Chapter 463 - The Su Family Is In Trouble

    Chapter 463 - The Su Family Is In Trouble

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    Editor: EllisBLV13

    At the Su family's old mansion in Sky City, Su Qiu Yue sat in the main seat in the parlor of the Su family's old mansion in a plain white lace dress.

    She wore light makeup and her face was expressionless, giving off the vibe of a heavenly maiden.

    On the other side of the parlor, a man in well-pressed suit stacked his leg on top of the other and comfortably reclined in the chair. He stared at Su Qiu Yue with a big smile on his face, trying his very hard to see the gorgeous body Su Qiu Yue had under her lace dress.

    "Hehe! The gracefulness of Ms. Qiu Yue has long reverberated like thunder in my ears. You really have not fallen short of your reputation as the first beauty of Sky City. It's my pleasure to have met you today," the man was Ma Hui. The eldest son of the Ma family of Sky City.

    The Ma family was one of the largest familial clans of Sky City and renowned for their greatness in the pharmaceutical industry. The reason behind his visit to the Su family was to discuss cooperation between the two families with Su Qiu Yue.

    Three months prior, Qin Feng came to the Su family. He defeated the Yin-Yang Elder and quelled the internal strife of the Su family which indirectly brought the Su family into prominence as the largest familial clan in Sky City. Before he left the Su family, Qin Feng suggested the expansion of the Su family's pharmaceutical business to Su Qiu Yue with the objective to hammer the Liang family of Jindu and prevent the marriage between Liang Yu and Zhao Ling Xian. He left the Golden Sore Medicine and whitening powder for Su Qiu Yue sell the two products and defeat the Dit Da Water and Silkworm Chrysalis Powder that the Liang family of Jindu invented.

    Su Qiu Yue placed great emphasis on the firm after Qin Feng left. However, in the midst of developing the two formulas, she encountered a grave problem that could bring downfall to the Su family. In Qin Feng's formula, there were a few ingredients that were difficult to find. Even if they could buy them, the cost was bitterly high and not worth it to produce en masse.

    The firm pumped millions of capital in developing the formula, and they could neither retract the funds nor continue the production now. They were deadlocked. In the track of looking for other solutions, Su Qiu Yue had been trying her best to reach Qin Feng. However, much to her dismay, Qin Feng had disappeared into thin air. Qin Feng had gone missing. The production line was shut down, and the combination of the events bogged Su Qiu Yue down. She was in a terrible fix. She had to juggle her time between looking for Qin Feng and finding a solution to pull her firm out of plight.

    Numbed to such praises, Su Qiu Yue said emotionlessly, "Prince Ma, we're both residents of Sky City. Why don't you stop beating around the bush and jump straight to the point?"

    A gleam of coldness flashed across Ma Hui's eyes. He continued to offer her a beaming smile, "I've received news that the Su family is expanding their business into the pharmaceutical industry. Is that true, Ms. Qiu Yue? If that is true, may I know how everything is going now?"

    The Su family had presided predominantly over the entertainment and real estate industry; they were a newbie in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, when the Su family made a huge investment in the pharmaceutical industry, it was natural for the Ma family to keep an eye on them. As a family that was based in the pharmaceutical industry, the Ma family was afraid that the Su family might undercut them.

    "I believe Prince Ma has an understanding of the whole story before approaching me. Why are you asking again?" Su Qiu Yue eyed Ma Hui thoughtfully, there was no way of knowing what was on her mind.

    "Marvelous! Ms. Qiu Yue is indeed a beautiful woman of admirable sangfroid, always poised and self-possessed in the face of trouble, handling matters confidently and without haste. You really have widened my horizons... Then, I should jump to the point and reciprocate Ms. Qiu Yue's charisma. I hear the pharmaceutical firm of the Su family is in a jam and that you guys have lost five million in the capital in merely three months. I'm here today to inquire about the wish and the future plan of the Su family with regards to their continued venture into the pharmaceutical industry."

    Ma Hui made clear what he had come for.

    Su Qiu Yue was wise and farsighted; she knew the meaning of Ma Hui's words. As such, she said, "I'm sorry to have worried you, Prince Ma. However, with all due respect, I believe what you asked is beyond your pay grade. It isn't for you, or the Ma family behind you, to be concerned about whether or not the Su family will continue to venture into the pharmaceutical industry... I won't sell the firm to you. If you don't have other things to say, the door is there, please help yourself out."

    A flash of merciless intent flashed across Ma Hui's eyes. He had to admit that Su Qiu Yue was indeed highly intelligent. This kind of wise and pretty woman was not to his liking. He hated her because he lacked the boldness to dominate her, and he was always looked down on by her.

    "Can your word represent the Su family, Su Qiu Yue? I think it's better if you discuss with Elder Su first and see what he says," Ma Hui rose to his feet and stared viciously at Su Qiu Yue. He'd shed his pretense.

    "My grandpa abdicated as the head of household as of three months ago. Now, I'm the matriarch of the Su family. My words speak for the Su family. Still, I retain my stance: I won't sell the firm to you. Even if I have to spend all of the Su family's capital, I won't be closing it!"

    Su Qiu Yue rose to her feet as well. She stood her ground firmly without the slightest doubt. She was resolute.

    The Su family would never set foot in the pharmaceutical industry. It was all because of Qin Feng that Su Qiu Yue persisted. Qin Feng had done too much for the Su family, but Su Qiu Yue had nothing with which to repay him. Now Qin Feng was lost, and his condition was unknown. The firm was the only monument Qin Feng left for her and the only proof she had to justify the relationship between her and Qin Feng. Hence, Su Qiu Yue would never sell the firm even if it cost her life.

    "Hmph! You have a long hair, but short wit. The Su family's elders must be a bunch of fools to make you the matriarch of the Su family. Such a large property is foredoomed to be destroyed by your hand!" Ma Hui's face was veiled by extreme anger.

    Su Qiu Yue had enough with Ma Hui, so she gave her expulsion order, "Don't you worry about the future of the Su family. If you have nothing else to say, please leave now!"

    As the spearhead of the other familial clans of Sky City, no family dared to tamper with the absolute power the Su family held. All of them feared that their family businesses and properties would be annexed by the Su family. However, the Ma family was different. The Ma family was only involved in the pharmaceutical industry, and they had become the vanguard of the pharmaceutical industry of Sky City. The Su family was considered a newbie in the industry, thus the Ma family had no qualms in meddling with the Su family because the Su family lacked the authority to affect them.

    "Well, well! What a hell of a move you have there, Su Qiu Yue! I have approached you with kindness and offered you a proposal to purchase the pharmaceutical firm to save the Su family from the huge loss. It's a win-win condition! How dare you not cherish my kindness and chase me out? Fine! Although the Su family is huge, you're nothing to the Ma family in the pharmaceutical industry. We, the Ma family, will do everything we can to banish you. We'll hit you where you hurt, and we'll make you, the Su family, unable to hold up your head ever again!

    "At that time, bitch, I demand your personal arrival at the Ma mansion. You must not wear any clothes, and I want you to kneel on the floor to plead for my help!" Ma Hui threatened Su Qiu Yue and left with a huff.

    Never believe in Ma Hui. This was what Su Qiu Yue thought, and she was right. After knowing the Su family had suffered a huge loss, the Ma family purposely sent Ma Hui to further humiliate them. The Ma family wanted to purchase the pharmaceutical firm from the Su family at a rock-bottom price and make the Su family their stepping stone to fortify their prestige. However, their petty, filthy plan did not escape Su Qiu Yue's eyes. She was wise and had seen through it. Hence, when Ma Hui showed his true intention, Su Qiu Yue turned him out the door.


    As soon as Ma Hui exited the main gate of the Su family's old mansion, Su Qiu Yue heaved a sigh. Feeling weak all over, Su Qiu Yue threw herself into the chair.

    Wearing a poised, tough mask in public, only she herself knew that she was actually on the verge of collapsing. She had raised to the head of household of the Su family for mere three months and she had already wasted ten millions of fund in her first project. Aside from that, Qin Feng's safety troubled her day and night.

    Under the haunting of prolonged stress and worry, Su Qiu Yue had become thinner, and her physical condition depreciated.

    "Qin Feng... Where are you now? I know you're still alive. I know you wouldn't have just died just like that!"

    Su Qiu Yue mumbled to the spacious parlor. She had fallen for Qin Feng when he visited the Su family's old mansion last time. However, due to her pride, she had refused to expose her true feeling to Qin Feng and decided to hide it deep inside her heart. Now that Qin Feng had gone missing, and she began to regret.

    Why couldn't I have been better to him when he was around?

    "Qiu Yue, did you miss me? I'm just behind you!" A roguish voice sounded behind Su Qiu Yue, frightening her so much that she fell to the floor.

    "Qin Feng? Is that you?" Su Qiu Yue quickly turned around. There was nothing behind her, let alone mention Qin Feng.

    "Could it be that I've missed him so much that I'm having hallucinations?" Su Qiu Yue's heightened spirit dropped into the abyss again.

    Su Qiu Yue returned to her seat. Pulling an all-nighter and prolonged insomnia had left her exhausted. She could not stand for too long.

    Qin Feng was hiding behind the chair, smiling mischievously as he was amused by Su Qiu Yue's reaction. He wore a white suit and white leather shoes. His hair was fixed on top of his head, and he had the vibe of Xu Wen Qiang from The Bund.

    "Where have you been, Qin Feng? Will you miss Xia Tian and I like we miss you?" All expressions had washed off from Su Qiu Yue's face. She began to mumble to herself.

    "Of course. At night when all is still, I've always thought about you two. I was always thinking how great it would be to have you two warm my bed at the same time," Qin Feng laughed.

    Remaining locked in her own thoughts, Su Qiu Yue's voice was distant and weak, "You want us to warm your bed? Come out now, then! I'll promise you anything as long as you show yourself!"

    Before her voice died away, her body stiffened. She noticed somebody was behind her and before she could react to it, a pair of strong arms had locked her into his embrace. Then, warm lips began to kiss her ear.

    "Mn... Who--who is that? Release me now!"

    Su Qiu Yue finally snapped out of it after she moaned for a little while. She started to struggle. She had never been hugged or touched a man since she was born as she would never allow a man to perform such impolite actions to her.

    "Qiu Yue, you said you'll give me anything I want as long as I show myself. Why are you eating your own word?" Qin Feng knew he scared Su Qiu Yue, so he released her.

    Su Qiu Yue spun around her body, and she was stunned. Her brain had exploded. There was barely anything left.

    The man in front of her was tall and handsome. He had highly-developed, broad shoulders,two wide eyes, and his face was flawless. He was wearing a just right smirk on his face which would not make anybody nauseous but would make you fall for it.
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