented, "Enlighten me then. What were you two doing with your naked bodies on the bed? Could it be that you two were warming each other up? It is just early of autumn! The air isn't that cold!"

    Chang Xin was choked by the words she was going to say. She was actually trying to say that Qin Feng, and she was really warming up each other!

    Hua Yan had fallen silent, Chang Xin then added, "I never expect you to lie to me, Yan Yan. I'm very disappointed... Actually, Qin Feng has confessed everything to me!"

    "Confess everything? What did he say?" Hua Yan felt her brain capacity had hit the limit, or her memories had failed her.

    "That he loves you, of course!" Chang Xin repeated what Qin Feng had said in the car to Hua Yan, "He said that he had fallen deeply in love with you at the first sight!"

    Hua Yan's mouth fell open into an "O" shape.

    She thought, Does he have any sense of shame? How could he say tell such a big lie to Big Sister Xin Xin!

    "He even said that you two had slept together before and that you're his woman..."

    Hua Yan's eyes almost popped out in anger, and they were bloodshot.

    "There is nothing to be embarrassed about, Yan Yan. You've reached the age to talk about marriage. Since you've given your body to him, then I wish you a happy future with him," Hua Yan face went red because of her anger. Chang Xin mistook her reddened face for her embarrassment.

    "He really said all of that, Big Sister Xin Xin?" Hua Yan forcefully suppressed her anger and shot the question at Chang Xin through gritted teeth.

    However, Chang Xin took her lisp as her embarrassment.

    "Yan Yan, we're besties. Don't worry about telling me about your relationship with Qin Feng. I'm good at keeping secrets, and I won't tell anybody about your relationship. Besides, I don't want our relationship to go sour just because of a man. I hope you two can support each other, trust each other, and grow from each other. Above all, we're still bestie..."

    Hua Yan could no longer hear what Chang Xin was saying. A bizarre storm of anger was brewing in her soul, and she would soon explode.

    "Big Sister Xin Xin, I'm tired. I'll return to my room first," Hua Yan gave an excuse and retreated from Chang Xin's room.

    The moment after she shut Chang Xin's room door, her hand flickered, and a long blood red whip appeared in her hand. Then, with a light hop, Hua Yan jumped from the third floor and landed right in front of Qin Feng's room door.

    Qin Feng was lying half-naked on his bed planning his trip to Acropolis City. In the midst of his planning, a very important task suddenly came to his mind. He still had not concocted the Blood Qi Pill that could be used to save Lin Bei Bei's life.

    According to the system requirements, Qin Feng was forbidden to purchase the Blood Qi Pill from either the system or from any shop in the world. He had to concoct the Blood Qi Pill by himself or find somebody to do it for him.

    Qin Feng owned The Decree of Five Element Acupuncture and The Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica, but he still lacked the skill to concoct a pill. Moreover, amongst the people he knew, neither of them could concoct a pill. Suddenly, the flash of a flawless and pretty silhouette appeared in his mind.

    Hua Yan!

    The system had released a quest about Hua Yan: assist Hua Yan in becoming a Level 6 Pharmaceutical Master. This quest had exposed Hua Yan's identity as a Pharmaceutical Master. The only thing to confirm now was if Hua Yan had the skill and ability to concoct the Blood Qi Pill.


    Qin Feng was thinking about Hua Yan, and she appeared in front of his room.

    It seemed to him that this young lady looked very angry; otherwise, why would she kick his door open? He saw a long blood red whip in Hua Yan's hand. Her hair was stood on end, and her eyes glowed with fire.

    "Yan Yan, have you come to play ** with me? Come now!" Qin Feng teased Hua Yan.

    "Shameless weasel! How dare you destroy my reputation and tarnish my chastity... Drop dead now!"

    "Sushi? You really know a hell of a way to play! Were you talking about body sushi that the Japanese love? Are you going to place sushi or fruits on your breasts, so I can eat them? Hurry up and remove your shirt then!" [TN: The chinese pronunciation for drop dead ( (Shou)  (Si)) and Sushi ((Shou)  (Si)) is the same.]


    Hua Yan was once again taken aback by Qin Feng. She thought she had experienced the most shameless side of Qin Feng, but only now did she understand that what she had experienced was only the tip of an iceberg.


    No words could describe her feelings right now. Without saying a word, she flicked her hand. The long blood red whip awakened from its slumber and roamed wildly through the air. Like a vicious serpent snarling at its prey, it opened its large jaws and thrust its fangs at Qin Feng's head.
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