Chapter 461 - The Pharmaceutical Master Who Made A Pill On A Gas Stove

    Chapter 461 - The Pharmaceutical Master Who Made A Pill On A Gas Stove

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    After a good while, Hua Yan looked at Qin Feng again with starry eyes, "You really want to make a Blood Qi Pill?"

    "Yes! And I want it now," It was rare for Qin Feng to exhibit such serious and stern expression.

    "What do you want to do with the Blood Qi Pill?" asked Hua Yan. Her dark irises rolled around, and her mouth slightly curled into an arc as a devious idea flashed in her mind.

    "Of course, I'll keep it for myself... As a suave, urbane, and sophisticated genius, I am doomed to be envied by others. With a Blood Qi Pill in hand, I can secure my life should I ever be hunted down by my enemies!" Qin Feng beat around the bush as he did not believe in Hua Yan yet.

    Hua Yan refused to believe Qin Feng's nonsense. She remained silent and sank deeper into her thoughts.

    Hua Yan was still angry with Qin Feng because he went overboard with his joke this time. How could he have said that she slept with him? There was no way that Hua Yan could swallow or accept the kind of horrendous action that tarnished her reputation.

    Aside from being a Stage 4 demon cultivator, Hua Yan was also a Level 3 Pharmaceutical Master. The Blood Qi Pill was a grade 2 pill and could be made by any Level 2 Pharmaceutical Master. As a Level 3 Pharmaceutical Master herself, the answer to his question was obvious: of course, she could make the pill. When Qin Feng asked her to make him the Blood Qi Pill, a perfect plan to get back at Qin Feng began to form in her mind.

    "Give me a Hundred Year Blood Lotus. Without this spiritual plant, I can't make the Blood Qi Pill," Hua Yan extended her hand to Qin Feng.

    The Hundred Year Blood Lotus was the main ingredient in the Blood Qi Pill and an extremely rare and hard to find spiritual plant. It was tough for Hua Yan to believe that Qin Feng actually owned a Hundred Year Blood Lotus.

    Qin Feng waved his hand and a blood red lotus magically appeared in his hand.

    Hua Yan's eyes glowed. She instantly recognized the Hundred Year Blood Lotus from the moment it appeared on top of Qin Feng's hand.

    It's really a Hundred Year Blood Lotus!

    The Hundred Year Blood Lotus normally thrived at the peak of a snowy mountain 3,000 meters above sea-level. Thanks to the high altitude, the Hundred Year Blood Lotus absorbed the maximum amount of the purest spiritual essence from the heavens and the earth. It was an ingredient of superior quality in a pill of immortality. Unfortunately, due to the required harsh environment and the high altitude, the Hundred Year Blood Lotus was among the most challenging plants to grow and only a few of them survived to maturity. Hence, a single Hundred Year Blood Lotus was worth several cities.

    "Where did you get a Hundred Year Blood Lotus?" Hua Yan took the Hundred Year Blood Lotus from Qin Feng. She sniffed and studied it.

    "It was a present from one of my lovers!" Qin Feng replied nonchalantly.

    Su Qiu Yue, the junior matriarch of the Su family in Sky City, gave him the Hundred Year Blood Lotus. It was the family heirloom of the Su family. Su Qiu Yue was going to use it to save her grandpa from his coma before Qin Feng visited the Su family, cured Elder Su, defeated the Yin-Yang Elder, and quelled the internal strife of the Su family. After everything had settled down, Su Qiu Yue left the Hundred Year Blood Lotus in Qin Feng's hand, so Qin Feng had been carrying it around since then.

    "Tsk! Say it or leave it!" Hua Yan scoffed as she rolled her eyes at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng was helpless. He realized that none of these women trusted him.

    "Can you make the Blood Qi Pill?" Qin Feng asked Hua Yan.

    "The quality and age of your Hundred Year Blood Lotus are pretty good. I can probably make two sets. One set contains twelves Blood Qi Pills. I can make it now if you're okay with it," Chang Xin replied indifferently.

    "Okay! Hurry up then!" Qin Feng doubted Hua Yan's motive when she candidly agreed to make the Blood Qi Pill for him. However, when he thought he could finally save Lin Bei Bei from her coma after Hua Yan made the Blood Qi Pill, he dropped his suspicion.

    "So you agree?" Hua Yan asked him again. She gave Qin Feng an odd-looking smile as she peered at him.

    "Yes, Yes! I agree; I agree! Let's go now, time is of the essence!" Qin Feng impatiently pushed Hua Yan into the villa.

    Suddenly, Hua Yan laughed, ignoring that Qin Feng was touching her back. "Haha! That's great! I'm gonna have twelve Blood Qi Pills too!"

    Hua Yan's words stopped Qin Feng from caressing her mellowly, smooth-as-jade back.

    A bad hunch stirred in his heart as he asked, "Yan Yan, where would the twelve Blood Qi Pills come from?"

    "From you, of course. Didn't you agree to give me a set of twelve Blood Qi Pills if I help you?" Hua Yan said while offering Qin Feng an impish smirk.

    Qin Feng felt he had played into the hands of Hua Yan. He quickly reverted, "I didn't!"

    Though they were just level 2 pills, Blood Qi Pills were priced at 500,000 Yuan and 3,000 mission points at Saint Medic of the Martial Artist Town. What's more, there were only three pills in a bottle. Now Hua Yan demanded twelve pills, which equaled four bottles of Blood Qi Pills from the Saint Medic.

    What a black-hearted woman!

    "No? That's fine then. Find somebody else to do the task for you," Hua Yan shrugged her shoulders, turned around, and prepared to leave.

    It was always Qin Feng who pranked and toyed with Hua Yan. He never thought he would one day be hoisted by his own petard. He was angry, but he was at her mercy.

    If an ordinary person consumed a Blood Qi Pill, he could immediately break through to Stage 1 inner qi and step onto the path to becoming a martial artist. When low-leveled cultivators used it, it granted them the possibility of breaking through to Stage 4 inner qi. Qin Feng was already a Stage 4 inner qi expert, so the Blood Qi Pill would have no effect on him. As such, he ended up agreeing.

    "Hehe! I was wrong, Yan Yan. I did mention that I'd give you one set... But now, can you please make my portion first? You can keep the remaining ingredients so that you can make your own whenever you want. Does that sound fair to you?" Qin Feng said cheerfully.

    Hua Yan was in seventh heaven as she had successfully stolen twelve Blood Qi Pills from Qin Feng. She felt she would have a good night sleep tonight.

    And this was just only the beginning of her revenge. She would not spare him so easily. She was preparing another big present for him when she made the Blood Qi Pill for him.

    After Qin Feng and Hua Yan reached a temporary consensus, they went to Hua Yan's room.

    Hua Yan's room was permeated with her unique fragrance which teased Qin Feng's nostrils and troubled his mind. This wasn't the first time Qin Feng had visited Hua Yan's room. He did not get a good look last time, so he now he looked around her room like a curious baby. Then, something on Hua Yan's bed rammed into his sight: her lace undergarments.

    Hua Yan was fast to notice what Qin Feng was staring at. A bright red instantly overtook her glistening snow-white skin as she yelled at him, "Ah! Turn around. Give me some time to clean my room. Don't turn back if I don't tell you to, or else, I won't help you make the pill!"

    Qin Feng hesitated to turn around and lamented, Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a huge bra she has, but why are her underwear so small? Will that really cover all of her private parts?

    "Ahem! Ahem! I'll now go make the pills. You stay in my room and keep anybody from disturbing me. I need perfect silence when I'm making the pills. And you, I warn you not to have any illicit thoughts about me while I'm away. If you do, I'll take the Hundred Year Blood Lotus for myself!"

    Hua Yan made a quick work cleaning her room. Then, she pretended to be fierce and threatened Qin Feng which did little good to deter him. He felt her current expression was cute and charming.

    "Where do you usually make pills, Yan Yan? Can I have a look?" Qin Feng was curious about the process of making a pill.

    "No way! My workshop is forbidden territory. It's off limits to all unauthorized people!"

    Hua Yan spoke resolutely as if there was no room for compromise on the manner. She then walked to the large wardrobe in the corner of her room and opened it. The fragrance of various herbs wafted into the room. Only then did Qin Feng realize that Hua Yan made a wardrobe of herbs in her room. He thought the wardrobe was used to house her clothing.

    Hua Yan's hand nimbly danced in between of the bottles of herbs. These herbs worked as supplementary ingredients in making the Blood Qi Pills. They were not particularly rare compared to the Hundred Year Blood Lotus.

    "I'm going in. Stay here and please don't mess up my things. Just stay seated on the floor!" After Hua Yan had gathered all the required ingredients, she hopped and disappeared. In the next second, she appeared elegantly in front of the giant wardrobe beside the restroom.

    With a light pat, she opened the wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe, the back plate began to spin, and a secret room appeared.

    "Holy **! What a crazy woman. I wonder if Xin Xin knows that she has made so many secret rooms in her villa into her workshops."

    Qin Feng sat with his legs crossed and grumbled, but Hua Yan could no longer hear his voice.

    The space behind the giant wardrobe used to be a restroom. After Hua Yan moved into the house, she refurbished and partitioned the large restroom into two smaller rooms and made one of them her workshop for making pills.

    The secret room was small, around 10 square meters large. The room had no other furniture aside from a three-legged cauldron on top of a gas stove in the center of the room.

    Hua Yan sat down in front of the three-legged cauldron. She raised her hand and tossed half of the Hundred Year Blood Lotus into the cauldron.


    She then ignited the gas stove. The fire roared and howled burning underneath the three-legged cauldron. After that, she raised her hand and transmitted a few wisps of purple demon essence into the cauldron...

    In Hua Yan's room, Qin Feng burned with anxiety as he paced back and forth on the floor. He was curious about the process of making a pill. He was certain that the equipment used and the process had to be very badass given that Pharmaceutical Masters were such a rare entity in China. He wished to check it out, but Hua Yan's warning halted him. He was afraid that Hua Yan might actually go back on their promise and steal the Hundred Year Blood Lotus from him.


    After having a tug-of-war in his mind, Qin Feng finally gave in to his curiosity and bought a Talisman of Clairvoyance from the system. After he chanted the incantation, everything that was happening inside the secret room was laid bare.


    After he saw the situation inside the secret room, Qin Feng slipped and fell to the floor.

    He turned a deaf ear against the tingling pain in his ass and whined, "This is the so-called the most cherished and mysterious profession in China? How disappointing! She just uses a gas stove to make a pill. Every chef can be a Pharmaceutical Master!"

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