Chapter 460 - Wind Blades

    Chapter 460 - Wind Blades

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: EllisBLV13


    The long blood red whip fell with tremendous force on Qin Feng's bed, breaking it into two pieces. If Qin Feng had hesitated for a second, he would have shared the same destiny as his bed.

    Qin Feng stood by the windowsill bare-armed. His face was clouded with an angry expression and he snapped, "What the ** are you doing in this late night, you crazy woman? Are you trying to kill me?!"

    "Shut up! I don't want to hear your voice!"


    Hua Yan flicked her hand slightly and sent the Shadow Blood Whip into the air again. In the next second, a blood red whip shadow was slammed downward and formed a dorm-like shield around Qin Feng.


    The lash shattered the window. The moment Qin Feng escaped through the shattered window, Hua Yan caught up to him.

    Da! Da!

    Qin Feng and Hua Yan landed almost at the same time around five meters away from each other. Under the shower of moonlight and the strong blast, Hua Yan's face was as cold as frost, and her long hair danced like mad in the air. Her body seemed to be covered by a layer of frost, and she looked as fierce as a moon deity.

    "What's wrong with you? Did you take the wrong medicine, or did you forget to take your medicine? Why are you trying to pick a fight with me so suddenly?" Qin Feng expression turned chilly.

    Hua Yan suddenly barged into Qin Feng's room in this late night, flourished her whip, smashed his bed and littered his room with debris. It was naturally tough for anybody to accept such a barbaric action, let alone Qin Feng.

    "I want your life!" Hua Yan face was completely veiled with darkness. The Shadow Blood Whip in her hand howled and traveled at lightning speed towards Qin Feng as she refused to say any more words to Qin Feng.


    A long orange whip fell from the sky carrying dozens of orange whip shadow and repulsed Hua Yan's relentless Shadow Blood Whip. Hua Yan eyes glowed brilliantly as she stared covetously at the orange-grade spiritual whip in Qin Feng's hand. A strong desire to possess the whip burned her.

    "Seems that my hunch was right on point. You're not an ordinary martial artist after all." Hua Yan retreated ten or so meters after a backflip. She stood on the ground firmly and stared warily at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng didn't want to show his true strength to Hua Yan, but Hua Yan's relentless attack and ambush had pushed him over the edge. Qin Feng had no other choice but to show his true side. However, he felt it didn't matter anymore because he remembered that he had already exposed his identity as a martial artist when he scared Fang Ming with the Truesteel Sword and used the Needle Manipulation Technique to save Lin Qing Yuan.

    "Since you understand that I'm not a person you can easily deal with, I suggest you back off now. Otherwise, I'm not going to pull my punches!" Qin Feng said seriously.

    "Hmph! A mere Stage 4 inner qi martial artist! Do you think you're really that strong? Watch my whip!"

    As a Stage 4 demon cultivator, Hua Yan strength was said to be on par with a Stage 6 inner qi martial artist when she unleashed her full power. Hence, she looked down on Qin Feng.

    With a light hop, Hua Yan soared up into the sky like a swallow. On her back was a poignant waning moon, her cascading dark hair flew with the breeze, and she held a long blood red whip in her hand. The wind blew open her sleeping gown as well.

    "She's not wearing underwear!" Qin Feng murmured.

    "What did you say?" Hua Yan had gathered up a lordy vibe, and Qin Feng shattered it in the next second. She was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

    "I said: why did you jump so high? You've exposed yourself!" Qin Feng repeated his words again loudly with a serious expression.

    Hua Yan's long hair danced madly in the wind as it turned umbra. Gleaming with red brilliance, her eyes turned the color of her Shadow Blood Whip.

    "If I don't kill you today, Qin Feng. I will eat my hat!" Hua Yan was so consumed by her rage that she disregarded the fact that she had exposed the sight beneath her sleeping gown. The deadly cold aura surrounding her skyrocketed.


    Hua Yan was going for her ultimate move.

    The natural blood red whip shadow turned into a purple demon essence and charged at Qin Feng. When Qin Feng entered the demon essence's attack zone, the dense demon essence morphed into a barrage of ice razors. The skill was very stylish and dazzling; it stunned Qin Feng.


    The ice razors were extremely sharp. They could easily penetrate an ordinary person; however, that wasn't the case for Qin Feng. The ice razors formed from demon essence shattered when they made contact with Qin Feng.

    "What's happening? How is that possible?" Hua Yan was stunned by the sight before her. She fell from the sky to the ground.

    As a demon cultivator, the ice razors had catastrophic power. With the ice razors, she could kill her target both effortlessly and unnoticed. By right, it should have been an impossible task for Qin Feng, a Stage 4 inner qi expert, to protect himself from the attack. However, not only did Qin Feng mitigate the ice razors, he did so with little to no effort.

    Qin Feng smiled like a Cheshire Cat. He knew that Hua Yan was Billowy Lady and had witnessed her ability to convert demon essence into ice when they were fighting Taoist Rakshasa. Hence, he was prepared. The moment Hua Yan released the purple demon essence, he donned his Sacred Azure Battle Armor.

    The battle armor was a blue-grade spiritual equipment. Qin Feng believed that it should be sold as metal scrap if it could not mitigate an attack by a Stage 4 demon cultivator.

    Holding the arc of a sadistic sneer on his mouth, Qin Feng said, "Yan Yan, seems like your ultimate move has failed. Now it's my turn!"

    Before his voice died away, his aura howled, and a massive strong gale followed. The windstorm kissed and disheveled his long hair and the hem of his garment.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The sound of wind cutting through space wafted into Hua Yan's ears. She was stunned, and her expression was frozen into a look of fear. She looked dumbfounded at Qin Feng, "Condensing and discharging qi? Killing by inner qi? Have you broken through into Stage 9 inner qi? You're now halfway into the realm of comprehension?!"

    The way of cultivation for a martial artist required loads of effort and was a long journey.

    Entraining and circulation of qi was the basic foundation of inner qi cultivation. During this stage, one could exert inner qi in the form of inner power. A person could only release the inner power after they'd physically touched their opponent.

    However, some of the inner qi cultivators can release their inner qi with the aid of spiritual equipment. For example, the whip shadow of the Spirit Snake Whip and the sword flurries of the Truesteel Sword were the forms of inner qi being discharged.

    There was no other way for martial artists besides using the spiritual equipment to discharge their inner qi during the cultivation period. They could only attain the ability to condense and discharge qi to kill people after they'd perfectly mastered Stage 9 inner qi and broken into the realm of comprehension. [TN: The author, at this point, has forgotten that previously said that only Stage 4 was necessary for this skill. The TL and Editor have decided to leave it as the raw states rather than change it for continuity.]

    A demon cultivator and a heretic were different from martial artists. A demon cultivator and a heretic could refine and discharge demon essence or evil energy during their cultivation period.

    Hua Yan always thought that Qin Feng was an orthodox martial artist. When she saw that Qin Feng could condense and discharge qi, she felt her life was threatened, and she was scared.


    Before she could regain her senses, a piercing whistle of wind echoed in the air.

    A cold, deadly aura surged in front of Hua Yan. Her face blanched white in fear as she hastily dodged to one side.

    A blast of wind zoomed past her flawless face. A wisp of her black hair fell slowly to her feet as the amazement in Hua Yan's eyes intensified. She was certain that Qin Feng did not use any spiritual equipment or hidden weapon. It seemed that Qin Feng really could condense, discharge qi, and morph qi into blades of wind to do his bidding. The revelation stunned her.

    Fuck! I really have a death wish for fighting with a martial art master who has stepped into the realm of comprehension.

    The whistle of wind reverberated once again, and the air was seemingly sliced opened.

    Hua Yan bounced and narrowly evaded another ambush of blades. A large deep crevice appeared where she previously stood.

    Shroom! Shroom! Shroom!

    The whistle of blades of winds poured down like countless soul reapers on Hua Yan from all angles. Hua Yan had no other choice but to jump around to escape the hounding aura of the dead that filled every inch of sky and earth.

    The relentless blades of wind attack cornered Hua Yan. She yelled anxiously, "Qin Feng, do you really want to kill me?"

    Qin Feng stopped his attack because even he was amazed by the effectiveness of the Wind Blade Technique.

    According to the system, users could only release the full power of the Wind Blade Technique once he or she had reached Stage 4 inner qi. Qin Feng had executed the Wind Blade Technique before when he was at Stage 3 inner qi, but the effect was unfavorable. He could only scare his opponent away without causing any actual damage.

    However, after Qin Feng had broken through to Stage 4 inner qi, he did not need to move a muscle, and he could beat Hua Yan around with the Wind Blade Technique. He was extremely pleased by the effect.

    "Yan Yan, what happened to you? Why do you want to kill me?" Qin Feng stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He shot a question at Hua Yan with a chilly expression.

    Hua Yan stopped after the whistling of the wind and the hounding aura of the dead slowly dissipated. Her breasts jumped up and down as she was out of breath from running around for a prolonged time.

    "You shameless rascal, Qin Feng. Were you talking nonsense to Big Sister Hua Yan behind my back that we've slept before? How can you be like this?" Hua Yan huffed.

    Qin Feng mouth quivered as he finally understood the reason behind Hua Yan's berserker moment.

    But I'm not the one to be blamed! He thought.

    "Ah, that. I'm just joking with Chang Xin. Don't take it seriously," Qin Feng crossed the garden and arrived beside Hua Yan.

    Instinctively, Hua Yan stepped a few steps back and stared warily at Qin Feng. She was still haunted by the trauma of being pursued by the deadly wind blades.

    "How can you joke about that kind of thing? Can't you use your brain to think?!" Hua Yan yelled again. She felt Qin Feng was too shameless.

    Qin Feng felt very hard done by Hua Yan and Chang Xin. However, he refused to reveal the truth as he knew Hua Yan would not believe in him.

    "Oh yeah, I was looking for you as well. Do you know how to concoct a Blood Qi Pill?" Qin Feng changed the topic to refocus Hua Yan's attention.

    Hua Yan was slow to catch up to Qin Feng's quirky mind. She zoned out for a good while before her face was overtaken with astonishment, "What are you saying? What is a Blood Qi Pill?"

    Hua Yan was nervous.

    Her identity as a demon cultivator was well hidden as not even her peers who had been with her for three years knew she was a demon cultivator. Hua Yan had another secret identity: Pharmaceutical Master, and she kept her this identity a secret even more. She was unable to fathom how Qin Feng knew that she was a Pharmaceutical Master.

    "Yan Yan, it's our fate for living under the same roof that I know, and I'm in need of a Blood Qi Pill right now. If you really know how to concoct a Blood Qi Pill, please help me. I have all the ingredients ready. If you help me, I'll give you handsome rewards," Qin Feng said coquettishly with a pout.

    Hua Yan quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She wanted to throw up.
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